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Rose Igneous Seanal

"Come officer! Let us dance the dance of- RUUUUUUUN!"

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a character in “Cathidus”, as played by Ashmotal


Rose Igneous Seanal Character Sheet

Full Name: Rose Igneous Seanal

Gender: Female


Physical Description: Long Platinum Blonde locks fell from the Elves head to her thighs. Her forehead covered by falling bangs. Her eyes were a dull grey, and her face was thick with a layer of fat. Her chin was sharp and so were the Elves short but well carved ears. The Elf woman was extremely short, standing at a height of 4'6. Very much unlike the rest of her tall race. Her hands were small and not built for work, she had skinny arms she lacked any source of real muscle. Fair pale skin covered the Elves body. The Woman's face held tattoos, two tear drops on either side of her eye and a skull that represented bad luck within her tribe. She held a scar on her average chest, three claw marks from her first hunt. The Elf had small wrists, but arms that were long for a girl her height. Her waist was small and unimpressive. Her stomach had a small lump, and extra skin. Her butt was rounded well, and probably the biggest thing about her. If there was a place most of her food went, it'd be there. In more than one ways. She held tiny feet below stubby and thick legs.

Race: City elf. She was born into a human city like many of her people. She expected equal treatment, but noticed more of her race being segregated and homeless than the humans. The City Elfs are not a proud people, but they are people. There are some poor who fight against opression foolishly, and there are some who just make due. Learning what they need to to survive, and some even start a family. Some are lucky enough to be chosen by humans as brides. The Elfs within their selected cities are not a threat, just a part of life. A life that they so desperately cling to, and desire. (( I didnt know if you wanted me to create the lore for my race, but I tried my best! Sorry!))


Personality:Quirky, See's the positives in a negative situation, Cold when she needs to be.

- Mediocre with a bow when supplied with arrows she doesn't have to steal.
- A well trained pick pocket.
- Good with animals if need be

- Lacks the strength to lift anything over a bow and filled quiver.
- Trusts to easily
-Tries to remain positive in dangerous situations, going as far as to crack a joke or two while getting ambushed.

- Other Elves
- Bears
- Big men
- Alley ways
- Fancy chocolates
- Royals

History: Rose was born in a rainy city to no family. Her mother died during child birth, and her father had left her mother after he'd gotten her pregnant. Naturally she was placed in an orphanage in the city. She sat in that orphanage for years, getting called racial slurs and watching lucky kids get picked until she was all alone. She didn't let that keep her down and developed a habit of sneaking away from the orphanage as she grew up it became more and more frequent. She went around the city, stealing lunches, pies, bread, cups for water, and arrows. She'd always been fascinated with bows, but never got training. She ended up stealing the bow of a noble at the age of 16, and lots of his arrows. She practiced on the crows that seemed to always circle around the back of the Orphanage. Once she was 18 she was released into the world. She had nothing but the clothes on her back. She made a habit of stealing, becoming a well known bandit of sorts. She's only been caught a few times due to unlucky circumstances. Slipping on muddy ground, wrong place wrong time, Racial profiling, and stealing from a noble. Through out all of this she's developed this uncanny abilities to talk to all humans sarcastically. She's done a lot of stealing growing better with age. She's able to afford more meals so she eats a lot, then runs out of money she steals. She continues this routine even today, at the ripe age of 26. She still is mistaken for some plump Elf kid.

Their Song: Rusty Hearts OST - Wings

So begins...

Rose Igneous Seanal's Story


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My dear ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and those I have yet to meet. It is time to begin our tale. A tale of adventure, struggle, freedom, and friendship. A tale which will be woven into the generations to come. A tale about you. This tale will be woven by your actions and your decisions. It will be made with your thoughts, your burdens, and your desires. So be strong, be wise, and let us see what this tale unfolds for us all.

