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"I...prefer not to be judged by my predessor."

0 · 245 views · located in The Forrest

a character in “Cats of the Clans”, as played by Spottedclaw59




Age (in moons):



Position in Clan:

Lives Left:8

Pelt color:
Brown with shades of white and white paws

Tabby markings on his face

Eye Color:
Emerald Green

Stormstar has a very muscular build. He has a shaggy pelt, but underneath it his muscles easily show through it. He is a very big cat, which prove his strength. With sharp and peircing emerald eyes, he is known to be quite intimidating; a natural quality for the Shadowclan leader.

ღ Lizards
"If you take away the skin, its actually quite tasty."
ღ Kits
"Adorable little things."
ღ Sunnydays
"Strange from a shadowclan cat?"
ღ Night hunts
"Not strange, the moon is quite relaxing..."
ღ Silverpelt
ღ ShadowClan
"Laying down my lives would be an honor I would do."

❇Pointless confrontations
I'm sure it would be fine to just talk it out...

❇Cats talking bad about Shadowclan
"Past is past...can we please forget that?"


"I for one do not mind the cold but..."

✕ Failure to protect his clan: If even a small kits dies, he blames himself for not being a good leader. He takes every death in his clan as a failure of something he could not protect. He fears his clan dying, despite them going to staclan.

✕ Shadowclan's reputation: The whole forest knows about Shadowclan's...infamous tendencies. His fear is that they will forever be branded by that.

Cool, calm, collected but he has a very sharp temper if Shadowclan is insulted by any other clan. He is very protective of every single member of the clan, and is willing to give his life for even the smallest Kit if he needs to. Despite Shadowclan's history of having leaders who try to intimidate or flaunt their strength, he chooses to more passive; wanting to settle things without a fight, although most of the past Shadowclan leaders disagree with this way of thinking, he continues to stay on this way. If a battle does break out, he is willing to fight to the death for Shadowclan, and come back to continue fighting for the clan. One thing he does enjoy to do, is play with kits in Shadowclan since he enjoys watching Kits grow up. He also likes watching silverpelt at moonhigh, he finds it gives respect for the past warriors.

Stormstar was born during leaf-bare, where there was hardly any prey. He had 2 other she-cats as siblings but they died shortly after he was born. He was supposed to be the youngest but ended up being the only kit who survived. Shortly after the litter's birth, his mother died from green cough. Stormstar was very eager to become a warrior, even as a kit he would watch the warriors tell pointers to the apprentices and try them out himself when no one was looking.

As an apprentice, he always strove to be the very best. Not complaining about anything about the duties that were his tasks, and did them to the full potential. He cleaned out the elder's den with out a complaint. Followed around veteran warriors of Shadowclan, and even helped out the medicine cat when she needed it. When he practiced battle moves, he found new clever ways to use them, making his own style at times which earned himself the title of a very strange apprentice.

After the 6 moons of training, his warrior name became "Stormheart." Moons went by, he continued to improve himself until he got his first apprentice, which made him elligible to become deputy. He quickly got the deputy position, learning from the leader at the time what Shadowclan was about. To show a symbol of strength, so no clan would dare mess with it. After awhile, he started to question this. Did they only have to be a symbol? The other clans always seemed more in touch with each other, while Shadowclan cats always seemed at least wary of each other. He secretly strived to make Shadowclan more united.

Once the leader passed away, he quickly went to the Moonpool to recieve his nine lives, and to earn the name "Stormstar" On his way back though, is when he lost his first life. A loner's kit had wandered away, and a fox was stalking it for awhile. He had scented the kit and bounded across the field to get the kit but got into the fight with the fox which had claimed his first life. He found it strange at first, losing a life. The fox had ran off after Stormstar gave it a beating. He returned the kit to the loner, and quickly went back on his way. When he did lose his life, the first life he had lost was form the original Shadowclan leader who simply called him weak. He retorted that he would change Shadowclan, once and for all.


Leader of Shadowclan

Darkfeather (Deceased)

Redfoot (Deceased)

Snowkit (Deceased)
Leafkit (Deceased)


Ebonyshine (Deceased)



So begins...

Stormstar's Story