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Ashlyn Locksley

"There are things that can't be helped which is why we must try to prosper in the future."

0 · 3,560 views · located in Castillo de la Muerte

a character in “Castillo de la Muerte: Sorcery's Vengeance”, as played by Zoey26123



| Theme Song |
Fight Song || Rachel Platten

| Angry |
Run Boy Run || Woodkid

| Sad |
Not About Angels || Birdy

| Happy |
My Heart Is Open || Maroon 5

"I'm a lady, but I won't hesitate to get dirty when I must."


| Name |
Ashlyn Elizabeth Locksley

| Nicknames/Aliases |
Ash || Ashlyn's friends call her this as a nickname. This is also used as she stays at Castillo de la Muerte just because she doesn't want the others to realize she's back to help them, yet not trust her because of her sister.

| Age |

| Gender |

| Birth Date |
June 16th

| Sexuality |

| Race |

| Faceclaim |
Yukino Yukinoshita

"I am my own person, people can't judge me because of my family."


| Height |

| Weight |
137 lbs.

| Preferred Weapon |
"I prefer to use illusions, that's my specialty. Every witch has one."

"I am a master of many things, mostly, sadly, have to do with lady like things because of my mother."


| Talents |
Archery || Ashlyn trained in archery often as a young child in order to have fun and feel like she had a slight control over her life. She has a collection of bows though they were recently lost in the fire.
Beauty || Ashlyn can't stand the fact that she was always forced to wear makeup and do her hair. She is extremely good at styling and doing makeup though she prefers to not wear it anymore since neither of her parents are alive to enforce the ideas anymore.
People || Ashlyn is very good with talking to people, she has no problem talking to people and is very good about making people happy and or feel good about themselves, even if she does sometimes use illusions to do it.

| Strengths |
Illusions || Being a witch, Ashlyn has the ability to control illusions and make people see things that aren't really there. It only works for however long Ashlyn can hold her focus. She must also be seen directly, reflections of any kind do not show her illusion, but Ashlyn herself.
Forgiveness || Ashlyn is very good about forgiving people. She does it begrudgingly sometimes though she does forgive so long as an individual apologizes. She has no problem with it so long as they sound apologetic about the situation.
Dancing || Ashlyn enjoys dancing and used to be a dancer/acrobat for the court parties when her family was poor. She was able to perform and was often paid very well.

| Flaws |
Relatives || Because Ashlyn is a witch, she is often given a bad reputation and is perceived to be cruel and horrible like her sister. Ashlyn can't stand being compared to her sister when the two are nothing alike.
Beauty || Ashlyn finds it to be a stubid flaw, but she has a thing for beauty. Anything beautiful, she has an issue leaving it or seeing it altered in any way. She can't stand to see something beautiful grow tarnished and has no problem interfering to prevent such a situation.
Truth || Ashlyn doesn't lie or hide the truth, she just doesn't share it unless she's asked the right questions. She has only ever told a few people about her sister and what she is. She hates that her illusions might be considered lies or manipulation and only uses it when she must.

| Weaknesses |
Children || Ashlyn loves children of all ages and all sizes. She cares for them and believes they are worth more than they are given credit for. She enjoys playing with them when she has time and really enjoys the idea of having a sibling that might care for her for real.
Anxiety || Ashlyn suffers from anxiety. She occasionally has attacks that she can't control where she has panic attack symptoms. Ashlyn can only recover when she has people she knows to help bring her back down to earth. This is a result from her using her illusions often as it eats at her guilt and her anxiousness.
Drawing || Ashlyn cannot draw to save her life. She has only ever been able to draw a picture of a person by drawing a circle and a few lines in order to give the general idea of a person. She cannot do anything more.

"I like what I like and if you don't like it, then you don't need to be around me or be with me."

| Loves |
Beauty || Shorter Skirts || Slacks || Tunics || Boots || Horses || Riding || Illusions || Art || Food || Eating || People || Cute Guys || Respect || Passion || Kindness || Romance || Helping || Love || Wine || Dancing || Acrobatics || Heels || Humor || Smiles || Children || Babies || Castles || Warm Beds || Gardens || Perfume || Pretty Dresses || Balls || Parties || Magic || Vampires || Humans || The Santiagos

| Hates |
Rude || Her Sister || Comparison || Hot Dresses || Humidity || Losing || Cruelty || Stereotypes || Anxiety || Drawing || Makeup || Elaborate Hair || Propriety || Hot Days || Sunburns || Uncontrolled Blushing || Getting Embarrassed || Pain || Blood || Knives || Jerks || Idiots || Not Knowing || Inability to Read/Write || Being Looked Down On || Large Hats || Death || Dark Magic || Sexism || Untrustworthy People || being Dirty || Being Untrusted

"If you like me as I am without judgement, I will at least try to like you as you are without judgement."


| Personality |
Gentle || Thoughtful || Caring || Confident || Independent || Headstrong

Ashlyn is a gentle soul who prefers to be kind. She is always gentle with everything she does, often called graceful as well. She has a way she moves that makes her appear like she is a true lady though she only has this as an illusion. She may be gentle, but she is strong. She is confident in herself and has no qualms speaking up for herself or those around her. She has a strong voice that she will not allow to be suppressed so long as she is alive.

Ashlyn is thoughtful and always considers others though she may or may not follow through on the thoughts. She is thoughtful and likes to see others happy though she does not want to sacrifice all of her own happiness, refusing to be sad or unhappy since her life does appear to be extremely long for now. Ashlyn loves to see others happy and or in a good mood and strives to help them feel happy or in a good mood, even if she does have to sacrifice one or two things she might have wanted.

Ashlyn is independent and has found she doesn't need anybody when she doesn't want anybody. She is very good about not having to rely on people and has only ever asked for help when the situation could be deadly otherwise. Ashlyn is also headstrong. She won't change her mind for nearly any reason. It does not matter who she is talking to, she will do what she wants when she wants to and won't be told otherwise unless someone she trusts very, very well.

"I am a master of many things, mostly, sadly, have to do with lady like things because of my mother."

| Family |
Alora || Mother || Witch || Deceased
Thomas || Father || Human || Deceased
Sister || Witch || Alive

| History |
Ashlyn was born in London England to a poor merchant and his wife who already had a daughter. The mother, a witch, taught her daughters as they grew up though both were entirely different. Ashlyn's sister was cruel and manipulative while Ashlyn was caring and Independent. Ashlyn's father was killed when her sister was playing with deadly magic and let it get out of hand. Ashlyn's mother, being like her sister, was upset though only a little bit. Ashlyn was often seen as weak and her mother believed Ashlyn was not very good at magic because Ashlyn didn't like to manipulate others. Ashlyn in turn was sent to work and do any jobs she could possible find.

Ashlyn found she enjoyed dancing and eventually was hired to dance and do acrobats as entertainment at the courts of France upon her family moving there when she was six. Ashlyn was well known for her dancing until she stopped when she was sixteen in order to try to feel more respectable and happy. Ashlyn faced abuse at home though she managed to get by when she met a certain stables boy who cared for her.

Ashlyn and the stables boy grew to be very close and when they hoped to marry, Ashlyn's mother discovered her secret. The boy was killed by her sister as her sister also didn't believe the boy was good enough for Ashlyn. Ashlyn, in her rage, accidentally killed her mother and hurt her sister though her sister was able to knock her out before she too faced anything lethal.

Ashlyn escaped her family, getting taken in my a wealthy lord who allowed her to have a happy life, not enforcing the propriety her mother had always enforced, allowing her to do as she pleased so long as she followed a few rules to keep her safe and to keep her from being hurt or abused.

So begins...

Ashlyn Locksley's Story

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Ashlyn walked down the streets of the town, her head held high and her shoulders back. Her father, or her adoptive father, always let her walk around where she wanted to when she wanted to. As of recently, she had grown to be taking care of him rather than him taking care of her. She cared for the fellow and though he knew she was a witch, he cared for her too.

Ashlyn wore white gloves, a twilight blue dress, and riding boots. She hardly cared what shoes she wore and though her maids fussed over them, she ignored it. She wanted to wear boots and since they couldn't be seen under her dress, her maids relented. Her hair was worn in a half bun with the rest cascading over her shoulders, all under a small, twilight blue hat. Though she lacked what most young ladies lacked, she did make up for it by her own confidence. She lacked a guide, a man who she leaned on and relied on. She nearly rolled her eyes at the mere thought of it.

Ashlyn ignored the strange glances she received on occasion, instead moving quickly without an issue. She had to find the store the towns person she had talked to told her the Santiagos shopped at. She needed to talk to them. Should she not, many lives could die if her sister decided to step into the picture that Ashlyn expected her to step into.

Her love for the Santiagos was as if she were a sibling to some of them. She was, however, not only loving towards them in a family manor. One of them had captured her heart years ago, a few centuries in fact. She still thought of him, and often too. She had only stopped being around the family when they had been hurt by discovering her sister. It hurt to know that they did judge her based on her sister, and that she was only as good as her sister was, which was not at all.

Ashlyn hid her thoughts easily, unconsciously in fact. She frowned and felt her chest ache, yet individuals walking by would see a smiling girl who was happy to be alive. They didn't realize she was centuries older and was using magic on them as if she used it every day, which she did.

Upon reaching the store, Ashlyn glanced in, relieved that none of the Santiagos had yet arrived. She moved to cross the street, going down an alley. She stood near the entrance, keeping an eye open for the vampiric family. She didn't even notice the group of men down the alley until they were a few feet away. The look in their eyes caused Ashlyn to not bother with her glamour, allowing her disgusted look to be on display. Such pigs were not to her liking whatsoever.

The group of men began speaking but Ashlyn really didn't care what they were saying, instead changing her appearance to them to be that of a demon, one she had seen before. Ashlyn shivered, but didn't drop the illusion until the men were gone. If anyone else saw it, it would have just been Ashlyn standing there with the group of idiotic and pigish men, then them running off without her doing anything.

She shivered after having thought of the demon, then moved to stand and watch for the Santiagos yet again.

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#, as written by Stiles

Reiji did not stir a single muscle the entire duration of their carriage ride, until his extraordinary auditory senses caught on to outside voices. Reiji then released his maid and sat up to tend to his untidy ebony locks. He fiddled with his hair as if he'd never even embraced her for an entire half hour. Once his hair returned to a pristine standard, he switched to smoothing out his suit. By the time their carriage driver opened the door for them, he already looked just as regal as he had been before his nap.

Reiji stepped out of the carriage, his eyes squinting from the annoying sunlight, but he waved to the many villagers that stared upon him in admiration. They threw flowers, and some of the girls even squealed. The Santiago family was highly praised by their region, and Reiji did well to keep their reputation in tact. He had a warm and caring smile on his face, one that he definitely had practiced, because he hardly ever used it inside of Castillo de la Muerte. They definitely were deluded by the man's facade, because he was nothing like the man that the perceived him to be. Reiji threw out gold coins at random intervals, "Eat well tonight, it's my treat. Tell your children that the Santiago care about their people and that we are doing everything in our power to bring the Vampires to justice." He stated in a kind and gentle tone, but it grew serious and determined as he mentioned the pursuit of the vampires that plagued the village. Little did the villagers know, the Santiago were the vampires attacking their wives and daughters. The ebony haired man continued throwing the coins until he reach the store. He slipped inside, making a beeline to a particular dress rack and removed a very beautiful light pink dress mere seconds after he entered the facility and handed it to Tanzy. He knew that it would look gorgeous on her, because he had it specifically designed for her prior to their arrival, but he wouldn't let her know that. She didn't need to know something as trivial as that, because she'd look into it too much, and she'd get the wrong idea of him. He didn't like her or anything, she was simply an intriguing toy that he refused to part with... that was all. On another note, he had other business to attend to.

He gave Tanzy a stern look as he chose to inform her, "I have other matters to attend to, please wait for the others here. Do not force my hand, I'd hate to punish you again after watching those witches burn." He whispered to her in a very discreet manner. He kept to his punishment, and made her watch the trial and burning of the accused witches a few days ago. It was gruesome, but he knew she would pay more attention to her actions from now on, so he didn't regret it. It would keep her, and all of his siblings safe, so he didn't care if he was seen as a horrible man in her eyes. He didn't care who hated him, so long as it kept everyone alive and well. Well.. maybe not everyone. He still wanted to see Anise dead, but that was a matter that was out of his control. He'd lose the trust of his siblings if he chose to kill her, and not to mention he would lose his little contract he'd written up with his maid. Her spying for him would prove invaluable, "Try on your dress, I'm sure that it fits and will look lovely.. but just to be certain." He commented, sending her a wink before exiting the store, throwing a few more coins as he went along. He could have sworn that he saw a familiar face in the crowd, so he decided to do his errands a bit early. It couldn't have been her... but he chose to investigate. If she was here, he was sure trouble would soon follow. Ashlyn couldn't be here... There's no way. I haven't seen her in ages.. Perhaps I'm just a bit more fatigued than I thought? I probably just imagined that I saw her face...

