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Kia Caris Fridell Tornquist

Broken Glass Glittered And Paper Cuts Stung

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a character in “Carnivores and Love Notes”, as played by LozerFanAnah



Kia Caris Fridell Tornquist

Chet, Car, KC,






Romantic Interest
No One As Of Yet

A decent sized loft fit for two people with room to spare.

Kia lost his innocence way too young for him to even understand exactly what it was he had witnessed or what he had ended up doing afterwards. He’s still a bit naive as to how the world really works even though he was exposed to the negative aspects at a very tender age. Everything he does is based on impulse rather than base on actual thought because he is still stuck in a childish state of mind not quite ready to deal with adult life even though he does adult things. There’s barely any logic in his actions but when he speaks his words are years ahead of his personality it seems and that’s something. Kia speaks like an adult who has seen war, famine, depression and the loss of an entire civilization. His most awe inspiring moments seem to happen when he’s in his most childish mood which is when he’s in a toy store gushing over cute little stuffed animals. He hates stuffed bears – they conform to the norm. That’s one thing Kia is able to discern – the conventional ways human beings seem to live. If everyone were going West he’d go South. He’s also oddly selfish with his things having lost everything and refuses to hand anything over to anyone unless he really has to; which would mean he’d have to be dying. Kia’s a child at heart even though he’s a grown man in his mind.

He’s also known to have a short temper fuse and he knows it which is why he sometimes seems so worried about everyone and everything they say. Kia’s waiting for the snap in his mind that to him is like another personality taking over and it just might be. The anger reminds him of his older brother, the one he lost only a few months before that short fuse occurred. Because of it he often isolates himself and he often loses friends due to their misunderstanding of how angry he gets. He doesn’t mean it – he can’t help how upset certain things make him. Along this line he has many things that frighten him into a state of panic that has caused him to be hospitalized short of ten times. Maybe nine. Eight at the least to his memory. He doesn’t have a very good one and he often forgets the more important things like the names of people and places he is supposed to be at, at a certain time. Or maybe he’s just really forgetful which could be the case. It doesn’t matter to him because it embarrasses him when he can’t remember the name of a person he met just the day before or plans he made only a few hours ago.

Kia also seems to have a flirtatious relationship with things that are dangerous, he has a childish appreciation for things that could possibly hurt him. He likes horror movies and going to places that are deemed restricted just to break the rules and see the danger. Many of his friends have been probably not the best influence on his young state of mind at the current moment but he doesn't quite understand that just yet. A lot of the people he'd once known had been on the 'darker' path and he'd run a risk knowing them. It's never gotten him into trouble though because as interested as he is in that side of life he's never done anything to pursue it. He fears authority. So much so does the fear authority that he'll listen to anyone older than him with just an age he can either refuse to listen or hang on each word.

The boy’s troubled. That much his doctor can tell you. Even though multiple tests have come back inconclusive and his IQ tests have come back with unexpected results. He's smarter than he acts - a whole lot smarter and he thinks coherently and responds with logic so it's a mystery as to why he remains in this child-like mind because it isn't by choice.

Krister Tornquist [Older Brother – Deceased]

None, he’s terrified of being hurt.

~Both his parents were killed in front of him though he was too young to remember it now
~His brother committed suicide when he turned 21 and left Kia alone in the apartment they had rented together
~He's allergic to aspartame (an artificial sweetner) and avoids many things with sugar in them - opting for organic foods
~The biggest fear he has is waking up to his home on fire
~Kia has the largest collection of stuffed animals - his brother's old room is filled to the brim with exotic stuffed animals
~No one knows but he plays the Cello and the Bass both are in their cases under his bed hidden from the world

So begins...

Kia Caris Fridell Tornquist's Story