Amber Stilmyst

"Back to school...wait...more humans this time?! What's going on?"

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a character in “Carnes High: Human School?”, as played by Crystal Flamedance


Name: Amber Stilmyst

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Description: Amber is thin, yet athletic in figure, and about average height. Her hair is waist-length and a bright red, and she has green eyes. On a normal day, she wears a pair black sandals, and a pair of dark blue jeans with a dark colored tank top, and keeps a thin jacket tied around her waist. She also wears a necklace with a wooden wolf.


Amber typically keeps to herself when she's not around friends; this is especially true about other monsters. But, at the same time, she likes to help people out. She feels useless when she can't help out, especially when she knows that they really need, or could use, her help. This especially applies to her friends, mostly to the group of friends she had the year before. While she won't reach out to make friends on her own, she will be willing to talk to others that talk to her first. She is, however, cautious of new people, particularly new monsters although she doesn't completely trust new humans, either, so she isn't likely to reveal anything personal unless necessary, least of all about her friends. When she is frightened, which happens less and less lately, she hides it behind a brave face, fighting through everything...when she can. She has learned to be more observant, though that may just be because of the year before.

Amber has a bit of arachnophobia, though that has lessened since the last year, and a bit of claustrophobia. She writes a lot, often writing in a journal to keep up with what's going on arounf her, and to help her poor memory. You never know when something's going to be important, right? She loves to write, and will write other things when she isn't taking notes, or doing homework, or hanging out with friends. She doesn't much like being stuck indoors all day, and likes to get out often. She isn't overly fond of her brother being so overprotective, because it lessens what she can do, and who she can hang out with...but what is he supposed to do with a batch of monsters?


Amber always keeps a notebook on her at all times, along with a few pencils, and a pen. She also always keeps the necklace nearby, if she isn't wearing it. On occasion, she will bring out Algernon, the spirit the necromancer Adelle gave her for Christmas the year before in school.

During the last year of school, the group visited a wishing spring. While they were there, Amber gained the ability to see through a monster's human disguise; she can tell exactly what sort of monster she is dealing with by looking at them.


Amber grew up in a small family, with only herself, her parents, and her older brother. Generally, she behaved herself, keeping out of trouble. Part of that, though, may be because her brother had been so overprotective that he scared most others away from her, keeping her from having real friends. Because she didn't have anyone else, and her parents wouldn't allow her to hide, she grew used to hiding behind her older brother for protection from others. Her first year at Carnes was her first year without him, and that bothered her a lot more than a little.

But there was little for her to be worried about. Throughout the year, she made friends (a first for her) and even learned about the monsters while she was there. She is much more used to dealing with monsters than other people, as a result. And she did go through a lot there, too; from making a deal with a vampire to nearly turning into a vampire to nearly dying to going around the world to save a friend to falling for a werewolf.

During the summer break, she spent a lot of time with that werewolf, Aiden. After all, she had to be there during the full moon, seeing as she's the only one that could control the beast. However, being there for him did come at a bit of a cost; her parents had insisted on her older brother, Kivan, going with her when she told them she wanted to go camping. As a result, she had to let him in on the secret, but forced him to promise he wouldn't tell their parents. He didn't accept the fact, and still doesn't, but what can he do? He keeps up his silent resentment of monsters, but especially about the fact that his sister is so close to monsters, and will still be going to school with them, but not just them; he just wishes she would quit hanging around the werewolf already!

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