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Ashlyn was worried her contact had been wrong. Perhaps the Santiagos weren't coming into town today. Ashlyn sighed, if that was the case, she would have to travel to the castle itself and try to find a time where Reiji would be alone to speak to him. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to speak to him at all, for she was sure he wouldn't want to speak to her. Why would he? Ashlyn pushed the thoughts away, hating that she was listening to what people often told her.

Ashlyn crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, but kept up the illusion that she was standing demurely with her hands in front of her in a more appropriate manner. She didn't care for rules and being proper. Being a girl also didn't help. She sighed inwardly, wondering what it might have been like if she hadn't been born a witch. She looked around seventeen, maybe eighteen, though in reality, she was... well, she wasn't certain on that. She knew generally, but it could range a couple years.

Ashlyn focused, unhappy with her allowing herself to be distracted. Taking a breath, she focused back on the street the Santiagos were most likely to arrive on. Ashlyn was about to leave, frustrated her source hadn't been accurate when she heard the wheels of the carriage. It would be light soon, so the Santiagos would need to travel in a way their skin wouldn't be exposed to the rising sun for very long. Few knew the Santiagos' secret, perhaps the same few who knew Ashlyn's.

The carriage made an appearance and she moved forward with the rest of the small town as they moved to look at Reiji. Ashlyn stayed towards the back of the crowd. When she thought Reiji's eyes swept over her, she changed her appearance right away to that of a seventeen year old girl from the village that had been working down the street, far enough away that she wouldn't show up and looked enough like she was from the town, that it wouldn't be questioned that she was or not.

Ashlyn kept her face blank as she watched the scene, feeling something old and worn flicker inside her at the sight of Reiji's smile and caring face. He looked like he had years before, a long time ago that Ashlyn savored but hid away so as to not be hurt by that time anymore. Ashlyn loved this side of Reiji Santiago, but knew better than to believe the fellow had changed everything about himself and this was truly him before her.

Reiji threw coins to the people and Ashlyn kept her guilt at bay as she watched people scramble for coins. One coin flew to her and she caught it easily, letting the coin play across her knuckles before handing it to a small child nearby. She had no need for it. She nearly laughed out loud at Reiji's claim to destroy the vampires, considering he was one of them. She hid her emotions by pulling the illusion to keep the girl's face neutral, not bothering to make her happy or smiling.

Ashlyn studied the girl with him, taking in every detail about her that she could. Ashlyn followed Reiji with her eyes, immediately dropping the illusion only he would see should he have looked at her. She moved to look inside the shop but decided against it, instead, walking down the street a bit. She needed to talk to him, but that girl, the one with the pink hair, she couldn't be around as likely, she was Reiji's maid.

Ashlyn stood in the closest alley entrance, to the right of the store. As Ashlyn watched the store, she waited for either Reiji to make another appearance, or for one of his brothers to arrive in their own carriage. Neither seemed obliged to help her right away, causing Ashlyn to sigh. How was she to handle this entire situation? Something was happening and her sister was sure to find her soon if she wasn't careful, if her sister still even cared to find her. She prayed not, feeling a shiver run down her spine at the thought.

She stood, unsure of what to do. She couldn't go directly confront him with the other girl around, for Reiji might see right through the illusion. She would be nervous and could slip ruining it all. But... It was all a mess. Resolving herself, Ashlyn moved forward when she saw Reiji emerge.

Her eyes widened and she pulled up an illusion of the pink maid from before immediately before he could look at her. She didn't speak as she looked at him, waiting for him to catch sight of her before moving quickly. If he was very overprotective and this girl was his maid, as she knew he was, she would be caught in moments. She was quick, but Reiji was always faster. Besides, she knew he would be able to smell her if she tried to pull an illusion of not being there. His senses were so strong after all.

Ashlyn moved down the alley, not glancing back except once to see if he was behind her before ducking around a bend and finding a dead end. It wasn't ideal, but it wouldn't ruin anything. She turned, dropping the illusion and feeling a wave of peace in her as she no longer pretended to be someone she wasn't. She waited patiently for Reiji and when she again saw him, she held his eyes.

His strange eyes she always loved gave her the confidence they used to, no matter what they held in them. "I..." Ashlyn began, unsure how to continue on with her words. How was she to tell Reiji that something deadly was going on when he was likely to not want to even see her? "Reiji, you're all in danger," Ashlyn stated simply, concern in her tone, unsure what else she could possibly say to him to make it clear why she was there. She froze suddenly, fearful he would believe she was the danger to him and his family, but hoping he would think more rationally before acting. She continued to breath and held the appearance that she was calm, that she had mastered without pulling an illusion.

"Now there is a face that I haven't seen in quite some time.. You've got thirty seconds to explain, starting now." Reiji responded in a cool tone, ice practically seeping from his pale lips as he spoke to Ashlyn. Reiji's Crimson eyes giving nothing away as he stared her down with a rock hard expression. He was a completely different person than when they'd last met, far worse than when they parted ways.

Ashlyn was shocked at how icy Reiji's voice sounded. He had sounded like it before, yet never as cold as this. Anger flared within her as she thought about her sister who caused him to not like her any more. Ashlyn wasn't nearly as strong as Reiji physically, but with magic, much stronger. She wouldn't ever hurt the vampire though, about as likely as her hurting a child, impossible.

Ashlyn sighed, the once frantic issue pushed to the back of her mind as she sounded almost chastising towards Reiji when she spoke to him. "She's coming Reiji. I don't know how much you've been watching, but she is coming and I don't know why. She's stronger than before too," Ashlyn stated in a tone that was both annoyed and chastising. He was older than her, but she could be just as stubborn as the pale vampire.

Ashlyn had no problem meeting Reiji's strange colored eyes though her gaze wavered from them only once to lower to his pale lips before she looked back up, holding an illusion for that moment so he wouldn't see her doing such an action and embarrass her. "I'm here to warn and help you Reiji, as much as your family may despise me now, I still care for them as much as I did those many years ago," Ashlyn stated, her tone now turning to be caring and gentle, though firm and unswaying. He could say 'no, we don't need or want your help' as much as he wanted, Ashlyn knew what she could and would do to step in. She was sure her sister had much destruction planned and Ashlyn cared more for this family than her very own birth family. She cared about any family more than her birth family though so it wasn't as hard as one might imagine, though the Santiagos were certainly her second favorite family, only second to Ashlyn's adoptive family.

She crossed her arms stubbornly as she stood straight backed facing Reiji. She took her hat off and tossed it aside as she found the thing far more stifling than she could tolerate any longer.

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#, as written by Stiles


Reiji's heel immediately scraped sidewalk as he noticed 'Tanzy', yet her smell was completely off. There was a familiarity to it, and it belonged to only -one- person. Before he was able to call out to her, the imposter ran away. He gritted his teeth in irritation and followed her, first at human speed, seeing as there were civilians watching. When he was confident that he was out of plain sight, his speed surged to life and he found the girl effortlessly. In the end I was a simple task, all that he had to do was follow her scent.

It was a well known fact among his siblings that Reiji was a very skilled hunter when he was human, so of course his talent only magnified as a vampire. He had to give it to Ashlyn though, she had gotten a lot faster than the last time he'd ran into her, but it wasn't like he'd say that out loud. He had too much pride, he'd never supply her with a compliment, especially after the incident. To be quite frank, he was hoping that she'd keep to her promise and never contact him again, but when was anything in his life as simple as it was on paper? Next to never, if you're still struggling for an answer to that rhetorical question. Reiji stopped once Ashlyn dropped her illusion, licking his fangs in an obvious manner. He settled with leaning against one of the stone buildings, crossing his arms as he gazed upon the woman whom he fancied once upon a time. She was still breathtakingly beautiful, slightly exotic, but he didn't allow himself to lose his nerve. A lot happened, and he wouldn't let her beauty distract him, he couldn't forget what Ashlyn's sister had done to his family. Ashlyn's older sister was the one who tipped off the kidnappers that took Mirabelle when she was a child. He learnt of this on his travels, also learning that Edward intended for the family to become immortals all along. It however was not in Edward's plans for Reiji to change, he was the first to be changed by Elizabeth, followed only by Angelo. Edward changed Castiel and the twins into vampires, and was enraged when he found out that Elizabeth chose to turn Reiji along with the actual Santiago siblings. Seeing as Ashlyn's older sister completely detested vampires, she arranged for the children to all be taken, but Castiel, Angelo, and Reiji were all a few years older and managed to fight them off, but were unable to protect everyone.

Mirabelle was taken during the fight, and Reiji blamed himself for centuries, which was part of the reason he couldn't give up on her, despite how unlikely it was that she would have been turned as well. Thankfully, the youngest sibling, and only daughter of Edward and Elizabeth was kept alive and underwent the change. His guilt definitely subsided.

His crimson eyes burnt with a fiery determination, and he held her gaze with a stone cold expression. He did not intend to show her kindness, because it was his closeness to Ashlyn that let her sister gather proper information. Sure, he remained close for years after, but cut off ties when he learnt the truth. Ashlyn suffered for the actions of her sister, but in Reiji's mind that was irrelevant, because Mirabelle was gone due to his infatuation with the sister of a powerful witch. He refused to make the same mistake twice, and kept his jaw locked tight.


Reiji waited patiently for her to answer, but he couldn't deny that he felt a sense of irritation. All of a sudden he was reminded of Anise, seeing as she stalled the exact same way. He shook off the thought, seeing as he detested the two girls almost equally.

"Reiji, you're all in danger,"

Reiji's eyes immediately narrowed, but he kept silent. His breath was slow and quiet, but it was obvious he wasn't pleased with her words. Whether or not she was the threat that she spoke of, Reiji did not like being underestimated, "Let's be honest.. When are we not?" Reiji asked in a distant tone, his eyes unwavering as he spoke in a disinterested tone. He did not give any indication of remembering her, in fact his tone was quite distant and bored, "Only a short year ago we were being attacked by those vile supernatural mongrels. We may have lost Angel in the process, but here I stand..." He informed her, a devilish smirk crossing his thin pale lips. It remained on his face, even when he continued speaking, "...without a single scratch..." His voice was rather arrogant, but there were seductive undertones as he bragged about his survival against his natural enemy. Werewolves existed for the sole purpose of maintaining the natural balance, to destroy vampires. Then he took a deep breath before pushing himself from the wall, casually walking a bit closer, "I can smell your adrenaline, hear your heartbeat. You may appear calm, but I've seen you nervous on more than one occasion. I have my memories and imagination to amuse me.." He replied with a chuckle, an amused expression crossing his features for a moment.

"Now there is a face that I haven't seen in quite some time.. You've got thirty seconds to explain, starting now." Reiji responded in a cool tone, ice practically seeping from his pale lips as he spoke to Ashlyn. Reiji's crimson eyes giving nothing away as he stared her down with a rock hard expression. He was a completely different person than when they'd last met, far worse than when they parted ways.

He ran a hand through his dark locks and adjusted his glasses, quirking a brow at her, "Do not forget that I am well aware of all of your weaknesses as well as you are of mine. I hope that you didn't draw me out here in attempts to have me ambushed.." He sighed out, a twisted smile on his lips as he pondered on the idea. He'd been tortured before, so his pain threshold was likely higher than some of his siblings, but he wasn't entirely certain about which siblings had and had not been on the receiving end of the wonders of torture. Experience was where he drew his own talent for practice, and he had plenty of it.

"She's coming Reiji. I don't know how much you've been watching, but she is coming and I don't know why. She's stronger than before too,"

Reiji's jaw tightened again, immediately realizing who she meant. What did she want this time? Was she angry that she'd missed out on all of the Santiago? The children would have been witches, witches in the same coven as Ashlyn and her sister, but it didn't turn out that way.. Why would she be lashing out now? All of the siblings were stronger vampires than ever, and thanks to the time Reiji spent among witches, he knew many potions that could render a witch's abilities..useless, for a time.

"I'm here to warn and help you Reiji, as much as your family may despise me now, I still care for them as much as I did those many years ago,"

"Caring is what caused that catastrophe. Forgive me if you will, but I'm not willing to form an alliance with someone so close to my allegedly returned enemy.." Reiji replied with closed eyes. He was still rather sleep deprived, and he felt a sinister presence for quite some time, but he wasn't going to admit it to his siblings. They were just becoming a family again after the loss of their brother, and he didn't trust Ashlyn to be aware of Castiel's illness. The older brother was fragile, and he wasn't going to let the blond man die in such a pathetic state. If Castiel was going to die, Reiji was determined to kill him on his own terms.

"I am the head of Castillo de la Muerte now, and I refuse, although I do appreciate the warning.." Reiji responded in a serious and angry tone. His words were practically spat out, but he was far from done. He could feel his anger boiling inside of his dormant body. Despite the fact that his organs were inactive, he felt a fire inside of his stomach, this whole situation ticking him off. He began to walk away, but stopped. He kept his back to Ashlyn, but spoke up so she could hear him clearly, "Oh, by the way.. The next time that you underestimate me, I promise to remind you that those powers of yours that tip the scale of strength are easier for me to dispose of than you may think.." With that, he disappeared in a flash of blue and black and was back on track. He made his way across the street with a kick in his step, still handing out coins as he went, stopping by a local courier building. He often used their services to deliver the letters that he wished to have sent off, specifically party invites. Humans would find it strange if he sent a raven these days, so he had to keep up with forever evolving technology.

