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Jaimie Finn

I used to run, now I fight.

0 · 360 views · located in Carnes High

a character in “Carnes High: Human School?”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


Name: Jaimie Finn
Age: 16 (basically a junior)
Species: Felisimito (lol hell yeah I made up my own species!!!)
Picture(Monster and human):

Human description: Jaimie has adapted to darker clothes no longer wearing a lot of the sportier outfits he wore last year. In generally the clothes are all practical and loose just in case he comes in contact with a creature that causes him to transform. His bright red hair still has its same messy spiked appearance, his eyes have become more golden in color mixing with a horrible crimson red. His build hasn't changed but he has a few more scars then last year.

Monster description: At his core Jaimie is a human so in general that is how he appears; however his new found powers have caused many unique transformations that greatly affect him around other monsters. Personal features that appear every time he can't contain himself include: Cat ears, claws, and small fangs, slit eyes. His appearance varies though as he can mimic other monster's forms.

Personality: Over the summer Jaimie's personality darkened, he spent a lot of time with various monsters making him realize the weaknesses of humans. He no longer has a generally happy demeanor, he tends to be gloomier, keeping to the shadows and refrains from any physical contact. Extremely easily aggravated, it keeps him from ever having a happy moment. He doesn't care about having any friends anymore, he can watch out for himself, and has adapted to use his new powers to protect the humans from the taint of the monsters. Protecting people has only led to his deaths in the past. However he will still risk his life to save his friends, due to the recent lack of them he hasn't had to. As a strange human/monster mix Jaimie has become obsessed with balance, and he believes in order to maintain a certain balance he must prevent any mishaps between the monsters and humans, mostly to keep anyone from turning into a monster like him.

Abilities: Jaimie can copy any habits, personalities, features, and powers of any monster he comes in physical contact with. He can only copy one thing at a time and due to his human body too much stress from transformations can kill him. He also has 9 lives like a cat. (see history for his 4 lost lives) He faster than any human but he was that fast before he became whatever he is now. Recently he has become more skilled with his abilities and this has made it possible for him to copy powers without a transfer of blood like seen in the previous year, which makes his power even more dangerous.

Weapons: Shrinkable bow and dagger set that Arabella gave him last year. He also has a pair of leather gloves on at most times to avoid touching people with his bare skin.

-Witches (Arabella... let's face it he'd never give her up)
-Sunrise and Sunset
-Yin and yang symbols


History: Jaimie was normal. His family moved around a lot due to his mom's job until finally his family found Carnes High, and he had a school he could stay at without any problems, after arriving to the school to be attacked by a vampire and discovering a strange array of monsters including the witch, Arabella, who he first believed was an angel, he chose to stay. He faced many near death experiences until he actually did die and was brought back to life by Desmond who used forbidden human transmutation to restore the human to life. At this point Jaimie had no memories until Arabella wished them back and Jaimie was able to make the wish to be able to protect his friends.

This was the first step in his transformation, he was suddenly transferred into the body of the Vampire, Shad, the same vampire that attacked him on the first day of school. Here he learned what it was like to have power and fight for his friends. When he returned to his body he was changed, it didn't really show at first but he was stronger mentally and physically, forever tainted with the blood of a monster.

When the group made it to Japan Jaimie came in contact with strange new creatures called Penanggalan during a fight with the creatures he shot many with his bow. After the fight he was collecting his arrows and cut open his hand sharing blood with the creature giving him a strange thirst for blood. His powers weren't obvious until later but from that point on he knew something was wrong with him. His powers kept getting more severe and the school made things harder for him as the excessive amount of monsters made his copy cat abilities go wild and he became restless, finally summer came and he was free of the school. Now he’s returning with his own mission, to protect the other humans without becoming a monster himself.

So begins...

Jaimie Finn's Story