Cinderstone was awake and alive, bustling with normal activities of it's citizens and the creatures within. The sky was nothing but a flawless blue stream, only parted by the radiant sun that shone warm rays upon the towns people. Just like any day in Cinderstone, the streets were crowded with men, women, and children going about their normal business. Merchants selling their items on stands in the streets, the shops and stores having been open for hours, and the city square bustling with commotion. The elegant fountain built in the middle, containing dozens of gold and silver coins, flowed as normal, children playing with the water that fell. An occasional knight stood, watching with smiles under their helmets, as they guarded the citizens from potential threats. It was just any other day within the city. All was well and the citizens went about their lives in peace.

"Fresh fish!" A merchant exclaimed. "Fine jewels!" Another shouted. All along the street sides merchants and vendors promoted their merchandise. Within the square a fool dances and juggled in his red and white suit, the bells on his hat jingling along with the crowds joyful laughter.

Not too far from the square was the city prison. It wasn't anything more fancy looking than the rest of the buildings within the city, but it was more secure than most. While most of the homes and buildings within the city was was build with a stone foundation, and maybe stone walls, they typically were made of wood. The prison, although looking similar in shape, was made completely out of stone. The floor, the walls, and the cells all were made of stone, making it difficult for prisoners to escape. Torches lite the hallways with a blazing heat and the cell doors were thick and supported by metal hinges. There were two guards at the end of the hallway in which the cells were at, likely there to prevent any prisoners from leaving the prison.

There was a jingle of keys and a soft click as the broad doorway opened. The two guards stood where they were as two men who also worked at the prison stepped into the hall. The guards closed the door behind them as they bickered at each other.

"Even if we did he likely wouldn't be here any longer than this time." One rolled his eyes, straightening his slouch.

"But who knows. Maybe next time he'll steal something from a cart instead of smash it. You never know." The other held up the key chain and started flipping through the keys.

The other man merely groaned and stopped in front of a cell. The one inside being asleep. He kicked the door three times with his boot, the other unlocking it and swinging it open. "Time's up kid."

Unlike the city, which was bustling with activity among the people, the forest was as peaceful as ever. Known for it's lush and abundant brush and trees, Sipour forest was a wonderland for nature's animals and hunters. With numerous types of species within, the forest is often a perfect example of the natural world.

But today, long, narrow tracks were left on the edge of the forest, the grass and dirt flattened by the stamping of feet. The lines that ran along side the forest, heading towards the city were deep and cut into the ground. Something heavy obviously traveled by...

OOC//: Alright you guys. I believe I have given each of you the information you need to start. I'm sure you can figure out which section applies to you, but if you have any questions or concerns, again, don't be afraid to ask me or Eliyahu. I will be updating the rules to go more in detail about what not to do with your posts so keep an eye out for that.

There will be no posting order for the first round. It will be first come first serve, but do not post again until everyone has responded. Once everyone has made their introduction post, that will be the posting order for the rp unless I say otherwise.

So go one and have fun with your intros guys! Thanks again for joining and I hope you enjoy the story that we make as we rp.

The setting changes from Cathidus to Cinderstone


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Rose sat on the edge of the fountain. One leg crossed over the other. The Sun beamed down on the back of her head. Her long golden hair falling at her back. She stared down at the fountain water. She smirked as she looked at all the coins in there. She'd be rich if she could get them all. It'd be best to do at night, but she could grab a few now. Breakfast time is now, and there is always time for snacks. The chubby woman chuckled to herself. She looked down at her baggy green shirt, and her torn up black pants that stretched to match her size. The bow hidden within her shirt was small, and the quiver was even smaller. She could feel them both though. She saw a young boy approach the fountain, he shot her a funny look and through his coin up in the air. He turned and ran away as soon as it went air borne. Rose wasted no time extending her arm up to snatch the coin out of the air, her golden locks flying about as she did so. She lost her balance and almost fell into the fountain. She looked down at it. A gold coin? Not to shabby. She reached in and pulled a few more coins out, getting shady looks from all around. She never minded though. Once she had a hefty amount she placed it in her pouch and grinned.

Rose stood up and looked around. She spotted a man in an odd cloak. She strode in his direction with a smirk. She nodded at him and strode on past. She now head toward the local bakery. She was ready for some good eating, and sweets.

