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Castillo de la Muerte: Sorcery's Vengeance

Castillo de la Muerte


a part of Castillo de la Muerte: Sorcery's Vengeance, by Tales of the Wraith.


Tales of the Wraith holds sovereignty over Castillo de la Muerte, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Castillo de la Muerte is a part of Castillo de la Muerte: Sorcery's Vengeance.

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Bishop J. Santiago [146] "My bark is nothing compared to my bite. Dare to test it?" [updated]
Reiji Santiago [143] Things are going to change around here. Bend to my will or I will be forced to make an example out of you. I win either way..
Tanzy McNeal [122] "What can I do for you?" [updated!]
Jason Olivander [112] "If you need help, or someone to listen to, I'm the guy to talk to."
Mirabelle Santiago [108] If only it was me who has forgotten their past.
Jane Christopher [105] "I'll work hard though what you want may not come out the way you expect it to..."
Camilla Eden [91] "I have to survive, and I will!"
Ashlyn Locksley [52] "There are things that can't be helped which is why we must try to prosper in the future."

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Character Portrait: Reiji Santiago Character Portrait: Anise Delopar Character Portrait: Bishop  J.   Santiago Character Portrait: Jason Olivander Character Portrait: Demetri Santiago Character Portrait: Tanzy  McNeal
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Bishop Santiago

Even a human would be able to notice the catch in Anise's breath, and Bishop glanced down at her to make sure she didn't look unwell. Scratched up and distressed, but she didn't seem to be in ill health. Nerves then. Her pounding heart confirmed his suspicions, allowing him to pay attention instead to her words and her voice. Bishop couldn't help but frown slightly as she admitted her thoughts. She apparently felt like she and her fellow servants were reminded daily of their meager position- of their servitude. Which, to her, apparently meant she was a thing. Stupid human, he'd simply have to correct her.

"I cannot speak for my family. However, you're not some mere object. An object can be replaced, so how on earth would that not automatically disqualify you from being classified an object?" he argued, shaking his head as if to dismiss such an absurd thought. Her next probing question was somehow harder to answer, though he dared not admit such a thing. "What are you? Well, human for starters. A servant. A maid. Food. A pet..." Bishop had a feeling she wouldn't exactly like such answers, but he didn't know what other words to use. She wasn't just a servant to him, but what was she? More than a pet, at least it seemed so. Though pet was a good start- pets were companionship and something you treasured and cared for- something that relied on you for survival. "'re not a thing to me, so wipe such a dumb idea from your're..well why the hell does it matter?! That's not important right now!" he snapped dismissively, deciding he didn't need to answer her now. There! He didn't need to answer, and he wouldn't!

Keeping her in his hold, he felt her begin to relax, her trembling slowing and finally stopping altogether. Good. Bishop patted her back almost absentmindedly to keep her soothed, listening quietly to her explanations. She just ran without thinking- not exactly a shock, but it made him shake his head at her impulsive decision making. He could feel her eyes growing moist as her voice grew soft and uncertain, and he met her violet eyes as she gazed up at him in confusion. He would have found her expression almost sickeningly cute were the situation different. As it were, her being out here in the wilderness and asking him why he wasn't angry- well, she had a point there. Why wasn't he angry? He was a little, but not necessarily at her. He was more annoyed and frustrated than anything else. He let out a sigh before answering Anise.

"Angry? Well, I am, but not so much at you. You vex me, annoy me, and quite frankly, frequently leave me thinking you make utterly no sense whatsoever with how quickly you bounce back and forth between emotions and expressions. But am I angry with you? No. Frustrated maybe, but not angry. You ran away without an ounce of concern for the danger, so yes, I'm annoyed. But you're safe for the most part, so I'll excuse it." he said, allowing his arms to relax their grip slightly. Seeing tears upon Anise's face as she further explained herself, he reached up with one hand to carefully wipe them away. So once she had gotten away and realized what she had done, she feared being faced with death for her actions. Understandable at least. But even so, where would she have run to?

"Don't cry. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you, alright?" he muttered, finally letting Anise free from his hold, but watching her carefully lest she be injured or try to do anything rash. He scowled as she mentioned the prick, the thought of Reiji making him twitch in agitation. He didn't deserve to be called the head of the house. About to protest that it didn't matter what the prick said, Anise brought up his eldest brother. Bishop paused; she did have a point. Castiel wasn't an asshole, but he did not tolerate such blatant disrespect or disobedience. That, coupled with Anise's determination, wiped away his unspoken protests. He could hear the nervous thumping of her heart, and her uneasy sigh of resignation made him reluctant to see her go under any further stress. What kind of punishment could he get away with inflicting without stooping to Reiji's level?

"Fine. You'll be confined to your room and fed prison rations for a week. But for now, we're going back. I'm sure the idiot is worried about you, and I need to check up on Demetri." Bishop decided, taking Anise's hand and tugging her gently along to the base of the cliff. Scooping his maid up without a bat of an eye, he held her bridal style and jumped up, returning them to the top from where she fell.

Looking down at Anise, the redhead frowned, shaking his head and admonishing her softly. "More importantly though, you ran off before I requested a dance. That's just rude. Now you owe me one, regardless of if I ask you first or not." Bishop's frown was gone as quickly as it came, and he continued to walk back to the castle with Anise, careful not to let her brush against branches or other such foliage.

Tanzy McNeal

The mention of being gentle and releasing pheromones was of little comfort, the maid feeling rather unsettled at his words and his smirk. She bit her lip, wondering if Anise would be ok. So far his demeanor was unthreatening, but she felt her dread growing as she followed behind, only to stop as he did. With a smooth and suave grace, he leaned casually against the wall to face her once more.

The blood that had drained from her face in dread began to shoot back up into her cheeks with a vengeance, her eyes widening in shock at the words leaving Reiji's lips. He would agree to never feed from Anise in exchange for a kiss? Was he screwing with her? Tanzy froze, the silken voice making her painfully aware of her wretched mistake. She felt utterly foolish and despicable, cursing herself mentally. Of course it was her fault- he had even urged her to double check the contract before signing! And she so stupidly failed to heed his warning. Damn it all! But here he was, saying he'd add to the agreement if she gave him a kiss of her own volition.

A kiss...?

Tanzy had no chance to answer, her breath hitching in her throat as Reiji's fingers tilted her chin up so her eyes couldn't escape his ruby gaze. Expecting the worst, she closed her eyes, but all she felt was a gentle touch of his fingers brushing aside her tears, prompting her to look once more. Pet. He called her his pet. She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about that, but it was better than being seen as a toy, or a thing. But what was a pet to him?

Expecting anger and threats, the young woman was astonished to hear a calm voice answering her frustrated inquiries, and her eyes widened further at the revelations. He thought she was fascinating and beautiful? Her cheeks flushed even darker, her heart drumming inside her chest. As amazing as his compliments of her were, they paled in comparison to his other replies, feeling a gasp of disbelief escape her lips.

Keeps them safe? Was this vampire- this terrifying, cunning, breathtaking vampire, actually saying what she thought he was saying? Was his callous attitude a farce to shield herself and the others in the house from danger? As nobles and as vampires, it was no doubt the Santiagos had enemies, but could he actually be trying to detour said adversaries from targeting those associated with him? Could that possibly be true? If by some chance it was, what other things did she not understand about her master?

Upon feeling his hand encircle her wrist, the maid stiffened in anticipation, but he did nothing more than that. The pressure was minimal, just enough to actually be noticed. Tanzy knew of Reiji's strength, she had been at his mercy before. She had felt those very hands around her neck when she had angered him, and yet here he was simply keeping her in place. She felt no pain, nor immediate sense of peril, he was merely holding her still. Even so, she'd have been no less stuck if her hand was a fixture in stone.

The grip tightened slightly, and his voice was hard, but still he wasn't showing any sign of lashing out against her. If anything, he sounded almost berating. Tanzy had half a mind to interrupt, to say she knew there was no way in hell she could stand up to a vampire in combat. But the intensity in his words gave her pause. He didn't want her to get herself killed by forgetting her own limitations? But that meant he wasn't going to kill her...

The maid continued to stare in bewilderment at her master even as he released her wrist and tore his gaze away first. Her mind was swimming with his words, heart pounding as his actions and answers played themselves over and over in her head- with her trying to sort through them and comprehend it all. This was not what she was expecting at all.

Thankfully, she was snapped from her shocked trance as Reiji escorted her back to the ballroom, leading her swiftly into a dance and moving gracefully across the floor. With a slight squeak of surprise, Tanzy allowed herself to be led into a dance, doing her best to match his movements while trying to not think about how close they were. She tried to follow the tempo of the music as well as the pace of her partner, glad she had at least seen ballroom dancing before. She doubted she'd stand a chance otherwise.

Face flushed pink, Tanzy struggled with where to look, alternating from watching their footwork to glancing up at Reiji, then averting her gaze to his chest, too flustered to completely meet his eyes for more than a minute. She managed to keep up somehow- thankful that no matter how she was doing, she was at least not stepping on him- she doubted he'd like that.

" aren't angry with me sire? For speaking so boldly?" she finally whispered tentatively, glancing up to see his reaction. She felt her heart begin to speed up from nerves, but she knew without asking she'd keep fretting about it. Besides...

"Would you really be willing to allow me to ask for such an addition to our agreement, for a kiss?" Unable to keep looking into his eyes, Tanzy stared at her hand on his shoulder, trying in vain to will away her steadily growing blush.

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Character Portrait: Anise Delopar Character Portrait: Jane Christopher Character Portrait: Bishop  J.   Santiago Character Portrait: Demetri Santiago
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"Touch her, and I'll chop off more than just your fingers when I find out, brother."

The fact that Reiji got defensive, just as Demetri had expected him to. With his suspicions now verified, Demetri couldn't help but smirk. Reading between the lines, he knew exactly how his older brother felt for Tanzy without him having to hear another word. He knew exactly what his brother was implying, but was too coward to dare speak aloud, or probably even admit to himself. He let Reiji leave first, following behind a few minutes later after he straightened out his suit. Touchy, touchy... He thought to himself in an amused manner, raising both hands to prove he was not a threat to his brother's romantic territory.

"I will admit that I was acting recklessly... However I meant what I said, sister... I do not wish to be the reason our family falls apart, so I've decided that we shall have a family meeting tomorrow night to discuss what our next moves as a family will be due to the incoming threat... I suppose we can call a truce until they are taken care of, considering we once again have a common enemy."

As he returned to the ballroom, Demetri overheard Reiji's apology, enjoying the struggle that his elder brother was going through. He smiled and waved to a few people he knew, particularly ex-lovers. Demetri's eyes settled on someone he was far less familiar with, someone who was not tucked away behind Mirabelle's skirts at the moment. That gave him the perfect opprotunity to slide in. As he casually strolled toward Jane, Demetri kept his focus on the discussion between his siblings.

"Don't touch me."

Without even looking even in his twin's general direction Demetri could perfectly picture the expression on Bishop's face when Reiji had the aduacity to make physical contact. He could see the cold glare perfectly in his mind. Demetri sighed to himself, wishing that the situation with his family had been in a better standing than this, but there was little that he could do given his circumstances. Instead, Demetri decided to focus on things he could change, like the fact that Jane was hiding herself away in a corner. Once the redhead was in proper speaking distance, he bowed cordially, then smirked up at her with a mischievous sparkle in his bright green eyes before standing straight, "It's a pity to waste away over here. Dance with me, Jane?" He asked, quirking a brow before extending his hand out in an offering manner. All of his previous amours pouted as he chose the maid standing before him instead of asking any of them to dance, but Demetri didn't even give them a glance as he waited for her answer. For the moment, she was the only girl that the womanizing vampire was paying attention to, as if she was the only female present, "You wouldn't leave a man hanging, would you?" He asked in a playful manner, hoping that his invitation would be well received. He wasn't exactly used to hearing the word no, and he would do anything in his power to make his attempt at charming her a success.


"I cannot speak for my family. However, you're not some mere object. An object can be replaced, so how on earth would that not automatically disqualify you from being classified an object?"

Violet eyes darted in confusion as Bishop implied that she could not be replaced like a mere object. This immediately brought heat to her cheeks, making the ebony haired girl extremely flustered, but also happier than Bishop could ever imagine. To hear out loud that she was not so easy to discard was reassuring, but in the end it did not change her status in the family. To the rest of his family, Anise was merely a tool for norishment, one that was abundant in this world. At least someone deems me inexpendable..

"What are you? Well, human for starters. A servant. A maid. Food. A pet..."

"P-Pet!?" She replied in a surprised tone, blinking several times. She wasn't sure what he meant by that, but in her experience, when lords bought the poor as 'pets' it was usually not of an innocent nature. Also, from how Reiji treated Tanzy, that only verified to her that most of society saw 'pet' as more of a fetish than what Bishop probably meant. However, Anise being naive, immediately figured he meant the more common use, rather than the innocent 'you're like a pet rabbit' variation. I-I didn't realize Lord Bishop had such p-perversions... Is it a family thing..? Lord Demetri's room has made strange noises before... I believe he's had more than one girl in there at a time before...

"'re not a thing to me, so wipe such a dumb idea from your're..well why the hell does it matter?! That's not important right now!"

Anise jumped when he snapped, unsure of what she had done in particular, but assumed he was simply finally growing angry for her betrayal. Perhaps it was simply a late reaction? While she wasn't sure of his irritation's origins, she simply nodded and stopped asking questions, returning to her obediant nature. Her cussing went out the window the second she knew he was in her presence, and her frustration disipated. She completely lost her nerve.

"Angry? Well, I am, but not so much at you. You vex me, annoy me, and quite frankly, frequently leave me thinking you make utterly no sense whatsoever with how quickly you bounce back and forth between emotions and expressions. But am I angry with you? No. Frustrated maybe, but not angry. You ran away without an ounce of concern for the danger, so yes, I'm annoyed. But you're safe for the most part, so I'll excuse it."

It stung a little to hear that she annoyed him, but she did not interupt and listened to his explanations. Why was he being so lenient? The Bishop she had met a year ago would have been furious, had threatened her older twin on more ocassions than Anise was willing to count. The fact that he was so calm was confusing her to no end, but asking questions only seemed to frustrate him even more. Both of her eyes closed as he wiped away her tears, only opening and gazing up at him when he was done, "Most of the time I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel.. My mother sold me to a family full of vampires, my twin sister was mutilated and slaughtered by werewolves, and the head of house tried to kill me not long ago and turned around saving my life.. Only a year and a half ago my only major concern in life was declining Derrek's marriage proposals..." Immediately Anise realized that she had said something she should not have, especially since her letter the day before had been addressed to the very same person she was discussing with Bishop. The letter had been filled with half of the money she earned working at Castillo the entire year, and Bishop would have known that if he had peeked into the envelope.

"Don't cry. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you, alright?"

Anise's blush deepened, and she nodded quickly, turning her gaze away, letting her long black hair conceal her embarrassment from him. She wasn't sure how to respond.. his protective words made her want to smile, but she just couldn't let herself be happy after everything this family had taken from her. While that wasn't Bishop's fault, every time she thought about her feelings for him, she was reminded of her sister. Her sister absolutely hated the vampires.

