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Elle and Falcon Mackrell

When both parents are fairly evil, what hope do you have.

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a character in “Carnes High: Revival”, as played by Meesha


Names: Elle Mackrell and Falcon Mackrell.
Aged: 9
Status: Bloodoak witches, Twin brother and sister, born 3 minutes apart.


The younger Twin
Elle's appearance: Elle has her mother's tousled, black hair. It falls just past her shoulders in thick, rich waves. She has her fathers dreamy, golden eyes and his impish face. When looking at her, she seems more intelligent than she's letting on and it looks like she's acquired her fathers hypnotic gaze as many of the coven witches have been left stupefied by her presence. She's long and slim in the body but her massive head of hair makes her body look small.

Elle's personality: Elle is desperate for her mum and dad's attention and constantly battles against Falcon in order to win the lime-light. She's a fairly envious little madam and likes to get her own way. You could call her spoiled, while her mother is fairly unforgiving in her parental position, her father is very much the soft one which is contributing to her bad attitude. She is a rather fearless youngster. Already it's easy to tell what a little bitch she'll be at school. Her mother often remarks that she "doesn't know where she gets it from" but her father tends to roll his eyes. She's still young and when she's in trouble she runs to her brother falcon for help. She's a little cold towards "mummies bump" at the moment, she fears it will be a girl which could take her parents attention away from her entirely!


The older Twin.
Falcon's appearance: Falcon is every bit his mother, he has her sharp, golden eyes and her angelic facial features. When it comes to his hair it's a mixture of both his parents; it's thick like his mothers, scruffy like his fathers and full of cow-licks. It comes down, just past his ears. Like he's sister he's pretty attractive. The Mackrell twins are a pretty pair.

Falcon's personality: Falcon is the same as his sister in the sense he wants his parent's attention 24/7 however he seems more partial to his mum and follows her around like a second shadow. Unlike Elle, he loves "mummies bump" and talks to it often. He's quite clingy. He has his fathers unfathomable temper despite his general personality being placid and and kind. He's more cautious than Elle but is still bold for his age. He's extremely protective of his family, especially his mum and Elle which is probably something he naturally learnt from his father. He's terribly stubborn.


Powers: Both twin's have inherited abilities from both parents making them a dangerous combination. Both have Freezer's incredible strength and physical power, they also have their mothers ability to cast spells etc. So they are already incredible witches, with the ability to use both body and soul for magic where usually a witch uses one or the other.

Despite being small the twins could easily break adult bones with their bare hands and lift massive amounts of weight, they are currently struggling to understand their strength. It has cost Lin and Freezer a lot to replace all the things the twins accidentally break, and they have had to apologise to many members of their community for various reasons.

Whilst struggling with their abominable strength, they have a slightly better understanding of soul magic (magic casting) but they're still novices and make many mistakes. They have many things to understand and control due to having inherited things from a powerful pair of witches.

It has been a concern to the witching community that the children could inherit traits of the demon "Karma" that lies within Freezer. No one possessed by the demon has ever had children, it's new ground and new territory. Lin and Freezer have their fingers crossed that their children will be spared from the awful condition otherwise getting them accepted into carnes-high will be twice as hard!

So begins...

Elle and Falcon Mackrell's Story


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#, as written by Meesha
Just a few feet from the entrance to Carnes-High, an explosion of thick, black smoke disturbed the mountain air. Once it partly cleared, four figures were revealed, a man and woman and a boy and a girl who shared a chilling similarity. One of the man's hands instantly drifted towards the woman protectively as they began to walk.

Lin swept Freezer's hand away like a cobweb. "Stop! I'm fine, honestly" she snapped irritably at him before giving her high-school sweetheart a softer approach. "It's not like I'm inexperienced" she murmured gesturing towards the two children in front of them.

Freezer observed his wife with a small smile, she was wearing a deep blue Maxi-dress, with her miles of thick wavy hair left tumbling down her back. It made her look like a Greek deity. Freezer sighed and held his hands up in defeat. It wasn't her delicate looking body that made him fuss so much, it was the bulging pregnancy bump that expanded out from beneath the dress that concerned him.

Their two children huffed and sighed as the couple realised they'd stopped the group from walking any further. "Come on, at this rate we'll miss the reunion" Lin added giving the children and Freezer a push forwards. Freezer gave a scowl and linked an arm around her waist. "Didn't even want to come. Not when you're like this." he muttered under his breath. 'there are people here who would see to you having a stillborn' He thought the last part, but didn't say it, knowing it would only leave him getting beaten by a heavily pregnant woman.

Elle, one of their children, marched ahead confidently whilst giving her surroundings wide, curious eyes. She had heard stories about this place, about the people in it and now she was here it was difficult to believe her parents actually went to school. That the people in the stories were real.
"Elle not too far ahead!" Lin moaned, knowing the angelic 'looking' little girl would cause nothing but devilish trouble when out of sight.

Falcon on the other hand, their son and Elle's twin, clung to her hand like leech. She smiled down at his gorgeous face as Freezer scowled down at him. "Falcon don't cling to your mother like that, you'll trip her up!"