The setting changes from Cinderstone to Cathidus


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#, as written by Eliyahu
Eliyahu wandered the streets with no purpose in his mind about where he needed to be or why he was here. No direction meant freedom, but how much? A bandit's name is known to most individual's in this city whether it was intended or not. His was not so clever. Fish Bones wasn't scary or blood curdling to intimidate other bandits, but it was unpleasant enough to deter some common folk and most of the rich girls. Most meaning only one who bothered to stop and laugh instead of feel repulsed. Nothing new really.

"Fresh Fish!" He heard.

"About time!" He shouted back. "Been too long since Fish Bones had a good fish, How much?" His intention was to chat with the man and get his mind off of being pretty much screwed right now as far as future plans.

"Well Fish Bones, today; half. 5 silver and you can eat well tonight." He said with a smile.

"You don't know how much that means to me right now John. You got dinner plans?" He asked with enthusiasm.

"AHAHAHA! Fish Bones, you get me every time with that!" He could barely talk between laughs.

'Only half joking but alright'. He thought to himself.

He walked almost the entire marketplace before he realized how far he had gone today alone. The markets are where he loved to be, despite the obvious lack of respect. Trading, bartering, bargaining, buying, selling, hustling even in some cases, were always going down somewhere or another. He wished he had more than a couple gold pieces because the guy selling those carpets is a blithering idiot and could be robbed blind as long as you talked about his mother who has been dead for a few years. Those carpets are really good ones so he can charge a lot of money but reselling just takes to much time right now. What are some other ways to make a coin or two?

He found a juggler in the town square and couldn't help but chuckle and laugh with these kids. How could you not? It was freaking contagious. looking like a big dork was not something on list of things not to do though so it was fine.

He saw that one assassin walking toward the market. He never could remember their names but it's not like they knew bandit names either. Although they liked to move pretty fast and he wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. Probably on free time and is trying to enjoy the city which they so desperately try to destroy, one politician and noble at a time.

'Look at her though! Even a flipping city elf looks happier than you Eli...' He whispered to himself.

They usually lived pretty crumby just like us bandits. Although they didn't usually steal and murder to get anything. They were pretty good at playing poor people and managed to scrap together a living that way. Can't see how, only so many people in the city willing to give. Maybe they found someone who has enough to give them money all the time? Wish I could be giving away money. We'll see.

He wandered around again and found himself at the prison which is pretty familiar to him. across the way was the alley way, from which, he could start a quick fire and get some fish in his belly.


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Rose strolled out of the bread store with an armful of bread, and a loaf in her mouth. If she could smile she most certainly would. Rose chomped hard on the tasty warm bread. She'd used all of the gold she'd gotten on bread. She saw a kid with a sack on his back and strolled up behind him. She ripped off a half of a bread that lay at the tip of her fingers. She carefully threw it at the poor boys feet and this made him drop the sack and run to pick it up. In that time she'd opened his bag, and stuck all the bread in her arms in. She picked up the sack, slung over her shoulder. She used her other hand to take the bread she had in her mouth out, while chomping off a large piece. She walked pass the boy as he turned around confused and sad.

Rose laughed as she continued on. She took the route she always did to get to her little safe haven. She found herself traversing alley ways, and when she was about to walk past the Prison she noticed a few people oddly camping out in front of it. She smirked as she prepared to walk past the fools by the Prison.


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#, as written by Eliyahu
It didn't take very long for a fish to cook compared other meats. As far as why was not only unknown to Eliyahu, but it wasn't even a question he would ask. It's called food and that's what his stomach wanted. Sometimes he felt like a trash can with the stuff he would eat but those times it was because he had something on his mind. This was definitely one of those times. Although fish wasn't garbage by any means, Eliyahu barely let it cook before tearing into the fish with his cutters. Hunger does things to a man...

A random citizen started walking toward his fire and he probably going to give him charity. Camp fire by a prison, eating fish as if he was starving, probably charity.

"Trade you a song and two golds for some warmth," He said.

Eliyahu's eyebrows raised in shock. He's trying to sit here??

"If you're cold then you should probably sit down sir," with a chuckle he waived his toward the seat across from the fire. "you new or something? I can't believe you'd sit next to a bandit." After realizing just how much that said about his character, he wanted to fix it but the judgment was something he was expecting anyway so he just watched who came out of the prison. Hopefully it wasn't the boss. Anyone but the boss if anyone at all.