"Fine. You'll be confined to your room and fed prison rations for a week. But for now, we're going back. I'm sure the idiot is worried about you, and I need to check up on Demetri."

"Of course. Who are you referrign to as 'the idio-'? O-Oh my, M-Mi'lord!" Anise stopped midquestion and squeaked out when he picked her up so effortlessly. Her heart skipped a beat, and she felt her entire face burning with embarrassment when she realized the new situation they were in. The way he was holding her, it was too much and Anise immediately hid her face in her right hand, completely flustered. Though the jump left her breathless. She was left in complete shock. She knew for a fact that the cliff was at least twelve feet and he managed to jump it while carrying her?

"More importantly though, you ran off before I requested a dance. That's just rude. Now you owe me one, regardless of if I ask you first or not."

"E-Eh?!" Her cheeks lit up a brilliant shade of red as he mentioned dancing together, and she gazed away for what felt like an eternity, her heart beating faster the more she thought about it. Even though his frown disappeared, it did little to soothe her nerves knowing he expected to dance with her, especially in the pitiful state she was currently in, "My dress...and my hair.. It would make people suspicious... I don't even know where my shoes are, mi'lord.." While mostly she was just trying to avoid dying of embarrassment, or perhaps dying from jealous ladies attempting to assassinate her for stealing Bishop from their ambitious clutches. Though in reality she was a mess. Her dress managed to avoid tears, but her feet, arms, and legs were scratched up, her dress saved from such abuse as she had to hold it up to run. Her hair even had twigs in it, Anise was fairly sure that the nobles would mistake her for someone raised in the wild.

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#, as written by Stiles


All eyes were on the head of house. His first dance of the evening had been with his maid. Of course that raised several eyebrows, but he simply nodded and smiled to anyone who stared. Many dismissed it as his kindness. There were very few outside of Castillo de la Muerte that knew of Reiji's cruelty, excluding those from the vampire council or the leauge of hunters. The common folk, human and vampire lords, they only knew the side of Reiji that he chose to present; his charming gentleman facade. Reiji couldn't help but chuckle at the soft squeak that came from his maid's lips, his pale lips curving into a gentle smile. His anger was slowly sinking back into it's depths with each dance step, and women squealed with delight as his expression softened. He never once tore his gaze from Tanzy aside from acknowledging other lords. His movements were confident and swift, he'd done this dance so many times he could have done it blindfolded if he had to. The women watching were immensely jealous, angry that the Head of House chose to dance with a common maid rather than high born ladies. The way he looked at Tanzy drove them even crazier, it made them overflow with jealousy. However, none of them truly knew the kind of man Reiji was, nor did they know how much hell that came with that look of adoration. He would adjust her position if he felt she was close to missing a step, or he would periodically dip her, then bring her back up. He did everything in his power to make their dance elegant, but also the dance that put envy in the hearts of every high born woman in the room.

Watching her eyes flicker from their feet, his face, and his chest, Reiji leaned in a bit toward her ear, unable to help himself, "Like what you see..? If you don't like the suit.. I can always take it off." he teased in a low seductive tone, allowing his breath to brush her ear as he spoke before spinning her underneath his arm, a truly dazzling display that left no indication that he had been verbally taunting her at all. Nearly every girl in the room wanted to be in Tanzy's place, but only because they did not know what that truly meant. The sound of her racing heartbeat, it made him pleased to know he had that sort of effect on her. He knew he shouldn't tease her like that, but it was too damn tempting to resist. Heh. I wonder how my little pet will respond... Reiji mused to himself as his crimson eyes scanned for her response, not wanting to miss a second of it.

" aren't angry with me sire? For speaking so boldly?"

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be angry?" He replied in a nonchalant manner, never missing a beat of their dance. He replied without hesitation, as if it were common knowledge, but his words and calm demeanor obviously clashed. His expression was calm and his lips were still curled upward into a charming smile, "I simply believe life would be dreadfully boring without a certain degree of bravery. Just remember to not to get too carried away, I have very strict limits to how much insolence I am willing to amuse... I have a position of power to maintain, after all." His entire tone was a warning to her, but his gentle smile and tender embrace completely contradicted his statements and warnings. The threatening malice was not present, but he was warning her all the same. His tone was soft and quiet, making sure that no one, including the vampires present in the room would be able to hear their discussion. His words were well timed, at the loudest points of the instrumental music being played, subtly revealing that he knew the songs so well that he could use them to his advantage. Reiji always had been a music buff, whether many of those around him were aware or not.

"Would you really be willing to allow me to ask for such an addition to our agreement, for a kiss?"

Reiji's smile morphed into a smirk at her shy words. His inhuman eyesight allowed him to see more of her blush than she could ever imagine possible. He hesitated to answer for a moment, deciding to let her sweat over his answer for a bit, but also taking in the moment for what it was. He absolutely loved making her embarrassed. It was like a high, knowing he was the only one doing that, "Of course. However, it cannot be done here. While I may dance with you in public, a kiss would imply a sexual relationship and damage both of our reputations. You would surely be treated in an ill manner each time we visit town from here on if you were caught..." His expression grew cocky, well aware of his effect on the women glaring them down with jealousy. In fact, he seemed amused by the fact that women wanted him, even ones that he did not, nor ever would care to court. While he would never admit he was developing feelings for the maid, it was obvious to those around him that she received special attention.

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Bishop Santiago

Anise's pink cheeks soothed his nerves, the vampire lord pleased he could so easily elicit such a reaction from the human in his hold. Even though he couldn't fathom why she would assume she was so easily replaced, he was glad she seemed to like the reassurance.
She did however surprise him with her lack of protest or response to his trying to categorize and label her. Her only reaction was to let out a startled noise, repeating his last word in what he almost thought sounded like mortification. Silly human, what was wrong with being a pet? There were worse things one could be after all. As it was, he merely quirked a brow at her.

When she first started speaking, the male was thinking little more than consoling the runaway maid and bringing her back with him. However, the mention of marriage and an unknown male who wasn't him made him stiffen even as he picked her up, her adorable squeak and half a question the only thing keeping his temper in check. Derrek? Who the hell was she talking about? He hadn't been aware of any past lovers, and Anise had never mentioned the male before. However, it did suddenly make sense why she had given him a letter to mail when they went into town. A letter he did not fail to notice was rather hefty in it's weight. Money then.

He ignored her question, deciding not to comment on 'the idiot' in question, knowing she wouldn't like what he'd have to say as a response. Instead, he walked in silence for a moment longer before letting out an annoyed huff, looking down at Anise with an irritable scowl. "So that's who you sent the letter and money to...hmph. Never told me you had a lover." he snapped, glancing back up and letting out another snort of disdain. Stupid human boy. He already didn't like him! And what the hell was her significant other doing all this time, not bothering to look for his novia? Nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man, obviously.

"Stupid git isn't doing a good job trying to find you. What kind of man doesn't go looking for his woman if she goes missing?" Bishop fumed, shaking his head in disgust at the thought of such a human. It was insulting that his competition was some lousy human male who couldn't be bothered to confront Anise's excuse for a mother to get clues. It was absurd!

Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, he realized he was probably only upsetting Anise with his irritable ranting (at least he was fairly certain he was, judging by her body language). Seeing the lights from the castle appear on the horizon, he finally could look his maid in the eyes again, quirking a brow at her concerns and her fretting about her appearance. He rolled his eyes.

"Do I honestly look like I give a damn?" he asked pointedly, shaking his head before continuing. "Besides, if it's gonna bother you that much, a quick trip to the powder room will take care of wiping off any dirt or whatever. And just let your hair down naturally, it's fine as it is. And if you must, just borrow some shoes from your obsessive friend, who I'm sure is also anxious to see you."

Still upset about the casual mention of another male, Bishop decided to erase such thoughts from Anise's mind, finally smirking as his plans began to mollify him. Of course, just make all her flustered attention focus on him. Mind made up, he leaned closer to Anise, his eyes locking with hers as his voice took on an almost challenging tone.

"Why, are you trying to say I can't have a dance with the partner of my choice on Valentines day of all things?" Bishop all but purred, pulling back in satisfaction and acting as if walking with his maid to the castle was the most natural thing in the world, not releasing the young woman despite being almost upon the building in question.

Tanzy McNeal

Tanzy could practically feel the piercing stares of the crowd, the women's jealous and disbelieving glares especially evident. Just as they had out in the town, the vast majority of the females had their eyes glued to the Santiagos, especially considering the only two brothers currently among the dancing being her master and Demetri (who currently seemed on his way to sweeping Jane along as his next partner). Tanzy wondered if any of those swooning women knew the real Reiji.

Did she even know the real Reiji?

Just as it seemed she was managing to calm down and focus solely on the dance, Tanzy's thoughts were swiftly whisked aside as the male's breath sent shivers down her spine, a mortified squeak leaving her lips as her cheeks burned a bright pink. She nearly missed the step as his sultry voice teased her, managing to catch herself just in time for him to spin her- leaving their audience completely unaware of her near blunder. Her heart began racing anew, wondering if she'd ever get used to his surprise remarks. Her eyes looked up at his in shock before instantly searching for something else to focus on- namely her feet. "Ah! N-no sire! The suit is perfect." she stammered softly, silently hoping her poor nerves would have a break. He always got her worked up just when she thought he couldn't find any new way to startle her.

Her flushed cheeks and bashful expression were gone in seconds, his answer prompting a shudder of fear. She swallowed hard, realizing it was foolish to think he wasn't angry. Of course he was, he was just exceptionally good at hiding it. He was unreadable, and a master at keeping her unaware of his true intentions and emotions. It was this inability to figure him out that threw her so off course and frazzled her poor nerves.

Reiji was as terrifying as he was attractive. As mysterious as he was cunning. She could make neither heads nor tails of the male, and she trembled at the thought of how much anger he could possibly be hiding. She had seen how calm he could be on the outside, and the result then was not something she wished to repeat. "Of course sire... Pardon me for thinking you'd be otherwise..." she murmured quietly, nodding to convey her acknowledgement of his soft and subtle- yet no less frightful, warning. She marveled at how he could be so calm and appear so gentle while simultaneously saying things that made her nearly sick with anxiety.

Soon enough, his smirk was back, and Tanzy bit back another squeak when he finally spoke. Did he really think she'd be so bold as to kiss him in full view of everyone?! She couldn't fathom kissing him (or anyone for that matter) in public, much less an entire ballroom full of people! "O-of course! I wouldn't dare do such a thing in front of prying eyes! I couldn't!" she hurriedly rushed to explain, feeling the sudden need to correct him in thinking she would be so bold- and reckless- as to do anything so personal or intimate out in the open.

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#, as written by Stiles
Something Wicked This Way Comes..


Orders were clear, they were to sneak into the Valentines day celebration and take the girl, Mirabelle Santiago, alive. Failure was not an option. Luciana would accept nothing less than success, as tonight was their only chance for many moons to come and the girl would be vulnerable. Julian was in charge of using illusionary type magic to trick Mirabelle into believing he was Reiji, while Klaude simply had to play the role of Angelo, Mirabelle's recently deceased older brother. Considering the vampire was intoxicated, Lucianna assured Klaude that he would be perfectly safe. He simply had to play his role well, and not get too emotional. Angelo, whom Klaude had a natural resemblance to in the first place, was very withdrawn and quiet. Arguably, Klaus had the easiest job of all, but that made him nervous. What if the blonde vampiress was not inebriated enough? Would she really fall for such a thing?

Now, one might wonder why Klaude and Julian were doing the witch's bidding. While it's not well known, both men were direct Santiago descendants. but Klaude was one of the last remaining of the descendants that even vaguely resembled the original Santiago family. Luciana managed to stumble upon the coven during her travels and decided to help them flourish, but she could not watch over what little remained of the human Santiago family forever. Instead, she would supply them with five experienced leaders to keep them safe. However, her intentions were not entirely altruistic. She wanted to make the Santiago vampires pay their dues, and using their human coven would help her enact her revenge. Elizabeth and Edward had a price to pay, as they stole their children from the Santiago coven when they turned them all into vampires. Luciana's mother helped Elizabeth with her fertility issue, but it meant that she would have to give up three of her children in the future to the coven. Unwilling to do so, Elizabeth and Edward devised a plan, using their own magic to turn their children into something useless to the Santiago coven. Enraged, Mirabelle was kidnapped and tortured, but now Luciana would help the Santiago family undo what has been done. She finally perfected the spell that would turn them all into humans again, well, sort of.

Luciana chose five of the healthiest and strongest of the Santiago coven for the sacrifice, as the Santiago vampires would need a human vessle. Their original bodies would almost immediately decay under the spell, as they were too old so fresh host bodies were needed. When Klaude located Mirabelle, he nudged Julian and the dark haired male morphed into a perfect replica of Reiji. The two men approached the blond vampire, Julian scooping Mirabelle into his arms, "Shhh. Love, I'm here now. I'll make everything better, Belle. I found a surprise in the woods." Julian cooed skillfully in Reiji's voice, stroking blonde locks out of her face. From the crimson eyes to the voice, Julian's glamor was a complete success. He carried her over toward Klaude, allowing her to see him. Klaude frowned a bit, irritated by this. The woman in his cousin's arms was their ancestor. She was a vampire, yet in this state, he could not help pitying her. She was still just a girl, they were kidnapping a girl while she was vulnerable. He felt like such an asshole, but since Luciana had his sister captive to assure his return, he would do anything necessary to protect Rosalie. The two men were off, Klaude making sure that no one saw them retreating into the woods with Mirabelle in tow, using a cloaking spell to remain invisible. The only ones who could see the three of them were each other, "Angelo has been hiding out in the woods. We buried him alive. He survived his wounds and has been hiding out in the woods. He discovered something amazing Belle. It will help us protect our family from the threats we have been facing." Julian explained as they continued deep into the woods. He was walking slowly to preserve his energy, as he was not nearly as strong as a vampire. With the cloaking spell lifted, Klaude carefully examined Mirabelle, ready to use magic to detain her if she grew suspicious. They wouldn't have a lot of time to restrain her, so he had to keep his guard up. A witch fighting a vampire was very dangerous, even if there were two against one. They had to be cautious, even when she was in this state.

When they arrived at the stone slabs, Rosalie was chained down, and Mirabelle was torn from Julian's arms. Julian then held Klaude, who attempted to lunge forward to rescue his sister, now painfully aware of what was going on. Mirabelle was going to be placed in Rosalie's body, initially killing his sister, even if her body would continue to live on. He began screaming, but Julian put him in a chokehold, and Klaude soon fell limp, Julian releasing his unconscious body letting it roughly collide with the ground. Luciana forced Mirabelle's mouth open with the wave of her hand, magic prying it open whether she liked it or not, and she poured garlic extract down the vampire's throat to keep her weak. Several men helped chain Mirabelle to the vacant slab next to Rosalie who was bawling. The girl was quite young, no older than Mirabelle herself when she became a vampire. The young witch begged and pleaded to be set free, but was ignored by all. The moon became visible as the clouds shifted, lighting the area around them, and Luciana immediately stood over Mirabelle and Rosalie, placing one pale hand on each of their heads. She began chanting in an old language, far older than even Mirabelle and her siblings, and Mirabelle would soon feel her soul being ripped from her body and toward Rosalie's in an agonizingly slow manner. The young witch let out a blood-curdling scream as the chanting began, and the small coven began chanting with Luciana as if they had not heard the pained cries.

