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John Masters

"There is more to this then the mortal eye may perceive"

0 · 454 views · located in Cartwright Falls

a character in “Cartwright Falls A Psychological Horror Story”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name- Sir John Bernard Masters
Age- 54
Appearance- John is a fairly tall fellow and seems fairly healthy even if he might have a bit more weight then he should... but that's to be expected at his age. John normally wares a suite or at least something as respectable while at home or in public but likes to ware ether a robe or a warm coat while walking in the woods depending on the weather. John never wares a hat but occasionally makes use of reading glasses when he needs them, John does not use sunglasses even when at the beach.

Bio- John Bernard was born in east end London in 1937, Much of his early life was spent educationally speaking in a Roman catholic school where he studied for much of his early life. John when young traveled Africa doing missionary work, his travels which where the main focus for most of his 2nd and third decades gave him other perspectives on religious ritual and these perspectives aided him the writing of a number of books detailing at first the challenges he faced and later the many animist, pagan and tribal religions he encountered. John later due to disagreements with the Catholic faith left the church and became an active Anglican protestant and was even knighted for his later novels but his somewhat radical views regarding the faith where not always welcomed among his colleges and eventually this pushed John to move to the united states. John became a citizen and later in life moved to what he saw as a quite and isolated town where he could get some peace and quite; Cartwright Falls. John and other spiritually minded individuals using some of their own funds and some charity built the first church of Cartwright Falls with the intent of giving the locals of the area who where so isolated from the outside world a place of spiritual meditation. John was the first priest of the church but retired two years ago from the position preferring to focus on his writings and simply walking in the wood's contemplating the meaning of life. During the time of the two disappearances the priest who had taken over from John was on a vacation to France and John decided to open the Church while his college was away. John is worried about the effect the events will have on the population but a part of him which he would never admit finds these times fascinating and almost as if he was again traveling to some distant land.

Skills- John knows the area and especially the forest, knows many in Cartwright Falls by name and even more by face, has an exceptional memory and a vast sum of knowledge, owns one of if not the largest collection of books in Cartwright Falls in his house's library, is fairly well known internationally but less so in the US, is capable with a blade thanks to his years of learning fencing, is not too much of a stranger to the pistol or rifle and owns an old rifle he until recently retained only as a decoration, has a way with languages, is fairly wealthy and well connected.

Mental State- John has not been of the best of health recently and privately thinks the air in Cartwright Falls is tainted with something foul, he is afraid of the recent events but is somewhat fascinated about the people's reaction to the events. John thinks that there is more to the recent events then meets the eye and hasn't been going on his walks in the forests lately due to this. Instead John has been conducting sermons in the Church in an attempt to calm down the populace... and keep an eye on them; John fears that there is something among them... unnatural and hideous. And can't shake the thought that something is watching him, John hears footsteps where none walk but when he turns around he sees no one but he knows someone is watching and that someone or something is there. While John is uneasy and is growing almost paranoid with fear he keeps his feelings to himself and tries to remain calm.


John owns a fairly large house in town, its a bit isolated from the rest of the town but John regularly receives visitors and thus has two guest rooms ready at all times for his guests and even travelers. John lives alone since he never married but does occasionally take care of animals and people seeking advice. Among his items is an old rifle he picked up on his travels and many other items in his house. John owns no car because he feels that he has no need for one and instead travels to church on his bicycle.

So begins...

John Masters's Story

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John decided to walk this time, in occasions such as these John always thought that walking was the best option as it gave time for thought and contemplation.

John had planned to visit the Bishop's household for sometime but decided against it knowing that more then anything the mourning family desired some peace of mind... if at all possible. John had considered first visiting the clinic and see poor Julian's body... and maybe even aid the tortured spirit to move on but wanting to first pay his respects to the Bishop's knew that such a course of action would be unwise.

This visit was not purely one of social nature; there was the funeral of young Julian to consider even if it would be some time before his body would be returned to his parents for burial. John had heard rumors of the horrifying nature of the boy's death and wondered if there was any way he could help the law capture the culprit; John could claim with merit to be one of the World's leading expert on the many religions and cults humanity had embraced over the centuries besides the christian faith however modesty would not permit such pride to cloud his judgment.