He watched as another kid was kicked to the streets. He looked so awfully thin.

"Hey there!" He called to him. Once he had his attention he waived him over. "You want some fish? It isn't much, but uh, us criminals stick together right? I'd understand if you really didn't want it though, but uh, there's a fire too, if your cold." He leaned toward him with his first question, but then leaned back towards his fire when he started to finish as if he expected him to decline.

Then the howl rang through the streets. "Is it getting closer?" Eliyahu thought as if it wasn't eerie enough already.

The setting changes from Cathidus to Cinderstone


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The men inside the tavern had continued on with their conversation, talking about hilarious events of the past. They roared from laughter several times, but it wasn't long before their chatter was interrupted.

"What about it?" One looked over at the man who spoke. He had chin length, black, wavy hair and a chiseled jaw line. His nose was long but his grin was wide with yellowing teeth. "It's simply a howl that's been plaguing our city for who knows how long." The stranger stood up from his seat, talking slow, but sure steps towards the man who questioned the howl. "It howls each day, sometimes several times a day, and it always comes from Sipour." He pointed to the wall of the tavern but also gesturing North to the forest.

Wrapping his burly leg around the leg of a chair next to the man, the stranger sat down, making himself at home in the seat. Leaning forward on the table, he looked at the curious folk around him. "Most people assume it to be a new pack of wolves running around, announcing their victory and a fresh meal." He looked at the man finally, but not before glancing around cautiously. "But I believe it's a Vvolkanlier."

"What a load of rubbish Girsh!" Another man stood up, having a similar, rugged appearance as the ones before him at the same table. "Don't be filling kids heads with lies!"

With a hardy laugh, Girsh turned to his companion,"But is it a lie?! You have yet to prove it is a wolf!"

"And you yet to know if Vvolkanlier's even exist!"

"Bah!" He waved his hand dismissively. "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"And neither do you!" The group laughed, filling the old room with rumbling joy. The one who stood up moved swiftly around his table, patting the man's shoulder as he passed by. "I'll see you later Girsh."

"Yeah, get out of here Clyde." He smiled, attempting to push the man away, but Clyde was already out of reach.

Girsh, after a few moments of starring blankly ahead of him, he turned his head to the one who had originally asked the question. "Don't worry about it kid. It's just a simple nuisance is all." He then stood up and patted the man's shoulder, walking back to his original seat. But as he did so, he started to pass by the Kitsune who entered and ordered her meal. He smiled, and once he was beside her, his hand ran along the fluff of her tail. "Nice tail." He commented, chuckling a bit as he did so.

But before he reached his seat, there was a small commotion outside. The group in the corner looked to the window, seeing people looking up. The group of men, with raised eyebrows, stood up and left the Inn, leaving the remainders of their food behind. There were some soft and some rather loud murmurs of birds or beasts. But eventually, someone shouted, pointing,"It's a girl!"

The people around gasped slightly as the presumed girl flew gently down into the fountain in the square. Once she landed, people fell quiet, watching, glancing cautiously. But this was short lived as one of the guards within the square came towards the fountain,"Hey! Hey! Ma'am! Ma'am with the wings!" He shouted, pointing at the fairy playing in the water. But to his surprise, she started running, booking it down the street. "Ma'am!" He called again, then started running after her.

People gasped, some woman and children even screaming as the chase went on. People moved out of the way and others dodged, being pushed or accidentally tripped as someone moved between their legs and feet. The fairy shouted about a Behemoth of some sort, but the guard only returned with,"Stop!"

Other guards scattered about the streets started to make their way towards the commotion. "Stop her!" One pointed, and with that, two guards ran forward, being ahead of both the young fairy and the original guard. The ran through the crowd until they were in the middle of the street, and when the young girl came, they reached for her. One grabbed her fore arm, the other missing completely. The one that had latched onto her arm glared through his helmet, using his other hand to take hold of her other wrist. "When The Guard says stop you stop!"

The guard giving chase caught up, panting slightly inside his suit. He didn't hesitate to update them on the situation. "She flew into the city from above."

