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Shadow Knight

A Vampire that's sick of monster blood and desires some real human flesh

0 · 261 views · located in Carnes High

a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


An aura of pure power emanates from the new leader of the Shadow Clan. In contrast to his weakened state during his previous years at Carnes High, Shad has been granted his startlingly attractive body and looks back. No longer pale, ghostly or skinny, Shad has grown into a more muscular body, still scrappy looking but he’s all muscle his skin looks fleshier, with a slight amount of color, his skin is still fair but he looks healthier. He cut his hair shorter and it has a much healthier black look to it. Finally, his eyes have taken on a burning shade of crimson red to match his pearly white fangs.

After the battle with the Hirule Ferus, Shad retained more than a few scars. On his Left hand there is heavy scarring from the loss of his fingers which have long since grown back but still retain some nerve damage and scar tissue which he covers with a black glove. Across his bare chest and back there is a deep gash scar from where he was impaled by Ferus’ sword, out of his own will he kept the scar as a sign of his victory.

In his True Form Shad has developed more animalistic qualities. As a vampire his true form is still charming and dark but his monster features are more prominent. His fangs grow to a size where he cannot keep the canines in his mouth comfortably and his wings are revealed. Usually hidden underneath the skin of his back a pair of black bat like wings expand from his back at a wing span roughly twice his height. These wings are highly breakable but are simple and easy to repair; meanwhile his teeth are unbreakable seeing as vampires’ true weapon is their fangs.


To put it simply Shad is a short tempered, angsty, hot mess. In a constant battle with his thirst he has now just barely learned how to control it, making his life a little less complicated. As a vampire his instincts are very strong, upon meeting a person he becomes instantly territorial and sizes them up, plotting the best way to be rid of them if they prove to be difficult. Taking one step in a direction he doesn’t like leads to instant objection but he at least listens to reason more often.

As a new father Shad’s personality has completely changed, he isn’t chasing girls anymore, nor is he using them to his advantage. There’s a spark between him and Star, sometimes he worries he’s the only one who wants to make sure it doesn’t disappear. A violent snap at Estella led Shad to take a break from society and learn to control himself. Upon returning he still takes a secondary position in taking care of Estella, but if it came to it he would risk his life to save her or her mother.

Guilt continuously eats at Shad and defeating Ferus eliminated some of the guilt, but he still treads on thin ice between “good” and “evil.”


Shad travels light as all of his weapons are built in. Wings, Fangs, and Pure Muscle are his main weapons. More recently Shad has taken up the practice of Blood Magic which is the conversion of blood into aura related magic, this allows him to use various aura based attacks. However, blood magic involves high amounts of energy and concentration proving it to be a last resort technique.

As the Leader of the Shadow Vampires Shad has access to the blood gem, a mark of his vampire clan he won when he defeated his father and took the throne. This gem used to contain a fountain of energy Shad could tap into whenever he was in danger but in his attack on Ferus he drained most of the power leaving the gem in a dormant state once again. In the attack the chain supporting the necklace became a set of claws, Shad’s chosen weapon.

Although he doesn’t use one, Shad has a high amount of skill when it comes to using a bow, a practice he passed onto Jaimie. As a vampire archery is an unnecessary skill so he doesn’t see much practical use for it himself.


Shad is from a family of upper class Vampires that always have had free roam in the human world. As a young vampire Shad abused his powers in the real world killing humans left and right to eliminate his thirst. He was almost killed for his foolish behaviour, almost revealing vampires to humans. However his parents were powerful persuaders and managed to get him put into Carnes high to keep him away from the humans he was killing. His thirst is as great as ever but he has been forced to feed on monsters ever since he entered the school leaving him sickly and weak a majority of the time causing him, a brilliant vampire, to drop to the bottom of the monster ranks. Human blood is just what he needs to prove to the school that he is one of the most dangerous creatures there.

So begins...

Shadow Knight's Story


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"You say that as if I was flabby before, but yes I have been." Shad smirked and quickly kissed her back on the cheek before she could slip away. He tossed the ogre body off to the side so it wouldn't fall on him but still hadn't gotten over Star's cute flirting. He really had spent too much time away from her because he had totally forgotten how to not fall entirely under her seductive spell. Not to mention any girl that could fight though a crowd of zombies and then twist the head off an ogre with grace was a winner in his eyes.

The zombies seemed to be thinning out thanks to their combined efforts and Star's little pet vampire zombie thing. Seeing as there was little threat at this point Shad stood a distance from his next victim, a unicorn chick, he held a hand out toward the ground beneath her feet and then clenched his fist the earth swallowed her whole and then with a final twist of his hand the entire tomb around her compacted and crushed the zombie. The blood magic's elemental powers were interesting but taxing on blood levels, currently he had enough that he could be wasting blood like this, plus he needed the practice.

Suddenly Shad felt a strange echo of power, Desmond's aura, clear as a bell echoed in the air which grew tense and soon returned to normal. "Star? Did you feel that?" He jolted to her side quickly and asked quietly so the girl didn't get curious.


