Aila Stone

"Calm, shush, Be calm."

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a character in “Cardinal Academy”, as played by StolenHappiness


Name: Aila May Stone
Age: 17
Appearance: Aila is short, standing a mere 5’1ft, she has really pretty big doe eyes in a blue green color. Her eyes a thickly lashed and her hair is cute short in a pixie style and appears to have been bleached to a transparent white because her eyebrows are so dark but its all natural. She doesn’t do much when it comes to make up liking her natural look so she might wear mascara and Chap Stick but that is it. She likes loose fitting clothes because she has a decent body and she doesn’t want to tempt anyone, fitting for a virtue.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Special Talents: She has a calm and reasonable mind and she can pretty much talk anyone out of their anger or other extreme emotions,
Virtue: Temperance
Personality: She is very calm and thinks things through to the tiniest details, she can also look at different chooses and see the appeal in the ‘bad’ choice and then still choose the good or right choice. She doesn’t talk much but when she does people listen and she likes to help people work through hard probablems.
Likes: The color dark purple, roses, sunshine, swimming, music, and people
Dislikes: Anger or extreme emotions, tears, evil, and death.
History: WIP

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