Once he was finished and gave his thanks to the couriers, Reiji exited the building, crossing the street once more to return to the dress shop. He hoped that Tanzy listened, and part of him hoped that he wasn't too late to sneak a peek of her in the dress that he'd designed, with Demetri's hellish help of course. Reiji drew it, Demetri added his ideas in to help make it an original piece. Reiji entered the building again, moving into the shade so his skin would have a break. He'd spent a lot of time outside, and his cheeks along with the back of his neck were both flushed. He pushed it aside as dehydration to those who asked, and so far no one was suspicious. Royals were not accustomed to physically strenuous activities, so the locals believed he was a rather frail, sincere, and not to mention a very kind man, "Tanzy? I've returned. Were you a good girl while I was away? How does the dress look?" His words sounded as if he were searching for a child, but he was definitely addressing his maid.

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Ashlyn found the fact that Reiji would have caught her nearly instantly if she hadn't run unnerving though she didn't show it. To think that she was letting a skilled hunter, one known for his abilities, hunt her, without letting him kill her (presumably), was rather terrifying.

Ashlyn watched Reiji with an expression that refused to show him anything. He acted so casual. Leaning against the building beside him, he looked like he used to. Ash found that she wanted to reach out to touch him but refused to allow the thought to linger. Most likely, he would try to avoid her somehow and eventually end up making Ashlyn hate herself all over again.

She never really did understand why the family kicked her out. She was sure it was because they were just prejudice to her since her sister was such a horrible person. It seemed off since Demetri himself was never one to judge like that, yet, he too was one of the members of the family that had pushed her away after that night years ago.

Ash pushed the thoughts out of her head. It was absolutely something she would never like to think or experience again. Ash breathed deeply to steady her nerves. He was so close even though they were distanced. Ash was amazed that after she spoke he neglected to outright attack her.

Ash gave him a pointed glare at his being aloof as if she was trying to distract or lie to him. The fact that he also seemed to speak to her as if she was only another stranger twisted the knife in her back more. Reiji went on as if the danger was non existent.

Ash listened, her features showing she was attentive. When he spoke of Angel, Ash felt as if there had been another blow to her. She struggled to take air in as she felt the world around her spin slightly. Not Angelo. He couldn't be gone. The two were never very close, but he was still a part of the family. Ash found that she couldn't meet Reiji's eyes for the moment as she struggled to regain her own control. Ash assumed Reiji was speaking of either werewolves or her sister since Reiji had stated supernatural and since Ash knew of her sister's whereabouts a year ago, it couldn't be her.

Werewolves had killed Angelo. Reiji's arogant facade drove Ash crazy. She wanted nothing more to have him stop treating her this way. It had never been like this before. She crossed her arms as she stared at him, finding herself growing more and more angry as he pointed out that he could tell she was faking. How could she forget? Vampires weren't so easily amused with her illusions. Humans, they were simple, but vampires were much more powerful.

Ash dropped the illusion, letting her anger openly show. She wasn't nearly as good at concealing her emotions without illusions and why bother to learn when she could fake it anyway? "Has anyone in your family ever told you that you are infuriating like this?" Ashlyn asked with a raised brow. Normally, people wouldn't push Reiji, but she was as stubborn as him and had no qualms pushing the vampire.

Ash refused to allow her eyes to follow Reiji's movements as she watched him. She wanted to be the one running her hands through... No she didn't. She was mad at him. "If I wished to have you ambushed I would have actually taken that pink haired girl. Or, been in the shop she went into. However, I am here weaponless against you Reiji. Honestly, why would I want to hurt you and your family? I know... We don't have time for this," Ashlyn added after her comment about her sister coming.

"If you had bothered to listen to me when I tried to tell you about her the first time, you would know she is far more my enemy than you could ever believe. I don't even know what she did to you all. Reiji, please tell me what happened,"[/color] Ash stated to Reiji, her tone turning to one that was hopeful yet without give. It worked on many people though she didn't think Reiji would succumb to it.

When Reiji stated he was the head of the household, Ash felt another loss of breath. "What happened to Castiel?" Ashlyn asked with concern lacing her tone. Ashlyn ignored the anger she heard in his tone and tried to keep the pain from reaching her.

As he began to walk away, Ashlyn whispered after him, "Reiji, you need as many allies as you can get." She couldn't help but want to go hide herself. She knew her sister was on her way and that the family would be in danger if they weren't careful.

Ashlyn's gaze was down as he continued to speak. "I didn't underestimate you Reiji. I counted on your abilities. Please, be ready," Ashlyn managed, unable to keep the sound of begging from her tone. She hated begging and anybody who knew her knew that. She could only hope Reiji was ready.

Ash went to lean against the wall behind her and slid down it. She let her head fall into her hands as she struggled to qualm her emotions.


Jane gave Camilla a smile that said 'thank you, but don't think too much about it', as if she were an older sister to the girl. In all honesty, she acted like the older sister to her older brother since he was so out of it.

Jane noticed as their small group was entering the building that Mirabelle broke off to give something to someone. Jane couldn't see it very clearly, and she didn't try to. It was Mira's business. As she had been told earlier, questions were not always a good thing. It didn't leave her mind as they stood in the store.

It did go out of her mind instantly as she saw what Mira expected to give her. It was easily the nicest thing she had ever seen much less owned. She shook her head at Mira as she looked at it. "There is no reason for me to shop around Lady Belle... It's beautiful," Jane stated with a smile that she couldn't hide from her face. It was definitely a work of art in Jane's eyes.

Jane nodded at Mirabelle's offer and followed her into the changing room. Jane, prepared to help Mirabelle into her dress first. She set Mira's robe to the side as she moved to help the younger appearing girl into her dress.

Jane helped Mirabelle into her dress before removing her own robe to begin putting on her own. She moved to lace up Mirabelle's dress first.With Mira's statement, Jane just gave a smile. "You needn't if we don't have time. It'll be warmer as the sun rises. And you need your cloak considering... well, considering."

Jane made the laces as tight as she dared without restricting breathing though she realized, Mira didn't really have to since she was... well, a vampire.

Jane smiled at Mirabelle upon having her own laces finished before opening the curtain for the youngest Santiago to exit first. Jane followed after, standing beside her and fingering the way the skirts were in texture.[/font]


Jason noticed the lack of a quip as Bishop told him to hurry. He was surprised but pretended it was nothing out of the ordinary as he thought about the words while changing. Jason couldn't help but admire himself slightly before leaving the room, amazed at the fit once again.

Jason looked to Bishop as he emerged and saw that he was marching toward him. When Bishop straightened, Jason nodded in response to Bishop's gesture. He stood, waiting with his hands behind his back as he wasn't sure it was a good idea to place htem in his pockets.

Jason watched from his spot as Bishop looked through display cases and seemed to be considering. A moment later, he came back and Jason dropped his arms as Bishop began placing things different places without any real explanation.

Jason thanked the red headed twin before he moved to go pay. Jason stood where he had been left, looking around and listening as he watched the scene around him unfold.

Jason moved to go to Demetri. He looked at the other twin and told him quite simply, "Sir, I need your opinion on something. You see, well... Perhaps I could steal you later for a few moments of your time so that I might ask you in a better place," Jason said. His tone was slightly uncomfortable and though he knew he wasn't being very specific, he hoped Demetri wouldn't ask too many questions and would just grant him his request later on.

He had to know if Demetri thought it would be a bad idea to give the letters he had so desperately wanted to give to Alice to her sister. Only to show the girl what he had felt for her sister. He was concerned Bishop might grow angry. It was then that Jason decided he would also ask Bishop if he was alright with it. It was obvious to Jason that Bishop had feelings for Anise to a certain degree that he didn't want to try to guess about.

"I'll also ask Lord Bishop, yet it depends first of all on whether or not you would believe it is a terrible idea," Jason explained so as to make it clear he was not going behind Bishop's back. [/font]

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Ashlyn looked into her hands, taking off the stupid gloves and tossing them aside with the hat she so dearly hated. It was so much more convenient to wear mens' clothes and she did it often, when riding, when in her home, when with people she's comfortable with...

Ashlyn stood, finding that the skirts she was in were stifling and she was in need of pants. That, and a way to get into the Santiago's house without Reiji knowing until it was too late. He probably wouldn't be happy. In fact, Ash could almost guarantee he would be angry, furious maybe. Oh well.

Ash composed herself, leaving the gloves and hat as she began walking back to the street. She moved quickly, going to the inn she had rented a room at upon hearing the Santiagos were to come to town. Her house, or manor rather, was a half hour carriage ride and since Ash couldn't ride into town on a horse, she decided on an inn.

Her arrival was greeted with words of hello and welcome. She smiled and gave a courteous smile but didn't stop as she moved to her room on the second floor. It was the nicest inn in town and had recently been upgraded to contain some electricity. It was certainly interesting to see it all considering Ash remembered back when just trains were new.

Ash changed, finding herself having difficulty with the corset and resorting to just cutting the laces using a particular spell she had found helpful in similar situations. The tunic she traded the dress for was much more comfortable and movable in and it allowed Ash to breathe.

Ash walked out of her room dressed as a young man might, though her face was her own. She pulled on the illusion as she walked down the hall, feeling it wash over her. She didn't bother masking her scent or anything yet, just the looks.

She had a new plan. Reiji might not believe her, or if he does, trust her, but another one of his brothers might. Demetri, bless his heart, was someone she could trick if she pulled the right strings. Even Bishop, if there was a particularly annoying person in the household, could be convinced. She considered her options. She hardly knew Mirabelle since she had been so young and with Castiel... With whatever happened to Castiel she couldn't even consider him. One of the twins then.

Ash emerged from her inn and began walking back to the store Reiji had entered only to find it empty of the Santiagos. She nearly groaned out loud. She needed to find them then. She considered her options as she walked back outside. Perhaps waiting wouldn't be bad considering their carriages were still here.

She groaned inwardly, biting back her hiss of annoyance before standing by the carriages and looking as if she were waiting to discuss something rather important. She would need to speak to either twin in the form of the older woman which she held now, then give a reason for her to leave and her son to appear... It would work out. Hopefully.


Jason noticed how Anise seemed so fragile. She couldn't have always been like this, right? Yes she was clumsy and perhaps a bit... gentler, but not fragile certainly. Jason looked at her curiously before he returned his gaze to Bishop as he was awarded the extra trinkets for his suit.

The twins seemed to have a conversation judging by how they were moving their mouths, yet Jason heard none of it, perhaps barely a breeze of a word if he strained though he gave up, finding it wasn't worth it since what he did gain made no sense.

Demetri had chosen a frilly outfit for his new maid and Jason couldn't help but think she looked like one of his younger sisters. He turned to face Bishop, finding the noble was sort of distracted with Reiji and Demetri and Anise still.

Jason stayed quiet, taking in the scene around him and watching as individuals did what they do, keep secrets or tease or more.

Jason, upon Bishop going to pay, followed, though he was gazing at the things around him enough that his pace was more leisure than of joining Bishop. Jason glanced back to see that Anise was bringing up another object, what looked like something to go in her hair. It nearly stabbed at Jason to see her, so like Alice, yet not. Alice was dead. She was gone. He couldn't and wouldn't hold her again and that idea brought Jason's eyes back to Bishop in an attempt to forget Anise looked like her sister at all.

Upon payment, the group moved to a salon that Bishop seemed to know. Jason took his seat as was directed and watched curiously as Demetri flirted with the girl that he seemed to know all too well.

Jason hardly heard Bishop's explanation to the worker of what he wanted done to Jason's hair. Off the bangs made sense and evening out the longer locks wouldn't be a bad thing, so Jason went with it, smiling slightly at Bishop's comment about how he needed yet to be put together. It was true, Jason wasn't going to deny it, but it seemed rather funny to him that Bishop had no qualms about saying it out loud.

If it hadn't been clear earlier, it was clear then. Bishop was not a people person. Jason didn't really understand why he wouldn't want to be, bu he did understand Bishop's want at least.

Jason was quiet as his hair was cut, savoring it actually. Normally, his mother cut his hair and it came out well enough, but she was usually in a hurry and would be doing it by candlelight. This was by someone who did it for a living in broad daylight for money. He glanced over at Bishop, expecting him to be fearful of the money he was spending freely until Jason remembered, he was with some of the wealthiest people in his entire life.

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#, as written by MaeMae
While Mirabelle stood in front of the looking glass, admiring her dress, she looked over her shoulder with a glare.

"Will you guys stop talking about skin! You're making me awfully hungry." She snapped under her breath, her teeth grinding together before her lips parted to allow her tongue to press against her aching fangs. She tried to focus back on herself in the mirror, summoning the control she was forced to learn as new vampire. Mirabelle looped the strap to her coin purse over her neck and shoulder and then pulled her cloak back around her frame, tying it at the neck. She gathered their previous dresses and took them to the counter.

"Please send these back to the Santiago Estate." She said with a soft smile, pulling out enough money to pay for the two dresses and a new cloak for Jane - one that would be hers. It was green to match the dress, and she picked it off the shelf and laid it over Jane's shoulders.