Julian released his glamor, no longer resembling Reiji at all, smirking as the spell began to work, "Nothing personal, darling." Julian chuckled at Mirabelle as the spell continued to tear her from her immortal body, albeit a lot quicker now that the entire coven was chanting alongside Luciana. Julian began chanting with the rest of the coven as well, and the moon suddenly began to turn pink. Once the entire moon was bright pink Rosalie's body began to glow as her soul left her body. Rosalie's soul dissolved as it exited her body, the glow dying and Rosalie's body now vacant for Mirabelle's soul to possess.

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#, as written by MaeMae
When the ground suddenly fell from underneath her, Mirabelle flailed until she realized it was Rei who was holding her. It was his voice that calmed her, but it also made her eyebrows draw together in confusion.


She did however relax herself in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, one of her hands coming to behind his head. Her slender fingers laced into Julian’s hair, slowing playing with the soft locks. She was mesmerized for a moment because she could feel the way they felt on her finger tips. It was still a dull feeling, but her imagination took off. Instinctively, she shifted her weight against him and brought her face to his neck, touching her nose to his skin. Breath filled her lungs slowly while she played in his hair, waiting for his scent to invade her senses.

But it didn’t. There was no ache in her fangs, no lightness in her head. Nothing. The vampire drew back to look at his face and her fingers came around to touch his cheek. It was his face, but it wasn’t him. It couldn’t be.

What was it that she smoked? Maybe it was her body telling her to move on when he picked Tanzy…

But then why was he here? How did he find…


The woods aren't safe.

Mirabelle squirmed in his arms, only to feel him tighten around her. Julian never left her down, but moved closer; close enough for Mirabelle to reach out and grasp at the shirt of the man claiming to be Angelo. She yanked him in close, slightly confused on how easily he came with her strength, but she was quickly distracted by the male. Her fingers came up to touch his face and then the tears started gathering in her eyes, blood collecting in the corners.

The woods aren't safe Mirabelle. You need to leave.

“Angelo…” She whispered in awe, trying to reach around to hug him, only to find that Julian side stepped and pulled her away from reach. She went to protest, only falling silent to listen to Rei talk again.

“Cassie was right in your nickname.. you really are an angel…” She murmured, resting her chin on Julian’s shoulder, staring past to gaze at Klaude. She began to hear sounds from other sources, but the drunk she was still feeling and the astonishment that she was starting at her late brother kept her distracted.

Mirabelle move! The woods aren't safe.

“Rei!” She screamed as he left her grasp, reaching for him, only to see him move away from her and grasp her brother.

“Reiji! Stop it!! STOP IT!” She cried out, struggling against whatever it was that was holding her in place. With her mouth forced open, she screamed again, the screams quickly turning to gurgles and a coughing fit. Tears now flowed freely down her cheeks, staining her gown.

“Rei! Make them stop.. please .. make them stop.” Her words burned her throat as they fell on deaf ears. She struggled roughly against the chains, the stone scraping away her skin. She managed a strike at one of the males, his skin gathering under her nails as she clawed it away from his face. That was met with the tightening of the chain, her shoulder burning as tried to keep her arm in its socket.

These should break. I’m stronger than they are.. Why can’t I get out.. Rei?

Her struggling depleted her energy quickly, and she had no strength left by the time the woman touched her. Her body trembled uncontrollably and even through the pain that started with the ritual, it wasn’t until she saw Reiji drift away to be replaced by someone else when the uncontrollable sobs broke through her chest.

I’m alone. There’s no one here to save me.. No one ever is..

Mirabelle had no strength to fight any longer, no strength to scream from the pain. It was when the darkness started to drift into her vision when she found a new wave of energy, but even then there was nothing left.

“No, no, no, no… Not again… Please.. Rei, where are you? Deme.. anyone…” Her toes curled against the stone, her heels digging in as she pushed one last time against her restraints in a pathetic effort. The darkness came quicker now, her voice hoarse and silent. She grew still and wished death would come just a little bit quicker. Anything to keep her from the hell she grew up in.

I’m sorry Rei… I’m sorry.

Nothing is more common on earth than to deceive and be deceived. —Johann G. Seume

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"So that's who you sent the letter and money to...hmph. Never told me you had a lover."

While she hoped he did not catch her mention of the boy she used to live close to before moving to Castillo de la Muerte, she knew his hearing was far superior to that of a normal man. Anise's body almost immediately tensed when he mentioned Derrek, but her eyes widened in shock when he referred to him as her lover, "I-It.... It was never like that... He was always asking me, but I never acknowledged him..." She explained, feeling incredibly nervous. His annoyed attitude made her aware that he was not pleased, but she wasn't sure why he was so irritated. It wasn't like she begged him to save her... She only wanted to send him money to better his life. She didn't see a reason why he would have to suffer in poverty. It wasn't like she needed her own pay.. She would never leave the castle. Anise was well aware that she would die there. She accepted that, but she wanted to make a difference in someone's life, and Derrek was the only human alive that treated her decently. Considering his growing attitude, she tried to explain everything a bit better. She wasn't sure why talking about Derrek put him in a bad mood, but she had to make it clear that they were never lovers, that was an embarrassing misunderstanding she couldn't let continue, "I wasn't aware that you'd want to know about my past... Well.. He was really mean to me when we were children so I always acted like I hated him, even the day I was forced to come here, I completely ignored him..." Anise stated softly plucking leaves from her hair. She ran her slender, pale fingers through the ebony locks, making sure that nothing was left inside of them.

"Stupid git isn't doing a good job trying to find you. What kind of man doesn't go looking for his woman if she goes missing?"

"Find me..? I'm not foolish enough to think anyone can rescue me. I'm glad he never got a radical idea like that either.. he'd surely be dead. He's married now. Managed to raise his station, or so I've heard at least. His woman..? I-I never have been his!" She responded, smiling warmly, showing just how happy she was for her friend back home. Though Bishop calling her Derrek's woman immediately brought on a nervous feeling in her stomach. She wasn't entirely sure why she was so quick to deny Derrek, but she felt obligated to explain that there was never anything between them besides Derrek's numerous failed attempts to court her. Anise didn't expect him to come looking for her, he'd be killed for sure, "As I said, we were only childhood friends." She replied with a small sigh of her own. She never could imagine marrying Derrek, not even now. He was just... Far too bright and happy, there was no way she could have been with someone like that. She only would have brought him down with her worries and concerns, "I-I don't have a lover! I-I've never even kissed anyone before!" She stated with her hands up in front of her chest defensively, frantically denying his assumptions. Besides, what would it even matter? She had a duty to the castle and she would never be able to raise a family. She gave up such dreams a long time ago. It took her a moment to realize what she had just confessed in her flustered state, but Anise's entire face practically steamed from the heat of her blush when she caught on to what she accidentally revealed to him. H-How could I admit something so embarrassing!? She screamed at herself mentally, her heart pounding loud and nervously in her chest as she fretted.

"Do I honestly look like I give a damn?"

Anise stated for a moment, before shaking her head no. She knew what kind of lord that Bishop was, but she knew it would only anger Reiji and the plethora of rich and entitled women that believed it was their God given right to dance with Bishop. She was a simple maid, cut up and bruised. She was like some stray tabby cat in the eyes of everyone else, something dirty to be thrown out else it might sicken those whom he forces to gaze upon it, "It's just... Won't it hurt your family's reputation..? Isn't a lord meant to dance with the duchesses and ladies first and foremost...?" Anise was extremely flattered that he wanted to dance with her, but she did not want to see the family fighting anymore. There was enough chaos without her involvement.

"Besides, if it's gonna bother you that much, a quick trip to the powder room will take care of wiping off any dirt or whatever. And just let your hair down naturally, it's fine as it is. And if you must, just borrow some shoes from your obsessive friend, who I'm sure is also anxious to see you."

As he spoke of cleaning herself up, Anise gazed upon her hands, biting her bottom lip as she saw the scratches and the blood. Her feet and legs were even worse. All she could think about was the vampires in the ballroom. Wouldn't they smell her wounds? It immediately made her shiver, unable to accept that some strange vampire in the crowd of people might try to feed from her as Reiji had done. She did not want to risk exposing the Santiago family's secret, "Isn't it dangerous...? I'm still bleeding and there are... I do not wish to stir the guests..." The mere thought of someone she didn't know sinking their fangs into her throat made her turn pale, and made her stomach wrench in an agonizing and sickening manner. She choked on her words, completely frightened of the unknown vampires. She wasn't entirely at ease even when Bishop fed from her, but anyone else left her absolutely sick. However, Anise was quickly torn from her worries when she felt her entire face returning to it's cherry red shade as his face grew closer to her own. Anise's entire body shrank into itself in a shy response, appearing as small and non-threatening as possible. She wasn't sure what he was trying to do, but it definitely received the desired response.

"Why, are you trying to say I can't have a dance with the partner of my choice on Valentines day of all things?"

The sensation of her heart thumping kept Anise painfully aware that this was actually happening, her heart practically leaping from her chest at his words. He was so close and she wasn't sure what to say, "I... I never said anything like that... I haven't danced with a partner before..." She gazed to the ground, shuffling her bare feet along the grass as she tried to compose herself. The cool breeze soothed the pain she felt from the deeper cuts she had on the bottom of her feet, thorns having torn and demolished the skin there. However moving made the stinging much worse, so she dared not pry herself out of Bishop's hold, both out of respect for his status and to avoid the pain she was doing her best to conceal. She didn't want to worry him any further, but also she didn't want him to know just how much effort she had put into her escape. She didn't even know she could run that fast until now, "I'm sure I can walk now mi'lord..." she stated in a soft and flustered tone, suggesting it more than anything. The last thing she wanted was to be the source of controversy.

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Jane could feel her stomach twist and turn in anxious nervousness. Had she done the right thing? Had she done what was horrible and cruel for naught? She saw Demetri reenter the room and ducked her head as she saw his direction. She hoped he was merely passing her by for another girl. Only a little while ago she would have longed to be looked at by him as he was now, but it would require her to have no guilt as she did. She felt her breathing stop as he ceased walking right in front of her.

”It’s a pity to waste away over here. Dance with me, Jane?” Demetri asked. Jane didn’t look up as she thought over his words, repeating them in her head. She couldn’t believe he was asking her to dance with him when he hardly knew what she had done to his family. What she had done to save someone. ”You wouldn’t leave a man hanging, would you?” Demetri added. Jane smiled very slightly at that. Looking up finally beneath shy lashes, Jane begins to reach out her hand to accept his. She felt a flourish of something in her chest, as if she had a hope of finding someone maybe who would accept her with the faults she made in her clumsy state of being.


Ashlyn felt her head growing more and more painful as she looked around the ballroom. A servant approached her with another glass of wine which she waved away but had forced into her hand anyway. Looking at the red liquid, she frowned slightly. The server stood unmoving beside her. After she seemed to look at the glass a second or so more than normal the server whisked the glass away as if she had never wanted it to begin with leaving Ashlyn looking after him in confusion. Shaking her head, she looked around the floor for the red headed sibling she had been wanting to talk to for some time.

She spotted him as he made his way towards the cute little maid that seemed to belong to Mirabelle. Ashlyn moved towards him somewhat slowly. She felt bad about cutting him off from the dance but needed to talk to Demetri about the reason she was there. Her sister was coming and Ashlyn didn’t know when, but only Demetri would truly listen to her and perhaps take heed of her warning. Reiji was much too unwilling to listen to her, Bishop would downright ignore her or yell at her, and she hadn’t seen Castiel at all yet. Jane reached out to touch Demetri’s shoulder just as Jane was about to take Demetri’s hand.

”Demetri, I’m sorry to interrupt. But we need to talk about… About someone.” Ashlyn did her best to keep her eyes focused on Demetri but could feel her head pounding. ”I don’t think it can wait either.” She felt bad about stealing Demetri from Jane, but felt she needed to for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the wine, but Ashlyn wasn’t sure. She beckoned for Demetri to follow as she walked into a corridor where she knew they would’t be bothered.

When he arrived, she leaned against the wall, allowing her hand to hold her head as if it would help. ”I only came back to your family because I care about them regardless of what Reiji says. My sister has something planned and she’ll be coming. I don’t know when though. The family needs to… Needs to be prepared.” Ashlyn stated as she tried to find the proper words she was looking for. She wondered why her head seemed to be going in it’s own direction without her typical thinking through.

”Demetri, something is wrong. I have a bad feeling about what has been happening around Castillo de la Muerte. That maid… Anise. She was poisoned by something very powerful that I have felt the effects of multiple…”
Ashlyn paused as her thoughts caught up to her words. She had been poisoned before. Hadn’t it felt something like this? It was different than what Anise had experienced since Ash’s blood was different being supernatural. The poison was weaker on her in regards to the effects it had, but worked quickly and efficiently in large doses. Ashlyn shook off the thoughts, wondering where she could have possibly been poisoned when she hadn’t been alone to have had it happen. ”My sister loved using poisons such as that. And who could have done it but someone from inside the household? I don’t mean to accuse, but it’s all becoming too serious with what is coming and I think you all need to be more cautious.” Ashlyn finally found the words she was searching for, nodding her own approval at what she said as she finally managed to speak properly. ”I feel odd..” she says simply as an explanation for her odd behavior.


Jane looks on as Demetri leaves with Ashlyn, letting her hand fall as he goes. The flourish in her chest evaporates and she leaves the castle in hopes the fresh air would keep her eyes from stinging with tears. As she leaves the castle, she watches as someone who looks just like Reiji grab Mirabelle before becoming unclear to Jane’s eyes. Jane, nervous and uncertain about what was happening, trailed along. She knew tonight was the night of something. She thought it might be that she would receive another letter from her brother in regards to his health, delivered by a beautiful witch who stated she wanted nothing more but to connect Jane with her brother.

As Jane follows, she stumbles along in the forest clumsily. Her dress rips and thorns and tree branches tear at her arms and hair. She gasps in pain as she trips and falls over a tree root she had not seen. Taking a deep breath, she moves to stand but find herself surrounded. Rough looking men grab at her arms and pull her along as she struggles, unable to make an audible noise in her fear. Her breathing becoming more and more rapid before she is finally before the beautiful witch who had been connecting her with her brother. She looked at the witch in hopes that the woman would help her from the men. The witch made no moves and that was when Jane noticed Mirabelle in chains not too far away. Jane choked back a sob as she felt her knees give out.

Jane shrinks away as the witch approaches giving Jane a look of disgust before tossing a slightly crumbled letter to Jane. Jane looks at it fearfully before reaching for it and opening the letter. In the light of the moon, she reads it with her heart heavy and her eyes finally releasing the tears she had tried so hard to hold back. She felt the arms grab her again and instead of resisting, allowed the strong men to carry her away as she sobbed, clutching the letter tightly to her chest.


