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Martina Mercedes Addison Stoltzman

:Touch Me, Treat Me, Love Me, Feed Me:

0 · 153 views · located in London, UK

a character in “Carnivores and Love Notes”, as played by MagicalNeko



:m a r t i n a . m e r c e d e s . a d d i s o n . s t o l t z m a n:

He only goes by Martina, unless you're really close to him; then he prefers Sadie to any variations of his first name. And his Aunt Fabiana calls him Addison... but no one else gets that luxury. Sometimes he calls himself Jack; but no one else is allowed, and no one knows why.






Romantic Interest
To be Edited

He lives with his Dad and sisters, in the townhouse that he grew up in, lacking the motivation to move out just yet.

"Life isn't complete without a fedora."

Martina's personal catch phrase. There's no reason for it, but then again, there's no reason for a lot of the things he does. He's strange, some people say, but he just thinks about is as being true to himself, which is a good quality... which means that when he steals one of the hats off the one of the Queen's Guard, he's doing something for the greater good. Really, those are ridiculous hats anyway, but who wouldn't want to wear one. And even besides that, it made an excellent addition to his collection.

Martina is sporadic and impulsive. He doesn't know anyone who he believes actually trusts him, and he knows exactly why. A little too much energy, maybe a little rude, seriously unpredictable.... There's nothing tying him down, and it worries the neighbours when Carreena and Eloisa are left home alone with them; especially since Eloisa has been calling him Daddy lately, and everyone's seriously certain that she's his sister. People ask him why, and he always gives them the same answer, "Life isn't complete without a fedora." Of course, it all depends on your perspective, but that phrase could mean anything; that's just the way he is. With three relatively normal sisters, it’s a wonder that the psychiatrists sent him off with a clean bill of mental health shaking their heads at his parents because they couldn't find anything particularly wrong. He's been sent for brain scans, IQ tests, response tests... everything under the sun used to interpret the functions of his head and see why he does the things he does. The result in the end was that his brain functions are normal, his IQ is average, and he responds quickly to everything they threw at him with natural responses no matter the difficulty or age level. The verdict? He just acts this way because he wants to.

Despite all this, Martina is very mature when it comes to school and parenting. For the last month, he's assumed responsibilities that most other twenty-one-year-olds have nightmares about without any complaint. He strives to keep his grades up and to keep both his sisters happy and healthy. Still, it doesn't stop him from dreaming big and creating almost an imaginary world around him. That, he claims, he does for his sisters, because they take such delight in it that it eventually becomes hard not to, which is an answer unlocked only by asking the right questions. Normally, when people ask him why he does things (that is, unless they're a psychiatrist, which means serious business), he'll tilt his fedora up and grin, simply answering with one of the following: "You've never worn a fedora, have you?" or "Clearly you've never been to Singapore." Can you get a straight answer out of him? If you've ever heard him describe himself as an 'odd bird', then perhaps. And you're lucky, and I'd treasure those words for the rest of my life if I were you.

Nothing but cryptic answers and coded questions....

Georg Alexander Stoltzman (Father)
Aida Catarine Stoltzman (Mother) - Estranged
Antoinetta Elise Stoltzman (Older sister, 27)
Carreena Danielle Stoltzman (Younger sister, 14)
Eloisa Evelina Stoltzman (Younger sister, 5)

None.... Yet.

~ His father and older sister are visiting relatives in Tuscany, which really means that they've gone to see Aida, but Martina and his younger sisters aren't allowed to know that yet.
~ Of five children, Martina is the only one with two middle names; before he was born, his mother's sisters Amalia and Fabiana fought over what his name would be in the end, to save them from killing each other over a name, Aida and Georg just gave him all three and were happy with it.
~ One of his biggest fears is drowning in Jell-O.
~ He has a life-sized cardboard figure of Baby Spice in his basement. He also has one of Leona Lewis, but it's for throwing darts at when he gets frustrated.
~ He watches Waybuloo with Eloisa and actually enjoys it. His favourite character is the little pink kitty thing, De Li.
~ Waybuloo got him into yoga. It also convinced him to adopt a kitten and name her De Li.
~ His favourite song in the whole world is Take On Me by A-Ha. Second to that is the song that plays on the Six Flags commercial, but he can't remember what it's called.
~ He likes watching Japanese and American commercials on YouTube.
~ He collects hats from other people and second hand stores, and then calls himself a Hat Pirate.
~ He can't swim.
~ He thinks his parents are too old for a five-year-old daughter, so he took it upon himself to retrain Eloisa to call him Dad while Georg and Antoinetta are away.
~ His mother left just after Carreena turned two, and then returned for a few years resulting in Eloisa. She left again, dumping her husband with an infant less than half a year old.

So begins...

Martina Mercedes Addison Stoltzman's Story