"I'm helping her walk" Falcon retorted.

Closing in on the school gates, Lin and Freezer actually paid attention to their surroundings and found that they needn't look far for the people they once knew at school. Pretty much all the them stood in a small group just inside the school gates, with children too!!
Lin gave the group a wicked smile and glanced up at Freezer, who couldn't help but give a charming smile, knowing full well he'd missed the sight of the people they used to mess around with. The only problem they faced was how everyone would remember them...

Lin decided to select the most closest individual to her kind. "Well, well if it isn't Arabella..."


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#, as written by Meesha
Lin grinned at Arabella whilst placing a soft hand on top of her son's head. She eyed all the children present and tried to figure out which ones belonged to the white witch if any but none of the children struck her immediately.

Aiden was next to speak to her, he obviously bore bad memories between them as he stiffened up at the sight of her and her family. Lin lifted her chin up in a defensive manner and brought her children closer, Elle was standing far too close to him. She remembered how unpredictable the werewolf had been at school, she'd seen him at the coven and she wouldn't entrust him with her worst enemy let alone her family.
She smiled at him all the same, the polite smile she used for the husbands of important women, the same husbands that stared at her for longer then they should.
"Haven't you noticed I'm pregnant Aiden, even I need time off eventually. Besides I wanted to revisit the school, we wish to send our children here when they come of age" she replied giving her twins a quick glance.

Freezer on the other hand had acknowledged Aiden's nod and had nodded back to be polite, but he didn't like the vibe he was getting off of some members of the group. He moved forwards slightly, ready to fend off anyone who felt like taking a stab at Lin, especially Aiden who had noticeably reached for a knife.

"We were hesitant to come, after all Lin is so fragile right now, we didn't want to run into any trouble, but mothers will be mothers. They never know when to rest." Freezer exclaimed with a warm smile his eyes on anyone who looked unhappy about their arrival. He wanted to make it clear that Lin was just a heavily pregnant mum, not the devil coming to snatch up their children for supper.

Elle shrugged away from her mothers hold and eyed the children and adults present. They were a weird looking bunch, especially the kids with wings. She almost glared at them all with her sharp, golden eyes before deciding she would play with some of the girls. "May I go and play?" she asked silkily, a playful smile preying upon her lips.

Falcon clutched his mother's maxi dress in the balls of his hands when Elle asked to go play. There were a lot of strangers and some of the children looked weird.

Freezer glanced between the kids, the other parents and Lin. He wasn't sure that was a good idea. "I don't know if that's a good idea baby" he murmured to Elle. Lin frowned at him, she seemed indecisive. She looked at the others.

"Are your children strong?"
she asked hesitantly, checking whether they'd be able to withstand an accidental slap or poke from her children without breaking in half.


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"Fine! Uncle uncle!" Rayburn finally choked out as Arthur trapped him in a head lock, he guessed the game was over as his only chance of getting out of the headlock was well timed fire which, honestly, he was too lazy to deal with because of the repercussions. He was released suddenly and rubbed his neck. But he laughed it off and didn't seem disheartened by the surrender at all.

The two witches approached and Rayburn looked a bit like a deer in the headlights. The flames that tickled his dark red hair vanished as his nerves kicked in. He wasn't the most out-going of people, with Arthur it was different, because Arthur was, well Arthur, he didn't know who these kids were. There was a hint of distrust too, Rayburn wasn't stupid, he saw through some of the holes in his parents stories, he knew his father was a human and there would have been monsters that threatened him. Since he hadn't met these kids before it was only safe to assume they might not be as human friendly as himself.

As the boy, Falcon, spoke Rayburn relaxed, the stutter made him seem less threatening. With the initial fight or flight symptoms gone Rayburn smiled at the pair.

"I'm Rayburn, and Yeah I've heard a few stories about this place, my Mom and Dad met here and hopefully I'll go here one day." He responded with some enthusiasm. There was no danger in talking to these two.


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#, as written by Meesha
Freezer laughed openly at Desmond when he saddled up beside him. "I can't say the journey was smooth, what with Lin's morning sickness and the children squabbling, as for letting them drive the teleportation...well I can't say we'd get very far with one wanting to go forwards and the other wanting to go back. That's twins for you."

On the other hand Lin was talking to Kalen and her eyes widened slightly when the human gave her a mixed handshake and light hug. She smiled anyway, her pregnancy bump getting in the way. "Yes I imagine we will be coming this winter as long as nothing at the council occurs. The improvements you've made only make it more inviting." She looked over at her children's to check they were playing nice. Her lips thinned at Falcon's stutter.

Falcon thought for a moment that the others weren't going to talk to him, they seemed panicked and one walked away but the flame haired boy seemed to relax after a minute. His parents met a the school too and he'd be going to Carnes too.
Falcon grinned impishly. "Y-yeah? Me and Elle too!" He exclaimed. "D-dad said wer-were gonna rock the s-school just like him and mum did. I-I bet our p-parent were friends."