Jason danced across the floor with a rather pretty girl with light hair and green eyes. She was a vampire who had asked him to dance. He only knew she was a vampire because of the flash of her teeth she had shown him by accident or on purpose, he wasn’t sure. They were graceful as they moved and Jason allowed himself to enjoy the moment as he moved with her. She was beautiful and he felt that he wasn’t who he was for a moment with all of his mistakes and problems. They paused as the dance changed from the slow rhythmic waltz to a more upbeat, fast dance which caused it's dancers to move across the floor in a rapid pattern of color and joy.


Jane’s eyes fluttered open as she finally regained consciousness again. She felt no pain but wondered briefly why her chest hurt and her face was wet with tears. She looked down to the blood splattered letter in her hand and remembered. He was gone. She wondered if the blood was his. Jane looked around her to see she was in the barn. She liked horses, she felt a small comfort in knowing she wouldn’t be alone as she sat there for whatever reason she was there. She allowed her eyes to wander around the barn as she began to sing an old lullaby her brother had once taught her, wondering why she didn’t feel like crying over his death at the moment.

A pitchfork sat beside Jane, bloodied almost halfway along the tines. Jane had four large holds through her stomach. A pool of blood was developing beneath her body and on her dress revealing the deathly situation Jane was in. The letter splattered with Jane’s own blood reads:
Dear Jane, your brother has lost his long standing battle with the disease he has been suffering from. The medicine that was paid for by you going away did not have the effect the physicians desired and he has passed. I am sorry for your loss and with much care, Joseph Randolph ~ Mortician

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#, as written by Stiles

Reiji closed his eyes as he led their dance, enjoying the song immensely. Music was one of his family's passions. It was one thing that he and Castiel both enjoyed and they often would play instruments together as children. Playing Music was one of the only times he could get along with his older brother, it was a cease-fire of sorts, and Reiji's love for music has weathered time despite all odds. He knew that a variety of young women were gawking. He knew that they wanted to be in his arms, but that only made them less interesting. He was well aware that Tanzy would likely not dance with him if she did not have a social obligation to. If he did not have leverage and power she would likely not give him the time of day considering his often sadistic and enigmatic personality.

At the sound of the soft noise that escaped Tanzy's lips Reiji's eyes sparkled with micheif. That's a sound I wouldn't mind hearing more of. Reiji thought to himself in a smug manner, smirking down at Tanzy, but it shifted to a simply amused grin. He felt accomplished, to say the least, finding that he rather enjoyed that pink shade on her cheeks. If they had been alone, he might have tried even harder to make that shade of pink turn a more pleasant color. Vibrant red? A dark crimson perhaps? The spin was executed without any missteps, many in the crowd clapping at the elegant display between Reiji and his maid.

"Ah! N-no sire! The suit is perfect."

"You wound me. Here I was fairly certain that I was not that unpalatable..." Reiji chuckled, well aware of his own aesthetics. He leaned in once more, softly sighing against her neck, taking a deep breath to allow himself to enjoy her scent, his slender nose grazing her skin as he enjoyed her aroma. Their bodies were extremely close for a few moments, but he continued to lead the dance, not needing to even look up to know where his feet needed to take him, "Since you aided me in dressing yesterday, what is it about my naked body that you find detestable?" Reiji inquired, doing his best to put the maid on the spot, but also to return the image of his bare chest to her mind.

"Of course sire... Pardon me for thinking you'd be otherwise..."

As she continued on the topic he was desperately trying to avoid, for the time being, Reiji sighed a bit before removing himself from her immediate vicinity, but not releasing her entirely, the dance was not over after all. His crimson eyes gazed down at her, as he was taller than her, even when she was in heels, "Anger does not always have to be expressed, love. Shush now, and I might brush it under the rug. All this talk is working up my 'appetite' again..." His fangs briefly flashed as he mentioned his appetite, which he had only satiated moments ago. However, his fangs so close to Tanzy's throat just moments ago had tempted him to take a taste, but he could not do so in front of so many witnesses. Now his gums ached, and he was dancing with his maid who would not relax. If he were to punish her for every time she made him a little angry he would get nothing done. Did she really believe that he never let a minor annoyance slide by unaccounted for? He gazed down at her, winking before he continued speaking, "Just enjoy the music. Can you do that, darling?" Reiji asked, tilting his head slightly with his dark brow arching a bit. He did not wish to draw attention in a negative manner, and he knew that the unfamiliar vampires in the room would be able to sense fluctuations in Tanzy's mood whether it be fear, lust, nervousness, or any other emotion he was putting her through. He did not wish for anyone watching to see her so emotionally torn up.

"O-of course! I wouldn't dare do such a thing in front of prying eyes! I couldn't!"

"Ooh.. Is that so?" He dragged out the 'o' for a while, chuckling shortly after. The mischief in his eyes was almost tangible as he gazed upon her, suddenly dipping her towards the ground again, his hand supporting the small of her back. He was having fun teasing her, but his next reply would surely put the cherry on top of all his other attempts. He leaned in briefly to whisper in her ear, "Not even if I promised to raise your brother's stations if you did? Found your sisters bonafide suitors..? Everyone becomes brazen if you know what to say.. you just have to find the button that motivates them and push it..." Reiji whispered tauntingly, letting his breath tickle her ear as he spoke his words in a seductive and calculated manner. As he straightened out his form, Reiji's fingers slightly squeezing her, tugging her closer to his body possessively, not taking no for an answer. All of those emotions he put her through, he needed to make it clear to the other vampires in the room that this one was HIS human. He'd pry the fangs out from any slimy vampire that dared touch her. He glared at any vampire that even parted their lips if their eyes were in the rose haired woman's direction. He was starting to understand why Bishop had been so angry with him over Anise. Perhaps...I've been approaching these matters all wrong. Reiji thought to himself, trying to ignore the pulsing in his gums that begged for him to take a bite of Tanzy. He wouldn't dare ruin their beautiful dance just yet. He'd have a chance to whisk her away for a small taste later on.. The night was young. He would have plenty of time for his desires, for now, he wanted to show her off, but at the same time allow her to feel beautiful. She had been tucked away from all eyes for a majority of the year. For one night, others would see the beauty that Reiji preferred to keep all to himself.

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Bishop Santiago

Bishop glanced down at the human in his arms, not expecting to hear such a vehement denial of being in any sort of meaningful relationship with the so called Derek fellow. While it was pleasing to hear her deny having feelings for the human, the vampire lord wondered if she wasn't just trying to protect him. Her nervous combing of her ebony locks, coupled with the soft voice explaining how she treated her childhood friend, made Bishop frown. Why was she so fidgety around him? Sure, some anxiety was amusing, and seeing his maid flustered was entertaining, but he hated the thought that she might actually fear him. How many times did he have to assure her she was safe with him? It was more than just mildly frustrating.

Not to mention, obviously his little Anise cared enough about this Derek fellow to send correspondence and money. Not exactly the actions of someone who hated another. That, coupled with her warm, thoughtful smile earned an agitated twitch. Whatever this feeling was, he didn't care for it. Jealousy began to burn, but it would be a cold day in hell before he'd acknowledge the feeling for what it was. Instead, he scowled at her even as she sighed, her nostalgia far more irksome than he'd like to admit. She should be looking at HIM with that warm smile. "Childhood friends huh? Still a pathetic excuse of a man to not be concerned about his friend enough to at least try to find out what happened. Besides, he obviously liked you more than a friend." he retorted a little harsher than he had intended. Bishop clenched his jaw tightly, feeling her anxiety as well as hearing her heartbeat fluctuate accordingly to said anxiety. He glanced away from her with what could only be properly categorized as a pout. An angry one, but a pout none the less.

What brought him from his bitter and brooding thoughts was Anise's revelation that she had never been with a man, nor had she even shared a first kiss. That got his attention.

Eyes fixing upon the young woman once more, the redhead's initial look of surprise soon morphed into a pleased and slightly mischievous smirk. Her realization of what she had just confessed nearly elicited a chuckle, her flushed cheeks a rewarding sight to behold. Cute. "Is that so...?" he mused thoughtfully, about to continue probing into this most interesting confession, only to be interrupted by her silly concerns. Was she really that afraid of social constructs, or did she dislike the idea of dancing with him that much? The only logical point she made was the reaction of the vampires in attendance.

"None of them would be stupid enough to reveal what they are in a room full of people, and only the prick is foolish enough to drink from someone who is clearly the human of another. Besides, it's easy enough to remedy your wounds. Take a drink of my blood, or I can wash you up in a more traditional sense..." Bishop reasoned, the sound of clapping reaching his sensitive ears. Someone was the center of attention on the dance floor it would seem- most likely Demetri with his charms and skillful dancing if he were to guess. His twin always got at least one ovation during these types of parties.

Bishop found himself scowling once more at the thought of dancing with the simpering idiots inside his home. None of those women wanted him for him. They wanted what he was, what he could offer them. They were bred to be pretty, poised, pleasing, and all of them were as fragile as they were entitled. "Again, do I give a damn? There is no rule that says I must dance with them. The norm may be to socialize, but I have no interest in dealing with simpering idiots all night. Our reputation will survive me not dancing with them. Angelo would usually hide from these events, at least I bother to attend." Bishop paused, going silent in a moment of remembrance for his elder sibling. The quiet brother would always have to be dragged out, and he would often be the one to help Demetri entice the older vampire out into the public. Those were good times...

Shaking away his nostalgia, Bishop huffed at the idea of dancing with the noble ladies once more. "They don't care about me, why the hell should I care about them?" he muttered irritably, only to reach the entrance of the castle. Debating a moment, he finally relented and gently placed Anise on her feet, but he made no move to let her go. One arm was laced around her middle, keeping her at his side. With his free hand, Bishop reached out, tilting Anise's chin up with his thumb and forefinger so she had to meet his gaze. "Why does it bother you so? Are you really that opposed to a single dance with me? Do you find me repulsive?" he asked, eyes boring intently into hers for a few long seconds before pulling back ever so slightly- still keeping her close and her chin in his hand.

It took a few deep breaths to calm him down, the vampire lord replaying her most interesting confession in his mind. That's right, he never did address that little gold nugget of information, did he? The corner of his lips twitched in the beginnings of an amused smirk.

"Back to your most intriguing have never been with a man? Truly? None has touched these lips of yours..." Bishop's voice lowered to a sultry tone, releasing her chin and slowly tracing her lips with the pad of his finger. Looking down at his human, Bishop felt an increasing desire to drink from that pretty neck of hers. What else could he do to make her cheeks flush such a fair pink once more? What else would make her cling to him and allow herself to not resist his hold?

The redhead licked his lips, leaning close to her neck and allowing his breath to caress her skin from a mere inch away. Feeling rather bold and mischievous, he flicked his tongue out to taste her fair skin, right where the blood pulsed in her neck. A bit of a mistake, as his fangs only ached all the more, but he resisted the urge. "Tell me, how would you feel if I decided I wanted to have a taste of your lips? If I wanted to be the one to steal your first kiss?" he purred, eager to see how she'd respond.

Tanzy McNeal

Tanzy dared to glance up as her master continued to lead her in the dance, the music pleasing to her ears and not unduly difficult to move with. For a moment, Reiji seemed calm and peaceful, neither his smirk nor his teasing grin evident upon his features. She almost found herself lost in her own little world, just looking up at the contented look upon her usually intimidating master, surrounded by beautiful music and actually dancing like a noble lady. The applause further added to the fantastical feeling, amazed people would actually be clapping for her. Well, Reiji deserved most of the credit for being a perfect lead, but it was reassuring to know she wasn't screwing up too bad- that she was passing as at the very least an adequate partner.
She allowed her gaze to remain on the vampire's face, relaxing slightly as she marveled at his - dare she say- happy expression? It was a nice look on him to be sure...

Soon enough, he was grinning at her again, and Tanzy's heart began to pound furiously in embarrassment. She knew her cheeks were beginning to heat up again, nearly stumbling and letting out another squeak- though she caught it just in time. She never got a chance to reply to his teasing before she felt his skin just grazing her neck along with his breath. Her voice caught in her throat, cheeks burning a cherry red. This time she had to bite her lip to hold back a mortified squeak, suddenly remembering her utterly embarrassing situation the day before. Why oh why was she thinking about his looks?! "I-I never meant that m'lord!" she managed to say, shaking her head to emphasize she wasn't suggesting he was not the ideal specimen. Even though she was fairly certain he was still just screwing with her, she didn't want him to misunderstand her.

Tanzy got little chance to try and explain herself or avoid further abashment, Reiji releasing his hold slightly and letting out a sigh. She immediately stiffened slightly, wondering if she had crossed a line or upset him. Instead of a warning or a calm scolding as she expected, he urged her to not dwell on her mistakes of the evening, and he would let it go without incident. His only warning was that she might risk his fangs by stirring him up. Before she could sink into darker thoughts and mull over her friend's bite, her partner flashed her a wink, prompting her to go back to enjoying the music. Already flustered and swimming in a whirlwind of emotions, she simply nodded mutely. The sudden dip was less of a shock the second time around, but it was no less effective at making her cheeks heat up at the closeness, and the feel of him cradling her body with his arm.

Soon enough, Reiji's amused gaze was back on her, and Tanzy felt her heart skip at the sudden tickle of his breath on her ear, a perplexed look crossing her features. So he wanted a kiss, not in public, but would seek to improve her family's stations in exchange would she be bold enough to kiss him out in the open? She flushed at his chuckle, trying to ponder his intentions. His tone further messed with her, his sultry voice eliciting a shiver as it tickled her sensitive ear. The maid could practically feel the heat in her cheeks as he pulled her close once more. Tanzy glanced up at Reiji, searching for his meaning. "But you said...I mean, you don't want me to be brazen, surely? That would be too scandalous." she asked tentatively, tilting her head slightly in a question.

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When his request to dance was intercepted, Demetri let out a groan. He knew exactly whom the hand belonged to just by her scent. Demetri frowned at Ashyln, peering at her over his shoulder. His expression was that of a child whom was kept from playing outside, a very annoyed pout. Demetri's favorite hobby was to spend time with women, but he did not quite deem Ash as such. She had once been involved with Reiji, therefore she was off limits in his eyes.

”Demetri, I’m sorry to interrupt. But we need to talk about… About someone.”

Another groan escaped Demetri's lips. He knew who 'someone' was, there was only one someone that the Santiago family had in common with Ashlyn Locksley. The only woman he deemed as less female than Ashlyn. Luciana, Ashlyn's older sister. With a sigh of defeat, Demetri shot Jane an apologetic glance, "Save me a dance, okay dove? I won't be long." Demetri assured her, a smirk forming on his lips. He looked forward to showing her how a lady was to be treated, and hopefully, just hopefully he would be able to convince her to NEVER wear trousers again. He enjoyed her in dresses far more anyhow.

”I don’t think it can wait either.”

The pounding of Ashlyn's heart reminded Demetri of the urgency, so he lowered his head, ruffling his curly red locks of hair as he followed behind. He leaned against the wall next to Ashlyn when she choose a desolate corridor. Normally, under these circumstances Demetri would have felt rather excited and frisky, but this was Ash. He felt nothing amorous towards her. She was like family, sort of. Perhaps at one time that may have been true... but so much had happened that their bond had been severed many years ago. Just looking at her brought back so many painful memories he wished to forget.

