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Desmond Ruler and Kalen Hols

Check inside, new story following their youths together under the history section! Check it out!

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a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by Elrith Eldwind


Desmond Ruler
Race: Hirule

Classification: Mage, Alchemist, Tactician

Age: 21 (Total age is nearer to 48, but years on Hydra are different than on Earth)

Position: Alchemy Professor at Carnes, Council Member (head of the Hirule representatives… mainly name)

Relationships: Engaged to Kalen Hols

Characteristics and Traits: Brown hair, blue eyes, the air pressure near him changes dependent on his mood

Powers: Basic Healing Magic, Advanced Combat Magic, Gravity Manipulation, Portal Creation, Advanced Senses (able to read auras and feel approaching power to read the tide of battle), Experience Swordsman

Weaknesses: If pressed I’d say it’s his personality that is his weakness, he never fights to save himself… not at full power… he only seems to fight at his best in defense of others. He is only about 1.5 times stronger than a human, so most monsters can overpower him physically (if they can outsmart him). He has several other weaknesses but I won’t tell you those, you’ll have to find them out for yourself (I will be leaving you guys hints in the combat texts, so if you’re paying attention you should be ready to fight him)

Race information: Hirules are a strange group of beings from a different world than Earth, however their power is classified as the same as mages and witches. They have massive aura’s that if left unchecked can cause atmospheric disturbances over large areas (they are not necessarily more powerful than other magic users, their auras just have a greater effect on the world as they are unnatural.)
Hirule magic is new to this world, only about as old as the Gate itself (the sphinx and pyramids) and thus most ancient magic from pre-history do not account for the magic of Hirules which remains unaffected by the ancient powers. This was shown when the group attempted to revive Desmond using an ancient and powerful well that could supposedly grant any wish but due to the well predating the Hirule it could not bring him back.

The Hirule race is still a mystery to most other races but they are not well liked due to the vast majority being “human lovers” and desiring to reveal magic to humanity to better the world. Also, a human should never put on a Hirule’s ring… doing so will change them into a Hirule and transport a small local area across the gate (Desmond had been given a large reserve of extra power to fix the Gate when he crossed, but Kalen putting on the ring released it an transported a much larger area across the Gate… as well as dissipating the extra power)

Pictuer (After he returned) : Image


Name: Kalen Hols Ruler
Race: Hirule (Former human)
Age: 19
Relationship Status: Engaged and soon to be married to Desmond Ruler

Description Kalen is a beautiful girl who while she is much more plain looking than Star or Arabella is the only girl for Desmond. Her lightly dirty blonde hair and gentle green eyes constantly get the best of him and were the first set of human eyes he saw when he came here. She is kind at heart but has a protective side you don’t want to meet, especially now that she has power too. Her skin has a light tan and there are even lighter runes that cross her skin all over. They are hard to see until she enters battle which is where they begin to turn dark and grant her power .


Powers: She has near infinite strength and speed ever since she changed and went through the painful process of inscribing the runes on her body to empower herself to help save her lover Desmond. The Rune’s act like a net and catch her potent aura as it tries to escape her body. The power is then fed directly into her muscles and skin. This super charges all of her physical abilities giving her amazing strength, speed, and skin as hard as steel. Her eyes are like a hawk’s and her actions are precise as could be. But this does have a down side. Her powers are al physical now, and her aura as a Hirule is gone because the runes capture it all. She is unable to use magic and such because of this and cannot track auras like her fiancé. This also kind of makes her a leaper in the Hirule world as the ritual to attain her powers is taboo since to the man Aura is a gift from God.

Personality: She’s a kind person at heart but don’t cross her or her loved ones. she’s made some good friends in school and while she puts up a brave face she is kind of fragile in some ways. Her family is gone and more than anything she wishes she could have her father give her away at the altar like she had always dreamed and have her mother there to aid in planning her wedding. Still she loves Desmond enough to just go through it because she wants to be with him.


From here on are several chapters depicting the history these two share. Please enjoy the Tales of Youth.

Chapter One: A Rainy Day
Kalen was a regular girl until she turned ten years old. Her father and mother were fighting on her birthday so she rushed out of the house to get away from it, they had been fighting a lot lately, and while she was out it began to rain. Instantly she began to cry as the emotions hit her along with the cold drops. How had it come to this? Years ago her parents had always been so happy and carefree. She remembered her father carrying her on her shoulders and laughing with her as they headed as a family to the hills outside of town for a nice picnic. Those were always her favorite times. But now they were gone and she was wet.