"I am to take care of you, as you are to take care of me." She said simply with a warm smile before she motioned for them to follow the rest, pulling the hood over her head to mask her skin from the sun, also masking her identity from the rest of the world. They walked behind the rest of the family, taking their time. Even though Mirabelle's life could very much be in danger at the moment, she basked in the warmth the sun had to offer. The air around them was a cooler, but she could feel the way the sun warmed the cloak and all she wanted to do was stay there.

Glancing around as they walked, she looked at all the people around them. She felt off, as if someone around was watching them. Quickly entering the salon, she ushered Jane inside. This was the first time she was ever in a place like this and she found it kind of strange.

"I suppose you are to sit there and wait for one of the girls to be free." She said lightly to Jane while she went to go wait by Rei. Her eyes studied the way that they moved, the way that they gathered locks of hair to trim. Goosebumps rose on her skin the moment she thought about someone she didn't know touching her hair, so she opted out on the new experience. Instead she decided to walk over and get her makeup done. They added a very light pink dye to her lips, high lighting her flawless pale skin. They also added a bit of color to her eyes to bring out the blue and called it a day. The vampire quietly thanked them and removed herself from the chair, only to go back outside in the fresh air. There was a shaded part from the building, so she stood there with her cloak down, glancing at all the people passed by to see her out in the day, in public. She could hear the whispers as they wondered who she was and why she had shown up all of a sudden in the last year.

Since returning home, she had heard all sorts of stories.. all the way from being some long lost cousin, to one of the men's brides, to being a servant herself. She thought about the small sack of coins she gave to the older woman, a smile forming on her lips. She didn't dare speak a word about her, afraid of putting her in danger because she may have been the only one who knew the truth of being taken as a young girl and then returned home - Mirabelle may have forgotten to mention that this happened decades ago. The only thing that mattered to Mirabelle was that this woman took her in without knowing who she was, and a part of her wanted to go back to find her.


Standing up straight, she flared her nostrils and took in every scent around her. Scents from the kitchens with fresh bread, from the carriage transporting salted meats and vegetables. It was then that a familiar scent passed her. With furrowed brows, she closed her eyes and drew in another deep breath. Mirabelle looked as if she were simply enjoying the fresh air, but she struggled to sort through all the smells that flooded her. With another breath, she could feel her heart start to beat in her chest, an unfamiliar and almost an unwelcome feeling. It wasn't often that her body made that useless muscle move, but with the adrenaline filling her system she couldn't get it to stop. Her eyes glanced around as she tried to pinpoint the scent, knowing something was wrong from the involuntary actions from her body.

Demetri practically brought the scent with him when he walked passed to go into the building with the rest of the group. She gave him a smile as if nothing was bothering her and waited from him to leave her sight so that she could pull up the hood and walk back in the direction he came from. All of a sudden it hit her; that memory she'd never forget.

"It was you!" A sudden outburst left her lips as she rushed over to their carriages, her arms outstretched from her cloak, quickly turning shades of pink. "You!" She yelled again, reaching for Ash, grabbing her wrist with strength that threaten to crush her bones.

"You were there... you did this to me!" Mirabelle said hysterically, shoving at the boy that stood in front of her with the same scent she remembered as a new vampire. "There was an entire room that held you scent... a room that they locked me in when they had guests so no one could hear me... They stuck me in a cage covered in virvain so I wouldn't dare get out.." Hot, angry tears welled in her eyes and Mirabelle went to reach for the boys throat.

"I was locked in there for decades because of you." Her voice was quiet this time, more deadly than hysterical. Her arms grew redder, but she didn't feel the pain. All she saw was this boy with the scent she knew so well, and all she wanted was death. Her fangs ached so bad in her mouth, that if she still wasn't slightly aware that there were people around, she would have already sunk them into flesh.

Her mind threaten to turn off, to give into the instincts that she had denied for so long. Her heart continued to pound in her chest, almost as if it were a reminder of what was taken from her, something to fuel the fire that burned in her veins, in her fangs. She so badly just wanted to squeeze, to dig her nails into the veins of Ash's neck and watch the blood run down her fingers. It didn't seem like it would take much...

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Jason noticed the lack of Anise for a moment, glancing back to see she had stopped at a music shop. He wasn’t sure what the instrument was called, but sure it was between viola and violin. He could never tell the difference.

Upon taking his seat, the woman cutting his hair began. He was anxious, nervous of what she would produce. His mother had been the only one to do it until this professional had gotten a hold of him. She seemed inclined to stare at him and Bishop though he was thankful when she seemed to be more interested in staring at Bishop in the end. Jason had no problem admitting Bishop was good looking and the woman too had noticed.

She cut and snipped and Jason held his breath in fear of what would come out. Jason watched Anise for a moment, distracted by her similarity to Alice. When the lady was done, she showed Jason his appearance and had a broad smile on her face, clearly proud of her work. He wondered what could have made her so happy.

He glanced into the mirror, studying his hair. It was different, shorter, just enough to be off his neck and out of his eyes if he had it the right away and she had it just right. As much as he hated to admit it, Bishop was right, it did make him look more put together in the long run.

Jason heard Anise getting led away before looking to Bishop with a raised brow. He smiled at Bishop’s appearance as he was permitted to stand up by his own hairdresser. Jason was told to sit back down almost immediately as his hair dresser thought she missed a spot. She worked a few more minutes before finally actually letting him up.

He turned in time to see Anise emerge. His breath caught and he looked away immediately. It was clear Bishop had feelings and though Jason didn’t have them for Anise, he felt them when he looked at her from how much she looked like Alice. He turned entirely, walking away a few feet to give the two space.

Reiji and Bishop had spoken yet Jason hadn’t heard them and though he wondered what they had spoken about, he wasn’t stupid enough to ask.


Jane followed Mirabelle, moving with the girl as Mirabelle moved. She didn’t speak much, taking in the sites around her instead as she marveled at the luxuries she had never seen before up so close to her.



Ash found she was growing impatient until Demetri emerged. She practically pounced on him. Approaching with a swift and purposeful walk. ”Hello lord Santiago. I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Lady Rayna. My husband has recently passed and my son is in look of work. He has been hoping to work as a stablehand or such and I thought you might be in need of a servant or extra hand around your household,” Ash stated simply, as if asking a favor from an old family friend. It would appear that way though it was, it wasn’t eh same exactly.

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Demetri was the gentleman he always had been and Ash gave him a smile that was true, one that said she knew him and was thankful for his kindness. It wasn’t a lie at all. One of the few times she wasn’t lying thankfully. Ash would take the check that would be given and likely send it to someone she knew that needed it. Why keep more wealth that she didn’t need?

She thanked Demetri before moving away from him as he moved on to wherever he was going. She walked back to the carriage and as she walked in-between two of the Santiago carriages, she changed. Her older woman guise left her in a flash and she took on the appearance of an old friend of hers who had passed a decade or so ago.

She stood, leaning against the carriage and adopting the way he had that cocky smile and relaxed air. She looked up from where she was studying her hand when she heard a shout.

With a furrowed brow, she searched fro the source to find Mirabelle. Ash’s throat caught as she the girl moved forward. She had blocked her scent hadn’t she? Then she remembered, that brief change, it left her scent out for the sensitive vampires to pick it up.

Ash stood as if to say Mira was confused when mira rushed forward. The sun hurt her skin and Ash saw it clearly though Mira didn’t seem to notice as she grabbed one of Ash’s outstretched hands that had been in a stop gesture. She felt the bones move painfully and fell to her knees from the pain. She nearly dropped the illusion right then as she felt a pop and snap and her wrist flared with pain.

She was weak, perhaps when she had last seen Mira she wouldn’t have broken, but the weakened state since her experience with her sister left her practically fragile. Ash cried out as she was pushed back. She was practically thrown onto the carriage as Mira grabbed her throat. She struggled to focus on Mira’s words. She had been taken? Is that… She needed to talk to Reiji, soon. Why was Mira so hateful towards Ash? Her sister?

Her tone sent a shiver through Ash as she heard the familiar tone her sister used with her victims. Ash caught sight of a girl, one with her hair done and makeup done, approaching. She pushed the girl back, keeping her from approaching as she gasped for breath, her broken bones in her wrist forgotten momentarily.

Ash’s vision was beginning to grow strange when Demetri came out and Ash had never before wanted to see him as much as she did right then. Ash couldn’t speak, her control on the girl’s movements was gone at the point in time when Demetri finally spoke to them before breaking them up.

Ash wasn’t necessarily happy when he grabbed her shirt, but didn’t care as she struggled for breath, holding her wrist in her other hand as it screamed in pain. Ash looked up to Demetri as she always had, her breathing coming back slowly. She didn’t speak to answer his first question but upon the second one, she nodded as she managed to get out, ”Yes. yes sir.”

Ash dropped her head as she groaned silently about her hand. She would have to see if Reiji was merciful enough towards her still to help her set the bones back to their proper places. She hated that she even had to wonder if he would do it. At a time, he would have done it without thought and told her how to keep it alright. Now, she’d be lucky if he didn’t break it more, at least with how he treated her earlier…

Ash didn’t bother trying to heighten her senses with magic as Demetri spoke at a level only vampires could hear. Regardless of what happened, Reijij would hear and have to talk to her, even if he didn’t necessarily know it was Ashlyn he was talking to.

Ash wondered what would happen to Mira as she thought about what just happened. She’d be punished for sure. Reiji loved his sister but he wasn’t going to go against the rules to spare her. Ash took a breath as she looked up to Demetri again. He would believe her, but she would try. ”I tried to sweet talk her friend there sir, steal a kiss, I swear it will never happen again,” Ash stated with as much regret and guilt as well as longing as she could put into her voice. It had the tone she wanted, she just hoped Demetri would be willing enough to take the opportunity to help his sister out of a bad situation that he would take Ash’s excuse.

This way it was slightly more believable that she chose the girl with Mira. She was all dolled up and closer to the illusion Ash held’s age. It would make sense. She just hoped Mira would have enough a reason to defend the girl so her actions would be at least slightly justified.

Reiji wouldn’t be happy, but he was never happy for the most part from what Ash could see as of that day. Ash clutched her hand to her stomach still, not trying to pull away from Demetri as she tried to recuperate from the almost very bad situation. ”It was a mistake I will never make again,” She explained, hoping it would at least leave whatever ended up happening to her wouldn’t be too bad as a consequence if one came her way.


Mirabelle paid for the dresses and the two left the store. Jane couldn’t believe the Santiagos had gotten so much for her. Regardless of how new she was, they were very generous, they were asking a lot, but still very generous.

Jane’s hair was manipulated, the locks cut to be an inch or so beneath her shoulders. They were manipulated and played with until they were piled high and twisted. The curls were somehow made until it was elegant and simple at the same time. She marveled at the work, her hair having never been messed with before.

She gaped openly, amazed at what could be done. She was moved to get makeup done and she had to be told when to move or adjust her head and face considering she had never even touched a container for makeup. She looked up when they finished applying something over her eye lids and couldn’t recognize herself. It was such a difference. She was surprised when her first thought was whether or not Demetri would notice.

Jane and Mira left earlier than the others for whatever reason though Jane didn’t mind since Demetri and the others still seemed busy. As the two walked outside, Mira seemed to pause. Then practically shouted. ”Lady Mira,” Jane called after her as she practically charged a young boy who appeared Jane’s own age.

He looked at Mira in surprise and fear as she moved at him. Jane wasn’t sure what to do considering she had never seen anything such as this. She moved forward as if to keep Mira from doing anything rash when she couldn’t move. She willed her legs to move her forward but couldn’t for whatever reason. She struggled against the invisible hold, looking around for the source of the strangeness.

Demetri emerged and just as he passed Jane, Jane was released from the strange hold, able to move forward to stay behind him as if his presence might keep the force from holding her again. She doesn’t say anything, fearful that whatever she would say was wrong. The boy made eye contact with her as he attempted to catch his breath, seeming a bit concerned to be held as he was by Demetri.

Jane stood to the side, out of the way, feeling helpless as she watched the scene. Jane’s face reddened against her permission as the boy said he had been attacked because he had tried to kiss Jane. It was not the story but she stared at him with wide eyes, as if surprised at the actions he claimed happened that never did happen. She looked away, not wanting to meet anyones eyes.

What he said wasn’t true, but… It wouldn’t be Mira’s fault then… Right? Was that what he was trying to do? Why was he trying to help Mira if he was the new help? What was it? She didn’t want to say anything in case she ruined something, doubting she had any good response for the situation.[/center]

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#, as written by Stiles


"Right, you care about your toys. Same way you care about your damn dinner and your freaking experiments."

"That is correct." Reiji responded to his brother in their typical too-low-to-hear tone, smirking a bit at the thought. It was amusing that his brother and other siblings thought so lowly of him, but he preferred it that way. It was too dangerous to get close to anyone, impossible to be exact. He couldn't let those he cared about die because of him, he wouldn't allow it. It was fair to say that he treated those he cared about most the worst. He could feel his enemies around him at times, spying, lurking in the shadows. If he showed any sign of weakness, they'd surely use it against him. He was reluctant to even get close to his siblings, but Mirabelle's return brought a soft, vulnerable spot of his heart to the surface. He couldn't contain certain bouts of affection towards his family, his youngest sibling especially.

