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Juniper Powell

blind telepath

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a character in “Caught in the middle”, as played by stealthpanther


Juniper Powell, 22, Female

< Physical Info >


Affiliation Experiment 7, none

Juniper is a rather quiet individual. She will talk, but being locked away as an experiment didn't help her build communication skills. Unfortunately, she can also tell people are generally akward around those with a handicap. She likes to read people's thoughts so she can see the world, her only clue to appearances the pictures in other people's heads. She tries to find the best in a situation if possible, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel some resentment at her situation. She tries her best to reserve judgement until she finds out the circumstances. Nevertheless, she doesn't trust people much anymore, and tends to try and keep to herself to avoid trouble. No matter how bad things get, she dislikes a conflict. Might come off as aloof and antisocia. If she does open up though, she will trust the person with anything and will talk readily. She is dead loyal to those who earn her trust. She does have a liking for music and singing, but is unwilling to sing around others. In regards to her abilities, she does not like to control people, and feels like she is violating a person's very being when she does so.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o music needles x
o animals loud noisesx
o singing judgemental people x

< Ability Statistics >

Character you wish to play/element you want
Experiment 7, telepathy
tools or weapons

Abilities/cybernetic enhancement
Telepathy (mind reading/control)

She's blind
Must be within 10 feet of a person to control them
Controlling someone gives her a severe migraine afterwards.

Personal Traits
likes to read people's minds in order to 'see', but doesn't like to control them
sings when she doesn't think anyone is around to hear
wishes she could one day gain the vision she never had, but doesn't think it is likely.
Cannot stand the smell of cigarrete smoke, or smoke at all for that matter
Tends to touch everything, wants to compensate for lack of sight as much as possible

< Personal Background >

Juniper remembers most of her past. She has a younger sister and an older brother. She was the only one born blind, assumed to be due to an infection during pregnancy or some development failure. Her parents went to dozens of doctors in hopes of any treatment, but still nothing existed for those with congenital conditions such as blindness. They were approached by agents from the government, told that there was a new program for children with congenital illnesses. Juniper's parents were told of a newly designed boarding school where children born with disabilities and ailments could come to learn, grow, and learn to function in society in a safe enviornment for people like them. They likened it to the first school for the blind where Louis Braille himself studied, worked, and developed the system for the blind to read. In addition, they promised that the 'students' were also offered the latest medical care for their conditions, and would be the first to recieve treatment should it become available. The idea sounded promising, and they decided Juniper should be taken care of properly by people with the experience until she was old enough to care for herself. They made sure to keep up the ruse by taking away the mail her parents sent, and sending their own forged letters back, until finally sending a letter themselves that Juniper had died in an accident, and sent her family her 'ashes' and her last letter she was about to send. Juniper resented the agents for lying to her and her family. However, she couldn't fully hate those who worked on her, her new abilities her only way of 'seeing' the world, by looking at things through people's minds.

So begins...

Juniper Powell's Story


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A young woman yawned, stretching as she woke to the feel of the sun on her skin. She had recently escaped the facility....a blessing and a curse for her. No matter what anyone said, she couldn't truly hate everyone involved...couldn't hate all of her captors. She had a new light..a new way to 'see' her world, limited as it was.

Inching down the sloping embankment, she felt the water carefully before cupping some into her palms and splashing some on her face. She had no idea how she looked, but at least her face felt cleaner. She then walked back up, emerging from under the bridge, letting the sun fully embrace her. It felt good to be free...

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a loud, low rumble in her gut. Placing a hand gingerly on her stomach, Juniper sighed. She was hungry, and wasn't quite sure how to go about getting herself some food. She didn't hear anyone nearby, so she couldn't navigate that way. This was going to be harder than she thought...surviving alone.