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Maxwell Walker


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a character in “Cat & Mouse Misfits”, as played by Sicariius


Maxwell Kenelm Walker

Theme: Wires (And The Concept Of Breathing) - A Skylit Drive
Image Song: The Crimson - Atreyu


Role: The Brother

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Maxwell isn't host to many nicknames other than, of course, Max. His sister has been known to call him Cat, more than likely as a rebuttal to his nickname for her; Mouse.
Age: Seventeen
Love Interest: N/A

Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)
Build: Lithe
Hair Color: Silver/White
Eye Color: Crimson/Red
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: So far, Max seems to be clear of any tattoos or piercings, although, he does house many scars from the frequent beatings he has receive form his uncle. The most notable one is from a rather deep gash in his chest, slanting diagonally from the upper left of his torso down to the lower right, just above his abdomen.

Description: Max, much like his sister, has a very peculiar set of hair. It's not the style or length that it draws its peculiarity from, either, no, it's the color. His hair is a silver color, almost white, and he keeps it maintained at a short length. There are areas where it comes off as a darker grey color, such as the roots and the tips of his hair. His hair appears unkempt at most times, seemingly looking tousled about, and causing tresses of it to fall into his face, and cover his eyes from time to time.

The face the hair frames seems refined in features, boasting a rounded chin, pointed nose, and sleek jaw. His lips are pale, as well as a nice mix between full and thin, seeming permanently drawn back in a scowl of sorts, revealing his teeth. His eyebrows, a similar dark grey color as some of his hair, come off as sharp and thin, and he has rather dark, long eyelashes that make his unique eyes stand out even more so.

His eyes in this case, again, are much like his sister's, and draw their peculiarity from their color. They are a rather piercing shade of crimson, which accent the shade of his hair nicely in contrast. They stand out even more with the dark of his eyelashes, and set against the bags under his eyes.

His skin is otherwise unblemished, sans set scars here and there. Most of those are away from his face, and remain hidden away by clothing. Despite this, Max's face shows obvious signs of fatigue, giving him a somewhat paler color and bags that rest under his eyes. His expression often seems to be one of disinterest, as if he were bored and generally disapproving of whatever he was observing at the time, despite all of this, his eyes seem to be always affixed in a piercing glare. One of the few exceptions is with his sister, when he can be seen with small smile and a generally happier expression.

As for his build, Max comes across as very lithe, almost malnourished. He is tall and skinny, with prominent collar bones, and seemingly thin appendages. Regardless of this stature, Max is stronger than he appears and is fully capable of holding his own due to moderate strength, and adept speed.

Preferred Clothing: Max is a fan of long sleeved shirts, often adorned with low collars and either dark colors, or downward facing arrow striped patterns. Along with these, Max often wears black or blue jeans and a collar around his neck, which has has black wire that extends from it. This wire is often pressed flat against his chest and the back of his neck, making it appear as if it is a necklace.

Oddities: The collar around his neck, his closeness with his sister.
Skills: Max is capable of holding is own in a fight, and is also a pretty conditioned runner. He's gotten pretty decent at cooking, considering he's been forced to make the meals back at home for a majority of his life.
Likes: Thunderstorms, the spring and autumn seasons, rain, dogs, spicy food, and playing guitar.
Dislikes: Snow, cold weather, the winter and summer seasons, heat, cold winds, sweet and bitter things, and birds.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, cooking, running, sparring, reading, painting, and looking at the stars.

Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors, usually in the dark.
Contreltophobia - Fear of sexual abuse.
Dishabiliophobia - Fear of undressing in front of someone.
Dystychiphobia - Fear of accidents.
Poinephobia - Fear of punishment.

Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Max is natural sadist, becoming this way due to constant trauma growing up and trauma still going on at home. He generally enjoys inflicting physical and emotional pain on others, and will generally argue with a person just because he likes eliciting certain reactions. He can come off as a major prick, but remains protective of those he deems as friends, and can actually be decent to be around once you get to know him. The exception to his sadism is his sister, whom he treats entirely different from everybody else due to how close he is with her. Observed from an outside perspective, one could say that Max is actually an outstanding human being with how he acts with her.

Max is also often bitter, bored, and a nihilist, believing that existence really has no purpose or meaning. He is prone to bursts of anger, and can be very temperamental, along with a short fuse. Despite this, his outbursts of anger don't seem to last that long, and he usually cools off within a couple of minutes and returns to being disinterested. One of the surefire ways to set him off is to just not react to his taunts and jeers, or any other pain he inflicts. It upsets him. That being said, he's known to get violent, and is extremely volatile to boot.

Relationship Status: Single
Kevin Walker | Father | Deceased
Marian Walker | Mother | Deceased
Michaline Walker | Twin Sister | 17
Macon Blige | Uncle | 32

Personal History: He was born a twin, much to the surprise of his parents. Not to assume that they didn't want a surprise, the pregnancy was planned, they just chose to avoid determining the gender of their child, not to mention the number of children his mother would bear. Max came out first, then followed his sister with her small hand wrapped around his heel. The tale of Achilles says that when he was born Thetis tried to make him immortal, by dipping him in the river Styx. However, he was left vulnerable at the part of the body by which she held him, his heel. His sister is a good example of ancient myth to modern tale. She's his Achilles heel, and so the fact that she came out grasping his heel is a bit ironic.

Some believe that twins share the same soul, and it explains the strong bonds they share. Max and Mickey were a perfect example of this as they grew up and were in their younger years. They were inseparable, played together, ate together, slept together, even bathed together (though, to the amusement of Max, Michaline still doesn't like to admit that).

Things took a rapid descent when they were both seven years old, beginning with their parents getting in a car accident. Max doesn't recall that particular evening all to well, nor the several evenings that followed it. He was in a state of numbness for about a month after it, until he had to snap out of it to protect Michaline. But she recounts it to him whenever he asks; It was New Years night and thus drunks had hit the roads. They were being watched by their Uncle, whilst their parents were driving back home. Their father reached to answer a phone call as they pulled up to a stoplight and they were hit head on by a drunk driver. Their mother died in the hospital about an hour later, whilst their father died four days later.

They were then placed in the custody of their Uncle, who had since then spiraled into alcoholism due to the loss of his sister. Alcohol changes a person, often drastically. They used to enjoy being in their Uncle's company, but now they were just targets for when he would lash out. It started out with just physical violence, and at the start, he really did show remorse. But then he drank more, and the beatings got more frequent, and abuse soon went from physical to sexual along with it. It had started with his sister, when she had hit that stage in her life to start being developed. But there were times when he made the siblings do things to each other while he watched. These acts were partially what caused Max's incestuous bond with his sister, and ultimately, the situation made him fall in love with her.

At that point, Max was still too young and instead made a deal with his Uncle, offering up himself as a plaything for whatever desires his Uncle wanted, as long as he left Michaline alone. If he kept it up, he was never allowed to touch her again. And his Uncle obliged, for about a month. He still used Max like a toy whenever he wanted, but what Max didn't know was then when he wasn't around, his sister would be subjected it to again a hundred times more forceful than before.

This happened for two more years without Max knowing, until he came home earlier than usual and caught him in the act. A blind rage came over, and he blacked out. If asked about it Max honestly can't recall exactly what he did, he just remembers coming out of it and seeing his uncle in a bloodied pulp on the ground, and his sister sitting there naked and shocked. Their Uncle spent a month and a half in the hospital after that, Max being sentenced to a week in a juvenile rehabilitation center in the mean time. As a result of the entire matter, legal investigations were to take place in their home.

Their Uncle hasn't touched, let alone spoken to them since the incident.


So begins...

Maxwell Walker's Story