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a character in “Cats of the Clans”, as played by BooThePatchedBear


Username: BooThePatchedBear
Name: Fallenstar

Age (in moons): 52

Gender: Tom

Clan: River Clan

Position in Clan: Leader

Lives Left: (Leaders only) 4, though he tells his clan he has 6 so that they don't worry about him

Pelt color: browns, blacks, tans, whites, grays

Pattern: tabby

Eye Color: Green

Build: large, bulky and powerful

Likes: Flowers, his deputy (romantically, tho she has thus far turned him down), fish, the cold

Dislikes: The Wind Clan leader (they've had a feud for moons), Intruders on his territory, losing members of his Clan

Fears: Kits dying, losing all his lives, abandoning his clan

Personality: Fallenstar's warrior name was Fallenface, as he always looks very serious and sad. However, he has a good personality and a generally good sense of humor. He likes to make the kits happy, by playing with them and being around them. Often times, Fallenstar has spoken of having kits, as he would love being a father, but it has not yet happened.

Biography: When Fallenface was made deputy, it was something totally unexpected, as he was in the process of training his first apprentice. However, the previous leader, Goldenstar, had seen something in the young cat. She had had only one life left and died about a year later. Fallenstar didn't know who to take for a deputy, so he chose a very young she-cat who he knew could do the job well. He and Cloudstream have been very close ever since. Though she has denied all of his romantic advances, Fallenstar isn't ready to give up, not just yet.

Clan: River Clan

Position: Leader

Mother: Yellowfin (deceased, old age)

Father: Redpelt (alive, an elder in the clan)

Siblings: Brackenfeather (she-cat, living), Bloomkit (died at 4 moons of greencough), Brighteyes (tom, living but left clan)

Apprentice: None, but has had 7 apprentices

Mentor: Harefoot (deceased she-cat, died of old age/greencough)

Kits: None (yet)

Other: He is extremely attracted to Cloudstream

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Fallenstar's Story