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    When you first meet Kellen you will notice he has a demeanor of ‘I’m better than everyone.’ This only comes with the Fae upbringing and it’s how all of them hold themselves. Once you start talking to him and getting to know him you will soon find out that he isn’t as he first appears at all. He has respect for all other races and doesn’t believe any one of them to be better than the other.

    Almost gentlemanlike he has a rather posh way of speaking which doesn’t help his snobby first appearance. He’s not all good, though, and has to admit he’s kept some of his mischievous Fae traits. One thing he loves to do is pull little pranks on people in order to give him a good laugh. He tries not to go over the top with his pranks, but at times he can really hurt someone's feelings. Once he realizes he’s done this, however, he’ll be sure to apologize profusely.

    Being raised in a royal family isn’t ever an easy feat even when you are the sixth child born. Sure they say the more children a person has the more lax the parents become, which is true in some cases but not in the Vale family. From day one Kellen was molded into the proper gentleman he is today.

    As he grew he came to realize that, even though his parents weren’t lax on how their children were to behave, they were rather neglecting of the younger children. Their focus was on the older ones and teaching them how to rule over their kind. So when the day came that they decided to send the four youngest to Celazar school, Kellen couldn’t be happier to get away from the toxic house. Once at the school he almost seemed to fit right in. Due to his looks he soon became the dreamy popular guy all the girls wished they could be with and the guys wished they could be. He soon earned the nickname of ‘Prince’ as he had become the head of the popular kids. Now he had his own kingdom to rule and he’s loving it.

So begins...

Kellen Vale's Story

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                  Tonight was the night at Celazar. The night the entire student body had been waiting for, anticipating all year. The night of the Annual Celazar Ball. Saoirse always found it funny that they called it a ball and not a dance like any other school in the world called them. It made it sound so regal, so unique. Then again Celazar was a unique school, carfully housing and schooling the world's 'gifted' children. 'Mythical creatures' as most of the humans liked to call them or, to Saoirse's dismay, 'monsters'. The creatures, races of the world humans have long forgotten actually exist. This was their little safe haven.

                  Tonight was their annual ball, something the students looked forward to and yet Saoirse had never gone. She had just never had the urge to go so typically her and Niska stayed in together doing this and that. This year, however, was different as it was Saoirse's last year. She decided she should go at least once. It didn't help either that her mother sent her a dress for the occasion which she had just put on.

                  "Come on Niska, it's my last year to go to this and I really don't want to go alone." She pleaded with her friend, her pleasant Scottish brogue as thick as ever. She was doing everything in her ability to convince her roommate and best friend to accompany her to the dance, though so far she hadn't had much success. Niska was never one to be bothered by such mundane things as a dance and typically Saoirse wasn't either, but she knew she'd feel guilty if she didn't send a picture of herself in the dress at the dance back to her mother.

                  "We don't even have to stay the whole time. Just enough to get pictures saying we were there and then-" She was cut off as a searing pain went through her head. Involuntarily she grasped at her head as her vision began to fade out. Then she was falling, down into the blackness. She felt like she was falling forever until things began appearing into existence once again. She wasn't in their room anymore, no now she was deep in the woods and she was floating. An unseen spectre as she looked around at the kids off in the distance. Yet around her were men hidden in the darkness, dressed in black combat suits silently creeping towards the students. She tried screaming out to them, trying to warn them of the danger, but it did nothing. She knew it wouldnt, but she couldn't help it.

                  Her vision faded out once more and she was back in the school, still unseen to the eyes around her, but no one would have noticed anyways as chaos ensued. The men in black were in the school now, shooting students down with darts and then dragging them off. This went on until all were captured and being taken somewhere.

                  The last bit of the vision she was out front of the school now and it was on fire. She could still hear faint screaming as everything went black once more. She was falling once again and she knew the visions were over. She was on her way back to reality.

                  The white cloud that had filled Saoirse's eyes faded and went back to her unusual eye color. She gasped as she shot up from the floor. "They've found us. They're coming for us, all of us. They're going to take us somewhere." She spoke in a panic as she now turned to her friend. "Niska we're not safe. The school isn't safe. We have to let the Headmaster know." Her eyes were wild as she scrambled to her feet, kicking the heels she had on off before bolting out of the room and down the hall. She didn't look back to see if Niska was behind her, there was no time. They were all in grave danger.

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                        It was the night of Celazar's rather infamous annual ball, which meant, naturally, that Kaz was having a blast. Really. Of course, he'd have nothing to do with the Celazar dance. He had something of an image to maintain, and even if he didn't, he wasn't one for the sophomoric dim lights and unspiked punch. Needless to say, Kaz's fun did not lie on the dancefloor in Celazar's ball room. (Because, yes, it was in fact a ball room. Perhaps its only saving grace— at least it wasn't a dressed up gym or cafeteria.)