She found herself suddenly dryer as a shadow stood next to her. It was a young boy, about twelve years old, standing over her with an umbrella looking at her with a kind face and blue eyes that she’d never forget. From that day on she didn’t cry alone anymore, he’d just be there any time she was sad he’d be there to either cheer her up or lend her a shoulder to cry on. But as close as they became, even to the point where she always stole the jackets he would wear for the fun of it there was one rule he had. No matter where he was he always had a ring with a blue stone on it. When they had hung out a bit she had asked him about it and he said it was a very special ring that very few beings had in the whole world. He also told her the one rule she could never break between them, “You must never put this ring on, Kalen, no matter what, never…”

Well she was human and she was curious. They hung out for a few years and eventually they found themselves resting on a hill just outside of her home town and had a picnic together. Desmond had removed his ring, a rare occasion, when they had been trying to catch crawdads in the nearby river earlier and he never put it back on. Kalen sat there after a few hours as Desmond laid back and fell asleep, she just stared at the teenage boy who was a few years older than her for several minutes, feelings she couldn’t place welling up inside but as she thought about then her eyes strayed to the strangely enchanting ring on the picnic blanket next to him. She slowly reached out and the sleeping boy stirred but did not wake. She flinched but after a moment she grasped the ring and laid back next to him, she starred at the sky through the ring and after a few moments she slowly began to inch her finger towards it. It took entirely too long for her to even get near putting it on but she had stopped several times, his words hung in her mind like a plague.

But the ring was so big there was no way she could wear it but she could see how it would look on her finger without really actually wearing it. She didn’t know why but she really wanted to see what it would look like on her. She knew a few guys kind of like Desmond in her school who were so mature and also had rings of their own. But they all had given their rings to their girlfriends as a sign of their relationships. She really wanted to know what that ring would look like on her finger damn it! After a second she held the ring steady and slid her finger through the hole that was far too large for her slender fingers. She looked up at the ring with her finger slid through it and the back drop of the sky beyond. It looked nice.

She felt like she stared at it for hours but it might have been a few moments at most. Her grip on the ring relaxed and slowly her finger drifted, she felt the cold of the ring touch her skin as she brushed against it. Then everything changed…

She couldn’t believe her eyes, but the ring was not only bright and shiny, it was bright and glowing! It took her breathe away as the stone shined more brilliantly than the sunlight beyond her outstretched fingers. She was so taken with it she didn’t even realize that the cold feeling of the ring on her finger was no longer just on one point of her skin but now had encompassed her whole finger.

Desmond, however, did realize, as he shot bolt upright suddenly, his eyes wide with shock, “Kalen, what did you…?”

“I’m sorry I just!” she replied as she tried to pull the ring off but it wouldn’t budge, “wait, its stuck!” she was so shocked, how could it be stuck? It was definitely bigger than her finger a moment ago! What was this, and that light, the whole sky seemed dark by comparison, no… not comparison… it was dark! The sky had gone from cloudless to pitch black in a matter of seconds!

Desmond was shouting something and tracing something else in the dirt next to her, he grabbed her hand, her heart beating in her ears from both his touch and the excitement around them. He pulled her hand into the center of the traced circle he had drawn in the grass and dirt, but she would later learn it was too little too late. The ring burst with light as a pillar of power shot into the sky, the entire hillside was engulfed in blue light as a lance of energy pierced the sky. Soon the whole town was engulfed. She heard a myriad of voices in her mind and saw a great door open before her. But before he mind could let her body walk through the door a familiar hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

She awoke to the stillness of the night. No, not the night, it was still midday but the clouds above remained, and the lights from the ton were gone. A drop of rain fell onto her cheek, making her sit up to see Desmond holding onto her hand and breathing heavy, his ring was off her finger at last but as she glanced past him at her home town she came to a sight she couldn’t believe. Her town was gone…

Chapter One, End…


Chapter Two: The Setting Sun

Hydra. A shining gem in the crown of the vast empire of the Hirules. Their people had spread to countless worlds in the millennia since the first Higherarch had learned the powers of the Grand Gate that stood in the side of a great mountain. The Pillar of Heaven they called it, a massive outcropping that rose thousands of feet into the air. And that wasn’t the most beautiful part of the landscape, the mountain range encircled the area where the gate stood majestic and grand as a natural portal and the funnel of winds carry the clouds high. A pillar of white cumulous always extends form the top of the mountain into the reaches above constantly swirling and drifting in a beautiful lance of white and silver that climbs high beyond where the eye can see.