The guard holding her arms looked down at her. "What are you doing?!" He demanded, letting go of one of her arms. "I'll have you know that archers could have shot you right out of the sky for pulling something like that!"

But this too was short lived. Only a short distance away, there was a flurry of commotion. The guards looked down the street, seeing people moving off the streets as a large, horse drawn carriage strolled along the paved stone. No one was subtle with their questions as people asked,"What is it?" and waving their hands around their nose,"It smells!"

It was a blue painted caravan that was exceptionally large. The entire back side was covered in a large, tanned cloth covered in dirt, the frame resembling a large arc. An older gentleman was steering the six horses in front of him, holding the reins with ease. Seven men were walking alongside it, all of them holding proud smiles upon their faces.

The guards with the fairy took a second to watch before turning to her,"Next time you enter the city, come through the gates." The man let go and the three guards made their way to the caravan in a hustled manner.

The caravan came to a stop and the older gentleman looked behind him at the group of men walking besides him. One jogged over to the man and they conversed quietly among themselves. A large crowd began to form around the blue caravan, including a woman and her son. The mother starred at the caravan intently, covering up her nose as she eyed the mud covered men with sticks and leaves in their hair.

While she was looking, the little boy looked at a tied string, attaching the large cloth to the frame of the caravan. He blinked at it curiously. But after a few seconds, he puffed up his chest and rushed over to the reeking cart, taking hold of the string and pulling it to untie it. The first string came undone with ease and the boy quickly went over to the second tied string. This one was tied in a strong knot and the boy fought with it, pulling at it with all of his might. But the mother quickly noticed and cried out "Sam!!" running over to the child and picking him up. But as she did so, the boy gave a final tug, the string coming loose and the cloth began to fall.

In one loud thunderous uproar, the crowd screamed and began to run away.

The setting changes from Cinderstone to Cathidus


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Rose had just passed those idiots by the prison when she'd heard the commotion. Normally this elf was curious, but if it was enough trouble to stir up a city it might not be worth it. "Wait City will pay heftily if you save them from trouble right?" She looked at her bag of bread and smirked. She tightened her grip on the strap of it and turned.

She sprinted past the group by the Prison, hoping to beat any other 'heroes' to her chance at sweet, sweet gold. Rose licked her lips, she could almost taste the fancy foods. A cocky laugh escaped the woman as she once again ran through the alley ways. She reached into her bag and pulled another loaf of bread out, one about the size of her head. She smirked and stopped her running for a moment. She took a bite out of the bread and held it in her mouth. She slung the bag off her shoulder and looked over the alleyway.

She spotted a window and looked at her bag. The window as significantly smaller than her bag, but it was wide enough to wedge it in. She looked around, still listening to teh sound of the screaming citizens. They were noisy, what ever they were looking at couldnt be that scary. Rose pressed a few fingers against the window, with a creak it opened. She'd stuff her bag of Bread oddly in teh window, extremely noticeable. She'd come back for it though. No one would dare steal from her, probably.

She brought her hand to her back and felt to make sure the bow still remain attatched poorly to her back. She brought a hand above her head and reached to press her finger against the tip of an arrow. She pressed abit to hard and yanked her hand away and checked for a cut. She sucked her teeth and let out a sigh. With that she turned the corner, taking a bite out of her bread and running toward the commotion.


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#, as written by Ivisbo
Enel had fallen before she expected to.

When the first hunter flung himself on her back from the trees above, her first instinct had been to struggle and attempt to throw him off. Of course, with her massive form it would have made more sense for her to roll and simply crush the human before the others had a chance to circle around her. The large party of hunters were caked in mud, their scent muffled by the aroma of the forest they had covered themselves with. Though it had been easy to fling the first man from her back that had been enough time for the rest to circle her.

They came with spears and rope, screaming and hollering at her while she roared and howled back at them. They aimed for her legs, trying to force her sturdy six legged stature to the ground while she batted them away with her massive claws and tail. Enel was not a murderer and had no interest in killing the men that she had lived around- she simply thought to scare them and escape into the shadows of the forest with the ease of any massive predator.

