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    Growing up in a clan of witches with your grandmother being the matron of the clan and your mother next in line brings some different characteristic traits with it. Having no men in the clan brings about the thinking men are useless other than helping to create new little witchlings. Her grandmother was very strict about no witch having any permanent relations with a man and often tried to make her coven fearful of them. However on secret Saoirse's mother tried teaching her daughter differently, that you shouldn't fear men. She tried to teach her daughter love and compassion. These two thoughts have caused Saoirse to have conflicting emotions. In school you'll find she often times shies away from any of the guys and sticks to her best friend.

    If you ask anyone who knows her well you'll come to find she really is a kind girl and has a smile that could melt hearts. She has a temper, however, and often times will lash out with a witty, sarcastic remark. Don't be surprised either if she casts a minor hex on you either. She's not one that will take any cap from anyone. Earn her trust, however, and she'll be loyal to you until the end.

    According to Saoirse mother, Niamh, she was the child of love. Niamh had left the coven on some business and while away fell in love with a man. Soon after she found herself pregnant and the witch and her lover were ever so excited. This happiness was short lived, however, as tragedy struck and the man was killed. Heartbroken, Niamh came back to the coven and when Gaia found her daughter was pregnant she was pleased. Niamh never spoke of her lover to any I'm the coven and just allowed them all to think she did what most any witch would do when they wished for a witchling of their own.

    Saoirse was born and her grandmother instantly knew there was something special about her grandaughter when she beheld her two different colored eyes. As she grew they all came to realize she was "blind" in the human sense of the word, but she had the Sight as the witches called it. She could see the auras of a person and, according to her grandmother, the very soul of a person. This was a thing Saoirse had trouble understanding though. She didn't know how to properly read these auras.

    The witch coven tried deperately to teach her all they could and were pleased when they found out she had precognition. She also learned healing magic and hexes fairly easily, however aura reading was a difficulty. So soon they sent her off to school, deciding it may be more beneficial for her.

So begins...

Saoirse Baird's Story

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                  Tonight was the night at Celazar. The night the entire student body had been waiting for, anticipating all year. The night of the Annual Celazar Ball. Saoirse always found it funny that they called it a ball and not a dance like any other school in the world called them. It made it sound so regal, so unique. Then again Celazar was a unique school, carfully housing and schooling the world's 'gifted' children. 'Mythical creatures' as most of the humans liked to call them or, to Saoirse's dismay, 'monsters'. The creatures, races of the world humans have long forgotten actually exist. This was their little safe haven.

                  Tonight was their annual ball, something the students looked forward to and yet Saoirse had never gone. She had just never had the urge to go so typically her and Niska stayed in together doing this and that. This year, however, was different as it was Saoirse's last year. She decided she should go at least once. It didn't help either that her mother sent her a dress for the occasion which she had just put on.

                  "Come on Niska, it's my last year to go to this and I really don't want to go alone." She pleaded with her friend, her pleasant Scottish brogue as thick as ever. She was doing everything in her ability to convince her roommate and best friend to accompany her to the dance, though so far she hadn't had much success. Niska was never one to be bothered by such mundane things as a dance and typically Saoirse wasn't either, but she knew she'd feel guilty if she didn't send a picture of herself in the dress at the dance back to her mother.

                  "We don't even have to stay the whole time. Just enough to get pictures saying we were there and then-" She was cut off as a searing pain went through her head. Involuntarily she grasped at her head as her vision began to fade out. Then she was falling, down into the blackness. She felt like she was falling forever until things began appearing into existence once again. She wasn't in their room anymore, no now she was deep in the woods and she was floating. An unseen spectre as she looked around at the kids off in the distance. Yet around her were men hidden in the darkness, dressed in black combat suits silently creeping towards the students. She tried screaming out to them, trying to warn them of the danger, but it did nothing. She knew it wouldnt, but she couldn't help it.

                  Her vision faded out once more and she was back in the school, still unseen to the eyes around her, but no one would have noticed anyways as chaos ensued. The men in black were in the school now, shooting students down with darts and then dragging them off. This went on until all were captured and being taken somewhere.

