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The X

A job is a job.

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a character in “Caught in the middle”, originally authored by Akionakamura, as played by RolePlayGateway


he lost his real name long ago, Unknown (even to him self) but he looks to be in his early 20's,The X, Male

< Physical Info >

(Appearance anime pictures would be best but its up to you)

Affiliation (Enemy/American/TBD) Europeans


[Likes] [Dislikes]
o finishing jobs giving to him Loud and obnoxious people x
o Quiet having to do things more then once x
o Reading huge crowds x

< Ability Statistics >

Character you wish to play/element you want head spy/mercenary

tools or weapons he doesnt use nor need and weapons

Abilities Inhuman strength

weaknesses has almost no stamina so he get tired very easily so he avoid overexert himself.

Personal Traits
1.) he is the kinds of person who always has his next move plan out.

2.) he always has the same clod and indifferent look on his face never showing any emotions.

3.) he is willing to do anything to finish a job.

< Personal Background >

His earliest memories are from waking up on a operating table with tubes running in and out of him the men who where there where congratulating him on becoming the japanese government 1st ever weaponized human he just sat there trying to drink in all they the men where telling him as they when on explaining to him about how all of his physical attributes such as strength and speed have been increased 50 times of a normal human and as they where going on about some of the other abilities something inside of him snapped was it the fact that he cant remember a thing about him self or the fact they these men where telling him he should be pleased with the fact they they have done this to him or was it just the fact they his new body gave him the ability to do it as a wicked smile begin to crawl a cross his face he mumble " so you made me into a weapon uh."as he slowly turn his head to the nearest man to him " i guess i should acted like one" as he thrusted his arm into the mans chest with such force that he rips a hole in the man with ease as the others look in in horror as they was there coworker fall to the ground he slowly turns his attention to them the begin to run but it does none of them any good with in 20 minute they where all dead soon after that he became a mercenary known as X he has never failed a job no matter how "impossible" it might be he has worked for everyone from crime lords to world governments doing everything from stealing things to burning down entire towns but now he has been given a job to capture the American weapons

So begins...

The X's Story


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A well dressed man runs down an other dark alley way. As he runs he would trip over a open trash can and falls to the ground. As he turns over on he back he hears foot steps his eyes widen in fear. As he see a man dress in a black suit with a grey under shirt and a bright red tie. The mans has short light colored hair and bright blue eyes and a clam cold look on his face. With ever step the man in the black suit take the man laying on his back looks more and more terrified. The man on his back reach's into his suit jack and pulls out a small hand gun and fires it once. The man in the black suit side steps the shot and continuous to walk towards the man. The terrified man fires off more shots until his gun is empty having missed ever last shot the terrified man begins to beg and plead. With the man in the black suit saying things like. " I can buy you want every you want if you just let me live." To witch the man in the black suits answers. " I can not do that i have a 100% job success rate. If i where to accept you offer i would lose that rating." As he bends down picking the terrified man up by his collar with no effort at all. As the terrified man looks into the eyes of the man in the black suit they are cold and emotionless and the terrified man asks. " What th.... what the hell are you." And the man in the black suit replies with a small grin on his faces. "I am what they made me." As he thrust's his hand into the terrified mans chest with ease. As the terrified man spits up a huge amount of blood. The man in the black suit begins to slow twist his hand inside of the terrified mans chest until the terrified man cease's to move. The man in the black suit drops the lifeless body to the ground. And with the hand with no blood on it reach's into his suit's pocket ans pulls out a small rag and a phone. He uses the rage to clean the blood from his other hand and press and few buttons on the phone. And puts it to his ear a young women's voice from the other end of the phone asks. " You done with the job already." To witch he replies to. "Yes the target has been neutralized."And the voice on the other line replies with. "Good i will tell the client to transfer the money to our account." "Good is there any new jobs for me." To witch the voice replies. "Yes! one just came in from the European government." The man in black then says. " What would they like me to do." The voice stops talking for a moment as the sound of computer keys clicking is all that is heard." It seem they attack a America research lab a few days ago. And retrieve some intell that the facility housed 12 bio weapons. It seem during the attack they escaped and are now on the run from the Americans. They want you to find and capture them first." To witch the man in black replies. "Dead or alive." The voice is quits for a moment and replies. "It seem both are find but there is a pretty big bonus if you bring in all 12 of them alive." A grin comes over the man in black face. "That sounds fine tell them i will take the job." And the voice quickly says. " Ok but there is a catch they are sticking you with some baby sitters. I guess to make sure you don't double cross them or something." A unhappy look comes over his face. "That fine as long as they stay out of my way i don't care." He quickly hangs up his phone and begins to walk away.
(i will let the bio weapons and Americans pick how they start but do know this is a few days on the attack and escape of the bio weapons so keep that in mind and enjoy yay!!!!!!)