John shuddered, in all his travels even those to the most barbaric cultures on Earth he had rarely seen such horrors... as a matter of fact the most savage and unholy cults he had encountered existed within the borders of the so called "first world" nations. John knew more then he would ever care to admit on these cults... he had even decided against publishing any novels about them fearing that the publicity would encourage their foul deeds and attract new recruits.

In all his life John only wanted to enrich human civilization and by spreading the beliefs of the many primitive but fascinating religions which existed around the world John hoped that he was doing good... the reason why humanity so easily resorts to violence was because people's of different places did not understand each other; maybe his books god willing would make one small step towards utopia one day in an uncertain future....

"Amen" said John to no one in particular and then saw that the Bishop family household was near and that this short journey had come to an end.

John took a moment to pray for the family and their now deceased son before proceeding to the house and then softly knocked on the door... maybe his presence would make no difference to the family's deep sorrow and despair but John would not allow himself to leave these poor people to face such tidings on their own without at least giving them some word of comfort.

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Juliet was still frozen in her brother's room when she heard the knock. She jerked back to her senses, and looked down to realise that she had crumpled the letters in her hand. Quickly smoothing them out on the table, she tucked them inside her brother's drawer. Looking out the window, she saw a tall man dressed in black, knocking on the door again. He looked vaguely familiar.

Juliet hurried downstairs and flung open the door. The man was taller than she'd expected; he practically towered over her. She'd seen him one or twice before, but didn't know him by name. Could he be looking for her mother? "Good morning, sir," she greeted him politely. "I'm afraid my Cassandra Bishop's out at the moment. She won't be back until evening. Perhaps you'd like to come in and leave a message?"

She had second thoughts about inviting this man inside, but he looked trustworthy. Besides, Juliet was sure she'd seen him in church before. What was his name? Mason? Martin? Something like that, anyway. Opening the door wider, she gestured inside, waiting.

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"Good morning, sir," said a young lady a few moments after opening the impressive wooden door of the Bishop household, taking a moment to admire the fine craftsmanship John smiled slightly and turned to gaze at the sky.

"hmm yes i guess it is morning, its been difficult to identify the time of day lately... for some reason it seems the days are growing darker"

John stopped himself, he was not here to cause any more concern to the family. "I am sorry about that, those where just the ramblings of a silly old man. Unless my senses are mistaken a second time i believe you are Juliet right? I am Jon, Jon Bernard and I am currently the acting priest at the church until my college returns from his voyage"

"I'm afraid my Cassandra Bishop's out at the moment. She won't be back until evening. Perhaps you'd like to come in and leave a message?"

John paused for a few moments "well that is unfortunate, but my visit concerns you also"

John entered the house and inspected its furnishings, the house mirroring its occupants was not a place of wealth but it had a charming simplicity to its credit.

"The purpose of my visit was to first offer my condolences at your brother's passing, his death is a loss to the entire community. To die so young is truly a terrible fate and while you and your mother shall never recover from his loss remember that you are not alone.
i hope that there is something we can do to help you but with such dark tidings i imagine all you truly want is some peace and quite"

John waited wondering if he should mention the need to make arrangement's for the boy's burial but decided against mentioning it... that would be a matter he would have to discuss with Cassandra Bishop.

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#, as written by Bosch
While the two teams got to know each other Eli collected his notes and prepared to leave. He finally addressed the room one last time.

“Right guys keep me, and each other, posted with what’s happening checkins every couple of hours ok?”

He then made his goodbyes and offered to meet up with the teams later in the day.

Outside the conference room Eli made a beeline for his office where he dropped his notes on his desk. He glanced out of the window at the deeply wooded hills and thought about Karen Fellows, terrified and alone with whatever had mutilated Julian Bishop. A shudder ran down his spine and he quickly cleared the image from his mind.

“Someone walk on your grave Sheriff?”

Eli turned to see Justine standing in the doorway of his office.


“You shuddered... It was something my mother used to say.”