”I only came back to your family because I care about them regardless of what Reiji says. My sister has something planned and she’ll be coming. I don’t know when though. The family needs to… Needs to be prepared.”

Realizing she was feeling less than perfect, Demetri removed Ashlyn's hand from her head, kicking off from the wall so that he stood in front of her. He replaced her hand with her's, checking for a fever. He couldn't tell, given his hand was several degrees cooler than any human's, but at the worst the slight coldness of his skin might relieve whatever was ailing her? He was not sure, as Demetri had never taken care of a sick human before.

”Demetri, something is wrong. I have a bad feeling about what has been happening around Castillo de la Muerte. That maid… Anise. She was poisoned by something very powerful that I have felt the effects of multiple… My sister loved using poisons such as that. And who could have done it but someone from inside the household? I don’t mean to accuse, but it’s all becoming too serious with what is coming and I think you all need to be more cautious.”

Demetri cursed under his breath. It was obvious. How did the enemy manage to infiltrate without the Santiago family knowing? Witches had a distinctive taste to them, their blood was sweeter than human blood, and it gave exponentially stronger benefits to the vampire drinking it. It was preferred by many, but far more difficult to obtain as most witches could sense a vampire before they could get close and their magic was an excellent defense. One did not feed from a witch often.

”I feel odd..”

With a shake of his head, Demetri wasted no time in responding. The red head gently scooped Ashlyn into his arms, carrying her like a princess toward the drawing room. He kicked the door open, and effortlessly took her to the longest sofa, laying her down. He brushed strands of hair out of her face with a gentle smile, "I will check on the maids and butlers to see who is acting suspicious. Try to rest. After I handle the traitor, I will have Reiji whip you up a cure in no time. Sit tight, Ash. I'll see you soon." Demetri grinned, winking down at her in attempt to assure her that everything will be fine. However, in his gut, Demetri had a feeling that he was lying to her. Something terrible was going to happen, he just did not know what. The red head shut the door, giving Ashlyn much needed quiet and privacy, but he never would have guessed Ashlyn wouldn't be safe there for long.

He zoomed off, back to the ballroom noting that Jason just finished a dance. He knew that Camilla was sick in bed, Anise was out with his twin brother, Tanzy dancing with Reiji.. The only person unaccounted for was Jane and Mirabelle. Without and leads to go on, he decided to check the one place he knew that Jane loved, but first he approached Jason, "Keep an eye out. Something fishy is going on, and I swear I will rip apart whomever is responsible. Keep an eye out for the others if things go South." Demetri warned before letting out a feral growl as he continued on his way...

Once out of sight of any of the guests, Demetri slipped out of a window through the downstairs library, heading straight for the stables. As he grew close, he caught a faint whiff of blood. As it was far beyond the castle, near the woods you had to be right up on the building to sense it. Demetri stepped inside, only for his worst expectations to be proven correct. As he approached, his eyes landed on the blood stained letter. Demetri knelt down, reading it from his position. "Tell me you weren't involved in Anise's poisoning..." Demetri spoke in a broken tone, caressing Jane's cheek. At this point, he could not save her even with his blood. It would turn her into a vampire and he was unwilling to do such a thing. He would not create another like himself. He refused. While he did not have the same love for her as he had for Katerina, he had become quite attached to Jane. If she had been the traitor, he wasn't sure he would be able to keep his cool. He'd kill every one of their enemies if he had to. As the girl died, Demetri gently kissed her cheek. Though when he left Jane's body and made his way outside, he was attacked. He felt as though his brain was being contorted inside of his skull, and blood poured from his ears. He nearly fell to his knees from the pain, but Demetri managed to stumble forward and clasped his hand around the throat of one of the witches. Without warning, he squeezed the girl's neck within his hand, crushing her windpipe in the process. He dropped her as she struggled for air, dying on the ground. The other two managed to subdue him however, Demetri falling to his knees, eventually passing out from blood loss. ...I fucking hate witches... The two remaining witches dragged him off, thankfully they were both men or they wouldn't have gotten very far. They managed to avoid crossing paths with Bishop and Anise, the sound of the festivities cloaking the violence that took place.

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#, as written by MaeMae
Mirabelle stirred with a light groan. She quickly realized that she couldn't move freely, which caused a light panic. As she tried to pull away the grip got tighter, though it was accompanied by a familiar voice.

"Shh, Belle. Relax, you're okay." The whisper against her ear caused goosebumps to cover her skin and her eyes to flutter open. She looked to her right to find Reiji there, and then she quickly looked to her left to find that they were in her room. Julian was never able to make it into Reiji's room so he would have never been able to make the glamour believable. Mirabelle's room on the other hand... well the silly girl never did remember to keep her window locked.

"It was just another nightmare. You're safe." There was his voice again. As if to make sure he was telling the truth, she reached beside her and grabbed a handful of the blankets. To anyone who would have stumbled upon them, it would look like Mirabelle was grabbing onto stone. With false satisfaction, the new witch relaxed and obediently curled right up into his side. That was enough to make Julian's smirk widen, but he carefully hid his expression in the girl's hair. Stupid vampire was so helplessly in love with her brother, she never even questioned why he was there.

"Why are you here? What happened to the party? ...My body hurts."

Damn."You had a lot to drink last night. When I found you in the lawn asleep, I brought you up here to rest. I was afraid that what ever you had would make you sick, so I decided to stay. I hope that was okay." The tone in Julian voice was enough to make him mentally gag, but he played his part well. His whole end game was to make the girl comfortable enough to open up to him (which he doubted would take long). Strong fingers with a gentle touch trailed up from her collar bone to the center of her chest where the collar bones met. His touch lingered in the hollow for a moment before it went right up along her throat, across her lips where he paused, just before moving to the tip of her nose. Following the line of her nose, he ran his touch across her eye brow and then down to her ear. He traced her ear for just a moment, tugging softly on her earlobe before his fingers roughly slid into her hair and he brought her face to his, connecting his lips with hers. He waited long enough to finally get his kiss from Rosalie.

They were much softer than he expected, but as sweet as he believed Rosalie's lips would have been. If only Klaude could see him now, then the bastard would regret keeping Julian away from her. She was such a little tease and always out of reach, feigning purity and innocence. Now he was going to claim her body, and Mirabelle was going to willingly let him do it.

The way that Rei touched her made her melt into his arms, pressing closer to his chest. She remembered the way that he surrounded her right before they had the ball, and she longed for that again. Something was different now; she didn't feel protected. Mirabelle passed that off as the lasting affects of what ever she had that night and submitted herself to him. The tug in her hair caused her body to dutifully arch right up against his, giving herself willingly into the kiss, only for a moment before she pulled away. Taking a second to catch her breath, her fingers splayed out across Julian's chest and she pushed him back enough so that she could see his face.

"What are you doing? What about what you said to me? Rei, you don't love me like that - it's okay, I understand- so why are you here?"

Fuck. "Please Belle, just let me have this." His voice hoarse, he brought his features into a small frown mustering the most innocent look he could, which happened to be far more difficult than he thought it would be. It must have worked, because she turned right into him and pressed her lips willingly against his. Julian couldn't hide his smirk, so he grabbed another handful of her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her body to arch once more. He brought his knee up between her legs where he shifted her entire body up, giving him room to press his face into the crook of her neck. He took a deep breath in, groaning deeply against her ear.

"I always imagined you would smell like this." That statement was answered by a confused 'hm?' so he quickly distracted her with another kiss, a deeper one this time. He pulled his lips back and brought his teeth forward, catching at her bottom lip. He was gentle at first but then he quickly bit down hard enough to draw blood. Julian wasn't looking for the red liquid that left a metallic taste on his tongue; he was looking for that small whimper of pain that left the girl's lips. That sound alone was enough to excite him.

Julian slowly rolled over her, pinning her down to the stone though she believed they were still in bed. "I still don't under-" Her words were cut off with a groan as he nipped and licked his way down, his hand roaming in places she shouldn't have let him. Deft fingers made quick work of her blouse and suddenly his face was between her breasts, his breath hot against her skin. That tongue - that same one that touched her face just the day before was now exploring the rest of her. She tangled her fingers in his hair and quietly begged him for more.

Control yourself. Julian raked his nails over her ribs, looking for the soft whimper again before he followed it with his tongue, soothing her pain. He could feel her body twist against his, causing him to growl against the side of her breast.

"Belle... I need your permission. Let me continue." He paused to glance at her and when he was only followed her silence, he grew slightly angry. Julian longed to reach up and take a handful of her hair, to demand that she answer him vocally. Instead, he dug his nails into her hip and kissed down her sternum to her stomach, where he dipped his tongue into her naval. "Answer me, Mirabelle." His voice was rougher now, more commanding than pleading, and when he heard her gasped 'yes', he made work on the rest of her clothes. Mirabelle was more than willing, and Julian was good to go.

Until he made his mistake.

"You're so beautiful Rosalie. I knew that one day I would claim you." Julian's voice was hoarse as his lips trailed her thigh. The tenseness of his body only confirmed what her ears registered. Using her legs she twisted her body hard enough so that she was able to throw Julian off balance and off of the stone. Once their bodies were no longer connected, reality crashed into her with force, causing her to cry out. The stone had rubbed her skin raw, bruises where she had been shackled before she took over this body. The night air felt cold on her skin, and panic filled her as she now saw Julian for who he was.

Tears filled her eyes and she scrambled for her clothes, only pausing when the hands grabbing them were not her own. She began to study the unfamiliar fingers before she felt strong arms around her shoulders. Mirabelle screamed and threw her elbow back against his ribs but when he didn't stagger away, she grew more frightened.

Why didn't he budge? Where's my strength?

Mirabelle struggled against him, but the rocks hurt her bare feet and her body ached. She had no power against him and she felt everything. The sensations on her bare skin were too much, and she cried out again, clawing at his arms.

"Let me go!" Her fighting and her body grew deathly still as she caught sight of her body - of her vampire body laying lifeless against the stone. Her breathing nearly stopped, and being human now, that made her lightheaded.

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"Childhood friends huh? Still, a pathetic excuse of a man to not be concerned about his friend enough to at least try to find out what happened. Besides, he obviously liked you more than a friend."

Biting her bottom lip, Anise remained quiet for a moment. She wasn't sure what was going on with Bishop, but his tone was a little more hostile than she was used to, "I.... I am aware, but what does it matter now, Mi'lord...? Am I no longer needed..? Is that why he should have come..?" Anise stammered wondering why he seemed to care so much about something as trivial as who had been smitten with her over a year ago. It no longer mattered, as Derrek was married and she was contracted to remain in the castle with nowhere else to go. When he glanced away she was able to relax a bit, curious about Bishop's sudden irritation. Why did he care so much? Or perhaps he was hinting that her presence was not wanted here after all? Anise was left with so many questions that it left her head spinning. Her tone of voice was soft but very confused and questioning.

"Is that so...?"

That smirk unnerved her, and a shiver ran up her spine. Her cheeks were red hot. She could have cooked an egg on her cheeks she was so flustered by her slip of the tongue, "U-Uhm... I... It's not worth talking about, Mi'lord. I assure you it is inconsequential....and boring, very boring!" she softly muttered, hoping he would just forget that she had said anything. Anise attempting to shield her blush from his view by clasping one of her slender hands over her face. Every second felt like minutes now that she was so embarrassed. Was the walk to the castle normally this long? Suddenly she found herself praying for the topic to change.

"None of them would be stupid enough to reveal what they are in a room full of people, and only the prick is foolish enough to drink from someone who is clearly the human of another. Besides, it's easy enough to remedy your wounds. Take a drink of my blood, or I can wash you up in a more traditional sense..."

The last thing she wanted to do was drink blood of any sort, but vampire blood even less. She was sure that had something to do with being turned into one of his kind... The last thing she wanted to do was risk being turned. She enjoyed being human. She enjoyed daylight and she wanted to one day be reunited with Alice, and she had to stay dead for that to ever become possible, "I don't want to risk... becoming a vampire... If something were to happen, if I were poisoned again... I'll never see Alice again that way." Anise responded in a genuine tone, keeping her voice soft. Anise had overheard Demetri talking about it once, so she was fairly confident that the human had to ingest vampire blood to become one. She only hoped it was not another one of Bishop's twin's tricks. Though she began to wonder what he meant by him washing her, "W-Wait what..?"

"Again, do I give a damn? There is no rule that says I must dance with them. The norm may be to socialize, but I have no interest in dealing with simpering idiots all night. Our reputation will survive me not dancing with them. Angelo would usually hide from these events, at least I bother to attend."

To his question, she shook her head, knowing very well Bishop did not follow rules very well. At the mention of Angelo, that only further verified that she did not wish to become like Bishop and his siblings. She did not want to spend hundreds of years living, missing her sister. When he mentioned bothering to attend, like his presence was the grace of god, Anise couldn't help giggling a bit. His arrogance was very amusing at times like this, but most of the time it kept her too nervous to even eat a full meal afterward. He had a way of getting under her skin. She knew that she was attracted to him, but saying such things aloud, that could never be taken back... Also, as a maid, it was not her place to have feelings for a Lord. It was forbidden. Such relationships were scandalous, and scandal was not good for a noble family.

"They don't care about me, why the hell should I care about them?"

Those words struck a chord within her. He disliked them because they did not care about him? Just how lonely is Lord Bishop? Anise asked herself, her eyes softening. Just what had he been through? How many women had damaged him? She couldn't help but wonder such things, but just thinking about how many women Bishop had 'experienced' only made her insanely jealous. Now Anise was the one glancing away simmering with jealousy. However, it was far from Bishop's fault. It was her own thoughts that soured her mood. He had likely been with hundreds, if not thousands over the centuries... and she had just admitted she had been with no one. He probably thinks I'm pathetic... Some kind of defect product... Anise thought to herself, then she remembered that's exactly what she was. After her mother scarred her arm, Anise's 'worth' dropped drastically in the eyes of suitors. Not to mention she came from a poor family with no dowry..?

As her feet met cold concrete, Anise glanced up at Bishop for the first time since she had managed to make herself insecure and immeasurably jealous. His arm around her kept her from stepping away. Then he tipped her chin upward. Anise let out a gasp, rattled beyond belief. She knew what was coming, more teasing and confusing statements. He was definitely going to mess with her. Meeting his gaze only made her more embarrassed, but she did not have much of a choice.

"Why does it bother you so? Are you really that opposed to a single dance with me? Do you find me repulsive?"

Biting the inside of her cheek, Anise realized she would definitely have to respond or risk insulting him further, "N-No it's nothing like that... You're far from repulsive mi'lord... I just wish to look presentable in front of guests...." Realization hit Anise and she realized what her words sounded like. She closed her eyes, mentally cursing herself, and him for putting her in a situation where she would be forced to say such things, "I mean... None of your siblings... All of you are appealing to the public eye... as I'm sure you're all aware.." Anise's voice lowered to a whisper, steam practically rolling off her skin. Though when he slightly withdrew, Anise opened her eyes and took in a deep breath. She snatched the moment to relax, unsure if she would get another. Her blush dying down quite a bit, Anise couldn't help peeking to the doors, hoping no one would see them in this controversial position. Public displays of romance were frowned upon, and even if he felt nothing for her, Anise was well aware that no one would understand, even if she tried her best to explain.

