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Adelle Channing

A slightly psychotic necromancer.

0 · 116 views · located in Carnes High

a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by VioletSnow

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Adelle has long brown hair and bangs that go straight across her forehead that end at the top of her big, brown eyes. She is tall and lanky with almost no muscle mass. She is usually found wearing pale-colored blouses and blue jeans. She has natural beauty to her that she doesn't harness.


Adelle is a little off at times, but it's due to her lack of bodily friends. All of her friends are ghosts that wander around about her. If she was raised by humans, she probably would have been put in an asylum or institue, but she was raised by necromancers that lived next to a cemetary. In their small cottage they had plenty of undead servants, leading her to always use some sort of dead servant


Her army of the dead.


Adelle's family is a tight one; she has only one older brother and then her two parents. She could see ghosts for as long as she could remember, and it caused her to seem crazy to the humans that lived near her. They would see her playing with invisible creatures. Her parents tried sending her to a human school, but she couldn't fit in there. As a result, she thinks all humans are mean.

So begins...

Adelle Channing's Story


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"Can I ask them to stop?!" Adelle shouted back at Arabella for what seemed to be no reason. "Oh sure, let's just boss them around because they're dead!" Adelle's voice was abnormally loud for the usually mousey girl. She took a step forward so that she towered over the short blonde who didn't stand a chance against someone of Adelle's calibre.

"Well how about you ask the dead themselves?!" She shouted. "They don't like being forced around by someone who seems to worship the light! Especially one who has condemned others to walk the earth with no one to hear them, see them or even acknowledge them besides a few selected people!"

Adelle's hands were shaking as the ground seemed to roll like a wave. Humans walking by looked around, but the ground only rolled in a few select spots nearby so they quickly passed it by.

Nearby at a certain school, every creature buried in the cemetary rose up from its grave as other beings rose in the city. Each creature wanting for a piece of revenge on those that had killed them, those that had sentenced them to an eternity of infinite wandering. But, they weren't the same as they had been before their untimely deaths. Death had taught them new skills to cope with how they had spent their last seconds of writhing pain. One example was the young man that Star had recently burned was now the one with the power to cause the fire while another younger boy was rising from the ground with a new set of vampire fangs, looking for a little vampiress.

A man with swords for hands walked past Adelle as blood was gushing from his throat that had been sliced open years ago. Adelle then leaned in to whisper in Arabella's ear. "If you survive this, you might not be much of a human-lover afterwards." As she spoke, an arrow flew past her ear with an enchanted tip that glowed purple. A few hundred feet behind them was a group of monster-hunting humans that had been killed by the witch on her first day of school.

"Good luck!" She said, before strutting down the sidewalk. She then turned around with a questionable expression. "Oh and don't forget! There are plenty of humans around so your tricks might not be the best to be showing off right about now." She giggled and went to watch as the rest of the dead were coming back for revenge.


"Ow," a disembodied head complained as it was being forced back onto its neck. With a loud snap, the flesh melted back together to form a fairly attractive zombie. He checked to make sure his wings were in check before taking off in flight. He knew exactly who he was looking for and where he was. He would be able to track him down to the ends of the earth. He located the house and found the boy right inside the window. With a grin, he launched through the window to lean against the counter with a deadly smile.

"Hey Jaimie, did ya miss me?" James asked, his smile not at all angelic.


"So much for a first day of school," the boy growled, stretching his back with a few audible cracks. He had claw marks all over his body, but he was getting used to his new being in the undead world. The fleas however, he couldn't handle very well. Alex phased into a midnight black wolf that ran down the streets as quickly as possible, searching for the one thing on his mind. As he neared the car that had stopped, he phased back into a human with a silver blade in his hand.

"Hey Aiden," Alex asked, throwing the car door open to expose the wolf. "I think I owe you one", and with that he attempted to stab Aiden.


Poor Oliver's head hurt as he sat up, but something felt strange. Were those.... wings?! He shook his head, what was going on?! All he could remember was leaning in to kiss that pretty girl... That girl... SUdden rage poured into him as he remembered the demon girl, and he just wanted to tear her throat out immediately.

He forced himself to a standing position and sprinted across the grounds untill he found her hanging upside down in a tree. "Hey there, Stella," he said, using the same tone she had used with him. "Wanna play a game?" And with that he flung himself to attack the girl in the tree, hoping to tear her throat out.

[These are only a few examples! Obviously there are more zombies than that (especially for shad and star) Everyone's fighting the things they have killed in the past, but these things have been super-powered by death.]


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Character Portrait: Adelle Channing
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Adelle held her hands out in front of her so that the thumbs were touching and her palms were to the sky. She waas smiling at the shadows that danced around on her hands, each one symbolizing one of the zombies she raised. One was larger than the rest as she focused in on James. His features were dark and all black, just a silouette of the angel. Suddenly, he froze up, giving her hand frostbite. She could have prevented that from happening to her, but she had lost track of Arabella. She hadn't expected the witch to join the fight. That's when Desmond spoke up behind her.

She looked up at him with a shocked expression, shaking her hand to rid the shadows from her. She wasn't a big fan of them and found that recently-gained power to be embarrassing. Adelle quickly composed herself to answer him. "It was mostly just to iradicate the witch," she said quietly, shrugging her shoulders. To her, it wasn't a big deal. "I figured the others could also learn a little lesson on respecting the dead so I let them in on it, too." She giggled quietly and smiled at Desmond. She was just as tall as him, but a lot more awkward.