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Briana Trosel

"I swear to God, if I see one more leaf I will burn this whole forest down!"

0 · 370 views · located in Carnes High

a character in “Carnes High: Human School?”, as played by RosexXxStarlight


Name: Briana Trosel

Age: 15-16 ish

Species: Half elf half fairy with a hint of a forest nymph
pic courtesy of aurelier

Human Description: As a human, Briana looks very similar to her monster form (which isn't intimidating... at all). Her hair is a very, very pale blonde with the entire underneath of her hair dyed pink. Her eyes are a faint blue color and her skin is flawless. She is rather short, standing at only 4' 11". Her cheeks are always a pretty rosy color and she has a tendency to blush a lot.

Monster Description: Briana's hair is naturally a bubble gum pink while her eyes are a pretty lilac color. She has four wings on her back: two large ones and two small ones beneath them. She has pretty high cheek bones, but her eyes usually stay wide and innocent looking. She still stands at 4'11" and can even shrink her size to be only a few inches tall.


Spunky and a smart ass, Briana can get herself into any sort of trouble, but with the flutter of her eyelashes her nymph powers can take over and she is suddenly the most intoxicating thing there. She rarely uses her nymph powers unless its to get something she wants.... Like moving out of the tree! She usually appears cute and innocent but somewhere under that facade is someone plotting some rather dangerous things.

Likes: the city, electronics, music (usually only metal and hip hop, she likes the most unnaturaly sound possible), fire despite its ability to burn her easily.

Dislikes: Plants, animals, her older brother, her family, and every other elf on the planet.


Abilities: The nymph power to seduce a man, but due to hers being diluted she usually appears as soft and cute rather than dangerous and sexy. She can shrink herself to a few inches tall. Her fairy powers are supposed to be healing but she has been working on that... Her elf powers allow her control over plants and animals, but due to her hatred of nature she rarely uses it. Her voice has magical properties to enchant those who hear it.

Weapons: Usualy when she takes her fairy form, a wooden staff appears in her hand. She's still learning how to use that magic and it's even dangerous to herself.


Briana grew up in the shadow of her older brother. Literally. He's over two feet taller than her and always steals the show due to being a full blooded elf. He's not her full brother because of her mom's affair, but she claimed to be seduced by the fairy/nymph so the entire elf clan let it go, but instead shunned her father. THis didn't allow for her to know her true other half. Her brother left her to go off to some school near a city and Bri begged and begged to go, but she wasn't old enough yet. She was forced back into the monotony and not at all enchanting elf life. She complained and complained untill her mom and step dad finally agreed to let her go. This is also partly due to her brother's failing of the family by coming halfway out of the closet last year.

So begins...

Briana Trosel's Story