"Back to your most intriguing have never been with a man? Truly? None has touched these lips of yours..."

Surprise overwhelmed Anise, promptly reacting to defend her honor, "O-Of course not! I... I do not just... Not with just anyone.. W-What kind of girl do you take me for exactly..?" Anise was struggling to speak, a dark blush painted upon her cheeks. This topic was one she would rather avoid if possible, and his tone sent chills down her spine. However, her question was laced with a somewhat offended tone. Left wondering what his opinion of her truly was. Did he honestly think she was brave enough or had time for romances? She had grown up poor, most of her life was spent working, and that rang true even today. His finger that lingered across her lips brought a shiver through her entire body. She wanted to ask him what he was planning to do, but her voice was not functioning, at all. All she could manage was to gaze up at him in confusion with a distinct shade of red splayed across her cheeks.

Anise whimpered softly as Bishop's tongue tickled her sensitive neck, eyes closing tightly. The bite mark Reiji left was no longer on her skin thanks to Ashlyn's healing, but she knew what Bishop's actions meant. His would soon replace it if he did not change his mind. Her fingers gripped at his sleeves, preparing herself for what she deemed to be the inevitable. If she didn't clutch onto him, Anise knew her knees would give out shortly after his fangs sank in. The venom that gave the bite it's euphoric effect also made her feel weak in the knees.

"Tell me, how would you feel if I decided I wanted to have a taste of your lips? If I wanted to be the one to steal your first kiss?"

Amethyst eyes widened, and her heart skipped a beat. She wasn't sure if she heard him correctly, but the way he spoke assured her that she had. Anise was left completely flustered, unable to meet his gaze, "I... Uhm....Here..? Now...? I'm just a maid, mi'lord...." She stuttered, her cheeks red hot as she attempted to avoid the question. It felt like her heart would burst of she admitted she was curious. He had to be joking right.? He was a lord and she was merely a servant. Anise bit her bottom lip gently, unsure of what to do. She had never been in a situation like this, "...I.. Are you serious, Mi'lord..?" Anise asked in a bewildered tone, looking to him for answers, but also attempting to ease her own mind. How was she to accept something like this? One year ago he was whispering in her twin's ear threatening to kill her and now he wanted to kiss her? Anise could not deny her attraction, but it was difficult, to be honest as well. To say she had never wondered what it would feel like, would be a complete lie. She often had dreams about him like this, but those were personal, private. There was no way he knew about them, was there?!

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Ashlyn realized how rude she was being too late. She felt bad for interrupting and couldn’t fathom why she had but brushed it off. Where was it that she had felt the same way before? She had and she knew it but she didn’t know when. Ashlyn hardly resisted when Demetri took her hand away to feel her forehead. Only when she felt the cool touch of his hand did she realize he was only providing her with the coolness since he wouldn’t be able to properly feel for a fever. Ashlyn nearly sank into Demetri but refrained. He was so familiar. He would be safe from whatever was causing Ash to feel as she was. She heard Demetri curse at her blunt accusation and allowed a small smile to grace her lips.

Ashlyn felt herself off her feet for a moment and tensed as Demetri touched her back. She relaxed as she realized he was only carrying her down the corridor somewhere. When he laid her down on the sofa she let herself relax, sinking into the comfort. She felt hair getting brushed aside, her eyes already closed. She barely heard what Reiji said as she slipped into a sleep. Just before she was out, she managed to tell him, ”Be careful.”

Ash found herself in the gardens of the Santiago household. She was in a blue dress from multiple decades ago that she had once cherished. Beside her was Reiji and she could feel the joy that she always felt with him. Their hands clasped, Ashlyn allowed herself to sink into his frame, her love for him leading her to be entirely trusting. She smiled at him and he smiled back before frowning at her. He looked hurt all of a sudden, as if something had happened and it was her fault. ”Reiji?” Ashlyn asked as she looked at the man she loved. He shook his head before running off leaving Ashlyn alone, her chest heavy as she wondered what had happened.

Ash suddenly saw a flash before a piece of cloth came over her head and into her mouth. Ashlyn attempted to scream, to tell Reiji she was in danger and that she needed him, but she couldn’t. She felt rough hands grabbing her and she felt weak. She struggled as her sister materialized from one of the bushes in the garden and fear clenched her gut. What had Luciana done to her? What had she done to the Santiagos? Was that why Reiji had run off without telling her?

While Ash rested within the drawing room, four Santiago witches stealthily made their way into the room. Quickly the band of witches surrounded the poisoned female witch, hoping to use the element of surprise to their advantage. One held a gag and rope, and the other three chanted a spell in order to prevent Ash from using her magic against them. Luciana had taught them well during her time tutoring the Santiago coven, and they were not taking any chances with her sister. In a fair fight, she was far older than any of them, and they would have had their asses handed to them. They preferred to fight dirty and survive another day.

Ashlyn woke from her nightmare suddenly, finding herself to be in a very similar situation. The nightmare had been all too real, extremely similar to that night so long ago that had brought her world crashing down once again. Ashlyn moved to push the one gagging her with her magic away but felt a sudden pain as the magic was stripped from her. Her headache was roaring though she was able to finally think clearly. She had been drugged, with the same drug that had kept her prisoner for years. Ashlyn struggled but the men were ruthless in their onslaught of magic and brute strength. Her skirt ripped as she attempted to flee before she was restrained with rope.

Once they had her fully subdued and restrained, the largest of the men threw her over his shoulder roughly, not caring if he hurt the ill witch. Her well being was not any concern of his. The brute peeked both ways down the corridor before the four of them made their escape with Ashlyn in tow, using the hidden corridors of the castle to remain unseen by the Santiago family's guests. They knew the castle almost as well as the family did, meaning this had been planned for quite some time. The huge one silently packed the girl through the woods without a problem, but if she thrashed about he did not mind tightening his grip on her to a painful degree.

Ashlyn groaned as her stomach dug into the rough bone of the man tasked with carrying her. The air was knocked from her lungs and she struggled to breathe as she was carried roughly. Ashlyn felt hope as they moved to leave the drawing room but it came crashing down when they took the hidden corridors. They knew the castle as well as she did it appeared. There was only one person she could think of who would be as prepared for her as this. Ashlyn struggled, her back flaring in imaginary pain as she relived one of the worst pains she had ever felt when her sister ordered her whipped. Ashlyn could only imagine what Luciana would want to do to her.

The three of normal height trailing behind them continued chanting, just in case Ashlyn's poisoning was not producing the desired effect. If she regained even a little control, they knew that they were all as good as dead, "Ready to see your sister again, Ashlyn? Oh, we've heard so much about you... You have no idea how much she’s missed you.” The large male taunted in a deep voice, laughing almost manically, well aware of her sister's reputation and what she would likely do to Ashlyn given the chance.

Ashlyn felt tears spring to her eyes as the man’s grip tightened on her waist harshly. She could hardly take in air now with the jarring motions he made and the tightness in which he squeezed her waste. She gasped into her blindfold as he made a particularly large movement that caused her ribs to hit his shoulder blade hard. Ashlyn’s headache seemed to increase but Ashlyn could feel her body attempting to reject the poison. It had never won before but it didn’t keep her body from trying.

Ashlyn ceased moving as she tried to conserve her strength. If she was to face who she thought was behind this, she would need to have as much strength as possible. She closed her eyes, attempting to concentrate as she relaxed as much as possible. She heard a voice asking about her sister and Ashlyn’s fears were confirmed. Luciana was the only one who could ever control Ashlyn. How her eldest sister had cherished the ability. Ashlyn groaned softly in pain as he moved and tried to relax more so the pain would be less sharp.

If the witches trailing them continued to chant, Ashlyn’s magic would not return for some time. If she could get even one of them to cease, she would have more of a chance. How she would do that though, Ashlyn had no idea.

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#, as written by Stiles

"But you said...I mean, you don't want me to be brazen, surely? That would be too scandalous."

The song ended, and Reiji bowed to his dance partner, leading Tanzy off to get a drink by the hand. He remained quiet, allowing himself to amuse such a thought. Once he poured her a drink, Reiji's crimson eyes landed on Tanzy, "Why should I care?" He asked in an indifferent tone, taking a sip from his own glass. He knew that she was quite flustered, but that did nothing to change his mind. The fact that others would stare and their kiss would make nearly a hundred women jealous of a mere maid amused him to no end. Though he knew he could not put her under such duress, so he had to end it here, "Of course, I wasn't serious... I suppose. You would surely be lynched for it... Forget I said anything... It can wait until we're alone after all.." Reiji sighed, taking a sip of wine. It eased his mind, seeing as he could not kiss her in public as he wished, or even bribe her into kissing him first... It would have to wait until after the party. As depressing as his situation was, that thought alone brightened his spirits. He would be able to play with the human and her emotions, just not right that second.

As a new song began, the head of house closed his eyes for a moment to appreciate the music. After a moment or two passed, Reiji's crimson eyes opened once more and the ebony haired lord quirked a brow at his maid, "So...since you do not find my body detestable... what part of me was your favorite?" Reiji leaned in close to ask before promptly standing upright again with a very prominent smirk on his lips, obviously amused by his own words. It was very clear that Reiji knew what he was doing to her, but was one hundred percent unapologetic in his teasing ways. He noted that Mirabelle, Bishop, and Demetri were not in attendance, sighing to himself. He was the only family member present, as Castiel was bed ridden due to mental demons plaguing him ever since he returned to them badly burnt and with a scarred over werewolf bite that refused to heal. The entire thing was curious as there was no known cure for a werewolf bite, and Reiji had done several tests using Castiel's blood, not to mention the numerous other tests on that he preformed on the eldest brother, but his results were absolutely blank. As far as he could tell, Castiel survived merely by the grace of some higher power. It appeared as if there had been no outside interference with the blond male whatsoever.

The piano in the background kept him relatively calm despite his displeasure, but Reiji's mischief could not be contained, at least not entirely. Also, the sudden disappearance of his siblings left Reiji with an uneasy feeling in his gut, but if none of the Santiago siblings were in attendance than the guests would grow suspicious. He had to remain in the public eye, but it didn't mean he enjoyed it. In fact, he was growing quite tired of the social norms he had to follow. No wonder Castiel presented himself as though he had a stick shoved up his ass... Reiji thought to himself, wishing he could go back to doing whatever the hell he wanted. While he enjoyed being in charge, he did not enjoy the responsibility or the expectations involved with those privileges. While he would never admit it, he regretted taking on the role more than anything else. The only good that had come of it was stealing Tanzy away from his brother.

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Bishop Santiago

Bishop nearly sighed, not yet able to enjoy playing with his maid when she was obviously so anxious and fretting over insignificant things. As Anise bit her lower lip and dared to think he wanted her gone, Bishop felt his agitation at the boy from her past grow. Like hell he wanted the little shit to come and take his Anise! And as far as why it mattered, he loathed the thought that she cared enough about someone else to send them a letter and money. Why wouldn't it matter?! "Of course you're needed! Don't think such nonsense!" he countered, letting out a huff. Why oh why did his little maid downplay herself? Why was she so flighty around him? Surely she could tell that he wasn't going to lash out at her like he would at anyone else?

Thankfully, her flushed cheeks were charming and adorable enough to bring his mind from his frustrations, looking upon her pink complexion with an amused half smile. He arched a brow as she nervously tried to insist that her experiences- or lack thereof, were unimportant and dull. He had half a mind to tell her he thought otherwise, but her expression swiftly changed again. Bishop had a moment to marvel at how smoothly and quickly her moods could shift from one moment to the next, even a few words enough to draw her mind into a different train of thought (or so it seemed anyway.) When she spoke again, Bishop noticed her voice became quiet once more, Anise's expression not one he liked. Aside from her usual quiet and careful demeanor, she almost seemed wary. No, more disquieted if anything. Her worries only confirmed his suspicions- and added on his own more somber thoughts. She was that concerned with being turned into a vampire? While the redhead could understand her desire and even felt sympathetic, he was more so affronted. He was selfish, and the thought of not having his twin or his maid to keep him company for the entirety of his existence was unbearable.

Shoving such thoughts aside, Bishop shook his head at the ebony haired young woman, deciding he may as well clarify. "While you do have to drink blood to become like me, it isn't quite so simple. You only turn if you are at death's door. If you are within death's grasp and you are given a drink from a vampire, then you will turn. It also works best when both feed from each other, but the main requirement is you'd have to be actively dying." Bishop watched Anise's face to see how she'd react to the information. Well, it wasn't important now at least, so if she wasn't ok with the idea, he'd discuss it later.

Fortunately, Anise soon took on a far more acceptable expression and demeanor as they strayed from the topic of vampirism. He nearly chuckled at her delayed response to his offer to clean her up, seriously contemplating making good on the offer. Before he could tease her more, a giggle met his sensitive ears, her soft voice not escaping him as she seemed to find his words amusing. Bishop quirked a brow, ready to ask why she was snickering at him when her eyes softened, her gaze slowly making it's way to his face, her own flustered.

As subtle as the movement was, Bishop noticed easily that she was once more becoming tense and on edge, her pink cheeks and nervous movements nearly enough to make him begin questioning her again. She answered him however, and he found an amused smile beginning to tug at the corner of his lips. It was swiftly replaced with a sigh as she continued, praising the rest of his family as well. And fretting about some stupid guests. "You could've stopped with saying I'm not repulsive..." he muttered, only half admitting it to her that he wanted to be her focus right now. It took considerable effort not to pout.

He was bemused at how quick she was to defend her honor, those rosy cheeks a pleasant color on her, even if indignation was part of the reason for becoming so flustered. Anise sputtered through her words, obviously insulted as well as embarrassed. Adorable. The red head smiled at her defensive retort, already knowing she was telling the truth before he heard her answer.

She was quiet as he touched her, his hands easily able to feel her body shiver at his finger upon her lips, his breath near her neck. He was pleased he could do that to her. Anise's hands clutched at him, nearly making him grumble and ask why she was so damn nervous, so scared at his movements.

He inwardly berated himself upon hearing her heart hammer in her chest, her cheeks a satisfying crimson as she looked upon him in bewilderment. It vexed him to think he hadn't realized she thought he was going to bite her (not that he wasn't tempted to, but still). He assuaged his inner folly by deciding he must have simply been in the process of reaching said conclusion- he had figured it out as she was speaking- so she interrupted his thought process. Yes, that was the answer he was going with...

Bishop arched a brow before rolling his emerald eyes at her fretting over her station. Really? That was her concern? "And? What's your point?" he asked, completely unfazed by the thought of being cozy with a common girl, -specifically, this one. He allowed her a chance to speak, noting with satisfaction how flustered and bewildered she seemed. Silly girl. Her fretting and innocent uncertainty were admittedly charming to see, though he quickly took on a more serious expression as she questioned his sincerity.