                        Kaz wasn't even inside the school at all. He loved the annual ball because it meant everyone else was. Which meant no one was left to monitor the smaller nuances. Say, any events that may have been taking place outside the school. Among some of the...finer folks of the academy it was well-known news that for anybody who wasn't particularly interested in the official school "party", there was always a more illicit alternative: Kaz's party in the wooded clearing he held in the forest outskirts.

                        It took him nearly an hour to prepare, but it was entirely worth it. All it took was six logs (stored from previous years, though lugging them into place was no easy task) and the starting of a decent-sized bonfire. That part was easy, of course. Some kindling. A flick of the wrist. Easy. The trouble was getting everyone out of the building without alerting any teachers or monitors. But once everything was finalized? Entirely worth it.

                        "Hey, man, play something cool," he said, frowning at the male incubus with the guitar seated across the fire. He’d just gotten finished playing some kind of ballad, probably a number off the the Top 100 Hits.
                        "Yeah," laughed the girl next to him, already half-tipsy on the jungle juice they'd crafted. "Play Wonderwaaaaalllll."
                        She fell into his shoulder in a fit of laughter.

                        He chuckled, pushing her upwards slightly. "C'mon, Anna. Get up. It's way too early to be passing out already." Kaz tilted his head back, letting the night breeze run through him. It really was a nice night out. The chatter of the crowd around him provided a pleasant background noise, like a more interesting form of white noise. He was surrounded by people he enjoyed being with, even if he wouldn’t exactly call them friends, or anything of the sort. And the girl sitting two seats down from him was clearly sending seductive glances his way.

                        He recognized her as one of Niska Altera’s girls, actually. Niska, who seemed to him to be something of his female counterpart, was nowhere to be found at his little forest bash, but he also knew she wasn’t the sort to attend the school dance either. He wasn’t sure exactly what she did. Probably hung out with that girl who was likely her best friend of the group, judging by the way they seemed to always stick together. The girl hardly fit in with the rest of the females; her strangeness among them was probably the only reason he even remembered her face. What was her name again? Not that it mattered; Altera’s business didn’t concern him.

                        Just then, he heard a crinkling of leaves and the snap of breaking twigs approaching from the opposite end of the bonfire. Kaz glanced up, and his face broke into a grin when he saw whose face emerged from the darkness.

                        “Well, well,” he said. “Look who decided to ditch the lame school thing in favor of the greatest company on earth. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes himself.” Kaz laughed, turned slightly to address the large group of people gathered around the bonfire. “Check it out, everybody,” he called, raising his voice. “The Prince of the school has decided to grace us with his presence! Three cheers for the fairy prince!” The crowd offered a loud mix-match of “whoo”s and “yeah!”s.

                        “Aren’t you getting, like, crowned homecoming king or something? Shouldn’t you be there to accept your plastic tiara?” He laughed again, offering Kellen a beer. He gave the boy hell, but Kaz really did like Kellen. He’d call him his best friend if that weren’t so cheesy. But the blonde-haired, blue-eyed was practically school royalty, and Kaz never missed the opportunity to tease him for that.

                        “Seriously, what’s up? Thought you always went to that ball thing or whatever.”

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                  Kellen didn't know why is surprised him that Kaz hadn't come to the ball. He never came, a ball just wasn't his style. However a small part of Kellen had hoped he would come for their last year, but deep down he knew he wouldn't. He wasn't about to let it bother him, though he did wonder where his friend was. He'd never really asked where he went on this night yet through rumors he had heard he put on his own shindig in the woods. Something had compelled Kellen to go and find out though.

                  So he had devised a plan with his friend Jackson, a shape shifter, and had him pose as Kellen. In exchange he said he could accept the crown when they crowned the king because in all honesty Kellen didn't care enough about that. Yes he put on this air of being the prince of the school, but being crowned the king of the ball? It was for one night and in the end it didn't really mean anything.

                  So when his date, Amber, a pretty golden haired nymph, left to go the bathroom Jackson and Kellen went through with their plan. Jackson shifted into Kellen while Kellen glamoured himself as one of the teachers before slipping out. He silently made his way through the school, keeping a low profile before sleeping outside and heading towards the woods.

                  He could hear the party before he saw it. The cool breeze was relaxing to him, it was his element. Many thought it was a useless bower to have, saying what good was it to control air? Some would laugh at it, yet they stopped laughing when he sucked the air put of their lungs making them choke. Soon they realized how much power there actually was in controlling the air. He could snuff out the oxygen for a fire as well which made him chuckle at the thought of his best friend being a phoenix. They were both the complete opposite in practically everything yet they got along so well.