The hunters backed her into the tree line and away from her dead deer they had used to lure her out into the open. She was forced back by the spears, all along screaming her howling roar at the men, her thin pupils wild and terrified and angry. From the branch the first hunter had flung himself down from, suddenly a massive weight feel upon her and slammed her frame to the ground, making her let loose a loud cry of pain. A net woven from thin steal and thick rope surround her, the corners being tethered to the ground by the men her before she had time to stand. She struggled agains the weight, trying to get one set of her paws underneath her to lift her muscled form off the ground, but the hunters had managed to tether the trap tightly to the earth around her, binding her so well she was unable to left her tail. She seethed, inhaling deeply through her nostrils and rasping a deep growl out her mouth, sharp fangs gleaming as her tongue lolled out the side. The men stood around her, smiling and grinning and laughing with joy at their catch. The first hunter, the one that had thrown himself upon her, stared into her golden eyes with mirth.

"Got'cha darlin' ", He spoke with a grin, then slammed the butt of his spear against her cranium and all went dark.

When Enel awoke, she knew she was moving. The ground below her swung back and forth, jumping every once and a while, forcing her open jaw to clink together. She had drooled a large puddle underneath, soaking the side of her face and making her fur lay flat with wetness. Her brain felt muddled and cloudy, though she was aware of a pounding pain on the top of her skull that made a growl of discomfort escape her. With the sound of herself her mind suddenly cleared and became aware of the horrendous amount of noise around her, instantly making her ears slam back and her eyes open wide.

Humans- every where- surrounding her in massive quantities with their horrible odor and abrasive loudness. They scream, hollered, cried, whispered, sang, clomped, and chattered with a volume that was caused a deep aggravating anger to well within her. A low purring growl erupted from her as the ground below her forced her still awakening body to thump against the wall. She looked around, suddenly aware that she was trapped within four walls of steal and light brown cloth. The noises of the humans came from all sides of her, meaning only that she was traveling within the walls of a city.

The cage she was trapped within was far to small for her to move. Her body had been forced within the confines at a perfect angle that had forced her six legs under neath her with barely enough room for her to crouch. Her large, thick tail was curled around her, allowing some comfort from the cold thick bars.

Suddenly the cart stopped, the momentum scrunching her face against the cage in front of her. The cries and muffled chattering of the humans outside increased as they began to circle around her position in massive quantities, all of them wondering what was within the apparent covered cage and being overly vocal about their wonderings.

Her long claws dug into the steel below her, all six of her paws tightening with frustration and anger. She had been captured and forced into the human city nearby- probably the very same city she had once sold her fish at when she had been able to turn into her human form. Enels brows furred, drawing her feline eyes into thin slits as she stared at the light brown of the cloth in front of her. She remembered the face of that hunter, his sneering bearded grin, and suddenly wished she had not been so frightened to kill them. Better rip apart a few humans then be stuck in a tiny cage inside their disgusting city for the rest of her life.

A rustling near her left side cause her ears to swivel and her attention to turn to the corner of the cage. The cloth was billowing slightly, being pulled at from on corner and allowing slivers of bright sunlight to filter through. She growled lowly, her chest rumbling and her claws extending-

The tarp fell and allowed the full view of the gathered crowd to reveal itself and she thrust her body upward against the wall of steel, letting loose the loudest screaming howl she could emit. Her spine curled to allow her four front paws to grasp the bars and she scrunched her muzzle against them and revealed her impressive set of fangs to the fleeing crowd. The cart, which sat upon a set of four wooden wheels, rocked to the side as she threw her weight on the walls, trying to force the cage to fall and break apart. She would let loose on this crowd and escape- she did not fear for the death of the humans at the moment.


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"Is it really that strange to see a couple of men proud of their work?" One of the men shouted to whomever it was in the crowd that had questioned their parade. But they didn't say anymore more until the sheets fell.

The blood curdling roar that vibrated the air around them forced many of the men to cover their ears, some even falling to their knees. The cart began to shake as the beast inside the cage rammed the sides. The crowds scattered like cockroaches in the sunlight, leaving very few brave souls in the presence of the boiling fury that raged within the streets. The roar echoed along the streets but eventually died out. The group, turning to look at the six-legged beast with terror, quickly gripped their mind and ran up to cage, attempting to steady it.