                  The last bit of the vision she was out front of the school now and it was on fire. She could still hear faint screaming as everything went black once more. She was falling once again and she knew the visions were over. She was on her way back to reality.

                  The white cloud that had filled Saoirse's eyes faded and went back to her unusual eye color. She gasped as she shot up from the floor. "They've found us. They're coming for us, all of us. They're going to take us somewhere." She spoke in a panic as she now turned to her friend. "Niska we're not safe. The school isn't safe. We have to let the Headmaster know." Her eyes were wild as she scrambled to her feet, kicking the heels she had on off before bolting out of the room and down the hall. She didn't look back to see if Niska was behind her, there was no time. They were all in grave danger.

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                        Niska hated all the stupid school events Celazar held, she did. She held a particular disdain, however, for the annual ball of school. People loved it. She could not, for any reason at all, fathom why. If she wanted to hang out with her friends, she could do it where there weren’t so many bodies stuffed into one overcrowded sweaty, sweltering room. If she wanted an occasion to dress up, she could find one where there weren’t going to middle-aged teachers and “responsible” adults monitoring every move she made. For all intents and purposes, there was simply no reason for her to attend. She didn’t turn her nose up at anyone who did decide to go, of course. Fun was a relative thing, and as long as they enjoyed themselves, it wasn’t her business to judge, even if she would never understand their reasoning.

                        The problem was this: Saoirse really wanted to go. Niska loved Saoirse as a matter of course. And she did whatever she could to make her friend happy. But this was maybe going a step too far.

                        Niska laid on her bed, tossing a tennis ball against the wall the foot of her bed was set against and catching it when it returned to her. Rinse, repeat; she loved the steady thumping sound the ball made when it hit the wall, an easy rhythm. She groaned as Saoirse asked her for the fifth time to go down with her. The witch was already dressed, and the longer Saoirse stayed in the room with her, the guiltier Niska felt. “I’m sure you’ll find someone you know when you get there” hadn’t worked, and “One is company enough isn’t it?” was bullshit and they both knew.

                        Niska huffed. “Fine, okay, whatever,” she said, grumbling some complaints under her breath. But I’m not getting all dressed up for it. True to her word, she tugged on a pair of black skinny jeans and just threw an oversized sweater on over her loose grey tank top.

                        Saoirse was still trying to ease the blow, talking about how they’d leave soon, as Niska was grabbing her cell off her desk. She didn’t bother to cut her off, tell her she’d already agreed to go, because Saoirse would be Saoirse, but then Saoirse cut herself off. Niska furrowed her brow, vaguely suspicious, and then the sudden silence was followed by a loud thump. Louder than a ball hitting a wall.

                        “Saoirse!” Niska yelled, dropping hastily to her side. She shook the girl’s shoulders, slapped her cheeks, did whatever she could to get her out whatever seizure-less seizure she was going through. Nothing worked. She was just about to get up and call for help when Saoirse shot straight up, sending Niska recoiling back in surprise. Some gibberish escaped Saoirse’s mouth, and, if Niska were being honest, she was half inclined to call the school psychologist instead. She was just moments away from trying to get the witch to talk some sense when she picked up and left, not even looking back to see if Niska was behind her.

                        “Saoirse! Wait!” she called after her, to no avail. Shit. “You can’t just walk off, you’re not even wearing proper clothes for—” she mumbled, cutting herself off when she realized it meant nothing if she was only talking to herself. Once more she groaned, but for an entirely different reason this time. Did this at least mean they didn’t have to go to the dance?

                        Either way, she’d have to look out from her friend. She quickly pulled a pair of more practical shoes from Saoirse’s closet, along with one of her favorite t-shirts and some jeans. At the last second, she even grabbed her a jacket. If she meant all that nonsense about not being safe, Niska wasn’t sure what sort of situation they might find themselves in. And she was pretty sure Saoirse wouldn’t want to be running from anything barefoot and in a form-fitting dress.

                        Saoirse had been walking unbelievably fast, and Niska had to run to catch up with her. By the time she had, they were already at the headmaster’s door. Niska knocked and pushed open the door, unsure of what the headmaster might even be doing at that hour and what they would even say to her.

