"I'm young, but give me a chance and I'll prove myself,"

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a character in “Cats of the Clans”, as played by BooThePatchedBear


Username: BooThePatchedBear

Name: Speckleheart

Age (in moons): 15

Gender: She Cat

Clan: Wind Clan

Position in Clan: Medicine Cat

Lives Left: N/A

ImagePelt color: white, black, dark brown, light brown, orange

Pattern: calico

Eye Color: green

Build: sleek but she looks fluffy due to her long fur

+Bright, warm days

-Losing her friends/family
-The Winter

-Being a failure
-Not knowing how to save the members of her clan
-Having the urge to have kits
-Falling in love

Personality: Speckleheart is the kind of she-cat who knows how to do things, but asks others if they think she is doing it right just to be sure. She is a teacher at heart, though in her mind she is still a student. Speckleheart likes to do things her way, but she also listens to instructions. While she knows she's young and can't really do all the things that the Medicine Cats of legend did, Speckleheart also knows that she will get there, some day. She is confident, yet not overly cocky. She also hides her confidence, and only her closest friends know how confident she is.

Biography: Speckleheart lost her mother and father when she was only half a moon old. Her only sibling, a brother, died when he was an apprentice. She was raised by a Queen of Wind Clan who was not her mother, but was very proud to raise her. Speckleheart knew from the moment she understood what a Medicine Cat was that that was what she wanted to be. Speckleheart lost her mentor after only 7 moons of having him teach her things, and she still tries to learn from the other Medicine Cats when she goes to the Gatherings.

Clan: Wind Clan

Position: Medicine Cat

Mother: Brightcloud (deceased, died in a fire)

Father: Fallenbranch (deceased, died in a fire)

Siblings: Halfpaw (deceased, run over by a monster)

Apprentice: None at the moment

Mentor: Voletooth (deceased, died in a territory battle)

Kits: None

Other: She wants very much to be a mother, but she knows that isn't possible.

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