That was the view that greeted the young prince every morning as he looked through the windows of the opulent palace where he was born. The Emerald City… that was the capitol of the whole empire, the green tile roofs of the buildings and the tall spires that dot the landscape. The palace complex was at the southern edge of the city, on the sea that bordered it. His window was on the side of the west wing and he could look to his left and watch the gently lapping of the water against the shore or to his right and watch the clouds swirl in the distance.

It was a strange feeling to see that for the young prince, only 27 years old a child in this world and only twelve in human years, to see those two sights; The docks and the sea, the Hirules all around, and the clouds and Pillar of Heaven where the Gate was waiting. In these he saw it all, the whole world, the whole of his existence. The sea was hydra, and his past, the Gate was Earth, and his future.

“Desmond…” a gentle voice came to him from the doorway, causing the young boy to turn to his mother. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and gentle kind eyes. Her face was so calm and collected. Today was the day, and he knew it. He nodded to her and walked over to her side. Together they left the palace.

It took a few hours for the convoy to reach the foot of the Gate, a great stair that lead up to the cavern in the mountain. Unlike the rest of the worlds where the Gate was manufactured of stone to be powered by natural forces the Gate on Hydra was completely natural, having existed since the world began, a place where the whole of the realms came together, a place of near infinite power and yet it was so plain. The Hirules had built a large city at the foot of that Gate and a complex for both military and public works at the mouth of the Gate itself. It was encased in a wall of heavy stone inscribed with magic’s that would make the ancient powers of Earth seem young. It was a fortress and a tunnel, a travel station and a barrack, a road to build or a warpath to destroy. This was the place where Desmond would say goodbye to his beloved Hydra and head to a strange new world. That was his duty as the first prince of the realm.

As much as he might try to hide it his voice in his head came out his mouth as he gazed at the wall, “I hate this place…” he said aloud. His face changed suddenly as he realized what he had said out loud and look to his mother expecting to be scolded.

But she just smiled and turned to her own window, “I know what you mean, such a thing of beauty as the Gate and this whole world shouldn’t have to play host to such a military force. But it’s necessary they say…” she shrugged.

“For self-defense I know, but if the others from the worlds we inhabit knew about this force don’t you think they’d get the wrong idea?” he said in discussion with his mother. She couldn’t help but smile as she felt the proud from her brilliant son. Hydra was full of brilliant minds, but Desmond’s stood out even among the Ruler family and the other nobles, it was a source of pride for her and her husband.

“Yes that’s true, but that’s why we are sending you… because you understand enough to go and bring back our people trapped on Earth.”

The rest of the ride was silent, Desmond was anxious of this journey and he couldn’t bring himself to speak with his mother any further on it. His right hand tightened, the feeling of his naked ring finger was a memorable one, he had never gone through the ritual to get a ring of his own when he was younger like most Hirule did as he was to be given a family ring of great power. That was his duty.

Next thing he knew they were inside the wall and walking calmly through the grand halls of the great building that stretched to the foot of the Gate. The Hirules called that place the Crossroad. It was here that the royal procession awaited them, his mother and Desmond. And standing at the end of the long line of silver and gold knights in their shining armor stood his father, a king of the Hirules in all his glory. How Desmond hated it. His father was a kind and gentle man at heart, but he always had to have this grand persona whenever they were out in public. When he looked like this that man stopped being his father and instead became the Emperor, a man whose face and heart was stone like the walls that he had ordered built around the gate. Desmond still remembered his older brother arguing with his father over the building of a military complex around the gate but his father had done it regardless and turned this sacred place of promise into a place of fear.

Of course he knew why his father did what he did, he had to protect Hydra, the Gate was not just a one way trip for everyone, it was a portal for all. And that was what his father feared. The walls had been built and the army assembled, and now his father surrounded himself with knights instead of with scholars. It was all very sad, and Desmond hated it. Yet he was brought out of this thought by his father.

