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Experiment 10/Moon

She is a mutant.

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a character in “Caught in the middle”, as played by Little-Sasa


Experiment 10/Moon, 16, Monica Sighe, Female

< Physical Info >

(Appearance anime pictures would be best but its up to you)

Affiliation (Enemy/American/TBD) Experiment 10

Moon is a calm and smart girl. She mostly doesnt shows emotion and acts cold towards strangers (so basiclly everyone). She mostly comes over wierd and dumb but she actually really smart. Even though she mostly says stupid things that doesnt make sense, she does says something usefull when she needs too. Like when she or others are in danger. She isnt afraid to be capture or die. She believes in fate, everything happens with a reason for her. She likes to think that when you die you just change worlds. People say you should be afraid for death, but actually death should be afraid of her.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Playing on her guitar Loud noises x
o Silence Crowded places x
o Dark or cold places Having to repeat things x
o Computers Having to search deep for something in her brain x
o Music Loud people x

< Ability Statistics >

Character you wish to play/element you want
Experiment 10/ Knows everything about everything. (A bit like the internet in her head)

tools or weapons
She mostly carries more then 2 guns with her becuz she has the habit of picking up every gun she finds

Abilities/cybernetic enhancement
She knows everything about everything, like the internet but in her head. Becuz of that she is super smart and can figure out everything, even a safe code.

When she needs to "search" for something that's too deep in her brain she gets in a kind of trance making her an easy target. And if she needs to search to long she gets a really painfull headache which mostly ends up in fainting

Personal Traits
(have at least 3)
1. She has the habit of picking up every gun she finds
2. She is actually really smart but she mostly says stupid things that doesnt make sense
3. Even if you scream to her she stay's calm and

< Personal Background >

Moon doesnt remember much of her past. She wakes up in a lab 4 years ago and a doctor told her that she was special and that she needed to stay her for her own good. She already knew everything and it seemed that what ever happend she just knew even though it wasnt even in the news. She was called Moon by the doctor that she saw as her dad. She lived in the lab that looked like a girl's bedroom for 2 years until she was moved to another section, she got transfered to a white room away from the other experiments. They started to do horrible tests on her like looking how she reacted on super sonic sounds, which hurted her because how she knows the things are send with super sonic waves. When she turned 15 she tried her first escape plan which was a huge fail. They captured her and did the test again. When she was 15 and a half her personality changed to the way she is now. She started to accept the tests and obey to whatever they said she needed to do. When the bomb fell down she didnt know what to do so she just runned away (if possible she also met some of the other experiments on the way).

So begins...

Experiment 10/Moon's Story


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Brenin smiled, face relaxed at the handshake. He nodded at Micha's offer, sitting beside her and making himself comfortable, not in any hurry now. He liked good company, and besides, he felt protective. The barkeep made him mad, messing with ladies like that. It was rude, crude, and completely improper.

About to ask Micha about herself, Brenin found yet another young woman speaking to him. Looking at her in surprise, he smiled kindly. "Well it's nice to meet you miss Monica. I overheard you say you have no money either?" Brenin wondered if perhaps, the girls were involved in a scam. Well, no way to know, and if they were, it was on their heads. However, the idea seemed wrong, and he would assume they were for real unless otherwise proven. 'Innoccent until proven guilty', right?
Handing over some more bills, he encouraged Moon to take them. "You look famished. It's not good to avoid food for too long."

Brenin's smile instantly went to a look of concern as Micha flinched, wondering if he had upset her. He hoped not. Or was she not feeling well? He held a hand out in case she fainted.

"Miss Micha? Are you allright?" he asked worriedly, medic and protective mode activating in his brain.