                        The dignified looking woman glanced up from her desk, where she looked to have been writing something. Niska held up a hand slightly in Saoirse’s direction, silently telling her to get her thoughts in order before blabbering incoherently. She gave her the opportunity by giving a sort of introduction.

                        Before the headmaster could say anything, Niska started talking. “Hello. So, ah, Saoirse had a vision, I think. I didn’t know what they looked like, but I’m pretty sure this was it. Something about some pretty nasty dudes coming here. She thinks we’re not safe.” She gestured to the girl beside her, who had hopefully organized her thoughts into coherent sentences by then. “She can tell you about the speci—”

                        Niska was cut off by a loud rumbling and harsh shaking of the building. So. Saoirse was right. Niska made a silent promise to never dismiss anything she said as gibberish again. It felt like an earthquake. Or an attack of some sort. She turned to Saoirse. “Explain fast! What the hell is happening?” she shouted. No part of this was particularly pleasant. And it didn’t help that she had no clue what was going on.

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                  Saoirse had mapped out these halls over the years, knowing every turn, every bump in the floor below her. She could navigate these halls flawlessly and as long as there wasn't anything out of place in the halls she had no worry of accidentally running into something. Most in the school would never realize she was essentially blind which in truth she was and she wasnt. As long as the object she was looking at had life she could see it in her own way add that with her ability to memorize things and she appeared to the unknowing eye to have sight.

                  This was how she was able to navigate herself to the Headmasters door. Before she went in she could feel the presence of Niska which helped to calm her slightly. They both walked in and Saoirse opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out as Niska’s hand came up to stop her. She knew immediately why, knowing if she didn't think of how she was going to present this information it would only come out in a jumbled mess. So she began putting her thoughts together. She barely heard what Niska was saying as the scenes of her vision played through her head once again.

                  She saw the last scene of her vision once again before she was pulled out of her thoughts by the shaking of the building. Panic set in once more along with a feeling of dread. “I'm too late…” She whispered before she registered Niska speaking to her. She turned to her friend, her expression was almost as if Saoirse was in a far off land for a moment. Then she snapped back to reality. “I'm not entirely sure who it is, but I believe it may be humans. I don't know how, but they've found out about us. In my vision they were taking down students, but they weren't killing them. No they were capturing them and taking them somewhere. Again I don't know where, that was not revealed to me, but it's not good I know that. At the end of the vision the school was burning and I could hear screams as the people who came left the school to be destroyed by the flames.” She hoped this explained things well enough.

                  She could sense the Headmaster’s alarm before she even spoke. “Girls you need to leave, do your best to get out unnoticed. Head towards our sister school in the east, warn them for fear they may be next then seek help. Seek help to get the ones lost tonight back. You two may be our only hope. Now go! Be safe and try to stay in the shadows!” As she was speaking Saoirse had noticed Niska was carrying something and sensed it belonged to her. She reached out to take what it was only to discover it was clothes. She immediately stripped herself of her dress having no shame and clothed herself in what Niska had brought her. It was definitely better suited for fleeing in.

                  Once she was done she looked to the Headmaster once more. “We'll do our best.” It was all Saoirse had to offer the woman. They were waiting too much time, they had to get out. She grasped her friends hand before pulling her out the door. She began leading them as silently as she could towards the closest exit.

                  As they rounded a corner they came face to face with two of the intruders. Saoirse gasped, surpressing a scream as she noticed both of them raising tranquilizer guns towards them. She let go of Niska as she raised her hands up. She knew she must have looked like she was surrendering at first before her eyes began to glow a eerie green color. She began to speak something in Gaelic, but her voice sounded almost otherworldly as the same eerie green swirled around her hands and danced towards the two figures and around their guns. They tried to quickly pull the trigger, but nothing happened.

                  The two looked at each other frightened and in the blink of an eye Saoirse was behind one whispering into his ear something else in Gaelic. The same eerie green now filled the eyes of the man as he shot his friend and then began walking down the hall away from the two girls and his now unconscious friend. “We need to hurry Niska, that won't hold him for very long and once he comes to and realizes he was bewitched I'm afraid he won't be too happy. You wouldn't by chance know of any way to sneak out of here would you?” She asked her friend quickly.