Eli nodded, something about the saying had always bothered him so he changed the subject.

“I’m heading out to the Bishop place. I’m going to give Cassandra an update, tell her the FBI has arrived. Then I’ll swing by the Fellows.”

“Ok Sheriff I was just coming to see if you wanted a coffee.”

“Naw I’m jittery enough already.”

It was raining pretty heavily when Eli left the station and his knee was starting to ache. The snow would be falling pretty soon and Eli was glad the search teams were back. The woods could be unforgiving at this time of year. He remembered the story of the original settlers of Cartwright Falls who got caught out by the weather and started munching on each other when they eaten everything else. They said it was almost as bad as the Donner Party, people went insane and there were murders. Of course old spooky stories still circulated the town around Halloween that the town was cursed because of what the settlers had done to survive then inevitably someone would jump out of the bushes and everyone would have a good laugh. All towns had stories like that.

Eli was piloting the Bronco past Choppers when he saw Tiffany Swan sitting outside the bar obviously waiting out the rain. He liked Tiff and felt sorry that her Mom was lush but that wasn’t his problem, Tiff’s shoplifting was. He just hoped the Louis Lane stuck because he hated being a hardass with her.

The girl looked towards his Bronco and caught his eye. Eli gave her a I’m watching you gesture before driving off, always important to keep on top of repeat offenders.

Eli pulled up in front of the Bishop house, his knee was feeling tight so he popped a pain killer and swallowed it dry. He then got out of the Bronco and walked up the short path to the house. He rapped the door and waited for a response.

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Juliet listened politely to the man. "Hmm, yes, I guess it is morning, it's been difficult to identify the time of day lately... For some reason it seems the days are growing darker." He appeared to snap out of a trance, then apologised and introduced himself as Jon Bernard, the priest of their church.

He entered and gazed around thoughtfully. "The purpose of my visit was to first offer my condolences at your brother's passing. His death is a loss to the entire community. To die so young is truly a terrible fate, and while you and your mother shall never recover from his loss, remember that you are not alone. I hope that there is something we can do to help you, but with such dark tidings, I imagine all you truly want is some peace and quiet."

Juliet's lips tightened. Of course it's a loss! she wanted to shout. How could you possibly talk about it so casually?! However, she controlled herself and kept her mouth shut. The second part, however, was much more comforting.

"I sometimes do wish that people would stop pointing and muttering," she admitted softly. "I still miss him - Julian."

As soon as she said that, rain started pattering lightly down, as though mourning Julian. Juliet gazed out the window longingly, missing him. However, her thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on the door.

"I'm sorry, please excuse me for a minute." She excused herself and went to the door. Opening it, she found the local sheriff and a boy she recognised as Nathaniel Alexander standing in the driveway.

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Juliet stared at the man standing at her doorstep. “Miss Bishop. I’m Elijah Carter, the sheriff. I think we spoke briefly on the phone earlier. I’m here to see your mother. I’ve got some news; the FBI are here and want to help us find whoever... hurt your brother.” Juliet remembered. The local sheriff.

"Sheriff." She greeted him, told him the same thing she'd told the priest. "I'm afraid my mother's not at home right now. She's gone to the hospital, probably won't be back until evening." She was tentative about inviting him inside, but she was sure that the sheriff wouldn't want to stand outside in the rain. "Would you like to come in?"

As she opened the door wider, again, she noticed something over the sheriff's shoulder. A rifle was poking out of the car that had driven up behind. She would scream, but it was too late. The shot rang out and the sheriff stumbled forward into her with a sudden splatter of blood. Though she wasn't strong, Juliet managed to hold the man up. The sheriff jerked forward again, and fell over the threshold of the house. The door was kicked shut.

Juliet looked down, half-pinned under Eli's body. She could see the blood spreading over his shirt; red poppies when there had only been white. Scrambling to his feet, the sheriff tried to fire at the door but missed, falling over again. Juliet turned and yelled in the general direction of the living room, where the priest was. "Father! Please, help!"

Juliet could still hear shots being fired outside, and feared for Nathaniel's life. With another shot. The lights went out. Luckily, the curtains hadn't been drawn, and sunlight still streamed into the house.