                  Speaking of Kaz he noticed him grinning as Kellen revealed his face. He grinned back in teturn, chuckling at his words. He rolled his eyes at the group, but the smile remained. "Ah I will be there to accept my crown trust me. I've left Jackson in charge of that." He winked at his friend as he took the beer. Kaz may tease him for being a goody two-shoes, but when it came down to it Kellen wasn't afraid of taking risks. He had a slight mischievous streak to him at times.

                  "What am I not allowed to join the cool kids?" He laughed as he sat down next to his friends. "Nah I decided it's our last year, I should see what you're party is like before it's too late." He explained as he took a sip of his beer. He was ready to have a good time, but then a noise caught his attention. Being fae he had slightly better hearing than the average person. He heard footsteps coming near them. At first he thought maybe it was more kids joining them, but something was off. Something in the way the steps crept towards them made him ineasy.

                  "Kaz I think something is wrong. I hear people creeping towards us." He said in a hushed tone to his friend. However as he said this the speed of the footsteps began picking up and Kellen found himself reacting quicker than he realized possible, using his powers to quickly snuff out the bonfire and shrouding them in darkness.

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                        Kaz couldn’t help but laugh when Kellen revealed his grand plan to sneak out of the ball without anybody knowing. It was such a Kellen-esque thing to do. Mischievous enough to get out the ball, but not mischievous enough to let everyone know he had.

                        “Dude,” said Kaz, still chuckling as he took a swig of his drink. “You know Jackson totally sucks at acting; they’re gonna figure it out eventually.” He was glad his friend decided to join him, though. Kellen was always good company, and even though he kept up his “nice boy” image for the school, Kaz knew he was never afraid to have a good time when it came to it.

                        “Hm. Alright, I accept your reasons.” He moved over slightly to allow Kellen enough room to sit on the log bench. Anna was already falling asleep on his shoulder, and she groaned as he pushed her over some. “You’re officially invited to sit with the cool kids. One time offer,” he added with a short good-humored laugh. "Glad you decided to join us. We're much funner than your stiff-necked dance, ball, whatever thing. Promise."

                        There was about a minute's break where the festivities continued as planned before Kellen turned to him and said something in a hushed tone. Kaz took a few seconds the process what he'd been told, frowning. He turned his ear towards the forest, listening carefully for any hint of what Kellen had said he heard. After a few moments of relative silence (excluding the noise of the party), he turned to the fae male with a puzzled expression.

                        "The fuck are you talking about, man? I didn't hear an—" He heard a twig snap, fallen leaves crackle. Similar to the sounds Kellen had made when he first made his entrance, but where the sounds he had made had been constant and haphazard, these noises were slow and careful. Less like someone walking towards them; more like someone attempting to sneak up on them. Faculty wouldn't bother with that. Neither would any party-crashers. "Shit," he hissed under his breath.

                        Turning again to Kellen, he lowered his voice to not scare anyone else. "Listen, Kel, I got a bad feeling about this. I think we should get everyone outta here."

                        Kaz pushed Anna off his shoulder, where she woke with a jolt. "Anna," he whispered to her, "I want you to start heading back to your dorm. Take some of your friends with you." She whined, starting to combat him, but Kaz slapped a hand over her mouth. Told her to get out with as much of a deadly tone as he could muster. She nodded, wide-eyed. When he saw her leave the clearing, he turned to Kellen once more. "I'm gonna scout the area. See if it's actually anything. You wanna start herding people back? Take it slow, we don't want any panic."

                        When he received affirmation from his friend, Kaz moved out to the exterior of the forest clearing, glancing around from there first before stepping out into the dark. He lit a small flame at his fingertips, taking slow deliberate steps further out into the woods, listening and watching carefully for any hints of movement. He heard and saw nothing, and after a minute of searching, he returned to the clearing.

                        "Hey," he said when he reached Kellen. "I didn't see anything. Maybe it was just some kind of animal? I don't thin—"

                        For the second time in a matter of minutes, Kaz dropped off in the middle of his sentence. A piercing scream came from the direction Anna and her friends were walking, leaving Kaz in shock for several moments.He turned quickly to Kellen, but never had the chance to speak as several men in black uniforms descended in on them from the outside darkness. There was immediate chaos. Making a quick decision, Kaz snuffed out the fire in the clearing, plunging them all into darkness. None of the students would be able to see (save those whose powers enabled them to), but neither would any of their attackers. And having supernatural abilities gave them the edge. It was time to fight.