"So you get to have what's yours and I have to share? Self-righteous asshole. No one died and made you king. Now stop looking at my servants and go play with your 'dear Tanzy.'"

"She's no longer your servant, dear brother. Remember? I relieved you of that obligation. She's simply tagging along with you in Castiel's absence." Reiji teased, eyes glimmering in amusement as his met those almost feral emerald orbs of Bishop's. He loved teasing Bishop, ever since they were children really, mostly because Bishop was the easiest out of the family to get riled up. He couldn't count how many times Bishop has told him to 'go die', so he wasn't too bothered by his brother's words anymore, "Afraid of a little competition? What if I was simply admiring her beauty?" Reiji replied in a quiet, challenging tone of voice.

"I'm sorry, I mean no offense. I didn't want to bother you with 'tedious questions' or the like as Master Castiel called them. I was just thinking. And, I was embarrassed, but it's ok...I mean- I'm ok now sire."

Reiji shot a very dangerous, yet quite dicreet glare towards Tanzy as she said 'Master Castiel', normally his mention wouldn't deem such a harsh expression, but she'd spoke the words that caused him to physically assault poor and unsuspecting Anise. It took every ounce of Reiji's being not to say something, but he kept it to himself, making a mental note to remind and reprimand her for her error. There was only one master of Santiago, and that was him, but also, the thought of being compared to that lowlife left a horrible taste in his mouth. Unable to do nothing, Reiji leaned against a pillar, a sour expression on his face as the elegant man gazed toward the ceiling, "I'm not Castiel, and I do not find questions to be tedious, unless you repeat the same one relentlessly. I am a scientist, I thrive on questions and detest pure silence. So speak up, unless it's about him" Reiji responded, saying the last word with particular malice, a somewhat childlike response, as if he were speaking about his least favorite vegetable. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he did not look to his maid directly, mostly to subdue his anger, but also because he was attempting to hide his jealousy to the best of his ability, and felt that if he met her gaze, she would be able to read him like an open book at that moment.

However, when the maid was pronounced finished, his curiosity bested him. He'd had enough time to simmer down, at least a bit, and his eyes widened for a moment, but it was so fleeting that it was almost impossible to tell that he'd reacted to her appearance at all. The braids and pulled back hairstyle suited her well, and the red tint applied to her cheeks gave her a sensual allure that he could not deny or take his eyes off of. If he'd had a functioning heart, it definitely would have beat faster at this moment, but thankfully his heart had not beat in centuries, "You look quite pleasant. I approve. The look suits you nicely, and makes you appear much more...womanly." Reiji announced, once he'd regained his composure. It only took a single minute, but afterwards, his voice was calm, deep, collected, and sincere. It took him a moment to find how to describe her appearance, but he was happy with his choice of wording, even nodding in approval after he had spoke the word aloud. They returned to the group, and he kept an eye on Camilla as promised, but he wasn't going to remain much longer, he was feeling slightly uneasy, much more so after running into Ash after all these years.

Reiji was not surprised by Bishop's reaction towards Anise, in fact, he sat idly by and watched the events unfold. Apparently Bishop hadn't taken the time to appreciate his former maid, because now Bishop was doing all of the gawking. Reiji smirked at this, quite amused that his brother had fell for the ploy of makeup and a little hair styling. Though Reiji never imagined that Bishop would actually lean forward and touch the maid. Tsk, Tsk.. She is no longer yours to touch, my dear brother. Reiji thought to himself in a chipper and amused manner, closing his eyes for a moment as he took in this moment. He enjoyed this, mostly because he was slowly forcing Bishop to admit that Anise was more to him than simply an 'excellent servant' or 'his property'. Bishop had that luxury, and Reiji coveted it. He forgot what true honesty was a long time ago. He got so used to putting forth a persona, that he actually forgot what his Anima was. Reiji couldn't remember what the 'real' Reiji was even like anymore, just fleeting glimmers of his past and the man, brother, and child he once was.

"Anise! You look gorgeous! Oh you're just so pretty!"

"It's rude to interrupt a moment, even if he is coveting what is no longer his to covet. Come Tanzy, you'll have sufficient time after we return to the manor to discuss wardrobe and beauty." Reiji responded, waving for her to follow him. He had to pay all of the stylists and makeup artists, and he was growing curious as to the noise outside, so he wasn't going to be kept busy for much longer, besides, he was growing quite tired and wished to take a nap, "Mirabelle and Demetri may catch up, we're leaving Tanzy.." Reiji responded in a fatigued tone, paying each of the working ladies before beginning to make his exit.

Once outside, he made quick work of returning to the carriages. He noticed Mirabelle, Demetri and a strange boy, but he was no longer concerned, Demetri seemed to be handling it. Reiji boarded the carriage, waiting for Tanzy to follow him inside. Once she did, he proceeded in shutting the door. With that, they were off, finally returning to Castillo de la Muerte.

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Bishop's annoyance and loathing of the man intensified with each word that came out of Reiji's mouth, the red head barely refraining from shouting at the smug asshole and flipping him the rudest of gestures. "'Dear brother' my ass you stupid git....I'm not scared of competition, especially not from a snot nosed prick like you." Bishop hissed back, hating how Reiji brushed aside every insult and simply went out of his way to be the most fucking annoying asshole on earth.

Glaring daggers at Reiji, Bishop soon decided focusing back on Anise was more worth his time, especially since the asshole was back to whatever bullshit he did. Feeling the onyx black hair in between his fingers for a second longer, Bishop finally released it so it was all Anise's once more. Her even thinking her appearance would displease him earned a roll of his eyes. This woman seemed intent on driving him more than just a little batty.

Bishop followed the amethyst eyes of his maid as she glanced first at Jason, and then to the exit of the salon, her question prompting his gaze to linger at the doors himself. Despite his calm demeanor, the red head was admittedly more than just slightly concerned with Demetri out of his sight. While his beloved twin and his precious baby sister were capable of handling themselves, he was wary of them being outside. He himself hated being out during the day, it was straining enough on his nerves, add the ones he cares for to the mix, and uneasiness swam madly in his gut. Damn feelings!

"Yes, everything should be fine. Demetri is more than capable of taking care of himself. Regardless, we shall be leaving soon anyways, and we'll meet up with him." Bishop stood, deciding he may as well fetch Jason and the bull-headed child who now served his twin.

Before he could properly gather the growing number of servants he was handed to babysit for the time being, none other than Tanzy bounded over to praise and admire Anise, earning a frustrated sigh. He wasn't about to snap at the maid unlucky enough to be serving the prick, in part because she didn't cause him any trouble, but mostly because he wasn't keen on seeing Anise's expression become mournful any more than it had been recently. Still, he was obviously not happy with her drawing Anise's attention away from him.

"Yes, her appearance is rather fetching. Run along for now. You can chat with her later when we go back. Relax, she's fine with me, you'll see her at the castle." Bishop tried to not sound too put out as he muttered to Tanzy, lightly waving his hand in a shooing motion.

Gesturing for Jason and Camilla to follow him, he waited until Reiji had left with Tanzy before leaning close to the youngest human, letting a soft hiss into her ear.
"Don't even think of wandering off. You cause my brother any trouble or try to get away, I'll remove a leg, understood? Now follow with the other two and there will be no issues. Don't test me." Deeming this warning good enough, Bishop straightened himself and headed for the exit, ignoring his stylist even as she attempted to bid him a good day. He wanted desperately to tell her to kindly piss off.

Outside in the blasted daytime once more, Bishop approached the carriages with the three humans in tow. As he drew nearer, he frowned slightly at seeing a strange young man in front of Mirabelle and his twin. More people to bother them? Bishop was growing tired of dealing with strangers, but he was pleased to see his siblings appeared to be doing alright as predicted. He pushed Camilla towards his siblings and Jane, not wanting to deal with her any more than he had to. It was only as he moved to stick his hand in his pocket that he recalled the letter. Right, he promised to deliver this oddly heavy letter for Anise.

"Demetri, Mirabelle, watch mine for a minute while I go mail something." he said simply when there was a pause in the conversation, lingering a moment in order to make sure everything was fine. Something seemed off about his sister, and hi quirked a brow at his siblings in a silent question.


As soon as she saw the expression on Reiji's face, Tanzy realized she had made a mistake. His answer only confirmed it, especially with how he refused to say Castiel's name more than once. Even as he looked away and kept his tone mostly steady, his anger at her was palpable. Tanzy shivered at the thought of upsetting him, and her stomach knotted in anxiety. She was going to get herself killed at this rate.

"F-forgive me Master Reiji. I...I know you aren't him." she squeaked, hoping to remedy the situation. "I just...I guess I've become used to not chatting when with the masters of the Santiago house. That...and I don't want to make you angry. Especially if it means I might cause trouble or suffering to someone else..." the more she talked, the quieter her voice became as she expressed herself honestly. She was thankfully spared from further conversation when she was whisked away to get her makeup done.

As she was about to approach her best friend, Reiji got to her first, his words no longer hard and his gaze no longer dangerous. Despite how he seemed to enjoy teasing her, his tone seemed calm and sincere this time, and she couldn't see the usual amusement in them as he did before. Somehow this made her flush just as much as his teasing, the young woman feeling an odd mixture of flattered, surprised, and shy. Womanly? Did that mean she looked girly and young before? She wasn't entirely sure what to think of that, but he seemed to appreciate her look. "Thank you sire." she replied, daring to glance at him and wait to see if he had anything he needed from her before catching sight of Anise once more, hurrying over to her.

Tanzy certainly felt pretty, and hearing Anise reciprocate her own praise of the raven haired girl earned a shy but happy smile from the older maid. Eager to spend time with Anise, she was interrupted for what must've been the tenth time at least this day alone. Bishop wasn't being rude, but he nevertheless was shooing her away. Reluctantly, she nodded, especially at hearing Reiji inform her she was being rude. She apologized, earning a shrug and a nod from Bishop as she obediently followed Reiji's summons. Tanzy noticed her master sounded more than just a tad tired, and reminded of how asking about his physical status had worked before, she immediately decided it would be wise to keep it to herself. Even so, once in the carriage, she glanced at the man in his seat across from her.

"You seem tired Master Reiji...did you wish for me to remain silent and allow you to rest?"

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#, as written by moahi

"Go easy on the makeup. They're both quite attractive without it, okay loves?"
Camilla braced herself for whatever they called ‘makeup’ which apparently included several brushes and a stick of color that they applied to her lips. It wasn’t comfortable at all, and having survived the hair styling she wondered vaguely how much more she would have to endure. Whatever the ball was, it had better be worth it. Her fever wasn’t wearing off too well, and so Camilla only focused on gaining her balance while the others moved around, going about their own activities, whatever nobles did. She wasn’t too interested in it anyway. It had nothing to do with her, and if there was one thing she learned in ways to survive is not to get involved with anything if you can help it. It only cause trouble, which included not going off for a job prospect offered by some wealthy looking sadist come to think of it. She really ought to have thought it through, when it seemed too good to be true it usually is, and now she was stuck with a house full of the undead.

The make up artists were done after what felt like a century, and Camilla shot out of the room immediately, trying to wipe of most of the stick of color off her lips. What this strange ritual was for she had no idea, what she knew was that she did not enjoy this one bit. Tanzy, the maid with vivid pink hair complimented Anise’s appearance, and Camilla had to admit that they both looked rather stunning. That said, beauty wasn’t a definition she understood much in most of her life time. Reiji was now supposed to look over her after Demetri’s hurried exit, so she simply stood in one place, observing the actions of the four people outside. There was a boy, or was there? Camilla could have sworn he flickered for a second, but it might be just her eyes. Mirabelle seemed to be rather agitated over him, and she has yet any idea why. However, the boy seemed to be putting up with her attacks rather well. From the time Demetri cornered her, his arms were like the bars to a cage and his skin equally as hard, so she was mildly surprised that the boy isn’t dead by now.

Her mind was quickly snapped out of it when the other twin moved closer to her, whispering in her ear. "Don't even think of wandering off. You cause my brother any trouble or try to get away, I'll remove a leg, understood? Now follow with the other two and there will be no issues. Don't test me." Now wasn’t he a bundle of joy. There was no doubt that he would do good on his promise of making her lose one of her legs, he was perfectly capable of doing so and she knew that, much to her dismay. They were herded to the carriages once again, and Camilla found herself being pushed closer to the commotion as Bishop inquired his siblings about a letter of some sort. “Jane?” The maid was standing to the side of the point of conflict looking rather pale, so Camilla approached her out of concern. “Are you feeling ok? Did something bad happen?”

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#, as written by MaeMae
"Hey, hey. Break it up. This isn't something that can be taken care of here. What's going on?" Demetri said, taking the man from her grasp. She attempted to dig her nails in to keep her hold, but Demetri was too quick.

"The hell it isn't!" She snapped, going after the boy once more, only to be pushed away and still utterly clueless about the burns forming on her arms. It was only when she reached again that she noticed and quickly tucked them back under her cloak with a hiss, moving to stand in the shade of the carriages. They have the power of a hundred men, and something so simple as light was enough to bring them down!

