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Peter Pan

Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.

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a character in “Castaway Cay”, as played by blueplastic


"Life's no fun without a bit of fun"


ѕ υ r ғ a c e

Peter Pan

No nicknames, no Pete or Petey or anything like that, it's not even a pet peeve, he just always uses Peter.


Peter Pan

r e ғ l e c т ι o n

Thin and average height, Peter doesn't have much muscle on him. He still has a lot of his teenage attributes on him, like big hands and feet compared to his arms and legs. While he is thin, he's well toned and quite strong. In general he's pretty boney, with the veins on his arms sticking out whenever he physically exerts himself.

His most notable feature is his bright red shock of hair. Currently it's long and poofs out to the right too much. He's constantly shaking it out and pushing it out of his face. Peter's eyes are the deepest brown, dark inside, a golden shade in the sun. His eyes themselves are big, practically the definition of doe-eyed, adding innocence to his look, and adding to the fact that he looks young (and is young). He's got a splattering of freckles across his nose, which stand out well against his skin, sometimes pale and sometimes bright red from blushing, and a small patch of hair at the bottom of his chin.

In Depth
Peter has many little quirks to his physical appearance. From his ginger hair to his constant motion, there's always something about Peter. He's a constant blusher, either from saying something impulsively and realizing what he said a second too late, or trying to be smooth with people he meets, and with his pale skin blushes show bright on his face. He's also shaking his head often, just moving around his hair, trying to find a way to let the wild mop sit on his head correctly. Emotions don't hide on his face, and while some where their hearts on their sleeve, he wears his on his face. Peter's big eyes are the biggest give away, always showing how he feels, but when he laughs his whole face gives way, from the crinkle to his nose to the wide mouthed smile. Notably, Peter always talks with his hands, moving them constantly and letting them fly around without a second thought, sometimes accidentally shoving them in people's faces.
When he walks, he does so quickly, and silently. When he laughs it's big and loud. When he has a crush, well, it's not hard to see.

a т т r ι в υ т e ѕ

At the end of the day, Peter is just a really fun loving guy. Comparatively he’s young, and a little bit naïve, but he’s really just trying to enjoy himself. His philosophy is solidly, “Why be alive, why be given this chance, when you’re just going to fill it with misery”. This fuels his actions, and of course causes him to be a little bit reckless. He’s very open, and says what’s on his mind, usually impulsively, but is also very empathetic, so if he says anything too harsh or rude he always immediately apologizes. Kind of immature, kind of rowdy, Peter is the boy who never grew up.

Likes: nature, adventure, people in general (very much a people person)
dislikes: People who are too uptight, being cooped up in a small space for too long,

For his personality quirks, Peter is again plentiful. Again, he’s a constant blusher, impulsive, hair shaking ball of energy, with the biggest showy doe eyes. Past that, he’s also a people person, who is constantly flirty without really realizing it. It’s not like he’s trying to flirt with the people he’s talking to, he just does, it’s how he shows his friendliness, and combined with that he’s very touchy. In any conversation it’s a rare when he doesn’t touch the person he’s talking to. Peter’s little habits combine to make a person who frustrates many, but at the same time he’s very charismatic, usually winning them back.

в a c ĸ g r o υ n d


o т н e r

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Max Kuehn

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So begins...

Peter Pan's Story