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Freya 'Fire' Mackenzie

Experiment no 1

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a character in “Caught in the middle”, as played by Belynta


Freya Mackenzie, 23, Fire, Female

< Physical Info >


Affiliation (Enemy/American/TBD) Experiment

Freya quite an angry, bitter young woman who resents what has been done to her and hates those who made her how she is. She has a very short temper and struggles to keep it in check. She is also blunt to the point of rude or making sarcastic comments to those around her. She acts like she cares for nothing or no one but in truth she feels very protective of the other experiments and thinks of them as family, though she would never admit this. She is also intensely lonely but due to her ability she is frightened of getting too close to someone and then hurting them or worse killing them. She longs for freedom and yet at the same time she fears it after so long being caged. She suffers from nightmares that she does not understand and due to this she tries to go with as little sleep as possible but often fails in this.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o DrawingSleeping x
o SunshineBeing out of control x
o GymnasticsBeing cold x

< Ability Statistics >

Character you wish to play/element you wantExperiment 1, Pyrokinesis

tools or weapons She does not carry weapons

Abilities/cybernetic enhancement Able to create and manipulate fire as well as affecting her own body temperature, she can do a variety of things with this ability from throwing fireballs to raising or lowering her body temperature to creating a fire for others to warm themselves around. She can also heat up the environment around her in a short space of time. There are likely other uses for it that she has not yet discovered.

weaknesses Freya's ability is directly tied to her emotions and therefore she has trouble controlling it which means she can often be as much a liability as an advantage. When she gets angry, stressed or excited her body will heat up and burn others or fire will begin to appear without her conscious control. As much as she has tried to learn to control her emotions she has had little success and therefore was seen as not a complete success by her creators and jailers. Her ability also has a major drawback in that the energy for her ability comes from her own body and after major use she needs to eat lost and very quickly to replace the lost energy or she becomes gradually weaker. She also has to eat more than normal anyway due to her extremely fast metabolism. This can manifest as severe fatigue and exhaustion after use of her ability.

Personal Traits
Is blunt and sarcastic
Has a very short temper and is violent when she loses her temper
Acts like she needs nothing or no one but this is a lie and she is actually very lonely

< Personal Background >

Freya has no memory of her childhood or who she was born to, she's not sure if that was intentional or whether the trauma of what they did to her caused it. But the fact remains that the only life she knows is that of the lab where she has been kept for all of her life. All she has known is the tests, the pain and then more tests. She knows little of the outside world only as much as they have allowed her to know but she does remember that there was a time when she was not in a cage and that feeling has stayed with her throughout the years. When the lab is attacked and she and the others escape she is both elated and frightened but determined to never go back. She is sure she would rather die than be in a cage again. (as a note I would quite happily have Freya escape with some of the others if people like)

So begins...

Freya 'Fire' Mackenzie's Story


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Aria heard noise and her defenses went up immediately. So many thoughts went through her head in that instant.

What was that?
Is someone there?
Oh gosh what is it?
No, don't panic Aria.
You were trained to defend yourself right?
Of course you were!
You're no weakling.
Yes I am strong!
Now, just find out who it is.
Are they friend or foe?
Oh gosh . . . .

It was then Aria called out in a trembling voice.

"I know your there! Show yourself." she replied, her limbs shaking as her muscles tensed, ready to strike if need be.


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Aria immediately calmed down when she heard the familiar voice. Still, all the training she had prevented her for fully relaxing. Calming her mind, Aria looked at the person she remembered. What was her name? Fire wasn't it? Aria made a point to remember all the experiment names. She had been forced to memorize names in general because with her training. The reason for this was because once she learned someone's name, she'd be able to know whom her target was. There was even talks of her taking a step further, to where she could control someone's mind by simply knowing the person's name. Aria was thankful this never happened because she had just gotten word of it last night. Her mind was brought back to the present though when Fire suggested they move on.

Aria nodded.

"You're right. I don't want to get caught either. Which way should we go? Isn't there suppose to be a nearby town?" she said as she turned and started walking.

She was feeling very uneasy and thought it best to get going. Aria did turn to see if Fire was following her.