Chios Saer

"Silly humans. Why let the Moon meet the Sun when the Sky isn't present?"

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a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by biancacorgrott


Name: Chios Saer
Monster: Sphinx

Chios appears as a normal Sphinx, that of the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the eyes of a serpent. Her face is human, as is her black hair. Her eyes are yellow and shaped in slits, just like the serpent's. She walks like a lioness (on all paws) but can sit up and function nearly like a normal human.


Always a riddler. Never quite "down to earth". Chios always answers in said riddles, and tends to make no sense at all. She considers herself an observer and is only on her own side. As a Sphinx, her job is to guide, but not lead.

Chios loves to be entertained. She'll find things amusing and will have no hesitation admitting so. She can be unbearably cruel if she needs to be, but most of the time will remain an untouchable being whose work is in the background.


Attacks physically with the strength of a lioness, the swiftness of an eagle, the shrewdness of a serpent, and the ferocity of all three combined. (Hand to teeth combat)

Think of a clever, flexible lion that can fly using its wings. And a female's scorn, to top it off.


Chios, as a Sphinx, has always been a wanderer. The Sphinx kind leave their young at a young age, too young to remember distinct details of their parents. The grow, fighting for themselves, and either thrive or die. Generally, they find some valley to stay in, testing mortals that come to pass the territories of that particular Sphinx. But Chios, none too interested in spending the rest of her life trapped in a mental boundary of territory, is wandering the world, looking for purpose. Now she's come to the school to learn so she can wander more, but did not expect to be pulled into a war between species...

So begins...

Chios Saer's Story