Raine Amara Tallulah

A rich kid at the carnival; one of the kidnapped children.

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a character in “Carnival Missing 2”, as played by Crystal Flamedance


Raine is small and slim, almost to the point that she looks malnourished, but it isn't from lack of eating. She has shoulder-length red hair, with deep green eyes and is normally found in some sort of dress.


Raine is quiet and, while she isn't against making new friends, she isn't quite vocal enough to speak first, and is usually mistrusting at first. She will start to get vocal, though, when she is teased, or, most often, called a girly-girl. She hates wearing the dresses, and only does because she is fond of her older sister, who is always the one to have her wear the dresses. She is often full of energy, and enjoys games like tag, where she can run for a while. She is easily frightened, scared of dark places, and of new places.


She only has a purse her sister gave her to go with the dress, a comb she also insisted on, and about $50 from her parents.


She grew up in a wealthy family, always getting what she wanted...well, most of the time. When she finds them to be particularly difficult, she will ignore them, and refuse to respond for hours. It doesn't work too often, but it will occassionally. She has always allowed her older sister to dress her up, like she was a doll, or something. She has always been fond of music, which she will often use to calm herself down. She managed to talk her parents to taking her to the carnival...well, she had to be silent for a good few hours before they did give in. Sgortly after they arrived, she ran off, so they wouldn't bother her while she looked around. She hid for a while, actually looking for hiding spots but, as she got distracted, she stopped looking for places to hid, and started wandering around on her own, exploring.

So begins...

Raine Amara Tallulah's Story