Elle rolled her eyes at her brother. She couldn't imagine any of these old foegies being friends with her parents, without any display of their power she felt like all the excitement and build up had been for nothing.

Desmond gestured to his boy and said they should judge his sons strength for themselves. Freezer stopped and observed as Desmond shot a rather large amount of raw power at his own son. At first freezer gripped his hands together anxiously. Desmond's power wasn't anything to laugh about if you were too weak to defend yourself or understand it. He worried for the young boy, but it seemed the lad had a few tricks up his own sleeve and defended himself marvellously.

Freezer clapped Arthur gladly. "Well I think that was quite a show. I'm ashamed I didn't think of you training him up sooner Desmond." He gave the hircule a slap on the back and nodded at Kalen. "I wouldn't mind a sword like that myself. Where on earth did you get that." Freezer said that more to himself.

Desmond asked for them to pass their judgement. Freezer shrugged with a charming smile. "What can I say, the boy can hold his own. You must be proud, and quite out of pocket!"

Lin on the other hand smiled less sincerely. With a hand rubbing her bump she eyed the young human thoughtfully as he approached her son and daughter with confidence. "Well at least he'll be able to defend against magical attacks. How's his stamina? He can take more than one hit right?" Lin added to her husbands enthused reply.

Freezer hurried to Kalen and Lin's side where he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well he's a young boy. I'm sure if he sparred with the children he'd get better, I'm sure Desmond has trained him to handle more than one hit, and that was a decent hit we just saw. I'm sure we can relax. We're all monsters here...mostly."

Elle and Falcon watched the display. It left Elle with her eyes as wide as saucers. Her cat eyes grew large and fascinated. That man could of been a friend of her parents. Her eyes turned to his son who had managed the attack. She immediately saw a good opponent that would be worth fighting. Falcon saw the twinkle in his sisters eyes and eyed the boy who walked back towards them. Great. Now she was interested.

Elle thrusted her hand towards the human like her father did to worthy individuals. "Elle Mackrell. I'd sure like to fight you..." She paused waiting for his name.


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Desmond couldn’t help but overhear Freezers comment on the sword as he watched the young boy return to his group of friends and he huffed a bit, “You and me both, but that blade is one of a kind, and unfortunately I doubt it would let either of us so much as hold it now… it’s found its owner.” He commented much as Freezer had – that is to say more to himself than anyone else. Aiden's comment, however, brought bout a more direct response, "Last thing that kid needs is more artifacts for him to cause trouble with..."

“Ahem, anyway,” Kalen coughed and returned her attentions to Lin, “You are practically glowing! When’s the newest addition due to make an appearance?” she began the pleasantries again when a nearby tree burst into flames, not that she was very surprised, “Woah! Light show.” She commented before returning to the pregnant witch.

Desmond also drew his eyes away from those with whom he was conversing and noting the tree bursting into flames, “Hello! That’s the good ol’ days.” Looking to Shad however he shrugged, “Well, we never really burned the place, just smashed up a courtyard… or three… and we certainly never destroyed an entire spa.” He added the last bit to Freezer but with a more playful note, not really pointing blame but more just reminiscing.

Arthur, meanwhile had returned to the group of children and Ashton torched a nearby tree trying to impress him. He laughed lightly and knelt as she buried her face with embarrassment in Rayburn’s shirt. Reaching out he patted her head, “Wow, Ash, you really got some fire in ya’ eh?” the tween chuckled as he smiled to the young and impressionable girl before standing and stepping back, letting Mrs. Knight talk to the young Phoenixes, and turning to Falcon whom he’d brushed aside, “Sorry about that, that was really rude of me… I’m Arthur Ruler!” he said with a smile presenting his hand to the young boy. The kids were getting along fine it seemed, at least all over the place, the two were children had met the vampire kitsune kids and lived to tell about it and Rayburn had lost to Arthur… again… so it was all going rather well, or seemed to be. The Gargoyle that watched on from afar, it’s head just barely tilted out of place form the perch it had occupied for decades upon the room turned it’s gaze away from the gateway, returning it forward to its original position.

But Desmond had not gone without noticing such creatures and as he caught the slight movement from the corner of his eye he looked back to the two before him with a more business like face. He’d taken notice of Aiden and Amber’s children earlier with a smile on his face but it was one held in spite of truth, the truth that they were much like his son in that they were some of the top priority targets of the Isolationist movement. And it was for them and others that this extra security was being activated. Freezer, Shad, and Desmond were all in a small grouping of their own, the others having gone about other conversations or actions just slightly away and so he spoke more candidly, “So much for a quiet reunion, eh? Here stand some of the most powerful monsters in the entire world… and still I wouldn’t be surprised if at any second the Isolationists came storming this place, trying to catch us off guard.”

As if on cue, such a commotion burst into life at that moment, though admittedly with a great deal less evil intentions that what Desmond had suggested, “Greeting, Alumni!” a familiar voice boomed form the school side of the courtyard as a good looking man, with blonde hair, and a name plate stating he was the Assistant Principal stepped out toward the groups, “It’s been too long!” Jacob called with his arms outstretched in welcome.