The sheriff turned to scream at Juliet. "Run, now!" Juliet didn't answer, too busy trying to scramble to her feet. The blood had pooled at the bottom of the staircase, making the floor slippery. Yet, Juliet had no intention of running. How could she leave these men to die, right on her doorstep? No, she would stay and defend.

The door was pushed open again, just as Juliet had finally managed to get to her feet. It was Nathaniel, bleeding but still alive. “Please don’t shoot me! It's Nat! "Thank the Lord!" Juliet managed to gasp. She was still slightly winded from being pinned under the sheriff's weight.

“We need to think up something quickly, he shot out the power by the looks of the electrical box. We need to defend ourselves with what we have.” Juliet cried, "There's weapons and medical supplies in the basement, a couple of pistols and maybe a rifle. Nathaniel, are you okay?" Already she had hurried over to examine his side.

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#, as written by Bosch
“I’d like to know more about the body, so lets go to the autopsy room. I want to know more about the symbols on the body. If there’s an occult angle to this the Agency can help out. They have profilers for this kind of thing. Usually some lonely nutjob but this feels like it might be part of something bigger. We might have a serial on our hands.” Deacon said to Deputy Montgomery.
“You drive.” He said with a smile as he shot Barton a wave.

Hayden and Deacon set off for the small town hospital.


Eli was getting paler with each passing second, he’d be unconscious in less than twenty minutes if he didn’t stop the bleeding but he had to get out of the situation first. Lots of things were being said around him but focusing on individual conversations was becoming difficult.

“Please don’t shoot me! Its Nat!”

‘Who the fuck is Nat?’ Was all Eli could think. Then he saw the Alexander kid.

"Father! Please, help!" Eli’s grip on the pistol tightened but then he realised what she meant. Not that Father, not dear old Dad.

“We need to think up something quickly, he shot out the power by the looks of the electrical box. We need to defend ourselves with what we have.”

"There's weapons and medical supplies in the basement, a couple of pistols and maybe a rifle. Nathaniel, are you okay?"

“Shhhhhh!” Eli said as he held his finger to his lips. “He can hear you.” Eli whispered.

“Do not go into the basement. He’ll have you cornered. If we go upstairs we can exit via a window. If it comes to that everyone run a different way. I’m going nowhere, he tagged me good. How you help me is by getting help. No offence but you guys aren’t exactly cut out for this. We need police with guns not the cast of the breakfast club.”

Eli groaned with pain that may have been from the gunshot wound or the lame joke as he pulled himself to his feet using the banister and staggered up the stairs. His trousers were soaking with blood and his legs felt heavy. Finally he made it to the top of the stairs. He found a table piled high with a mixture of medical books and high school texts. He pushed the table over lay down behind, it wouldn’t stop a bullet but at least it was some form of concealment.


“LITTLE PIGS LITTLE PIGS! LET ME COME IN!” Kyle Renner yelled with a laugh. He was walking around the perimeter of the house which had suddenly gone silent. They were either hiding or preparing something. Of course Kyle had an advantage over them, he wasn’t scared and wasn’t shot while at least half inside the house were both. He liked the fear and he could smell it in the air, it’s what drove him on. No need to sweet talk Kyle now, he was too strong.

That’s when an idea started to form.


In the car with Hayden, Deacon was feeling a little out of his depth. He was never that good with people and preferred to talk shop instead.

“You’re studying psychology? Do you think it’ll come in handy out here?” He regretted his words almost immediately they sounded arrogant and patronising. ‘Smooth move special agent’ Deacon thought.

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#, as written by Bosch
The assailant was outside roaring threats into the house while Eli got into position.

He lifted the pistol and noticed the pronounced shake in his hand. He grunted with annoyance and placed his wrist on the upturned table for support. His vision was becoming blurrier and his field of vision started to tighten. They called it a grey out and the only other time he’d experienced one was the night he’d nearly died.

