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Katerina Howlett

"I was like a moth drawn to his flame...but in the end, I got burned."

0 · 286 views · located in Castle Fantasia

a character in “Castle Fantasia”, as played by Blondie104


Katerina Howlett

Name: Katerina Adelicia Howlett

Nickname: Little Kitten (Only by Prince Anton), Spitfire

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Description: Standing at the average height of a woman, Katerina is a gorgeous lady and she knows that. She has a slim, curvy body that has the privilege of being adorned with fine clothing provided by the kingdom. She has soft, supple alabaster skin, full and luscuious lips, a pert nose, a high forehead, wide-set and piercing blue eyes, high cheeks, and thinly arched eyebrows on a pretty little heart-shaped face. She has a long, slender throat that many have envied and thin, delicate fingers that play the piano and the harp beautifully Long, silky and slightly curly dark hair falls down her back luxuriously, a dark chocolate color appearing if her hair is caught in the sunlight. Her voice has a smooth, almost sultry sound combined with the sweet melody that only a natural singer could have.




  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Playing the harp and the piano
  • Having the last say
  • Making an entrance
  • Poems
  • Romance
  • Roses

Dislikes:Not being in control
  • Feeling threatened
  • Being unloved
  • Whores
  • Daffodils (The way they're spelled irritates her)
  • Darkness
  • Arrogance

  • Playing music
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Gardening
  • Horseback riding


Katerina was born into nobility, a daugter of a passed lady and lord. In fact, her mother used to be the lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty before she passed away when Katerina was born. So, naturally, she was taught to be a prim and proper young lady. She was educated in the right way. However, all of her education did not teach her to hold her tongue on certain matters, earning her the name, "Spitfire." It's not that Katerina is some wild, unbred and ignorant girl. She's just been given a lot of power for her age and with that power came a sense of authority. So, she speaks what's on her mind and knows that she will not get called for it - at least not in public. The royal family holds her at high regards, leaving Katerina to her own devices and letting her rule over her own servants and ladies as she deems fit.

Katerina is kind and has a huge, loving heart that some have taken for granted. But she tries to forgive. But, be certain that she never forgets. Revenge is a sweet thing and if you have roused her anger, trust that she will get her revenge in any way she deems fit. On the subject of anger, she is alike with Anton on this subject. She has a fiery, nasty temper that once unleashed, is hard to control. She will snap and scream and throw her rants, uncaring of whether or not her words will affect you. Power radiates from her entire being and with that pointed chin of hers that is always held high, she will make sure that you remember that she is a lady - a respectable lady - and that you will treat her as such. But it's not just's passion. If she feels passionate about something, prepare yourself for that same intensity that she brings with her when her anger is involved. However, it's not to say that Katerina is an uncontrollable woman. In fact, she has more control over her emotions than Anton does and is one of the few people that can calm him down with her soothing, loving nature.

More than anything, Katerina is a girl that wants romance and passion and to be extremely happy. Life is a song to her and the lyrics are in each step that she takes, leading her to the climax of complete ecstasy before leading her to the finality, the moment of complete and utter happiness. Although she can't remember much that had happened before, she remembers her title and she remembers her likes and her name. But she knows who she is and on the inside, she's a vulnerable girl that wants to be loved and is affected deeply when she's hurt. It's like a knife has been jammed into her heart at that point, leading her down a path of self-destruction(her suicide).



  • Katerina has been trained a little swordsmanship. She's not a very skilled fighter, but knows how to hold her own and defend herself.
  • It's not one of her favorite things to do, but Katerina hunts on occasion and is very skilled at archery




Katerina was born to a lord and lady of Castle Fantasia. Earning recognition at a young age by Her Majesty, Katerina was brought up in the castle, growing up with both Anton and Kalare. Even at that time, she had caught the eye of a young Anton and would play a cat-and-mouse game with him for the majority of their lives. Her parents passed away before she turned thirteen and she was raised with the royal siblings, being educated with them. As she grew older, she began furthering her education in music and perfected at playing instruments and singing, her favorites being the harp and the piano.

By the time she turned nineteent, Katerina was considered the "Mistress of Entertainments," hosting balls and small events within the castle on behalf of the Queen. She led people in many dances and further enticed Anton without really trying, leading to their intense affair. His courting of her made Katerina even more popular and rumors circulated that they would be married soon, leaving her to be the possible future Queen of Castle Fantasia. But her and Anton's quick tempers and passionate arguments that usually would end in a fiery lovemaking coupled with his desire for utter control over something - anyone - led to his affair with Lady Oliza. It broke Katerina more than anyone could understand and after a few months of avoiding Anton, Katerina locked herself away in her room and hung herself, feeling that her only love never loved her. Now that she's awoken, Katerina can't remember that love or what happened to it; she can't even remember that the day she took her own life, she took the life of her unborn child.

So begins...

Katerina Howlett's Story