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"Not that much." Shad smirked and stopped all circulation through his wrist, the little vampire was biting dry flesh at that point. "Taking more than a sip is taking more than offered and unoffered blood tastes worse than normal monster blood so you're lucky I stopped you there." He warned the girl and swiftly removed his arm from her tiny mouth the small bite marks sealed in a few seconds and he allowed blood to pump through it again.

"And never lose control like that on a loved one, I don't care if you don't like me but your mother would be very upset if I died, so don't even think about draining someone you or anyone around you cares about." Shad attempted to teach a lesson after all of this. "feel free to lose control in a fight though, as long as you know your target!" he finished with his usual bad advise and looked for approval from Star.


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Jacob backed away only slightly from the demon who then turned to the others apparently taking all their testimony in, other than the Leprechaun who he blatantly ignored. The man heard Ambers explanation of the events and just frowned, “Ignorance is not an excuse, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t know about the debt, all he needs to know for legality of payment pursuit is the initial sum and the debt owed… which he has now been told. The Debt stands.”

“Of course it does, demon’s don’t care about fairness in contracts.” Jacob commented sourly.

The Auditor turned to Jacob violently as his face literally contorted into a pure state of rage with his skin visibly red as the scales and fangs were more pronounced, even the voice changed to a raging chorus of scream, “I don’t need a lecture on contracts from a Hirule, your kind has broken more than any other!” Jacob just glared right back, but he didn’t make a move as perhaps Desmond would have, he couldn’t. The Auditor just stood straight again, taking off his hat to slick back his grease black and red hair as he straightened his tie and his body returned to a controlled state. “Anything else you would like ot say?” Shad spoke up, bringing out the truth about what happened.

The auditor listened intently and smirked when it was done, “So, his heart stopped… and then Desmond Ruler used a forbidden art to bring him back… interesting… but this doesn’t alleviate the debt… his soul should have been claimed but it was forcibly withheld, this will be taken into account when the final interest is calculated.” he drew out what looked like a calculator and began entering symbols instead of numbers, “The audit is finished, your debt now stands, with interest, at-”

“He shouldn’t be held to our laws!” Jacob asserted again.

The Auditor took out his book again with one hand and opened it to another page before presenting it to Jacob who took it and read while the Auditor spoke the words aloud, “The Human’s in question, to be determined as Jaimie Finn and Amber Stillmyst, shall be allocated into the fold of the legal systems and protection of the Council and by its rulings will be both protected and subject to the laws that govern our world… ratified Council year 3579…” Jacob glared up at him and handed him back the book, “And what crackpot councilman wrote that bit of legislation?”

“You should know, Hirule,” there was that twisted smile again, “anyway, this legal code states it is our right to hold these two humans to the same laws as those of demon decent are held too…”

“But who wrote it?” Jacob wasn’t on the council and while not ignorant of the workings he wasn’t so fan-boyish to politics to know who wrote every stupid little law, and he doubted the others knew much more about it than he did.

“Councilman Desmond Ruler.”

Jacob was crest fallen, “Damn.” He whispered, knowing his last argument was just made invalid.

The Auditor finished the calculations and looked to Jaimie, taking a printout form the calculator and handing it to him, “The audit is complete, you’re debt now stands at one life without interest.” Another printout, “And another life with interest, bringing the total to two lives in the form of equivalent souls.” And finally a third print out, “Those souls must meet these requirements…” he took off his hat as he stepped back and bowed slightly, “due to the extreme flight risk of the debtor… you… and the overdue nature of your debt the collections department will be dispatched to ensure its payment.” He tipped his hat and turned on his heel, walking away as he let his aura out to suppress the others, “Good day.” At the gate to the school he stepped over the threshold and vanished in a plume of smoke and fire much like those that had brought the others to the courtyard.

Jacob cursed again as he headed over to Jaimie, apologized and took one of the printouts, “What the hell are the conditions for this debt?” he wondered aloud looking over the symbols that Jaimie would not be able to read, he read several lines and then brought it closer, rereading it again and again “Shit!” he balled up the papers and threw them to the ground, “Damn those underworld bastards!” the balled up paper slowly unfurled and the characters on the pages morphed into English for the others who didn’t read demonic to read.

In the matter of the debt of one Jaimie Finn… the debt and interest totals stand at Two souls (lives to be substituted in the case of living beings) of equal value to the original debt.

Soul criteria:
1. Must be human
2. Must be legally aware of the Council and associated beings (commonly known as the monster world)
3. Must have been graced by one wish presented by an Ancient Power
4. Must have been saturated by rare energy from the Hirule Gate

These criteria will be met; to ensure this the Collection Department will oversee the payment of the debt, by force if necessary.

It wasn’t hard to understand thusly why Jacob was pissed. These criteria were very specific, and very, very rare. In fact only two souls in the world would match it. The Underworld Clans were not just after Jaimie’s life and soul, with these criteria and the interest they were coming after one more as well, Amber’s.