The guards nearby pushed through the last of the crowd, yelling for those who remained to leave the area. "What is this?!" One of them asked, watching the enraged feline slam about. "Why did you bring it here?!" Another questioned. The group didn't pay any heed, however. They remained focus on keeping all the wheels on the ground. But even the guards at some point managed to gather their wits and rushed over, giving a hand to stable to caravan.

However, the front of the vehicle started to move. The horses that lead the large cage neighed, pulling this way and that in fear as the cart shook back and forth. But in unison, they started to run forward. Th cart started to roll, rolling away from the group surrounding it. "Get the horses!!" Several men cried. A red headed young man flew away from the group, rushing over to the older gentlemen and the horses, grabbing their reins in attempts to keep them still. But once the cart started moving, it wouldn't be stopped, and the horses started to fly. The cart was heavy and bumped loudly along the stone ground, but the horses were strong and ran for their lives down the road, leaving the group of men stumbling in their wake.

While the owners of the caravan ran after it, along with several of the guards, one stopped and pulled off a horn off his belt. And with a deep inhale, he blew into it, letting out a loud, low note.


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When the beasts yell rammed into Rose's ears the bread in her mouth was snapped off at the tip. Rose grit her teeth and cover her ears. Man she wished she could shut that thing up. After a few moments she gathered herself and looked around. There were a few people around her, but she had no clue what to do. She saw one of the guards try and steady the raging cart, she ran over and gave a hand. Using all of her might to try and keep it stable, but she was weak so her contribution was hardly noticeable.

She heard the sounds of the horses being spooked and her eyes widened, she felt the cart jerk and her grip was lost. She fell over and stared at the cart as it ran away. Rose grunted as she pushed herself up. She pulled the bow from her back and loaded it with an arrow, which she pulls from the quiver beneath her shirt.. She saw how far away it was getting. She loaded the arrow and pulled back. She narrowed her eyes, but there was to much going on. She could not make the shot. With arrow and bow in hand she looked at the group around her.

Rose shook her head, no way was she about to lose her town money to these suckers. She needed it WAY more. She started running after the beast in the cart, hoping to subdue it alone and get the money. She was running at a very slow pace, so pretty much anyone could catch up to her. She was tired, hungry, and hot. Why couldnt this have happened on a cold day? She groaned as she huffed along after the cart.


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Xiro stood in awe, watching out the window still. The beast was a great six legged cat, wielding giant claws and rounded teeth. There was something odd about the fact that it was still alive. It could have easily have killed the most well trained and equipped soldiers, yet these men managed to capture it. Why? Was it holding back? Was it not what it appeared?

Curiosity was consuming Xiro's mind. There was something with this beast that bothered Xiro greatly. The thought that a beast that looked feline held back. Held back from killing me who likely didn't just find it in a trap. It went against everything that Xiro knew about large felines. Rarely would they ever hold back, yet it was evident that this one did.

Then it awoke. Obviously trying to escape, the beast struck at the sides of the cage. Its massive size was evident as the cage rocked back and forth, startling the once calm horses that hauled the poor creature here. Even its roar showed that it just wanted out. Xiro even thought of letting the beast out. Last time it held back, something Xiro hoped it would be willing to do again. However, the horses now carried it away.

Walking outside to see where the horses were headed, Xiro caught sight of two people chasing after the wagon, the only ones with the lungs to keep up. The first was a very short city elf, her legs moving surprisingly fast. The other was a man with a crazed look and drawn sword. The city elf was running at a surprising pace for her size, but Xiro wouldn't have to try hard to win a race with her. The crazed man made Xiro seriously consider chasing down the beast. No, he had to help the poor creature escape the man's blade.

Preparing to give chase, Xiro tightened the straps of his sack to his shoulders. With a moment's mental preparation, Xiro shot off. His experienced legs hauled the man and the sack on his back at a rapid pace, especially for carrying a load on his back. As he ran down the street, shocked citizens moved out of the way of the fast moving, pale man.

