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Sean Quinn

All's fair in love and war.

0 · 768 views · located in Carnes High

a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by Merchant


Name: Sean Quinn
Monster: Leprechaun
Discription or pic:
True Form
Image ... 2u7vkf.jpg
Disguised Form
Image ... Tyshea.jpg

Personality: Sean is a thrillseeker and gambler. He is a lover and a fighter. Sean's way of making friends is slightly different than most others.
He tests his boundaries all the time with people which can both loose him and gain him friends. He loves the female persuasion.
His favorite saying is all is fair in love and war. And he always on the battlefield. He does not give up easily and he believes in freedom of affection (meaning
he'll hit on every girl at the same time. He is an odd romantic and would believes he would keep is affection for one girl should they wish it to be that way.
Sean has comforted many ladies after break ups and other relationships.
Equipment(Powers/weapons/etc...): His powers revolve around trickery such as illusions and duplicating objects. He is able to pull objects out from his pockets, sleeves and hat.
Can manipulate luck, for good or ill.
History: All for Humans joining the school but only because they are more gullible than other supernatural races. He is doesn't care about race as long as they can drink and have fun. But he'll just as easily as punch a human as he would a demon. He has no affiliation with one side or the other.

Sean has lots of money from business adventures as well as gambling. Sean may not seem it but he is an entreupenuer. He has used his magical wealth to increase it in the mundane world of humans.

So begins...

Sean Quinn's Story


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Sean was a bit downed by the fact that the fight was cancelled just as it was starting to get good. Sean looked at the strippers' faces. He shrugged apologetically.

"Sarry Stah," he said to Star. "Guess I couldn't finish defending yah honah, but if you ever get tired of Mr. Stick in the Mud, you could always come ovah and take a break me to let some stress out." He then leaned in a little closer "Is that colleen that got in the way of the fight, seein anybody right now?" he said pointing to Arabella.

He checked her out as he positioned himself so he could see all the ladies at once. Sean was thinking that the new girl should get some of those clothes off as well, and tried to figure out which angle he would have to work it to get 'au natural' he flipped a gold coin at Star."For the show, and if you eveh need me just picture this face of mind and rub that coin. I'll find yah."


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Sean shuffled his feet and sighed. He was quite disappointed that he wasn't able to join the brawl back in the strip club. Not only did he not get the strippers number but he didn't kick anyone on their ass.

He looked up when he heard that only the girls magic would work. His magic was ingrained in his very being. He hadn't been to the underworld but he had heard stories. He wasn't sure about most stories and he never trusted people that he didn't have a proper fight with.

"So uhm, did anyone bring a drink?" he asked out of nowhere wondering if he could summon one himself. "I'm kinda hungry too. He reached in his pocket hoping for maybe some peanuts and found three. He started to break one while he followed others.


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"Is tha' a riddle?" Sean asked back. Sean chuckled a bit as he looked atthe young man before him. "It isn't really about being good when it comes to leprechauns now does it. We let our luck get us through everything. The stronger the luck the easier it is though." Sean wondered if the curious guy could hold his own in a fight or not. He considered starting a fight, but the fact he was hungry was making him a little lethargic.

"If I was going to guess. I would say we goooooooo tha' way!" he said pointing in a seemingly random direction.
"Speaking of mazes how long do you think this might take? More importantly do you think there will be something to eat when we are all done here? I should be hitting on some cuties in teh cafeteria, but I find myself stuck in the undahworld. Safe to say it I wish I had had a bigger breakfast."