"Obviously. Why on earth wouldn't I be?" he questioned, shaking his head slightly before taking her hand in his own. "In any case, we may as well dance since Demetri went through all this trouble. Come, you owe me a dance, we can discuss this later." with this, the temperamental red head wasted no time in leading Anise inside, ignoring the stares of the noble ladies in attendance as they stopped in their tracks to try and get a dance from him. Surprisingly, he didn't see or smell Demetri anywhere in the vicinity. Odd for a party goer like him. But then again, Demetri was a fan of the ladies, and was known to flirt and canoodle with many a willing partner. Bishop dismissed his twin's absence for the time being. After all, it wouldn't be the first time the charmer had retreated midway through a party for personal time with a woman who caught his fancy. 'Found yourself a companion for the evening have you, brother?' he thought wryly, hoping his twin was at least enjoying himself. It had been a while since his vivacious brother had entertained female company- and it had almost been to the point of worry. Bishop was more than eager to see Demetri's usual enthusiasm and outgoing nature return to normal.

Tanzy McNeal

When the song ended, Tanzy took the cue from her master (and the other dancers around them) and dipped into a curtsy as he presented her with a bow. Thinking this was enough for Reiji and he'd be off attending to other guests, he surprised her by leading her off for refreshments- by the hand no less! Her cheeks burned a light pink, thanking him softly as he handed her a drink. The taste was better than she had anticipated, her particular preferences only favoring about half of the usual alcoholic beverages the family tended towards.

Reiji's unconcerned reply earned a look of surprise, the young woman tilting her head as he spoke. She had thought he'd care very much, so to hear him say otherwise was most unexpected. She wondered if that meant he wanted her to actually dare give him his request- a thought that further caused her cheeks to redden. Before she could ask, he finished his thoughts, telling her to forget such a notion and wait- though he almost sounded...disappointed? Perhaps she was imagining his sigh. Tanzy nodded to convey her attention to his words as well as her understanding, not wanting him to think she was ignoring him. "As you wish sire. So I'll...I'll give you a k-kiss later..." she whispered softly so as not to be overheard, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks as she said it.

As the next song began, people once more began to dance with their chosen partner, while others sought to find one. Tanzy glanced over at Reiji, remaining silent as he closed his eyes to listen. As hard as it was to read the vampire lord, she was at least clearly able to see he enjoyed music. The male looked most content when music was playing, and she kept as quiet as she could lest she interrupt him as he listened.
It wasn't long until he opened his eyes again, the ruby orbs landing on her no-longer flushed face.

The moment didn't last, her cheeks coloring a bright rosy red at his question- the situation more embarrassing due to his close proximity and the momentary feel of his voice on her ear before he pulled away. She noticed his smirk was back, and she wondered for what was surely the hundredth time if he was simply screwing with her head.

Tanzy bit her lip, daring to glance over at her master even though her face was bright pink. Why he cared to know what she thought of him she wasn't entirely sure, and while he had said she fascinated him, she still wondered. He called her pretty, beautiful even, but surely he didn't mean anything by it. And now he was amusing himself with asking for her opinion of his physical attributes. Surely he knew already how aesthetically pleasing he was? She had no doubt women told him readily, and frequently, that he was the perfect image of nobility and looks.

What part was her favorite? How was she to have a favorite? Why would she have a favorite? The maid managed to keep her gaze towards Reiji as she contemplated how to answer. What did he want to hear? What did he think she liked? What part of him stood out to her?
She knew the answer already, she never had to think about it. It was what she envisioned any time the opposing sex's looks were brought up.

"Your face, sire...your eyes, your hair..." the words slipped past her lips before she could stop or think about how to answer. But in the end, it was the truth. She felt the heat rise in her own face even more as she admitted to him being handsome. "Y-y-your face and it's features...are the best..." she confirmed, voice a soft, embarrassed squeak now. Unable to keep her eyes on him, Tanzy looked away to hide her cherry red face, hoping against hope to calm her nerves.

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Jason Olivander || Mirabelle Santiago || Julian || Klaude

Strong, dangerous arms grip a body so frightened and panicked she has lost any strength she once had. Desperate moves only angered him, holding her all the tighter against his front. "Look at you.” Julian growled against her ear. "Look at how pathetic you look, sprawled out and terrified, right before we ripped your soul from your body. Now you're no better than the rest of us.” Julian's voice was low, rumbling secrets against her ear. Human teeth reached forward, only to clamp at the flesh of her ear, tugging with the intent to be sensual yet painful and the sound that came from her throat excited him. "Easy darling. That sound makes me want to f*@% you." There was a deep chuckle while he pressed his lips against her throat followed by a loud smack as his hand roughly connected to her bare ass cheek. Mirabelle's cries were quiet now, and she couldn't keep the tears from racing down her cheeks.

Jason moved forward, knowing he couldn’t leave the girl as she was. ”Hey, leave her alone,” Jason demanded as he moved forward to pull the man off her. He put himself between the guy and the girl, taking his jacket off to hand to the girl before looking at the man. He wasn’t sure who he was, but he was unwilling to let the man closer to the girl regardless of who either of them were.

Suddenly, the arms around her had disappeared and Mirabelle heard a familiar voice. She cried out, relief obvious in her expression. She took the coat and wrapped it around herself, clinging to it as if it were a life raft and she was stuck in the middle of the ocean. Scurrying away, she cringed at every rock she stepped on, trying to put distance between her and Julian, without abandoning Jason at the same time. Mirabelle tried to find her voice, tried to tell Jason that it was her but she couldn't do it. She couldn't speak.

Jason had only been able to separate Mirabelle from Julian by mere surprise. His gaze narrowed at the intruder where he began to stalk forward with death in his stare. [b]"Who the hell do you think you a-“
The witch only took two steps before he fell to his knees. Julian's hands pressed at his ears as if he were trying to drown out a loud noise, screaming in agony a moment later. Behind him stood Klaude, a chant spoken under his breath, over and over. He stepped forward and started to speak louder, satisfaction shown in his smirk as he watched blood drip from Julian's ears. The witch on the ground struggled, too much in pain for any type of counterattack or defense.

"I should castrate you and leave you here for the wolves.” Klaude spoke calmly and evenly, even as he approached Julian and squatted down next to him. "Actually, I should let her do it, and watch the look on your face when you see Rosalie sink a knife in your gut, you pathetic man.” There was a wild look in Klaude eyes, one that showed he would get his revenge. He looked up and narrowed his gaze on the girl, his heart torn. He saw his sister, but he also saw a stranger - a stranger who was frightened beyond belief. "Hm. It looks like it's up to me.” He whispered and Klaude grabbed a handful of Julian's hair, jerking his head sideways. "Damn you to hell, you son of a bitch.” He growled before he started his chant again. Klaude wasn't going to stop until the traitor was dead.

Jason couldn’t believe what was before him. It was insane. This world he has stumbled into. It was nothing like he could have guessed, at least sober that is. As the witch who had been hurting the girl stepped towards him, he suddenly fell, appearing as if he was in immense pain. ”What the hell?” Jason whispered, his eyes searching for the source that wasn’t harming him but only the man before him.

Another man, presumably a witch, appeared and Jason watched, unable to speak as the man seemed to be torturing the attacker. ”What are you doing?” Jason demanded as he took a step back. He couldn’t believe this was his world all too quickly to really make sense. He had been at home with his brothers and sisters not too long ago, working long hours for pennies a day. Now he was working in a castle with vampires and witches all over it.

Jason remembered the girl again and turned to find he was unable to pick her out immediately. Turning back around, Jason found he was sick at the sight of the man potentially dying before him. He wanted to speak up, to say the other witch should stop, but found he had no true desire for that. The man in pain had hurt that girl in unspeakable ways so cruel he would have killed him if it had been done to one of his sisters without a thought. While he wouldn’t kill him himself, he silently decided not to stop the other man from carrying out his goal.

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Anise's fingers came to her lips, unable to shake her gut feeling. Perhaps it was that she didn't seem to have good luck with royal parties, or perhaps it was simple paranoia... but she had a nagging feeling that tonight was going to end terribly. With no proof, she had to ignore her intuition, but it didn't stop the feeling from clawing at her every now and then, reminding her that it was still there and preventing her from fully focusing on anything.

"While you do have to drink blood to become like me, it isn't quite so simple. You only turn if you are at death's door. If you are within death's grasp and you are given a drink from a vampire, then you will turn. It also works best when both
feed from each other, but the main requirement is you'd have to be actively dying."

Violet eyes flickered, taking in the information. So she would have to be killed by him or dying... Well, she kind of knew she would have to die to become a vampire given they aren't actually 'alive' by biological standards. However, hearing it actually spoken out loud, it was just bone chilling. In an attempt to keep her face from giving her away, Anise bit the inside of her cheek. Her eyes often showed more than enough emotion anyway. Anise took a breath in softly, "Wasn't your family turned through magic by the late Lady Elizabeth and your father Lord Edward...? To think there is more than one way to become a vampire..." Anise whispered, trying to wrap her head around the knowledge she had just been given. Then her brows furrowed as a curious thought crossed her mind, "Excuse me if I'm completely off on this, one sired any of you... Wouldn't that mean... Wouldn't that mean that you are purebloods?" Anise questioned, tilting her head at him. If she could distract Bishop from the discussion of being turned, she definitely would. It was the last thing she wanted to think about, because eventually, she wanted to be reunited with her sister Alice.

"You could've stopped with saying I'm not repulsive..."

Blinking in surprise, Anise struggled to form words. She wasn't entirely sure, but she was starting to gather that he was fishing for compliments from her. Why? What does my opinion matter...? I know how I feel... but there is no chance the lord would reciprocate. Her expression was bewildered, but she eventually showed signs of catching on, her blush going somewhat darker as she understood what he wanted her to do, "Apologies my lord. It's a bit difficult to give compliments to..." Anise trailed off, catching herself before she said something embarrassing. Her breath hitched for a moment, and she reminded herself that saying it aloud would be the point of no return. With a calming breath, she finished her sentence, albeit not using the words she originally intended, "to someone of royal blood... It's nerve-wracking, even now." She lightly giggled, albeit just the nervousness in her laughter made it apparent that she was still hiding something.

"And? What's your point? Obviously. Why on earth wouldn't I be?"

Mouth agape, Anise could not fathom why Bishop did not understand what she meant. There were a million reasons why a lord would not kiss a common maid at the entrance way of his family castle on Saint Valentines Day. Decency, Scandal, not to mention most Lords considered the common folk to be beneath them. If he was caught, their family name might be tarnished for centuries. Perhaps for a vampire that seemed to be a short time, but honestly Anise did not even want to imagine the damage.

"In any case, we may as well dance since Demetri went through all this trouble. Come, you owe me a dance, we can discuss this later."

Though the change of subject worked wonders on easing the intense beating of her heart, Anise was even more nervous about his topic change. As eyes landed on them, whispering began and Anise's form stiffened immediately, "Mi'lord. Please give me a chance to freshen up first.... My pride as a woman is at stake... If I go out there like this in front of everyone....then I'll forever be known as the Santiago family's realeza la puta.." Anise whispered, but she was well aware that doing so in the company of vampires was extremely useless. They would likely hear every single word along with her heartbeat hammering away inside of her chest cavity. Once away from prying eyes, Anise gently tore from his hold, no longer asking for permission. She could not bare the thought of being seen so dirty. Perhaps there was a time she might not have cared about her personal image, but the past year had given her a set of standards, and Demetri could easily be blamed for her view on what 'acceptable' forms of dressing in public were....well....somewhat. Not all of Demetri's designs were 'public' friendly. Many of his designs, specifically the maid uniforms were not suitable, in fact, they were highly controversial and Anise was glad that Castillo de la Muerte never received unexpected visitors. She would have been mortified if outsiders saw her in such clothes. They revealing. Scandalously so. She doubted real prostitutes wore such short garments, but Anise being so innocent of mind, she really had nothing to compare the dresses to nor did she actually understand even ten percent of what took place inside of a whorehouse.

Once she made it to her living quarters, Anise slammed the door shut and began to undress. The corset was fine without damage or discolorment, as were her underclothes. She simply had to switch dresses and wash up. Anise poured water into the basin on the night stand and began scrubbing the dirt off her skin, gently cleaning as she got closer to her cuts and bruises. When Anise considered herself to be presentable and decent she rushed over to the mirror to do some quick primping to her hair. Still in what was considered to be underwear to 18th century standards, Anise adjusted her askew hair to a satisfactory measure. She removed as much dirt and leaves as possible before pinning her hair back up in a somewhat stylish updo. Sighing in contentment, Anise approached her closet barefoot, retrieving a white dress, one of many that he had given each of the girls before the first ball. She knew Bishop would likely complain that it wasn't one he chose, but the previous had been ripped to shreds by thorns. She was upset as well, as it had been chosen specifically for her, but she could not restore the dress in time. It would have to wait for a later date. Anise returned to the bed and cleaned her feet, putting on basic black heels and slipped on the dress, but without help, she could not seem to tie the strings in the back tight enough. Slipping on the dress and holding it firmly to her body, Anise peeked outside to see if Bishop had actually followed her. Anise felt he might be angry due to her defiance, but if he wanted a dance, was her feeling comfortable in her attire too much to ask? She was about to find out. With a sigh, she asked aloud, "Lord Bishop..? I can't seem to tie the back of my gown... If it isn't too much to ask.... C-Could.... Could I have some assistance?" Her voice was timid, but she was doing her best. Confidence was not something someone like her could gain overnight, but she was testing the waters a little at a time.

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#, as written by Stiles


The music, his maid accepting the drink he had given her without protest, all was well. However, Reiji noticed that Mirabelle and Demetri were nowhere to be found. He did get a glance of Anise and Bishop slipping past the events almost completely unnoticed, Anise bloodied and her dress ruined entirely. He removed his gaze in a nonchalant manner purposely trying to keep his maid from becoming suspicious and noticing her hurt comrade. The last thing he wanted was for Anise to ruin the moment and tear Tanzy's attention away from him. He was just now distracting her from the anger she had felt towards him just minutes prior. Seeing Anise again, especially in such bad shape, Reiji felt he would be blamed. It likely did happen due to his actions with the ebony haired maid, but Reiji felt no remorse. He simply wanted a drink and Anise was, unfortunately, the maid nearest the Head of House, Reiji. It was simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anise was collateral damage, and even if she wanted to forget, technically Reiji had been her first kiss. When passing the antidote to Anise, she had been too weak to drink it on her own. Reiji knew that someone had to give the antidote to her via their mouth and sure, he knew that he could have given Bishop the honor of doing so, but what would have been the fun in that? Now he would forever be able to tease both Anise and Bishop about the occurrence. He would let neither live it down and since his actions saved Anise's life, little could be said about it.

The perplexed expression on Tanzy's features along with the adorable dip of her head, it made all of the teasing well worth the effort. From the shift of her hair as she tilted her head to the fragrance of her blood taunting his nostrils, he was savoring being in her company in a formal setting immensely. Noticing that her cheeks brightened, Reiji let his fingers stroke her cheek, his gloved hand grazing her warm skin. The coolness of his fingers was concealed by the fabric, so for once, his touch felt like that of anyone else in the room. He could not risk touching anyone bare handed, it would expose his family's most well-kept secret. All of his siblings were required to wear gloves when in the presence of the guests. It's a pain having to wear these... Reiji thought to himself. He did not appreciate being unable to feel her skin or anything else aside from the vexatious fabric of the gloves.

"As you wish sire. So I'll...I'll give you a k-kiss later..."