The cart barreled down one of the main streets of Cinderstone, heading towards the south. Xiro was pushing himself to keep up, even as he noticed the horses take out the man. All he would have to do is open the back of the cage and let the poor creature out before one of the others could harm the beast.

Inside the sack, Droda sat atop the corpse of the deer. It bounced up and down, providing a much more bearable ride on top of the corpse rather than under it like normal. She simply enjoyed her ride, occasionally making little squeaks of enjoyment. She had also brought up the thigh bone of the deer, something that she could play with while she waits for Xiro to let her out.


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#, as written by Ivisbo
Enel continued to throw herself against the cage as the humans tried to settle the horses and stop the caravan from tipping. She realized that with her strength, she could possible force the cage to topple the whole wheeled cart over and hopefully allow herself to break the bars of the door on the back. Though her long claws allowed her little dexterity, she was able to grasp the thick bars with her paws and shove, letting loose a screaming howl at the same time.

Outside, the streets were chaos as some tried to steady the cage while others ran to escape. Enel paid them little attention, her mind and body focused on tipping the cart. Just as she threw her full weight against the cart and tipped the wheels on the side, the cart suspended for a moment on two wheels, the horses (whom she had forgotten all about) let loose a shrill scream and jolted the cart forward as the began to canter away. Truthfully, the whole situation would be funny to her if she was not the one stuck in the cart; the horses were pulling the beast they were trying to get away from behind them in there mindless run.

The men fell away as they were left in the dust of the run away caravan. Enel fell to the floor of the cart while it jumped over the unstable street- the uncontrolled gallop of the horses causing it to fly back and forth along the street. Enel dug her claws in the floor, holding herself still and hoping the horses tired out. She looked out the back of the cage at the crowd in the distance and the few stragglers running after her but she had little hope they were actually going to catch up. One of the men stopped and let loose a high, keening note form his hunting horn, forcing Enel's ears to lay flat at the tone and alerting those ahead of the rampage on the way.

Suddenly, a burst of something entered the caravan and slammed against the bars, enlisting a squeaking growl of surprise from the large beast. Enel stared with wide eyes at the small winged creature as it stood with wide eyes and scrambled away from her, tucking herself safely behind the bars, though not entirely out of reach. The cart gave a loud bump, jolting Enel to the side and forcing her to dig her claws in deeper. She kept her concentration on the intruder, narrowing her eyes as she looked over the blue haired girls smaller stature and dirty clothes. Enel was most interested in her wings, the glittering ice captivating her feline attention for a moment despite the predicament.

Another jolt that threw Enel against the walls brought her back to the situation at hand, a deep rubbling growl filling the caravan as she glared untrustingly at the fairy.

"M-Mr. Monster," The little thing sputtered out as she grasped the bars to steady herself. Enel looked at her small hands, an image of ripping them from her equally small arms slushing through her mind, "D-don't eat me please, please, please? Daisy says fairies aren't tasty to monsters, a-and you don't want to ruin your apple-tight, do you? Right?" Wrong.

Though Enel was not interested in any way in eating humans- or human looking creatures- she did have beast like urge to use this ones bones as tooth pikes. She wouldn't, though just on the principles of the Raksha; humans should never be harmed while in the feral form- the beast is for protection, not aggression. She imagined none of the Raksha that wrote their species laws were ever in her current predicament, so maybe she would be allowed a pass.

In reply, Enel gurgled out a keening hiss and barred her fangs, though he remained were she was, all six pairs of claws dug into the floor with hackles raised.

"M-Mr. Monster," she continued on, "Are you a-a Bee-myth?"

A what? Bee-myth? As a human, Enel would have rolled her eyes and flicked the pip-squeak in the forehead. Instead, the massive Hexenus lounged at the girl, allowing the momentum of the jumping cart to shove her body against the bars on the little fairies side of the cage. Though the girl may be able to move far enough away from Enels reach through the bars, she hopped the sudden action would at least scare the thing into halting her ridiculous questions. Enel had enough to worry about- like escaping this thing before it crashes- and the fairy was doing no good asking her ridiculous questions in the middle of this mess.