“Desmond Alexander Ruler.” His father called. Desmond stepped forward. “You are charged with going to Earth and bringing our people home after eleven hundred years of exile…. Do you accept this responsibility?” in his left hand his father held a large silver ring with a bright blue stone. Desmond knew what it was for and immediately his eyes were drawn to it.

“I do hereby accept the responsibility you ask of me.” He said as he had been told. His father smiled a smile that made him remember of the man who he had been when he was younger. Desmond raised his right hand and his father slid the ring onto his finger. The ring tightened to its new owner and his mind filled with the thoughts of those around him. He had been warned of this but he honestly wasn’t prepared for the ring to be so violent. Having never worn a ring of his own however he had learned well to conquer the rings will, it took a few minutes and obviously the aura it gave him had made those around him jump as several of the knights had stepped back and more had stepped forward almost drawing their blades.

After a moment or two the aura died down and his father and mother smiled in pride, “It seems you were strong enough after all…”

Desmond looked at the ring and nodded not really focusing so much, “Yeah, but it feels weird.”

“Well of course it does, after all that ring hold more power than any other we’ve ever crafted, it must to reopen the gate.” His father said, the ceremony over he was much more relaxed now though he still looked more military than Desmond would have liked.

But the knights had left and the generals had moved on, the Advisors were off talking amongst themselves and the Rulers were at last alone as a family. But Desmond still couldn’t look at his father very long without feeling angry about where they stood. But that wasn’t a problem as soon he found himself standing at the mouth of the cave, looking back at his mother and father. The gate responded to his aura and a great light welled up behind him as he looked back at the two of them. For just a moment he imagined how he had seen them for years, but as he looked at his Father’s uniform he was reminded of the path that they had taken.

He couldn’t say goodbye though, and so he just looked at his mother and waved before he turned and stepped into the bright glow of the Gate. A white expanse rose up before him and he just kept walking, thinking only of his destination. But as he walked he saw something in the distance. Walking on and on he felt like he never got any closer but after what could have been hours or could have been days but he never got any closer. Yet at long last the figure became clear. A young girl was on the ground, crying in the street. Who was she? Where had she come from? Why was she in the Gate?

It took several minutes but he finally reached her side to stand over her. He held an umbrella over himself, where had he gotten that? She was crying hard into the white ground, no it wasn’t white, it was stone, or rather asphalt.

He looked at her with a kind pair of eyes and spoke at last, “Excuse me, but why are you crying?” he asked thinking of how beautiful her light blonde hair was. She turned her eyes up to his at last, her clothes soaked and her face red from sobbing but there was something amazing about those eyes of hers. Those lovely green eyes…

Chapter Two, End

Chapter Three: Broken

“Bring them back you bastard!” Kalen was screaming at the top of her lungs at Desmond with tears streaming down her face that even the torrent of rain couldn’t hide. She was barely standing as she pounded her small fists against his chest where she had fallen after he had explained what had happened. She didn’t understand though, “If- if you’re so powerful t-then you bring them back right now!” she yelled at him with a voice that was between sobbing and shouting.

“I’m sorry…” he said with sincerity she hadn’t heard in years. She thought of her parents and how they had been fighting forever, but now they wouldn’t fight they wouldn’t do anything. They just weren’t there now. That emotion hit her like a fist and she curled up against Desmond, sobbing against his chest. After a few minutes of this his arms rose from his side as though they would envelope her like they usually did when she would cry. “I’m sorry…”

“Stop it!” she yelled smacking his arms away as she pushed him away from her, “To hell with your apology! To hell with you! You….” she couldn’t help it, why had she been crying on his shoulder again? “You…” He was at fault. He was the cause of this all. He wasn’t even human! “Y-You monster!”

Desmond stopped dead in his tracks. His usually stone persona cracking and his always squared shoulders slumped. He just stood there in the rain. Why the hell was he just standing there? “You’re the one who did this!” she shouted over the pounding rain. Her whole body was frozen but she felt her throat strain with her shouts, “You’re not even human!” Desmond was still. “You’re a monster! Give my family back to me!” still he just stood there, “Goddamn it say something you bastard!”

He still didn’t speak, even as the rain finally began to fade. He just stood there, unable to look at her. And there they stood, cold and wet and miles from each other though only yards apart, it could have been minutes or hours or even days that they just stood there, her staring at him, him staring at the ground, not a breath of a word spoken.

