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Gabriella and Anabella

"Some say the world will end in fire,/ Some say in ice." These two twins can deal out both.

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a character in “Carnes High: Human School?”, as played by Aurelier


Names: Gabriella (Arabella) and Anabella
Age: 16 for both of them, except Ana's a minute older.
Species: Garden gnomes! Just kidding they're witches.
Human/Monster Description: The witches both look human and don't have a monster form. Gabriella (formerly known as Arabella) has dirty blonde hair that is cut very choppily. It's slightly golder than Anabella's, but only someone or something with acute eyesight can tell the difference in hair color They both have side bangs and long curls. The difference is mostly in the eyes. Gabriella's eyes are a very cool purple with a hint of underlying icy blue. Anabella's are more of a fuscia color and seem to burn like fire. While last year the twins were only around five feet tall, this year they have obviously matured and slimmed down a bit. Gabi has taken on more of a punk look, often wearing dark colors, skinny jeans, her really old converse and a ton of bracelets. Ana's still trying to find a human look that suits her, prefering the mobile clothes that she had worn in the coven.


The twins have become very in tune. They share a wavelength that is heightened by their magical powers which connects their souls and power. Gabriella is way more caring for others while Anabella only cares about her and her sister, thinking that anyone that gets between the two should be destroyed. Gabriella is still working on trusting her sister, but chaanging her name back was a huge step for her (see history). They can both be very sarcastic at times, causing double the trouble. This year,Gabriella has an air of superiority to her and isn't afraid to speak her mind. The fact that her sister will back her up only adds to this, but both carry a darker aura.

Gabriella- Her pet monkey, ice skating, the sun, playing guitar, music, singing and her voodoo doll. Oh, and some humans.
Anabella- The heat, powerful monsters, swordsmanship (although her sister is better than her at it), learning new spells and the bloodoaks!

Gabriella- Extremely hot temperatures, vampires, over-confident monsters, most succubi and SNAKES
Anabella- THe frigid cold, preppy people, annoyingly nice and/or happy people, monkeys, people who think they're funny but just really need to shut up.


Powers: With the frail bodies of humans, these witches' powers are in their spirits. The two are connected on a wavelength, sharing the same powers but they usually only control the same aspect of the magic. Gabriella can be found using ice most of the time while Ana usually resorts to fire. The two can both heal and use light as a shield and occasionally a weapon.

Weapons: Gabriella has a ring on her finger that transforms into a blade that takes many different forms from holy water to flames to a wooden stake.
Anabella has twin daggers


When the twins were younger, Gabriella was often made fun of. Her powers hadnt been awakened yet and she appeared as a human in a coven of witches. Anabella took it upon herself to protect her sister from the others that picked on her. She then began teaching Gabriella to fight as a human, focusing mainly on the sword. One day, an opposing coven attacked their family. The twins were only ten, but Ana transferrred a lot of her magic to Gabriella to get her as far as away as possible. This resulted inGabriella absorbing the twin's power and Ana wasn''t able to protect her parents. Their parents died and the twins had been seperated.

Gabriella was found by a vampire named Chad Tilling, but her name was lost. She had been wearing one of Anabella's sweatshirts that read "Anabella" on the back, but the 'n' had been scratched slightly making it appear as "Arabella". The name was close enough to Gabriella's real name that she thought this was her real name when Chad started calling her that. She had lost all memories of her past life.

A few years living as Arabella, Gabriella discovered she was a witch and went to school where she made some really nice friends. She always felt comfortable around humans, but some humans always looked at her straangely. This is when Anabella tried to find her sister again. She humored her, letting her call herself "Arabella" but always trying to take her away from her friends. She also wanted her power back since she had been stomped on back at the coven for being only half power. Eventually both twins were able to reach an agreemeent and over the summer, Gabriella went back to the coven to learn about her life. This brought the twins back to a sisterly level, but not as tight as they used to be considering they'd tried killing each other before. Ana got her power back and Gabriella's still trying to figure out her own power

So begins...

Gabriella and Anabella's Story