“Sir in all due respect, this is a stupid plan, look at yourself, if that person gets in here… you don’t stand a chance.” Nathanial tried to explain. “Look, all of us can try and make a break for it, through the window. At least that way I don’t need to walk away knowing I have left a man for dead.” He then put his free hand on the sheriff’s shoulder. “Look, when this is over and done with we will still need you, there is still work to be done, and by trying to be a hero here you are condemning those missing kids just as you are yourself. We can at least try and get out of here with all of us alive. Trying to be the hero right now isn’t the smart answer.” Nathanial then looked over to Juliet and back to the sheriff.

"You need to get her out of this, her mother does not deserve to lose both children."

Eli tried to give the kid a stern look but couldn’t be sure his eyes weren’t crossed.

“Kid, I won’t make it half a block. I’m losing too much blood f we know he’s in the house at least I can keep him bust long enough for you kids to get...”

The wooziness kicked in and the gun clattered to the carpeted floor.


Eli blinked slowly before slumping over as he slipped into unconsciousness.


“...You take away the biggest part of me...”

The truck radio was playing an old song, a song Eli hadn’t heard in a long time.

He knew the truck too it had been his Dad’s a long time ago.

He looked at himself in the rear view mirror. His hair was long and his face was fresh.

Eighteen years old.

He looked to his right and saw a girl with flame red hair.


She didn’t respond, she was looking out the window at the dark woods.

“It’s creepy out there at night. Don’t ya think Eli?”

“For me maybe but you’re ok.” His young voice said but they weren’t his words or rather they were his words from long ago.

“How’s that?”

“You’ve got me to protect you, who’s looking out for me?”

Lizzie laughed and Eli’s heart ached at the memory.

“Its about to happen.” He thought but couldn’t say.

“Look at the road, Jesus Christ, just look at the road.” Eli begged.

His young self just kept looking at Lizzie hit up until he saw the flash of headlights, heard the crash and felt the impact. In that second she was her most beautiful as she turned a single look of shock played across her youthful face.

Then the horror.

Blood and glass was smeared over the dashboard and Eli was looking through a cracked windscreen at an upside down forest illuminated by a single headlight.

He looked over at Lizzie and knew she was dead. He struggled in his seat but the pain in his leg wouldn’t let him do much. He could hear the crunch of leaves and twigs underfoot.

“Help!” He cried.

Eli didn’t remember this part. The first people on the scene were the cops at least the way he remembered it.

A dark figure slowly emerged just beyond the periphery of the car headlight.

“Help.” Eli pleaded. “She’s dying.”

The shadowy figure watched before seeming to melt back into the woods.


Kyle raised his rifle and smashed the kitchen window. He made a beeline for the stove and brutally yanked the gas line from the wall. He took a deep breath of the gas and smiled. The he produced a Zippo lighter and lit the drapes. He watched the fire spread for a few seconds before slinking back out the window.

“See how those fuckers like this.” He mumbled to himself as he climbed back into his vehicle and tore out of the street.

“Good Kyle, that should get people thinking.”


A few minutes later the whole town heard the explosion.

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#, as written by Bosch
Eli didn’t wake so much become aware. One moment he was looking at Nathaniel Alexander the next he was sitting in a booth in an ornately decorated room. He was wearing a grey suit with a grey knitted tie, Eli remembered his Father wearing a similar type of tie.

He glanced around the room which was wood panelled and dimly lit. He could hear muffled voices but couldn’t see anyone else. Music was playing but he couldn’t be sure if it was recorded or there was a band.

He pulled himself from behind the table and left the booth.

The room was notable for the large window that ran from ceiling to floor. Eli walked toward the glass and could see no seams. It was a single massive pane of glass.

The room was overlooking what seemed to be a wood but it was hard to tell with the snow falling outside. It looked like a blizzard. Eli closed his eyes and tried to make sense of what was happening. Suddenly he felt a tug at his side like he had a stitch.

He raised his eyes back to the glass but instead of looking out he found his reflection.

He looked old.

Really old.

“Jesus!” Eli exclaimed as he ran his hands over his face. His face felt young and firm but in the mirror an old man was staring back at him.

“Sir. Please keep your voice down.”