A man who had stood at the foot of the hill in a long suit and overcoat just stood there as this went on unable to move himself. He was the only person left from when the town had vanished, just looking solemnly at the boy. Finally he climbed the hill to the girl and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. Kalen looked at him strangely, remembering seeing him somewhere before she pushed his arm away too and stepped away from him. Why was he there if Desmond had said everyone was gone? “He can’t…” the man finally spoke with regret in his voice.

With that every last ounce of hope and prayer she had for reversing what he had done, but that wasn’t fair, what she had done evaporated into the damp air. There was no more anger left on her face this time as she fell to her knees and began to cry again, in a way she hadn’t cried in a logn time. She was crying alone.

Chapter 3, To Be Continued…

Chapter 3, Continued…

It was a few weeks before Kalen would come out of her new room for anything other than food or to get a drink or something. Finally she had come downstairs in the lofty house after such a long seclusion. Desmond, however, hadn’t come out of his room at all, for any reason. But she really didn’t take notice until she walked past his door. The lights were off, was he not there? “Who cares…?” she finally told herself before heading down the stairs to the main floor. Sitting in the living room where he always sat was Mr. Hsu reading the paper.

The man was supposed to be Desmond’s guardian or something like that but so far it seemed he was more like an observer or something. But so far he had been very nice to her; he welcomed her into their home with open arms and even bought her a new wardrobe. After a moment or two he noticed her presence and smiled at her warmly, “Oh, good morning Ms. Hols, did you need something?”

She shook her head at first but after remembering why she had come down jumped slightly, “Uh, actually I was wondering if I might be able to help you with anything Mr. Hsu.” She said with a slight look of embarrassment. Hsu looked at her quizzically and after a moment she continued, “It’s just, I mean… I’ve been here a week and haven’t helped you at all, maybe I can help clean up or something or help cook, I just don’t want to be a burden since you’ve been so nice to me recently.” She said as she shuffled from foot to foot.

“Ah…” he said as he put down the paper and stood, “Please, don’t worry about it Ms. Hols, the cleaning staff takes care of the chores and I enjoy cooking,” she nodded and looked slightly downtrodden so he spoke up again, emboldened by her new found openness. “I thank you for your offer but Master Ruler is probably the one who needs help right now not me.”

At that her demeanor changed, “I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She said very flatly, making Hsu sigh as he moved closer. But she continued where she normally would have stopped as they had had the conversation before. “After all…” Hsu tilted his head in inquiry as he listened intently to her, “He’s the one who cause my parents… my whole town to-”

“Now that’s not exactly fair is it?” Hsu asked without being definite. Kalen was taken aback, she had thought about the fact that it was she who had put on the ring but still, if he had never come around at all.

“Well, I-I know it wasn’t his intent bu-but still!”

“No that isn’t what I meant Ms. Hols…” Hsu looked up the stairs at Desmond’s door at the end of the landing, the lights were still off, “I mean, have you bothered to look at it from his point of view yet?”

“Well…I uh…”

Hsu smiled, “I’m not saying that you should go apologize, to him or anything I’m just saying that maybe you should try walking in his shoes to understand-”

“But if he had told me, warned me about what would happen I wouldn’t have- I wouldn’t have- I just-!”

Hsu nodded as Kalen leaned against the counter and put her head in her hands. He spoke up at last after clearing his throat, “Master Ruler wasn’t sent to this world to ply around or learn about Earth. His mission was actually to unlock the Gate from this side so that those of our people trapped here could return home easily. I believe I told you about the Gate already correct?”

She nodded, listening to the story as she wiped her eyes, “Yes, you told me about how you guys are Hirules right? You’re from another world called Hydra and use a portal called the Gate to get to other worlds.”

“Yes, that’s correct, but you see those of us who come to Earth are trapped here for a full life tim, we either have to live out our time here like everyone else or die in some other way before our bodies can return to Hydra and our loved ones. Obviously this causes a lot of pain and suffering for our people, so the Royal family sent one of their own to this side of the Gate with the power to fix the problem even knowing it could be decades before they ever saw them again.”

Hsu had made some tea while he spoke and handed Kalen a cup, “So Desmond’s a prince or something?”