Pale lips curved upwards to reveal a toothy smirk, Reiji's amusement evident, "I look forward to it, love." He teased in a quiet, seductive tone. Withdrawing his hand from Tanzy's personal space, he took another moment to indulge in the beautiful music, appreciating that Tanzy gave him time to properly appreciate the music that was being played, remaining quiet for a few moments to take it in before returning his attention to her, taking another drink of his wine while he awaited her answer to his question. Her cheeks were a lovely shade of red once more, Reiji noting that he was able to conjure that color to her cheeks nearly at will, something he enjoyed quite a bit, though he would never confess to such a thing. It seemed that she was struggling to answer his question, but Reiji never spoke a word, calmly taking sips of his wine at distanced intervals, as it wasn't very classy to chug the glass down, which Reiji often did when away from prying public eyes.

"Your face, sire...your eyes, your hair..."

Crimson eyes simply stared her down after she began to compliment him. He gave her words a moment of thought. Most did not enjoy his eyes. Many found them to be eerie, as they were a startling shade of red. Often red eyes were associated with demons, so as a child he was given a hard time over it. To hear a human say that she enjoyed them, it was not a first, but it definitely was not something he heard very often. His eyes even widened a bit when the word 'eyes' was uttered by Tanzy. However, his hair was definitely a favorite of the ladies. He kept it soft and well taken care of due to that fact, so he was not very surprised to hear it.

"Y-y-your face and it's features...are the best..."

As her final answer rang through his ears, Reiji's eyes glimmered in a mischevious manner, his smirk once again returning. He found that he was satisfied with her answer, letting his hand return to her cheek, this time giving it a gentle and playful tug, "How adorable.." He chuckled, releasing her cheek before it became painful. Remaining quiet and merely observing her for a moment, Reiji gently lifted her chin with his fingers, encouraging her to look him in the eyes, "What do you have to be ashamed of..?" He asked, not really curious, but he wanted to make her aware of the fact that she had said nothing wrong. While he enjoyed her embarrassment, he did want her to crawl out of her shell every now and then. He enjoyed her confident fiery side just as much as her nervous tendencies after all.

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Bishop Santiago

Bishop's eyes lingered on the ebony-haired maid as she contemplated his words, her anxiety all too easy to detect. Though why she was so nervous was beyond him, and it made any teasing far less enjoyable. He didn't want her to be so damn timid all the time. He had seen her resolve, seen her strength, so why did she insist on hiding it from him? He cared little for the current topic of conversation, resisting a frown at the thought of Elizabeth and Edward. Why did his little maid care one way or the other how a vampire was made? Despite not particularly enjoying the current path of conversation, he nodded in response to her question, shrugging indifferently. "Correct. We are one of the few pure blooded families."

He was more than glad to have changed the topic, her sudden surprise and renewed blush reviving his mood considerably. She reacted adorably as he complained, beginning to explain herself. Despite his words however, she once more didn't specify him as she admitted to being shy about giving compliments to someone in his station. Her nervous giggle, cute though it was- still hid some underlying worry. Bishop arched a brow, scrutinizing her even as he began to lead her towards the ballroom.

Her stunned expression did not escape his notice, the redhead noting how she all but sputtered in astonishment at his assurance he was serious. Silly human thought he was joking. Or was her station still making her fret unnecessarily? He would most assuredly have to remedy such thinking soon.

Even as he led her by the hand and bemoaned her current skittishness, Bishop was swiftly caught off guard by the sudden change in Anise's demeanor. The nervous drumming of her heart was still present, but she was asserting herself with what courage she could muster. Bishop stared in bewilderment as she insisted upon going and getting herself fixed up first. Pride as a woman?

She gave him no chance to argue or even respond before scurrying off to her quarters to change and freshen up. Shoving his hands into his coat pockets, Bishop followed her with a roll of his eyes. Women. So flustered by their own appearances. She didn't look that bad! He kept his complaints to himself, hovering outside her door and shaking his head. Since when did being disheveled and slightly bloody mean a lady was a royal whore? Her logic was eluding him, and it earned another roll of his eyes as he thought about it.

Bishop folded his arms across his chest, drumming his fingers along his upper arm as he waited, trying to keep from getting too impatient. He supposed her refreshing herself wasn't so bad an idea. After all, he didn't want the idiot butler being nosy (where was that idiot anyway?), nor did he want to receive some bullshit from the prick or admonishment from Ashlyn.

About ready to rap on the door and ask her how long she was going to keep him waiting, Bishop was met with the soft voice of his human, her stammering more adorable sounding than usual. The request was more than enough to shake any disapproval or impatience from his mind, an amused smirk forming upon his lips. This was turning out to be much better than he originally thought.

Glancing up at the creak of the door, the redhead stepped inside without hesitation, eyes scanning Anise from head to toe in silent approval. He liked color on her, but the white suited her just as well. Leading her to stand in front of her vanity, Bishop took the laces in his hands with a mock innocent tilt of his head. "Why, having some trouble with these?" Bishop began to lace them up, tugging them so they were snug, but being careful not to make them tight or constricting. Leaning closer, he rested his chin on her shoulder, letting his breath caress her ear as he worked.

"There, how's the fit?" he all but purred, flicking his tongue out to gently tease the back of her ear, nipping it lightly with a smile, making sure she could see it from the mirror. Hands going to her waist, Bishop tugged Anise so her back was pressed against him, simply holding her still for a few moments. "You're no whore, so erase such absurdity from your mind." he admonished with a frown, only to smile once more and raise a hand to her cheek, stroking it gently before playing with a lock of her hair. "Now, shall we go and enjoy a dance or two? Then...well, we'll see how the evening goes after that..." he invited in a silken and sultry tone, allowing her imagination to fill in the blanks with whatever thoughts (lascivious or otherwise,) might run through her mind.

Tanzy McNeal

Sipping at her wine in an attempt to seem calm and not completely out of place, Tanzy was brought to reality as the touch of her employer's gloved hand prompted her to look up at him. His touch elicited a slight blush and a questioning gaze, wondering what it was he was thinking. His smirk only deepened her blush, the sultry, teasing tone resounding in her mind as he spoke, once more using a term of endearment to further confuse her. He looked forward to the kiss, though she was nervous just contemplating it. If he didn't like it, he wouldn't amend the agreement!

A momentary silence met her reply, the maid now wondering if he was somehow unsatisfied with the answer. But it was the truth. His features truly were striking, and while his eyes were unusual, they commanded her attention all the same. His face was undoubtedly well shaped, the family's good looks not lost on him. And his dark hair looked silken and soft to the touch (not that she'd dare think to touch it and find out for herself). All in all, he was the epitome of a handsome Spanish gentleman. But surely he didn't need to hear it from her.

Before she could try and change the subject or look for an opportunity to politely let him go and mingle with his guests, Tanzy was greeted by his mischievous eyes and all too familiar smirk. Her pulse began to quicken ever so slightly as her cheeks flushed with color, this time more or less prepared for his teasing. Even so, she squeaked slightly in protest as he tugged her rosy cheeks, all but pouting at him as he did so. She wasn't a child! Though being called adorable certainly flustered her enough to silence any further objections. Why did he like messing with her so much?

Her cheeks burned brighter as he coaxed her chin, and consequently- her head, up so her eyes would meet his. Heart drumming just a bit faster, Tanzy was caught in that ruby gaze of his, and powerless to ignore the noble before her. His question earned a brief reprieve from her flustered state, her gaze uncertain for just a moment. Ashamed? Did she seem so? She didn't have a reason to be ashamed, did she?

"I'm not 'ashamed' sire..." she said softly, trying to think on her words before speaking them in haste. She had let her mouth run far too much this evening already. Being flustered did not help in her being calm and collected!
"I'm...embarrassed, I suppose. And, I cannot see why you are so intent on knowing my thoughts. I am not used to such attentions." Feeling her cheeks grow hotter, she managed to gently pull her chin away from his hold, staring down at her feet as if they would provide some miraculous insight. She only hoped she hadn't offended her master.

A young noblewoman finally approached the Santiago lord once he was no longer holding the chin of what was apparently his maid. Adjusting herself once more, she inched through the clusters of guests to stand before Reiji, smiling in a coquettish manner.

"Signore, it is an honor to be invited to your party. And may I say, you are far more remarkable in person." Tucking an errant strand of copper hair from her face, the more than just slightly buxom woman made an effort to appear demure and charming. "Forgive me signore, I- I don't mean to be so brash! I just had to meet you for myself. And..." Looking up at him with doe eyes, the noble lady cocked her head to ever so slightly avert her gaze in a show of shy innocence.
"I was wondering, if perhaps you might grant me a dance? Just a single dance with you would be an honor enough, signore."

Tanzy marveled at the lavish dress the noble woman was wearing, thinking the woman a rather fetching young thing. Probably had plenty of suitors of her own. Taking a step back from Reiji, the maid wondered if he would accept the offer. Not really much reason not to, and she was sure many a guest would jump at the chance to socialize with any of the Santiagos. No sense in interrupting him. She had almost felt like a noble herself for a brief time, but now reality was back. Tanzy felt a little dismayed, but shook it off; she had danced more than she ever had already. It was admittedly nice while it lasted. How many other common girls could say they ever got to experience dressing up and dancing at a ball? Even so, she found herself more than just a tad out of place and lonely. Tanzy glanced around, anxious and wondering where Anise was. Surely seeing her friend would soothe her and brighten her spirits. Besides, she had yet to make sure the ebony haired girl was alright (a fact she was once again internally berating herself for.)

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#, as written by Rhage

"What are you doing?" Jason said and Klaude looked up at him, his gaze narrowing as if he really wanted to know or if he really wanted him to stop. The witch's attention moved back down to Julian, watching as the man's cries quieted. Julian's hands fell from his ears, revealing the blood that ran from them. Klaude waited for a moment before pressing at Julian's neck. When he was satisfied that Julian was dead and there was no pulse, he stood up and brushed off his trousers, looking around the clearing for Rosalie.

The witch spotted Mirabelle's body and walked over to it. He frowned and picked up the girls foot, looking at the slave branding on the heel. "They've taken my sister for a slave?!" His hands pounded down on the stone and pain exploded up through his arm. The corpse already began decomposing, something the body should have done a long time ago. Without the magic, there was noting preserving it and that meant there was no getting his sister back. It really was the vampire instead of Rosalie. It was impossible for two souls to inhibit one body.

Mirabelle trembled as she watched what was happening. She couldn't run, not with how sensitive her bare feet were. Even covering up with Jason's jacket had her flinching. The roughness on her skin was foreign and painful. She stepped forward, moving closer to her body as Klaude did and a new wave of tears started. "I am a Santiago!" She yelled at the stranger. "I am a noble lady," Mira stated, though her voice didn't hold the same conviction, almost as if she were lying. Not able to be there anymore, she started her way to Jason. "Jason. Jason, please take me home," she begged quietly through her sniffles, trying to make her way towards him as gracefully as she could.

"I'm coming with you," the witch said, following after her. "You may not be my sister, but that is my sister's body." and I have to have hope that I can get her back some how. Klaude was in denial, or maybe it was faith, but either way he was going to figure something out.

Mirabelle looked back at Klaude, studying him for a moment after wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. It felt like she knew him since she had so many memories with him. She could see them as children, laying in the grass behind their family home as they practiced their magic. He would make her laugh when he would move the grass so it would tickle her skin, or cause a gust of wind to make her hair blow around. It was a strange sensation, almost like she was intruding on someone else's personal moment. She had her own memories as well with Cassie and Rei; with the twins and Angelo.

The new witch stumbled forward toward Jason, moving to what she knew and who she knew was safe. "Please take me home," Mira murmured, trying not to let the fact that Klaude following them slightly unsettled her.

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After her question left her lips, Anise immediately regretted speaking and felt an intense urge to crawl under a rock and hide. The embarrassment of asking was enough, but the worst was yet to come. Bishop actually zipping up her dress, it was something that Anise had not entirely thought through. He was constantly teasing and flirting with her for whatever reason... so she felt that he would not waste the opportunity to do so now. Why do I even open my mouth? I'm really reconsidering speaking. I don't believe I should be allowed to do so when I put myself in these situations so often. My words are hazardous to my health..... Anise bit the inside of her cheek, realizing that the only one to blame was herself. She had all but literally left him an open invitation to tease her.

Following his silent instruction she followed him over to the vanity, though a look of confusion crossed her features. Why did it matter where he assisted her? She kept her concerns to herself, biting her bottom lip as she gazed into the mirror. The laces to her dress were laying in his palms and the innocent tilt of his head brought a light shade of pink to her cheeks. Her better judgement assured her it was a trick, but the aesthetics of an innocent Bishop were quite convincing, and pleasant to look at, leaving Anise defenseless. He's far too good looking.. Bishop is hazardous to my health. Anise thought to herself, taking in a short quiet breath in attempt to ground herself.

"Why, having some trouble with these?"

Feeling Bishop's breath dance across her sensitive skin, a shiver ran down her spine. She bit down harder on her bottom lip, doing her best to relax, but her heart was pounding. His chin resting atop her shoulder, the fact that no one else was upstairs, there were many factors contributing to her nervousness, and she was very sure that every single thing Bishop was doing was all to gain an entertaining response. Even so, she could not seem to contain her reactions.

"There, how's the fit?"

Shy lips parted as she attempted to answer, but only a squeak left her lips as she felt something wet softly run against her skin. It only took her a second to realize what happened, her eyes landing on Bishop in the mirror just as he nipped at her ear. Both of her eyes closed, the warmth of her cheeks brightening considerably. Thoughts flooded her head, and she felt her heart hammering in her chest, but Anise was at a loss of words. Despite wanting to say something, she could not form words in her mind to actually say. Nothing intelligible at least. However, Anise found herself within another of Bishop's embraces, tilting her head back against his chest so that she could look up at him face to face.

"You're no whore, so erase such absurdity from your mind."

Surprise, embarrassment and a pinch of nervousness laid upon her features but predominantly, it was clear that his response gave her a sense of relief, and her lips curled into a gentle smile. She looked down for a moment, then back into the mirror at Bishop. He was not exactly the same person she had met when she first came here, but neither was she. A lot had happened in the short span of a year and somewhere along the lines, Anise had fallen in love with him, even if she would not allow herself to fully accept it. Anise shivered as Bishop caressed her cheek. His hand was cool against her heated up cheeks, but at that point she felt that anyone's hand would have felt colder than her face, vampire or otherwise, "Thank you." was the only thing she could manage to say.

"Now, shall we go and enjoy a dance or two? Then...well, we'll see how the evening goes after that..."

His tone alone was enough to send chills down her spine, but his words finished her off. As inexperienced as Anise was, she realized that what he was implicating often meant... She could barely think straight given the images that came to her mind. Her innocent brain could barely handle the risqué path that her mind was on, "You're quite right mi'lord. We should probably go now.." Anise trailed off, realizing that if anyone saw them alone in her quarters, they would surely misunderstand and assume that the two had already committed naughty acts and fled to her room to escape from prying eyes in order to continue. Anise gently removed herself from Bishop's embrace and entered the hall, waiting for him outside. They had been away from the party far too long and the night was nearly over.