"He was there." She growled, a fire burning behind her eyes. "I don't care why he's here or what he's told you. He was there." It was then when she admitted it, that a panic started at the pit of her stomach while reason slowly started to break past reaction. Why was he here now, and why on Earth was he supposed to be in one of their carriages? She could feel her body start to shake as her eyes grew bigger, looking between the both of them. Was she too much of a risk? Did someone find out about her being illiterate? How stupid was she to go back to her family home - the same place she was taken in the first place!

"No, no, no..." She started muttering under her breath. Her fight or flight reaction was starting to turn in the other direction as she moved to take a few steps backwards and away from them. The excuse the man gave Demetri furthered her fear and her breathing halted, leaving her heart pounding in her ears. The boy must have been trying to get in with the family, to get them to trust him so he could get close. Her eyes darted around them before landing back on the two men. She couldn’t go after him here again, not with her brother in the way and the other two close by. She couldn’t just run and show weakness, but her limbs weren’t following her command. Instead, her feet continued to take her backwards until she bumped into Jane, automatically grabbing for her hand and pulling her off to the side, walking quickly.

“I.. I have to go. I’ll meet you guys at home.” She stuttered with her back turned to them, about to take Jane and start the journey home on foot. Her entire frame shook and she struggled to keep at a walking pace for Jane’s sake, completely hopeless on controlling her own body. She had no idea that Camilla was there with Jane, or for the fact that Rei and Tanzy left, or that Bishop was there just moments ago.

“We… We can’t go home.” She said quietly, her hand tightening on Jane’s as if the tighter she held, the closer Jane would be to her. She could feel her world spinning as the scent of the boy still lingered in her nose, her mind threatening to attack her with past memories.

“I’m sorry!” She cried suddenly, falling to her knees in the grass. She ducked her head between them and covered her head with her arms, curling up as small as she could manage. She was stuck in the past, waiting for the feeling of the whip on her back for trying to escape. She bit her bottom lip so hard it bled, but that was how she coped to make herself deathly silent. Noise always got her into more trouble. All of a sudden she was that little girl again, not the woman who stood with her family the last year and survived the attack of wolves. No, instead she was the little girl they had beaten senseless until she had no will to argue, no will to do anything but do as she was told.

If only she were as lucky as Cassie.

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”Yes. yes sir.”

Demetri released an enervated sigh at the boy's response, somewhat hoping that this young lad was not the same boy that he swore to contract as Castillo de la Muerte's new and official stable boy. This particular day was proving to be rather burdenous, and he had to admit that his ordinarily even-tempered nature was quite fed up with this situation. No matter how tenacious Demetri's attempts were, he could not thwart the incalculable volume of misfortune and crisis that was drawn to his family. No amount of forethought or diligence improved their adversity.

Demetri examined the boy's physical condition, realizing that he was not in ideal condition. Mirabelle had done quite a number on the poor kid and he was fairly surprised to see the poor fellow alive, let alone conscious. This boy was truly a tough young man and Demetri couldn't help but feel that he would do well out in the stables if he was equally durable in the midst of strenuous labor. Demetri remembered a time when his hands would welt and callus like Jane's fragile hands. He wished to protect the womanly softness of her fingers, so he refused to allow her to lift another pitch fork in that barn. He absolutely refused to see her ruin such a delicate and one of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body. He took note of the boy's groan. He would need fixed up, but it wasn't like Demetri could feed the boy his blood. They were out in the open, practically standing in the dead center of town.

”I tried to sweet talk her friend there sir, steal a kiss, I swear it will never happen again,”

Demetri quirked an eyebrow, his eyes shifting to Jane immediately. He wasn't certain if he believed this story, but he would let the maid either corroborate the boy's story or prove it false. He trusted that Jane would tell the truth, and if she didn't Mirabelle would surely strike her down with a vengeance. Those emerald orbs of Demetri's gazed upon Jane as he awaited an answer, "So what happened then? Is he telling the truth?" He inquired, his voice remaining ever calm despite the inner chaos he felt. Each day he felt a storm of emotion that no one was aware of. He woke each day wishing that he didn't. He knew that he'd be in for an earful if Bishop were to become aware of his intentions, but alas, he could not simply end his own life abruptly out of selfishness.

No matter how much he wished to believe this boy for the sake of his sister, Jane would have to agree to the story as well before he could deem the tale any merit. He doubted that the maid would defy his sister, so he believed they had reach a stalemate. He however was quite impressed by the lad's willingness to claim the entirety of the blame. Demetri hated being at fault for anything, so he could not help but respect the boy's maturity, even if it also could have been just as easily defined as ignorance.

”It was a mistake I will never make again.”

"If you're wise, you'll keep to that promise." Demetri responded with narrowed eyes. He didn't like being the 'punisher', seeing as like Mirabelle he was usually getting into mischief, but he did not want Reiji to punish her. Her pure view of Reiji was so far left untainted and he did not want it to be torn from her. She did not know what kind of man their adoptive brother had become, and if Demetri could prevent it, she never would. Demetri kept Mirabelle from lunging at the boy again, surprised by his sister's behavior. Demetri noticed that Jane was behind him, attempting to stay aware of his surroundings. He could feel the hot sun hitting his back, realizing that they needed to leave soon. He would not be able to withstand much more exposure.

"Demetri, Mirabelle, watch mine for a minute while I go mail something."

Demetri felt a pang of irritation, wondering how everyone was dropping responsibility on his shoulders without second thought. First Reiji and now his twin. Did they truly believe that he was that good at multitasking? He had to admit he had a knack for it, but this was quite extreme even for his own abilities, "I suppose I can handle it. Get it done. We've got to get out of this heat. It's too hot." Demetri chuckled, hoping his siblings would understand the true meaning behind his words. Demetri did not want to die of sun exposure, that was a slow and painful death that he did not wish to endure.

“Jane? Are you feeling ok? Did something bad happen?”

Demetri's emerald eyes shifted as his maid's voice rang through his ears, his grip slightly loosening on Ash's shirt as he checked on his maid's physical condition. She seemed to be alright, so he returned his gaze to his sister and the flirtatious boy. If that were truly the case, he couldn't honestly scold the boy, seeing as Demetri had numerous amours himself over nearly four centuries.

"He was there. I don't care why he's here or what he's told you. He was there."

What did she mean? He was definitely not a vampire, so how could this boy have been where she had been? Demetri was utterly confused by this, tilting his head as his eyes shot between the two of them. He could tell that his sister was beginning to panic, and today's events were truly souring his mood. His plans to leave Bishop and Anise to themselves seemed damn near impossible now.

"No, no, no...I.. I have to go. I’ll meet you guys at home.”

Demetri had been left behind clueless with Camilla, Anise, and Jason in tow. He lightly drug the boy along with him, heading for the carriages. He could not withstand any further sunlight, mostly because he had not fed in over a week. He waved for each of the hired help in his posession to follow him to the two remaining carriages. Demetri gently shoved Ash inside, getting in afterwards, "Let me see your arm. If it's nothing serious I can probably reset it." He responded in a cool and collected manner, his green eyes shifting to make sure the other three had entered his carriage. Once he was certain that Jason, Anise, and Camilla were inside, he closed the door to the carriage with a sigh of relief. He could practically feel his skin boiling, but it was beginning to slowly heal.

"We will wait here for Bishop's return. Jason, I intend to borrow you from my brother to ensure that this boy does not try anything stupid along our journey." Demetri informed the hired butler. He truly did not need Jason's help, but he did not wish to reveal that to Ash. He did not want the boy to realize that he was a vampire, especially not while they were in the heart of town.

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Anise was baffled when Bishop rolled his eyes at her. She wasn't sure why he was doing it, and she definitely had no clue as to how she'd earned it. She was left completely clueless by his actions yet again. It was frustrating, but she didn't know where to begin when it came to deciphering the red head's actions and words. She was lost in the translation. She wondered if she would ever be able to understand him.. She doubted it, she was merely human and he was a vampire. She would die of old age before she could understand him. He was at least three hundred years old, seeing as she overheard a few of their stories from time to time and did a bit of digging in the library. She dated back using wars and particular economic crisis, and was astonished when she came to realize just how old Bishop truly had been. Though she realized that he could be much older than what the conversations his siblings held had revealed to her.

"Yes, everything should be fine. Demetri is more than capable of taking care of himself. Regardless, we shall be leaving soon anyways, and we'll meet up with him."

Anise couldn't help but smile at this, suddenly feeling a wave of dizziness, but she managed to keep herself stable, "Of course mi'lord... You're absolutely right.." She couldn't help but think of Angelo when Bishop mentioned Demetri being able to hold his own, but she did not dare speak a word of her doubt aloud. She quickly shook it off, glad that they would be reuniting with the other twin vampire. After she had lost her sister, watching the two twin brothers interact was rather painful, but it was also soothing. It reminded her of the good times that she'd had with her sister.

"Yes, her appearance is rather fetching. Run along for now. You can chat with her later when we go back. Relax, she's fine with me, you'll see her at the castle."

She blushed a bit as Bishop complimented her appearance, turning her gaze away until she was able to compose herself. She quickly turned her attention back towards Bishop. When Bishop stood, Anise prepared to depart, but was taken by surprise as Bishop shooed off her fellow maid, whom she was surprised Reiji didn't have under his thumb. He seemed to keep Tanzy on a short leash, "I will see you later, Tanzy." Anise replied in a kind tone.

"It's rude to interrupt a moment, even if he is coveting what is no longer his to covet. Come Tanzy, you'll have sufficient time after we return to the manor to discuss wardrobe and beauty. Mirabelle and Demetri may catch up, we're leaving Tanzy.."

Anise was confused by Reiji's words, even though they were somewhat similar to Bishop's own. She let out a soft sigh, feeling slightly responsible for the scolding that Tanzy had received. She knew she wasn't, but she felt guilty all the same. Reiji paid for everything. She couldn't help but be surprised by this family's wealth. They paid for this mock trial like it was nothing. Her family would have never been able to afford this for even just one person, let alone everyone that was present.

Anise followed behind Bishop, coming to a halt when he leaned close to Camilla. She had no idea that Bishop and Camilla were close, quite surprised that he had something to say to the young maid. Perhaps he was admiring his brother's choice of attire for Camilla, or maybe even complimenting her attire? Anise bowed to the stylist that Bishop ignored, sending her a kind smile before rushing to catch up to Bishop, Jason, and Camilla. Doesn't Lord Bishop know that being nice helps to preserve their secret? Even Master Reiji has understood that by now..

Anise followed quietly as they approached the carriages, her eyes sparkling as they passed the violin display once again. She had always wanted to learn... before Castiel lost his memory he had once agreed to teach her how to play one, but she doubted it would ever happen now. She was taken by surprise when Bishop shoved the small maid towards Demetri, and she couldn't contain her words, "Are you alright, Camilla?" She reach out for the smaller maid's hand, her eyes growing softer. The small girl reminded her of Alice, so she couldn't help but view her fondly.

"Demetri, Mirabelle, watch mine for a minute while I go mail something."

Anise couldn't help but smile when she realized that Bishop had not forgotten her letter. She then returned her attention to Camilla, "You look splendid, very adorable. Lord Demetri has good taste... Be still a moment" Anise nodded in agreement with her own words, blinking when she noticed a leaf in Camilla's hair. Reaching to smooth out the younger maid's hair, Anise also plucked the leaf out, letting it float away in the wind.

"I suppose I can handle it. Get it done. We've got to get out of this heat. It's too hot."

Anise looked up to the sky, realizing it was a lot brighter than when they'd arrived. She immeidately began to worry for Demetri and Bishop, but why..? If they died here, everyone standing here would be free. She would be able to run off with the others and lead a normal life... Is it so horrible for me to dream about leaving? They're not actually alive....right? She felt a pang of guilt as she recalled Bishop and Castiel coming to her rescue when Reiji slammed her into a wall about to rip into her throat. They saved her, even though their entire family claimed to not care much about human life. She suddenly felt like a terrible person.

“Jane? Are you feeling ok? Did something bad happen?”

Anise's attention shifted to Jane who seemed quite shaken by the current event. Anise reach forward to comfort the short haired maid, but the maid was taken by Mirabelle soon before Anise's hand met with Jane's shoulder. Then she realized that Mirabelle was just as shaken as her maid, no, definitely more. She had never seen Mirabelle this unstable. Typically Mirabelle was the calm one, even during the werewolf attack.

"He was there. I don't care why he's here or what he's told you. He was there. No, no, no...I.. I have to go. I’ll meet you guys at home.”

Before she could say anything, Mirabelle was gone. Demetri dragged the unfamiliar boy he was holding towards the carriages. He waved for everyone else to follow, so she offered her hand to Camilla and began walking. She felt progressively worse under the heat. Demetri and the boy were inside first, and Anise sat next to the injured boy. She didn't want to get too close to the flirtatious twin. Bishop was always making flirtatious advances, but Demetri had already made romantic advances towards Kat. Demetri was a dog compared to his twin brother.

"Let me see your arm. If it's nothing serious I can probably reset it."