Eli turned to face a diminutive looking bald man dressed in black trousers, a white shirt and green vest. He wore a name tag that simply read “Staff”.

“Sorry... I... I’m feeling a little confused. “

“To be expected, Sir. Perhaps a drink at the bar?”

“Yes... where is that?”

“Straight through there beside the dining room.”

“Thank you.” Eli said as he glanced back at the black window and saw his wrinkled face staring back.


The Hi-lux was parked over five miles away. The voice told him this was alright. He trudged through snow that had begun to fall. He was feeling hopeless and lost.

“Come on, Kyle, speak to me. It’s no fun if you don’t”

“You made me kill those people.”

“I don’t know about that, Kyle.”

“Christ I am insane, standing in the middle of the woods talking to myself.”

“How about I prove you’re not insane, Kyle?”

Kyle remained silent.

“Gotta get there before nightfall though, let the snow cover up your tracks. Kyle.”

Kyle slowly trudged on.


I hate this song. Eli thought as he made his past empty tables and the darkness. For some reason the lamps on
the tables only seemed to throw their light a few feet.

He arrived at the bar and got onto a stool, he looked at his reflection in the mirror opposite.

He now looked normal.

The bar tender was a young woman who was heavily made up with brunette hair. Her name tag said Karen.

“What’ll it be Hon?” She asked with a world weary sigh.


The woman walked off to get the beer and Eli started to relax. There seemed to be more light here and he no longer looked like he was about to die of old age but
he still felt uneasy about the pain in his side.

He decided he was in a hotel because that’s what it felt like to him. The staff, dining room and decor seemed to support his assumption.

“Here you go Hon.” The bar tender said placing a glass of beer in front of Eli.

“What’s it come to?” Eli said suddenly afraid he didn’t have any money.

“Compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar.”

Eli turned a saw a man with a well groomed beard in a dark grey suit who raised his glass to Eli.


Eli stood and walked towards the old man.

“John, I didn’t see you there.”

“Nor I you.”

“Pretty dark in here.”

“I fear we are strangers in a strange land.”

“This will sound funny but I don’t really remember where we are. Last thing I remember was being in The Bishop House. How’d we get to this Hotel?”

“Hotel?” Masters said with a confused scowl. “Where do you think we are, Eli?”

“Excuse me gentlemen but I need to see your tickets.” The bald man said from behind them.

“Ticket?” Eli said.

“I found mine in my jacket pocket.” Masters explained as he produced his own ticket.

Eli rolled his eyes at his own stupidity. He hadn’t bothered to check his own pockets. He produced his own ticket and handed it to the man who was holding a single hole punch in his hand.

“Ok.” He said as he punched Master’s ticket and handed it back. Eli’s received no mark and was handed back to him.

“If you’d like to follow me.” He said to Masters who stood.

Eli also stood but the bald man raised his hand.

“You can only come to the dining room if you ticket has been punched, Sir.”

“Oh.” Eli said weakly as he returned to his stool.

Masters bowed his head and followed the bald man in the direction of the dining room.

“Another time Sheriff.”

Masters’ suit was now black.

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Through a thick fog in her mind, Juliet could see Nathanial and the sheriff hitting the ground. Juliet registered that Nathanial was limping; he must have hurt himself in the fall. He moved over to where Juliet was half-slumped on the ground and placed both palms firmly on her face. "Juliet, are you okay? Can you hear me?"

Juliet forced her eyes open, fought her way through the fog. "Nathanial," she murmured, "my mother's at the hospital. Cassandra Bishop. She'll know what to do." As an afterthought, she leaned in close and brought her lips closer to his ear. "Cassandra Bishop. Ask for her at the hospital." She knew it was silly to ask specifically for a nurse, but she was sure her mother would know what to do.

As Juliet struggled to regain full consciousness, she realised that a man was coming up to them. "I'm here to help. We need to get you away from this house, then we can start - " The rest of the sentence ended in a murmur. He approached Nathanial. "I'll get the Sheriff, you get the girl. We can't stay this close to the house."

Juliet tried to stand. It was then that she remembered something. "The priest!" she called weakly. "There's another person inside the house - the priest!"