“Yes, he’s the third prince of the Ruler family, one of thirteen noble houses on Hydra; the Rulers have held the crown for almost thirteen generations now, ever since the gate on Earth was first built. It was actually Master Ruler’s ancestor who was the first Hirule to set foot on this plane.” He said as he took a sip and smiled. He had an appreciation for tea that rivaled a wine taster.

Kalen just listened ,trying not to be rude or insensitive but all that ran through her mind was oh, so his family has been screwing with people’s lives for thirteen generations eh? she was furious about this whole turn of events and still didn’t understand what the heck had happened. All she knew was her family was gone, the town was empty, and nobody knew what was going on. She also hadn’t seen anything on the news, how could no one notice a whole town just up and vanishing?

“You see,” Hsu continued grabbing her attention again, “Because of that history the weight of saving those Hirules who are on Earth thus fell to Master Ruler… but even after he was raised and trained to solve the issue he’s now found himself powerless.”

“Powerless? He just made an entire town vanish! I wouldn’t call that powerless!” Kalen said angrily without realizing her tone had fallen.

Hsu just continued on disregarding her attitude however, “Yes, but you see that wasn’t his power to begin with.” Kalen’s ears perked up at that comment, she didn’t quite understand, how could that not have been his power, it was his ring after all!

“You see, Master Ruler was given a large supply of extra energy when he was sent here to reopen the gate, without that power it would be impossible to bypass the system built to keep the gate open and breach the seal even for a moment, but with that power he could open the gate long enough for the Gate to stabilize and reopen allowing us to go home.”

“I’m still not following Mr. Hsu.” Kalen admitted.

Hsu sighed and looked at her apologetically, “You see, the power that transported your family and town away wasn’t Master Ruler’s to begin with, it was the power he was entrusted with in hopes of repairing the Gate,” eye’s wide Kalen finally understood what Hsu had been telling her, “And now that hope is gone…”

Kalen finally began to understand. However even as she understood this she still couldn’t forgive him for what had happened. He had failed in his mission but she had lost her family. To be blunt she’d lost a lot more. Yet still her heart was less solid towards him now, for some reason she flashed back to when they first met, those gentle blue eyes. She still couldn’t stand to look him in those eyes right now but the memory of them calmed her slightly.

Kalen shook her head hard and blushed, what the hell was wrong with her?

Hsu smiled to himself before leaving her to her thoughts. He had to get some things taken care of in town and so he headed out, he also informed Kalen that he had left out some school pamphlets for her to choose from in the lounge. “Young ladies should be in school after all.” He quoted as he left the house and drove away.

Given a few minutes of thought Kalen finally decided that she should go upstairs and rest, maybe take a nap, she’d read through the pamphlets and would have to think hard on which school to go too, also she had to consider the cost of the school too. Mister Hsu seemed very well off but the whole situation had her feeling exceedingly uncomfortable.

Her head felt heavy so she finally turned and headed up the stairwell to go lie down. Yet she never made it past the second floor landing. She just stood there transfixed like a moth to the flame. Her hand subconsciously twitched up as her mind raced. Hsu’s words rang in her mind ling a gong, “that’s not exactly fair is it…?”

But it was His ring that did this! she yelled at herself in her mind. There was no reason for him to be depressed over this, she had every reason but he had none!

“His duty was to his people… he’s failed that now though…” That was his problem not hers!

Kalen’s hand twitched and she grabbed it to pull it back to her chest from the door as she shuffled her feet. “Maybe you should try walking in his shoes…”

Yeah right, that was a line her parents had fed her time and time again about stupid stuff, but still there was no way she felt as bad as she did now. Admittedly she felt better now than she had when she had first awoken to find her town gone. At first she thought everyone was dead and not just transported but the truth was little better; knowing she wouldn’t be able to see her family and friends again for such a long time was terrible. How could he feel anywhere near as crushed as she did? “What the hell has he lost in all of this?” her hand moved slowly back down to her side before rising one final time as Hsu’s voice echoed in her mind again.

“It was the power he was entrusted with in hope to repair the Gate…” her hand formed a loose fist with her knuckles turned up, “…but that Hope is gone…” before she could think twice about it her knuckles rapped across the door.

Chapter Three, End

Thanks for reading this so far, If you've liked this then you'll love the full tale! just follow the link!

