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Aria Kristoff

Human experiment #4

0 · 449 views · located in NUSA

a character in “Caught in the middle”, as played by Zodia195


Aria Kristoff, 21 years, “Kristie”, Female

< Physical Info >



Affiliation (Enemy/American/TBD)-Experiment

Aria has a dual personality and the two sides are often in conflict with one another. The ‘lighter’ side of her is very quiet and shy. Very private person, Aria doesn’t like to socialize at all because she’s afraid of hurting others. For some reason though, this side of her has become dependent on some of the other experiments due to her state of mind. To some extent these feelings have extended to those who ‘raised’ her in the first place. However, these same people were responsible for her other side coming to surface, her ‘darker’ side as it were. This is the ‘killing machine’ side of her that was created due to all the experiments and testing procedures that happen during the course of her training into being an ultimate machine. This side of her is very hard and in some ways unstable. It’s also the side that holds the memories Aria had before she was kidnapped. Both sides due crave freedom though. Aria often forgets what she does when her darker side takes over and is terrified of it as well as her ability. She still doesn’t know what triggers it either, it just happens randomly. What she does know is that it happens during extreme circumstances. Despite her 'innocent' demeanor, Aria has always been a perceptive person and could read people like a book. Also right before her escape, Aria did something that she has major regret over and it has left her 'light' side traumatized, even though she tries to hide it. Also, her 'dark' side is the more dominant one and in some ways tries to keep her 'light' side protected.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Reading Her ‘dark’ side x
o Music Using her ability x
o Freedom Anything spicy x

< Ability Statistics >

Character you wish to play/element you want Human experiment 4/ Mind control

tools or weapons Two knives, but she can only use them when her ‘dark side’ takes over.

Abilities/cybernetic enhancement
Aria was given the power to control minds. She was given this ability to due to her innate ability to ‘read’ people. Weak minded people are the easiest for her to ‘read’ and gain control of. However, it’s harder for her to get into someone’s head who has stronger mental shields, especially those with natural shielding ability. At one point she was even forced to use her ability on her fellow experiments during their training, something she hated doing. Unfortunately, she became so good at this ability that it almost happens automatically. At the time when they escaped, she was learning how to control it, but also learning how to kill someone with her mind too by giving them a brain aneurism. This ability has caused her much distress and has affected her physically. She was also trained to use knifes and to be stealthy so she could get close enough to a target.

Even with her mind control ability, it comes with a heavy price. Even with controlling weak-minded people, she tires out quickly. When she is able to control strong-minded folk, she ends up with migraines and has to take naps after words. The one time though she did kill someone with her mind, it caused her to collapse after her ‘light’ side returned and she ended up sleeping for 24 hours.

Personal Traits
She has a ‘light’ and ‘dark’ side
Very perceptive, even on first impressions
Lighter side is very dependent, but darker side isn’t.

< Personal Background >

Aria actually does have memories of her life before she was kidnapped. She was 7 when she was kidnapped. Her kidnapping was made to look like a death though so her family never looked for her. Aria remembers mostly pain and tears in the beginning of her training. It was during her 2nd year there that her ‘dark’ side started to surface. Her training though was progressing so quickly though that she was separated from most of the other experiments at first because they didn’t want her ‘causing an accident’. It was only when she was a teen that she started training with the others. However by this point, her ‘light’ side started to fade more and more and Aria herself was becoming unstable, especially towards the end. She ended up depending on some of the other experiments for keeping her grounded and sane. The method seemed to be working too. However, when the decision was made for Aria to start using her abilities against the others, it made her mad and this was when she really started to crave freedom. The final straw came though when she was forced kill someone with her mind control. Even though the person was ‘bad’ and she was told she was doing the NUSA a good deed for doing this, the act still haunts her and left her traumatized. After the fire, Aria ends up escaping with some of her fellow experiments. A part of her wants to go back home, but she is one of the first ones to figure out that they’ll never be safe.

So begins...

Aria Kristoff's Story


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The ground was cold and damp as Aria slowly came to her senses. She tried opening her eyes, but as she did, the sun shined right in them and she quickly closes them. She didn't particularly remember her chamber being this bright in the morning. And what was her bed wet? It even smelled funny. Something wasn't right here. Opening her eyes more slowly, the silver hair young woman saw that she wasn't on her bed, but on the ground. Feeling dread creeping up her spine, Aria suddenly sat up and looked around her. She definitely wasn't in her chamber. In fact, she didn't recognize her surroundings at all. What happened? It was then she caught the distinct smell of blood and saw she had blood stains on her hands and chest. Examining herself, she discovered that she was fine physically. It must have come from someone else than. Looking about, she saw her daggers inches from her and they had blood on them too. What had she done this time? Horrified, Aria began to search her memory that led to this predicament.

She remembered eating dinner with others who were like her, even though they had different abilities. They weren't like any other humans. Aria wondered if they were humans still. The young woman had just recovered physically from something she would never forget. She killed someone with her mind. She remembered being shocked and cried on the inside. Feeling sick to her stomach, Aria forced these thoughts away and continued to search her memory. After dinner, she remembered going to her room before . . . . . oh . . . .

"What was it?" she asked out loud.

Suddenly it came to her. She remembered an explosion and after that . . . chaos. But then everything went blank.

"My dark side must have taken over. But . . that still doesn't explain the blood or how I got here? Did . . . did I escape?" she asked herself.

She must have. Remembering the blood on her and her daggers, she realized she must have fought someone while fleeing. Feeling sick, Aria ended up vomiting, luckily not getting anything on her. Where was she now? Her stomach growled too and Aria figured she better find some food. But where? She didn't even know where she was? Carefully standing up, Aria grabbed her daggers and placed them in their sheaths on her hip that she was wearing.

"I wonder if I was the only one to escape. Where are the others?" Aria asked herself again as she began to wander.


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Aria heard noise and her defenses went up immediately. So many thoughts went through her head in that instant.

What was that?
Is someone there?
Oh gosh what is it?
No, don't panic Aria.
You were trained to defend yourself right?
Of course you were!
You're no weakling.
Yes I am strong!
Now, just find out who it is.
Are they friend or foe?
Oh gosh . . . .

It was then Aria called out in a trembling voice.

"I know your there! Show yourself." she replied, her limbs shaking as her muscles tensed, ready to strike if need be.


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Character Portrait: Freya 'Fire' Mackenzie Character Portrait: Aria Kristoff
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Aria immediately calmed down when she heard the familiar voice. Still, all the training she had prevented her for fully relaxing. Calming her mind, Aria looked at the person she remembered. What was her name? Fire wasn't it? Aria made a point to remember all the experiment names. She had been forced to memorize names in general because with her training. The reason for this was because once she learned someone's name, she'd be able to know whom her target was. There was even talks of her taking a step further, to where she could control someone's mind by simply knowing the person's name. Aria was thankful this never happened because she had just gotten word of it last night. Her mind was brought back to the present though when Fire suggested they move on.

Aria nodded.

"You're right. I don't want to get caught either. Which way should we go? Isn't there suppose to be a nearby town?" she said as she turned and started walking.

She was feeling very uneasy and thought it best to get going. Aria did turn to see if Fire was following her.