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Carnes High:  Monster School

Boy's Dorm


a part of Carnes High: Monster School, by ShadtheWerepire.

Disgusting dorms of the male monsters of the High School. 4 people to a room.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Boy's Dorm, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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1. No girls allowed.
2. Don't damage the building it's allready falling apart.
3. Save fights for the Arena. (Haha you think this rule is actually followed?)
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Boy's Dorm

Disgusting dorms of the male monsters of the High School. 4 people to a room.


Boy's Dorm is a part of Carnes High.

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Kahlan [0] Kahlan Islington, A lycan with a temper, and is not afraid to let you know.
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Elise [0] Air/Water Manipulator
Desmond Ruler [0] Gone, no one knows where exactly...
Deilos [0] humans? here in this school? Probaly for the same reason that i'm here, as long as they don't annoy me

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(afterschool everyone, nearing night, feel free to walk around in true forms and beat the crap out of each other.)

It was later in the day and slowly everyone had left the nurses office but Jaimie, he was still snoring away on the bed. Suddenly the nurse nudged him informing him that classes had ended a while ago and it was time for him to find his dorm room and sleep there instead. Jaimie gets up in a fog and leaves the building not really noticeing the strange beasts wandering the hallways. His focus soon returns to him and he begins to see all of the monsters, almost no one looked human, and everyone looked like they came from a nightmare. There were snarling beasts chatting in the courtyard, a few minotaurs butting heads nearby. There were even various winged beasts in the air above, harpies, demons, vampires, they were all there.

Jaimie starts walking faster in the dirrection of the boys dorm, maybe it would be safer there than out in the open where monsters were slowly begining to notice him. Nearing the door he hears loud thumping music and shouts, fights were definately going on somewhere in the building. He sprints through the door pulling a sheet of paper out of his pocket, 224 was his room number he reads rounding a corner plowing past angry monsters. He finds the door zips in and closes it behind him breathing heavily he opens his eyes to a pitch black room, the lights were off and the windows apeared to be blacked out. Moving along the wall he finds a switch and flicks it on, the room lights up revealing the four corners of the room each with a bed and desk, it looked like everyone had allready unpacked and Jaimie's trunk was lying on his bed in the way back of the room. He moves to his bed wondering where everyone was.

Shad grumbles the light in his room had been turned on, what moron needed light to see? He had been peacefully sleeping and the stupid light had woken him up. he rises silently finding the human had wandered into his lair and was unpacking his stuff. "Excuse me? I hope you're lost because this is my room. Though if you really are in here the school's higher ups must really want you dead." Shad smirks savoring the thought of draining Jaimie while he's defenceless and sleeping.