That's right.. Demetri was a solider at one point.. I'd nearly forgotten... Anise thought to herself in amazement, looking to the boy next to her with a kind smile. He seemed terrified, even when she first arrived on the scene. She wasn't sure what happened to him, but she began to suspect it was due to Mirabelle judging by the female vampire's unstable state. She could tell that the boy was in a lot of pain, so she nodded to him reassuringly, "Master Demetri is quite kind. You can trust him." Anise told Ash, even though she did not know 'him'.

She could see the 'sunburn' that Demetri had gotten slowly healing, unable to believe her eyes. She was absolutely amazed by their ability to heal so quickly. She knew that she should be used to it, seeing as Castiel went from a charred body to the blond haired man she had come to grow fond of. It was arguable that she still had feelings for him, but she would never admit to such a thing, be it about Bishop or Castiel. Admitting it would be reaching the point of no return, and she wasn't ready for that. Not yet.

"We will wait here for Bishop's return. Jason, I intend to borrow you from my brother to ensure that this boy does not try anything stupid along our journey."

She knew that he did not require Jason's help, so she couldn't understand why he would wish to 'borrow' Jason for anything. She kept quiet, growing much dizzier. She knew the carriage was cooler than outside, but suddenly she felt quite stuffy and it was becoming hard to breathe. Anise let out a cough, hands grasping at her throat as she could practically feel her throat constricting. She closed her eyes, quite uncomfortable and barely able to breath as tears poured down her cheeks.

"I...." she gasped out, her hands struggling with the robe that Mirabelle let her borrow. She managed to remove it, feeling a lot better as far as her fever was concerned, but there was still the matter of struggling to receive oxygen. She grew light headed, but she needed to tell them. How could they possibly treat her if they did not know what was going on?

"I.. can't... I can't breath.." Anise managed to finally say, right before she collapsed against Ash's good shoulder. Anise didn't know what was happening, but soon everything began to fade to black. She couldn't understand it, but she found comfort in the thought that if she died she would finally be reunited with the real Alice, not her hallucination of her.

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Jason kept wanting to look at Anise, but refrained as Bishop gestured for him to follow. Jason did so, hearing glimpses of Bishop’s words to Camilla. What was sad was that Jason wasn’t sure if Bishop was telling the truth or not and it was quite possible he was.

Outside, Jason noticed the vampires’ discomfort in the sunlight before he even noticed the boy who was with the Santiago group. Jason stared curiously, glancing at Bishop for any indication that he should know the boy. The boy looked to be a year or two younger than Jason, so not necessarily a boy, but a young, very young, man.

Bishop seemed fed up with Camilla and practically passed her off to Demetri and Jane but in a manor that was not necessarily unkind. Jason was still interested in the boy when Bishop declared he had to do something. Jason raised a brow at the reference to him as “mine” by Bishop. Jason didn’t care so much as he found it unpleasant, but if that was what made Bishop happy, so be it. He was a vampire after all, and the one who paid the Olivander household.

Jason was herded into the carriage with Demetri, Camilla, Anise, and the boy who Jason did not know. He seemed to be in a great deal of pain but Jason didn’t make a comment on it. As it ended up, the boy sat next to Anise and Jason sat on the other side.

Jason looked up upon being addressed by Demetri and nodded his understanding and willingness. Demetria didn’t need help from the looks of the boy, but Demetri had asked it of Jason and there was no reason for Jason to say no. ”Of course, my lord,” Jason said simply, having no hesitation with the words. It wasn’t something that had bothered him much since he had grown up already having to address those of higher classes by their title considering he lived in the city and nobles often paraded around or asked for young boys to do their bidding with hardly any pay for a short time.

Jason studied the boy beside him. It was odd that the Santiagos were bringing him home, but Jason didn’t see any reason to question the family’s choices and kept his mouth shut in doing so.


Demetria addressed Jane directly and she looked down, unable to meet his eyes in her distress of being called upon. She couldn’t lie to him, but if she didn’t, Mirabelle would surely be punished. Jane took a deep breath, ”Lord Demetri, it was a minor nuisance. Lady Mira made it clear to the boy that it wouldn’t happen again,” Jane stated, not knowing that the slight waver in her voice was covered by a bit of extra magic from Ash who had been worried the maid wouldn’t pull the lie off by herself.

Jane noticed when Bishop pushed Camilla in the other maids direction but didn’t speak, instead, pressing her lips together to keep from verbalizing her thoughts as she was sure that the twin would not want to hear her view point at the time. Jane didn’t even hear Camilla the first time the girl spoke, but the second, Jane gave the young girl her full attention.

”I’m alright, and no. Nothing bad happened, perhaps just a misunderstanding,” Jane explained, not sure if that was it but hoping that was all that had happened for the sake of everyone in the family and the new additions to the household. Jane was stressed from the situation and feared that she might have ruined any sort of trust Demetri had held with her should he have detected the lie and decided to just pretend it wasn’t there.

Mira bumped into Jane who was still startled causing Jane to pause, freeze almost before realizing who it was. Mira reached for Jane’s hand and the heatless hand pulled her to the side, walking quickly. Jane looked back at Demetri questioningly but didn’t resist Mira’s wish. Jane could see Mira shaking and couldn’t help but worry the girl was having a meltdown from remembering those times she had mentioned to Jane only a few hours ago.

”Lady Mira, you do realize that if we don’t go home you will only continue to hurt yourself? You’re still in the sun,” Jane reminded the vampire, concern evident in her tone. Had Mira no regard for herself at present? Mira fell to her knees in the grass and Jane attempted to catch her, unaware of what she was going to be doing.

Jane looked at the girl, an ache in her chest at the sight of Mira so torn up. Jane pulled the smaller frame closer to her, aware that if anyone saw the scene, it would look odd and possibly come to investigate, but Jane didn’t mind. Jane held Mira gently, as her own older sister had once done for her out of love. ”It’s alright, Belle, remember where you are. I’m here with you,” Jane murmured reassuringly. She thought back to when her sister had cared for her and gently began singing a song that had caressed Jane to sleep many nights she had cried for her mother. The words were of reassurance, that the day behind was no longer present and tomorrow would be better and more promising.


Ashlyn noticed when Reiji exited the parlor, making sure to keep her head down and pretend her full attention was on the scene at hand rather than the vampire boarding a carriage with a pink haired girl who made Ash’s chest tweak slightly. Was it fair to hold jealousy over a man who didn’t love her anymore and had even banished her from his household for no reason? No. It wasn’t, therefore, she would suppress the feelings of love from long ago.

More people joined in the group and Ash couldn’t help but struggle to keep her breath even under he strain of holding the illusion for everyone watching that she could see. She managed though and began feeling the burn in her throat from using the power but it dulled and she knew she could go for a longer time for sure, but would need to rest that very night somewhere her true form would be visible and not harm her in her present situation.

Ash studied Mira as the young vampire seemed to be thinking back to something Ash had no idea about. Mira talked of her being “there”, but where was there? At the Santiago house? Surely she had been at the Santiago house many times, even to balls and just to visit with Reiji, but wouldn’t she just call it her home if her home was “there”?

Mira moved away and Ash glanced after her, curious as to why Mira was so fearful of Ash in the first place. It wasn’t Ash who was cruel and heartless, Ash had tried to prevent that person from living still but had failed multiple times and was now regretting it more than ever.

Demetri questioned the maid before Mira dragged her off, and Ash, in a slight panic that the maid wouldn’t be able to hold onto her lie, Ash blanketed the lie with a thin veil to cover the slight quivering that might have given away the truth behind the lie.

Ash had seen Demetri like this before, but never towards her and it was odd and strange and she didn’t like it. She nodded her head in response to his words though to satisfy him. Bishop approached then left, and the crowd grew then shrank before Ash was led, not roughly, to the carriage where she was put inside. She stared down at her hand as others entered the carriage. The male butler sat on one side of her and one of the female maids sat on the other side.

Demetri, across from her, was clearly recovering from the sunlight to the eyes of a witch and old friend of many vampires. When Demetri offered to reset her arm, Ash considered his words before nodding her head and offering her hand to him. Better him than Reiji for now. She remembered that he had been a soldier and therefore would know how to treat basic wounds so there was no reason he shouldn’t know what he was doing.

”Yes please,” Ash stated softly, pain still clear in her unnatural masculine tone. Ash didn’t even glance at Jason as Demetri said the butler might need to help with restraining Ash should she “do anything stupid” though Ash was not that stupid and was surprised that Demetri would think her facade would even be that stupid. Demetri could easily take Ash by herself in such close quarters and with Ash being in so much pain, but he clearly didn’t want her to be under the impression he could.

When Demetri set her hand, Ash bit back the scream, eliciting merely a loud grunt of pain before leaning back on her seat and closing her eyes. She didn’t draw her hand back though, letting Demetri do with it as he would. The strain of using her illusions and magic was far less now that the pain wasn’t a distraction.

The girl beside her coughed and Ash opened one eye to look at her. Ash opened the other when she saw the girl seemed to be struggling to breath. Her eyes darted to Demetri, wondering if he knew what was happening before looking back to the girl. Ash made sure that their shoulders were touching and managed to send the magic that she had been using to keep her own pain at bay when her hand was still very messed up into the maid so that she might feel better.

Ash realized the true problem when the girl seemed to gasp for oxygen. Ash moved her leg so that it was touching Anise’s before wrapping her arm around Anise’s head, feeling for a fever without a second thought as the girl collapsed on Ash. Ash looked at Demetri, her face serious and without anything but calm and steadiness, as if she knew such things and studied them often.

”She has a fever,” Ash declared upon feeling the heat. Ash struggled to find the cause of the issue as she searched using magic. Ash used her magic to push easiness and pain relief into Anise, also managing to open up her throat sightly but having to hold it constantly in order to keep the girl breathing.

”She needs Reiji’s help,” Ash stated to Demetri. She had forgotten she was undercover but her mind kept her illusion of her physical and scent image intact for her. Ash knew the symptoms Anise was experiencing were linked to a few specific issues but without Ash being in the house to investigate and focus more energy on Anise to see the issue, Ash had no way of knowing for sure whether this was natural or not though she was nearly positive it was unnatural since individuals did not spontaneously not be able to breath, or at least, it was not common ever, a rarity even.

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Despite Demetri's chuckle and composed demeanor, Bishop could tell his twin was starting to get agitated, and not just from the sun. Anxious to be out of the deadly rays of the sun himself, Bishop nodded in assurance. "Of course. I too dislike being warm. I shan't be but a minute. Hang out in the carriage." he said, already starting to walk off. He walked quickly, feeling the sun burning into his neck as he went. He was already a good twenty yards away from the group before Mirabelle began to have a meltdown, easily missing it despite his senses due to his focus on his task. He saw no reason to keep alert on them for the time being, simply trying to go as quickly as he possibly could without arousing suspicion and keeping to the shade.

Letting out a relieved sigh upon seeing the post building, Bishop quickly checked to ensure the stamps were good before handing it off to the uniformed postmen, barely exchanging a greeting before tossing a few coins on the desk and turning around to head back.

Aside from the increasing need to get out of the sun and the anxiety it naturally caused, Bishop managed to make it back to the carriages without incident, glad to see his brother had taken shelter in the safety of the carriage. As he headed for his own, Bishop noticed something seemed off. Why were Anise and Jason not waiting for him in his carriage? Surely they weren't all in Demetri's? Was his brother up to something? Huffing and hating the sun with a vengeance, the redhead marched over to demetri's carriage, his only warning a knock before opening the door.

"Demetri, the hell is going on? Where is Mirabelle? What-" Bishop froze, realizing that everyone except his sister and her maid were present in this carriage, and the strange boy was inside with them. Emerald eyes narrowed at the young man in distaste, ready to interrogate his twin some more when Anise began to struggle.

As soon as Bishop's gaze turned to the maid, she began to gasp for breath, choking out that she couldn't breath before passing out before his eyes. A rare jolt of panic and anger churned in his gut, reacting in an instant.

"Anise! Dammit, what's happening?!" Bishop was about to grab her, but the stranger beat him to it, earning a feral growl. He didn't have time for foolish humans getting in his way! Ready to tear the ebony haired girl out of the strange boy's hands, said stranger began to speak regarding Anise's condition. A fever, and....she needed Reiji's help? Suspicion, anger, and worry instantly seized his mind, and Bishop grabbed the stranger by the collar and shook him.

"Who the hell are you? How do you know Reiji? You're hiding something dammit, and I want to know what! Now TALK! And what do you know of what's wrong with her?! I swear on my grave I'll kill you right here if you don't start explaining you little shit!" Bishop snarled angrily, eyes livid.

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#, as written by moahi
”I’m alright, and no. Nothing bad happened, perhaps just a misunderstanding,” Really? Camilla wondered to herself, jumping a little when Mirabelle appeared to be having an emotional melt down. It's rare for misunderstandings to have such serious results, but it was rare for someone to be serving a mansion of Vampires. Anything was possible right now, but all she can do in this situation was to hope for the best. It was utterly confusing for Camilla who had nearly just arrived, so she did what she knew to be the best reaction in times like these. Camilla kept her mouth firmly shut and her eyes wary and observant. It was only when Demetri made a signal for them to follow did Camilla move, taking Anise's hand gingerly. It was hot, her hand felt as if it was burning up. Was it the sun? Still, she cast her eyes up to scan Anise's face with concern, before quickly looking down once again. She was probably getting too worked up over nothing, and after all they were going to get back soon. Camilla reasoned with herself as she boarded the carriage with the others.

