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"I owe everything that I have to my Clan."

1.4142135623731 · 234 views · located in The Forrest

a character in “Cats of the Clans”, originally authored by LostRiver, as played by RolePlayGateway




30 Moons



Position in Clan

Lives Left

Pelt color
A mixture of light grays, silvers, and white.

Marbled bengal spots

Eye Color

Echostar is a bit on the smaller side - especially for a Bengal cat. At first glance she seems to be underweight, but she really just has a slight build and happens to be a rather sleek and beautiful cat. Rather than brute strength, she is built more for swiftness, agility, and tactics. She may not seem very intimidating; however, her piercing green eyes, sharp wit, and agility will surprise you. She also has a scar that runs from the top of her right shoulder to the center of her chest [see Biography].

+ Sunshine & Lazy Days
"I'm always ready to do my duties as leader.... but aren't warm, lazy days the best?"
+ Stargazing
"Thank Starclan for Silverpelt. Without it, I would not be where I am today."
+ Windclan
"I would do anything for my clan."
+ Chipmunks
"They're cute, but they're too tasty to not eat."
+ The Season of NewLeaf
"It's the time for freshness and new beginnings. Plus, sunshine!"
+ Hunting
"The careful stalking of the prey and the wind rushing past you. It's the best feeling I've ever felt."

- Dogs & Two-Legged
"Those mongrels were the reason my mother is no longer alive."
- Disrespect
"I've worked too long and far too hard to get where I am today. I will not tolerate any disrespect."
- Riverclan
"I don't hate them and I never will; however, this feud we have put strains on any attempts to reconcile."

~ Dying Alone - This also goes paw-in-paw with her fear of never finding love. She fears that she will end up losing her final life never having experienced true love.
~ Failure - She constantly fears that she will fail her Clan and it will be taken over or destroyed.
~ Two-Legged - After witnessing first-hand the power they possess, Echostar is very afraid of them, but she would never admit this or let it show to her Clan.

Echostar is a leader who is known for her predominant easy-going attitude. She has been known to let mistakes made by kits and apprentices slide. However, the cats of the Windclan know very well not to take this as a sign that they can do whatever they please. When it comes to endangerment of the Clan or a member of the Clan, Echostar instantly becomes the fierce leader she was born to be.

Echostar is protective of the clan members to say the least. After everything that they have done for her, she feels the need to give them her all. She has a simple policy: "If I treat them with respect, they can see me as a friend rather than a brutal leader." This has been her philosophy since she became leader. Echostar believes that a leader should be a friend to the Clan first and a boss to them second. Most of the time, Echostar is joking around with the cats, playing with the kits, or hunting alongside the warriors. She enjoys laying in the sun surrounded by her Clan rather than being secluded in the Leader's Den.

Despite her normally lax, fun nature, Echostar is always prepared to be a strong, noble leader. In a matter of seconds, she can slick her fur back, put a stern face on, and stand proudly so that she looks taller than she really is. Despite her small stature, when Echostar gets serious, angry, or determined, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her voice goes from light-hearted to thick and commanding. When she wants to be heard or known, she will be.

Echostar was born to a Loner mother, Lark, who could barely take care of her son, Ace, much less her new yet-to-be-named daughter. Echostar's mother had foolishly created their nest close to a two-leg nest so that she would be away from the clans and have easy access to the food scraps of the two-legged. However, one day the two-legged's dog got off of its leash while Lark was searching through the garbage bin. Lark hastily grabbed her 3-week-old kit by the scruff and nudged Ace, telling him they had to go. However, the dog had already spotted the trio. Lark ran as fast as she could and got rather far into the woods before the dog caught up to her. He scratched at Lark and Echostar - giving Echostar the scar that she has on her chest - but Lark was able to momentarily overpower the dog and get Echostar to safety. She carefully hid Echostar in a hole inside a tree before she was dragged down by the dog. Perhaps Echostar was too young to remember the events, or maybe she has just been very good at blocking them out. Whatever the case, Echostar claims that she only remembers getting the scratch on her chest and nothing else.

Luckily, in all of the commotion, Ace had been able to escape. However, Echostar never saw her brother again. She hopes with all her heart that he was able to find a clan or was able to fend for himself in the wild, but Echostar truly has no idea what happened to Ace. Echostar was left in that tree for a day and a half until Quickstrike, her adoptive father, finally found the sight of her mother's murder on a hunting trip. He heard her pitiful mews and rushed her back to Windclan where her wound was tended to and she was given milk by his nursing mate, Cloversong. No one knows if Echostar really had a name before she came to Windclan, but she was given the name Echokit and was quickly taken in as a Windclan member with her new siblings, Sagekit and Morningkit. Cloversong says that the reason she was called Echokit was because when she came to Windclan, Echostar was all but mute. She was shy and refused the speak to anyone there. After about a moon, around the time when the clan decided she would be an official member of Windclan, she finally began to speak to her adoptive family. But at first, she would only echo the mews, purrs, and sometimes words of the cats around her. Therefore, they decided that Echokit was the best suited name.

Echostar grew up as a normal cat. Despite her unusual upbringings and her sad backstory, she was a very social and loving cat. Although unlikely as Echostar may have thought, she always wanted to be a warrior and even more so the leader of Windclan. She simply wanted to protect the cats that had taken her in so graciously. When she turned 6 moons, there was some debate over whether she would be an apprentice. A desicion was made that Echostar would be an apprentice, but she would have to wait until she was 7 moons. She waited patiently and finally, on the day she turned 7 moons, she became an apprentice to Wildbreeze, one of the strongest warriors at the time. He was a bit hesitant at being mentor to a non-native-born cat, but Echostar grew on him and he came to love the ambitious, determined, and strong kit.

After several moons of training, Echostar recieved her warrior name, "Echoclaw". She was proud of her position and was content where she was. Although she had dreamed of one day being leader, she was happy as a warrior and knew that she may be reaching too far in her dreams of leadership. That is why when her young, new leader, Hollowstar chose her to be his deputy, she - along with a good portion of Windclan - was shocked. Hollowstar being a mysterious and wise cat, Echostar was never told why he had chosen her, but needless to say, she was more than excited by her new position. She served with Hollowstar for many moons until he finally retired, bequeathing his duties to Echostar. Much to Echostar's surprise, Windclan was extremely accepting or their new leader. She had finally proven herself to them and was ready to serve them to her fullest. Every morning, she wakes up and thanks Starclan for everything she has been given.



Biological - Lark (deceased)
Adoptive - Cloversong (living)

Biological - Unknown
Adoptive - Quickstrike (living)

Biological - Ace โ™‚ (unknown)
Adoptive - Sagefrost โ™€ (living ~ Warrior)
Morningfire โ™‚ (living ~ Warrior)

None at the moment, but has had 2 different apprentices

Wildbreeze โ™‚ (living ~ elder)



So begins...

Echostar's Story