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"If you don't understand my silence, how will you understand my words? "

0 · 228 views · located in The Forrest

a character in “Cats of the Clans”, as played by BlueWind_22



(Pronounced like Kis-sen / Means "Alone")

Age (in moons):



Position in Clan:

Pelt Color:
Silver and white

She is a silver Pointed Siberian mix-breed.

Eye Color:
Olive Sage

Kigiinheart appears fluffy and cute, but it just hides her all the muscles she had. Large and heavy boned, she is massive compared to most female cats. This is due to her mother being a Siberian kittypet. Her head is like a round wedge, and her ears and eyes are round-ish. Her muscles and slightly arched back, due to her legs being slightly longer than her front, she looks like a cross between a linebacker and a ballerina.

  • The sunrise, and the setting of the sun. ; It fills her with excitement that a new day has begun, and she finds the lively mornings to fill her with hope. Which is something she finds herself lacking due to her name meaning.
  • Kits ; They're adorable!
  • Observing the other clans from afar ; There is just something about the others clans that are intriguing. Their different hunting styles and way of life, so different the compared to the way she survives.
  • Hunting games ; She loves the competition and seeing who has the greater skill in the end.

  • Touching or being Touched ; Growing up away from other cats, she is not used to other grooming her or playing games that aren't considered rough-housing. She often reacts like someone had just branded her with a hot poker.
  • Kittypet life ; Kigiinheart knows its a life that can really attract the tired and worn down cats, but she finds it to be... uncomfortable. She can't even ask another cat to help her, muchless a twolegger to care for her.
  • Rats ; "Disgusting little vermin!"

  • Snakes ; She is deadly afraid of the worm-like creatures. Big or small, she is deadly afraid of them, and will do anything to stay away from the little guys.
  • That she might have to become leader ; Being Deputy is hard enough for her.
  • Having Kits ; She fears that if she has kits and is busy caring for them, someone might get hurt without her constant vigilance.
  • Falling in "Love" ; She saw how her mother was... shattered after her father chose to stay a loner. Kigiinheart is afraid that something like that would happen to her and she'd end up like her mother, broken and insane.

Kigiinheart is silent, always appears calm and stoic. She doesn't speak often, but she will talk, meaning body language. Most don't understand this, and those that question her silence will be answered with an emotionless stare. Being silent often give cats the idea that she doesn't panic or get surprised often. Her silence is a really big problem for her, and is mostly the cause of her being where she is now. Her silence makes her a social outcast. She doesn't mind this; She'd rather be out patrolling the territory. True to her namesake, Kigiinheart is truly alone.
Kigiinheart does speak, but only at some meeting of some sort or to tell Stormstar something. She panics sometimes, but her courage helps her move forward and take control in dire situations. She is wary of her clan-mates but at the same time has found kinship with them. Kigiinheart is playful and can sometimes be goofy just to make others laugh. She is forgiving, gentle and patient when she is teaching an apprentice, but she does her best to keep others from seeing this side of her.

Kigiinheart was born in a litter of five. She is originally Riverclan, but when her father chose to become a loner, her mother was shattered by this and took her kits away from the clan to raise on her own. Growing up away from other cats was hard, but it was harder on her mother who had to support five kits. The harshness of it all, caused two of Kigiinheart's siblings to die. Skykit was preyed on by an owl, and Fangkit died from the lack of food and warmth. Her sister, Moonkit, had been "adopted" by a two-legger, leaving Kigiinheart and her brother Silverwing to survive the winter with a mother that seemed to be losing her mind.
Silverwing and Kigiinheart were forcefully taken away from their deranged mother when they were nearly eight moons. Their father had put them under the care of Ivoryclaw, who eventually became their mentor.
Kigiinheart found clan life to be... Intimidating and was not eager to become part of it. However when given a job she didn't tell anyone her opinion on it and just did as she was told. When she became a warrior which happened pretty quickly, she left the clan. She moved around for a moon, and decided to join Shadowclan. When she did, she found it be more... home-like. So it was surprising when she was chosen to be Deputy. She didn't intend to become Deputy. It just happened.



Thorntail ; Rogue, still alive, location unknown

BristleClaw ; Loner, still alive, location known

Skykit ; Deceased
Moonkit ; Kittypet, still alive, location known
Silverwing ; Loner, still alive, location unknown
Fangkit ; Deceased


Ivoryclaw ; Riverclan Elder, status unknown



So begins...

Kigiinheart's Story