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Desmond Ruler and Kalen Hols's Story


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Jacob backed away only slightly from the demon who then turned to the others apparently taking all their testimony in, other than the Leprechaun who he blatantly ignored. The man heard Ambers explanation of the events and just frowned, “Ignorance is not an excuse, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t know about the debt, all he needs to know for legality of payment pursuit is the initial sum and the debt owed… which he has now been told. The Debt stands.”

“Of course it does, demon’s don’t care about fairness in contracts.” Jacob commented sourly.

The Auditor turned to Jacob violently as his face literally contorted into a pure state of rage with his skin visibly red as the scales and fangs were more pronounced, even the voice changed to a raging chorus of scream, “I don’t need a lecture on contracts from a Hirule, your kind has broken more than any other!” Jacob just glared right back, but he didn’t make a move as perhaps Desmond would have, he couldn’t. The Auditor just stood straight again, taking off his hat to slick back his grease black and red hair as he straightened his tie and his body returned to a controlled state. “Anything else you would like ot say?” Shad spoke up, bringing out the truth about what happened.

The auditor listened intently and smirked when it was done, “So, his heart stopped… and then Desmond Ruler used a forbidden art to bring him back… interesting… but this doesn’t alleviate the debt… his soul should have been claimed but it was forcibly withheld, this will be taken into account when the final interest is calculated.” he drew out what looked like a calculator and began entering symbols instead of numbers, “The audit is finished, your debt now stands, with interest, at-”

“He shouldn’t be held to our laws!” Jacob asserted again.

The Auditor took out his book again with one hand and opened it to another page before presenting it to Jacob who took it and read while the Auditor spoke the words aloud, “The Human’s in question, to be determined as Jaimie Finn and Amber Stillmyst, shall be allocated into the fold of the legal systems and protection of the Council and by its rulings will be both protected and subject to the laws that govern our world… ratified Council year 3579…” Jacob glared up at him and handed him back the book, “And what crackpot councilman wrote that bit of legislation?”

“You should know, Hirule,” there was that twisted smile again, “anyway, this legal code states it is our right to hold these two humans to the same laws as those of demon decent are held too…”

“But who wrote it?” Jacob wasn’t on the council and while not ignorant of the workings he wasn’t so fan-boyish to politics to know who wrote every stupid little law, and he doubted the others knew much more about it than he did.

“Councilman Desmond Ruler.”

Jacob was crest fallen, “Damn.” He whispered, knowing his last argument was just made invalid.

The Auditor finished the calculations and looked to Jaimie, taking a printout form the calculator and handing it to him, “The audit is complete, you’re debt now stands at one life without interest.” Another printout, “And another life with interest, bringing the total to two lives in the form of equivalent souls.” And finally a third print out, “Those souls must meet these requirements…” he took off his hat as he stepped back and bowed slightly, “due to the extreme flight risk of the debtor… you… and the overdue nature of your debt the collections department will be dispatched to ensure its payment.” He tipped his hat and turned on his heel, walking away as he let his aura out to suppress the others, “Good day.” At the gate to the school he stepped over the threshold and vanished in a plume of smoke and fire much like those that had brought the others to the courtyard.

Jacob cursed again as he headed over to Jaimie, apologized and took one of the printouts, “What the hell are the conditions for this debt?” he wondered aloud looking over the symbols that Jaimie would not be able to read, he read several lines and then brought it closer, rereading it again and again “Shit!” he balled up the papers and threw them to the ground, “Damn those underworld bastards!” the balled up paper slowly unfurled and the characters on the pages morphed into English for the others who didn’t read demonic to read.

In the matter of the debt of one Jaimie Finn… the debt and interest totals stand at Two souls (lives to be substituted in the case of living beings) of equal value to the original debt.

Soul criteria:
1. Must be human
2. Must be legally aware of the Council and associated beings (commonly known as the monster world)
3. Must have been graced by one wish presented by an Ancient Power
4. Must have been saturated by rare energy from the Hirule Gate

These criteria will be met; to ensure this the Collection Department will oversee the payment of the debt, by force if necessary.

It wasn’t hard to understand thusly why Jacob was pissed. These criteria were very specific, and very, very rare. In fact only two souls in the world would match it. The Underworld Clans were not just after Jaimie’s life and soul, with these criteria and the interest they were coming after one more as well, Amber’s.