Jason, Anise and the mysterious boy was already occupying one side of the carriage, so Camilla sat opposite them with Demetri. The afternoon sun was hot, and she could feel a drowsiness setting in, her eyes looking out of the window while listening half heartedly to Demetri offering to set the boy's arm for him. She wasn't too surprised at that fact, partly because that the events of the confrontation was still fresh in her mind. Her hand was still wrapped in bandages, so it was hard to dismiss it as a nightmare as much as she wished to. Bishop suddenly entered however, causing her to snap back to attention sharply. The hot blooded twin didn't seem to be too pleased at the mysterious boy that had joined them, something that Camilla honestly couldn't blame him much for. She didn't feel too comfortable around that stranger herself, it always seemed to her as though he was hiding something, something that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Then, out of the blue, everything started to escalate into chaos. Anise coughed and started to struggle with her breathing, before fainting completely. What? Camilla wasn't a certified doctor, but she was however completely sure that that didn't mean well. Bishop only added to the panic that was already happening as he snapped angrily at the stranger who declared Anise had a fever. A fever... Camilla had encountered it many times including today, but she was always able to regain her health rather quickly. She had never seen such a severe case before, save for when she was quite a few years younger. That girl was the weakest in the orphanage, bedridden most of the time yet always kind. Everyone loved her, the nuns did their best to help when the fever rose without warning, but in the morning as was gone. Camilla could still remember looking at the little body covered with a simple white sheet, the coffin that seemed much too small from her imagination. The smallest coffins were the heaviest, she found. It was the first time she had come into contact with death, and illness wasn't something she could fight off with her two fists. The stranger said she needed Reji, but what good would someone like him do?

As Bishop pounced on the stranger with a mad look in his eyes, Camilla latched on to Demetri's hand unconsciously, as a drowning man would hold on to anything that would keep him afloat. The panic reminded her so much of the unpleasant memory, and as many times as she had seen death it didn't make each time better. Yet, now wasn't a good time to show her distress. However, her grip on his hand only tightened as her body trembled with fear and worry. Biting down on her lower lip firmly, Camilla's eyes didn't leave Anise's limp body that seemed much too familiar to her. Not again, she thought that she'd be leaving this behind... "Sh-She's not going to die, is she?" The words came out as a hushed Whisper, Camilla quietly averting her eyes once again just to get the image out of her mind.

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"Anise! Dammit, what's happening?!"

Demetri reach forward and touched Anise's forehead, nodding in agreement, "She does have a fever... She's burning up actually.. There is a logical reason for this, trust me." Demetri explained as he began undoing Anise's black dress, revealing her white nightgown-like dress underneath. Typically it was taboo for a woman to be seen in such a state, but he knew that she needed to shed as many layers as possible. He was glad that Anise was out cold, because he couldn't argue with her and his soon to be fuming brother. There was no time for childish jealousy however, seeing as removing that hot dress would help lower her fever exponentially, "It will cool her down."

"Who the hell are you? How do you know Reiji? You're hiding something dammit, and I want to know what! Now TALK! And what do you know of what's wrong with her?! I swear on my grave I'll kill you right here if you don't start explaining you little shit!"

"We don't have time. I promise you that the boy had nothing to do with her illness... I personally set the boy's hand myself." Demetri tried to explain to his hotheaded brother. There was no possible way, especially since the boy had a broken hand and all. He knew that the situation did not look good, but he had to speak some sense into his twin. They were wasting valuable time arguing when they could get home to Reiji and possibly save the girl's life as the boy had said. Though he was curious as to how the boy knew Reiji as well. He would have plenty of questions prepared for this strange boy when they arrived at Castillo de la Muerte.

"Sh-She's not going to die, is she?"

"Of course not.. Don't fret, little dove." Demetri couldn't stand seeing the expression on his maid's face so he smiled to Camilla attempting to reassure her with a strong and assured expression, he reach over across the carriage ruffling her hair between his fingers for a moment. He knew that his plan was dangerous, for himself in particular, but there was no other option. He wasn't going to allow Bishop's maid to die right before his brother's eyes. His brother and his maid were both experiencing emotional pain from this so he had to step up. Demetri couldn't do much for his family, but he did know how to ride a horse and drive a carriage.

Reiji stepped out of the carriage, looking back to everyone inside "I'm going to drive us back. The carriage driver is nowhere to be seen and Anise doesn't have the time to wait. Everyone hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride." He informed everyone inside, looking to his twin brother with an apologetic look. Even though this wasn't his fault, it happened while Anise was in his care. Demetri had no way of knowing that Anise had been poisoned hours before. He then mounted the seat at the front of the carriage, taking the reigns in his hands, "Get in, brother. She doesn't have a lot of time. You can interrogate the boy on the way, but try not to kill him. I have questions of my own." He stated with urgency in his voice. Time was of the essence and he was in a hurry to get moving. Every minute was precious when it came to saving a life, his time in the Spanish military had taught him that.

Once everyone was inside of the carriage Demetri set the carriage in motion. They shot out of the town as fast as the horses could drag the carriage, and Demetri felt bad about leaving Bishop's horse behind, but it was for Anise's sake so he didn't mind going back to retrieve it later, or buying his brother a new one entirely. Anise's life was more valuable than money or a mere horse, because she was one of the only people that Bishop seemed to genuinely care about, humans and vampires alike.

The carriage stormed across the dirt road, shaking and bouncing against loose rocks along the path. This was the fastest that Demetri had ever ridden a carriage, but the only thought in his mind was getting everyone home alive. He couldn't do anything for Kat or Alice, but this time there was something he could do. For once, he could protect someone with his own two hands, and he felt empowered for the first time in over a year. It felt nice to not feel so vulnerable and weak.

He pulled on the reigns as they pulled into Castillo de la Muerte, right behind Reiji. The horses stopped, exhausted and angry with Demetri, but he didn't care. He hopped out of the seat, immediately knocking on Reiji's carriage, "Reiji! Anise is sick. We need to get inside!" his voice was desperate and panicked as he spoke, his words flying out nearly at the speed of light, and he did not bother to repeat them. He had too much on his mind and there was too much at stake.

Demetri sprinted back to the carriage everyone else was in with Vampire speed and swung the door open, "Get her inside!" she told Bishop, ushering for everyone to quickly follow him as he sped to the front door, opening it with his skeleton key before entering, clearing a table off with his arm. He watched the tea set and vases shatter, but he didn't care. He placed the white table cloth back on the table, "Get Anise on the table? Where is Reiji?" Demetri asked, before collapsing into one of the nearby chairs. His skin was red and hot, and in several places he had third degree burns. The bone showed in some places, but it began to heal, albeit VERY slowly. He needed to feed, soon. His healing was far slower than that of his siblings, not feeding properly since Camilla had come to be his servant, refusing to feed from her without her permission. He wasn't a monster, well, he wasn't a rude one at least...

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Jason was rather surprised when Anise collapsed. He watched as the boy beside her declared her to have a fever before Demetri confirmed it. Jason wasn’t sure if this quantified Jason restraining the boy. If Demetri didn’t then Jason probably didn’t need to help.

Bishop appeared and was not happy at the sight before him, that much was clear. He was very, very unhappy really. Jason was surprised to hear the boy say Reiji’s name, but didn’t speak up, sure it would only make Bishop more angry or stressed.

Jason moved to catch Anise if she had fallen when Bishop grabbed the boy but was surprised to see the boy managed to keep Anise up even though he had been grabbed rather roughly away from her.

The youngest maid looked nervous from her seat about the situation. Demetria addressed her concern, but Jason looked over and gave her a smile and shake of his head, indicating she wouldn’t die. It was possible of course, then Jason realized what was happening. He was losing Alice all over again. Jason froze, his chest physically ached and he felt as if Anise before him was him watching Alice leave him one last time.

Demetri stepped up and declared they had little time. Jason wanted to argue, and even spoke up to do so, ”Lord Demetri,” Jason began before Demetri was already gone. The carriage ride was fretful and Jason couldn’t help but wonder how Demetri could possibly steer a carriage as he was without the entire thing breaking or falling over.

As the carriage stopped outside of the manor like house, Demetri ran to get Reiji while the rest of them exited the carriage. Jason could see Demetri was covered in burns and wasn’t doing much better than Anise other than the fact that he was conscious. Jason, upon entering, felt oddly out of the loop considering he wasn’t sure if he should step in to assist or back to allow the family access to Anise. Jason stepped further back than the others and ran a hand through his hair, freaked out. He didn’t even go to Demetri to see if he was alright, instead, staring at Anise in nervousness for her and her health.


Bishop appeared and Ash knew things were going to become more complicated. At least Demetri had the classiness to focus on Anise getting better rather than the odd parts of the situation, such as Ash.

She was studying Anise, trying to see any other indications of what could be causing the girl harm when Bishop grabbed her. Ash wanted to push him away but refrained, knowing he’d likely just push her back and considering he thought her to be a boy at the time. Ash realized how bad the carriage ride would be with Bishop in here. He wouldn’t be extreme with the others in here, but Ash wasn’t sure what he’d do, she hadn’t seen him in so long, people can change daily, imagine a change in many years.

Ash managed to keep her leg touching Anise’s so that she could keep the girl’s throat open as much as possible while holding the illusion of her appearance. Any magic going into trying to keep Ash’s hand from hurting her was no longer there and the pain was bad, but not unbearable and not the worst she had ever felt.

”I’ve known your brother for years. We once discussed medical practices together since I was looking into becoming a physician and he wanted to see what I knew,” Ash explained, her tones similar to Bishops though hers was quieter. She had never been afraid of Bishop, rather, afraid of what his temper would lead him to do. She wasn’t fearful of either at the moment though she knew she probably should be nervous. Someone was in a bad condition and that was far more worth drawing her attention to rather than what Bishop could do to her.

”Question me later when you don’t have a girl struggling to breath. What you don’t realize is if we don’t keep her steady and move her so that the most air is available to her, she might not even make it back to your home,” Ash bit back. She pulled away from Bishop, using his hands away before moving to tilt Anise’s head back to allow her throat to be aligned and oxygen to flow through more.

Ash had no issue being so close to Anise in her white nightgown considering Ash was a girl herself and had one on only a few hours ago. She had risked everything helping the girl, the family knowing who she was, the family figuring out she wasn’t as she seemed, and the fact that Bishop could very well lose his temper towards her.

The youngest maid was nervous and Ash didn’t glance up from where she was to say anything. If they didn’t get her back to Reiji in time for Ash to consult then her use of magic would exhaust her and Anise’s throat would close entirely until she suffocated most likely. It was a race against time and only Demetri seemed to recognize that. Ash caught Demetri not telling the truth though to the girl and was thankful for that so that the girl wouldn’t be overly stressed and distracting to the task at hand.

Ash nodded her approval to Demetri’s plan though she was sure she wasn’t a part of the decision, forgetting this family didn’t know her anymore and therefore couldn’t care less about her thoughts. Ash nodded her understanding to Demetri’s words. She motioned for the butler on her side to scoot to the other side of the carriage to give Bishop the option of sitting across from Anise or right next to her. He seemed the most concerned for her for whatever reason and Ash couldn’t help but wonder if there was something more there.

The ride was hard and to keep in contact with Anise the entire time while satisfying Bishop was difficult. Ash could only answer so many questions while focusing on so many things without giving herself away entirely. She took it all in though, allowing Bishop what he wanted and needed to satisfy him, knowing if she didn’t, he would realize Ash was touching Anise though it varied from her hand to her leg to her foot touching the girl so as to not draw attention to it.

The carriage stopped outside of Castillo de la Muerte and memories ran through Ash with wave of emotions. She paused slightly as she exited the carriage before getting out and moving aside. They were with Reiji now and that meant that he would recognize Ash needing to be near her and make the accommodations for that to happen, or work his own version of magic to help her and keep her alive.

Ash reached for a pillow off a nearby couch before tucking it under Anise’s head as she was laid on the table. Ash noticed Demetri’s wounds but knew he wouldn’t her to help him until Anise was stabilized. At least, if he knew who she was he wouldn’t want her to help until then.

Ash could tell Demetri hadn’t fed properly for some time. He acted as all the brothers did when they hadn’t fed properly and had gotten hurt, somewhat lethargic in the way their body fixed itself. Ash somewhat wished she had that ability, to self heal without it taking magic, but it wasn’t something she had been blessed with.

Ash took a deep breath before dropping the illusion for Reiji but nobody else in the room. If he saw the odd boy, he might guess her appearance anyway since not many noble boys took to physicianing and had the knowledge as she did already. Ash didn’t know how Reiji would react and was somewhat nervous but was still focused on the girl, Anise, that she didn’t care enough what he would do. He wouldn’t kill her for sure until Anise was stable… Right?

”Her throat is trying to close,” Ash explained as she looked down at the girl. If only Ash could study her more, and closer, it would tell Ash more and possibly help her determine what was wrong with the girl, but she was sure Bishop and the others wouldn’t want her so close though Reiji would know, however, if he didn’t trust her, it was likely he would just push her away.