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Karen A. Fellows

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a character in “Cartwright Falls A Psychological Horror Story”, as played by TaniaSoulEater


Karen Arlene Fellows

Hello - Evanescence


"No one's been along... No way out."


Appearance: Karen is short and skinny. Small and elfin, she does look a little fragile, as though she could snap when bent the wrong way. A smattering of freckles lie across her nose and cheekbone area, small blemishes on her peaches-and-cream complexion. She has long copper brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back, and which she is very proud of. It is slightly wavy, and shines brightly under sunlight. Karen's almond-shaped eyes are a bright silvery grey, shining and reflecting light.

Of course, in light of the recent events, Karen's looks have diminished greatly. What was once slender is now scrawny and malnourished, and instead of just looking fragile, bones really may break with a hard blow placed in the correct spot. Her smooth complexion is now pasty, terribly pale from the lack of sunlight. Her once melodious voice has become dry and raspy. The once beautiful hair is now limp and dry. Her eyes are the worst, having lost all their shine and zest for life. They're now just empty, emotionless orbs.

Personality: Karen used to be a happy child. She always had a bright and ditzy smile on, and was friendly with all the kids in school. No one ever said she had a bright future, or would do great things someday, but everyone liked her because she was so sunshiny. Sure, she was a little clumsy, and perhaps a little simpleminded, but she always cheered people up.

Now, she's too out of her mind to really do anything. Mostly, she just sits around and giggles madly.


Skills: If Karen were in the right state of mind, she would be able to cause distractions. If she were a little healthier, she could help with an escape, being quiet and stealthy as she is - provided her mad cackles don't give her away.

Mental State: Karen has been in the dark for so long, she's almost lost her mind. She speaks things that don't make sense, and is apt to have laughing fits that can be rather scary. She's mostly useless for interrogations of any sort.

History: All the children in town knew Karen. Even before they went to school together, Karen would often run around neighbourhoods, getting all the children to play together. She was friends especially with the Bishop twins, Julian and Juliet. Because their mother wasn't around a lot and left them in the care of a neighbour, it wasn't hard convincing their caretaker to allow them out to play. The three of them were the best of friends.

Years came and passed, and Karen and the Bishop twins grew up. Karen noticed that Julian got better-looking as he grew, and both of them grew attracted to each other. It came as a surprise to no one when they were dating - bright, sunshiny Karen helped Julian to loosen up and worry less about his mother and sister, and stoic, reliable Julian helped ground Karen a little.

But then they spent the night together. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, Karen was pregnant with Julian's child. They planned to run away together, not daring to face anyone if the news leaked out. However, before they could confirm their plans to leave Cartwright Falls, they were taken. The terror was enough to unhinge Karen, and as if to make it worse, their captors killed Julian before her very eyes...

So begins...

Karen A. Fellows's Story

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Hayden let out a sigh of relief. Nathanial was all right and appeared to be in rather good health. Very unlike Karen Fellows who stood fidgeting behind her. The teen's nervous aura was starting to cause Hayden to have her own paranoid feelings. Then again given their current situation, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

Pushing Karen into the room in front of her, Hayden gave a final look down both ends of the hall before closing the door over. "Are you okay?" She asked, her voice filled with concern. "They didn't do anything to you, right?" He seemed well off, but looks could be deceiving.

The deputy made sure the gun she acquired was at the ready. They had to get out before anyone realized that she and Karen had gotten out of their room. "We have to move Nathanial, get out of her quick before any else happens. I'm pretty sure they're not keeping us here to have a tea party." She was getting anxious with each passing moment.

Opening the door once more, she took another quick survey of the hallway. They were still clear for the time being. "Look, I need you to help Karen, keep an eye on her and keep her calm." If they were going to get of their alive Hayden had to make sure that the traumatized young woman would be under someone's watchful eye. Considering Nathanial was the only alive person she had with her at the moment, the job was his. "Excuse the crazy for a second, okay?" She said, directing it at Nathanial before turning her attentions to Eli who had followed them into the room as well. "Can you tell me how to get out of here?" She asked, Hayden was pretty sure that finding their way via trial and error would take them much longer than if Eli took a look. At least he didn't have to worry about being scene. As a possible hallucination he hadn't steered wrong yet, so her faith was in his hands once more.