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Melissa Nertney

UC; Just wanted to get her up!

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a character in “Celebrity Rankings”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal



Full Name: Melissa Wendy Nertney.

Nickname(s): Lisa, Lissy, none really, perhaps a pet name from her sisters from time to time.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Face Claim: Acacia Clark

Profession: Maid at Cashew Hotel.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Hair: When she was younger, her hair was a deep brown, almost black, but as she has grown older, her hair has gotten lighter, to a blonde color. Her hair is getting a it darker, yet again, but for now it's blonde. It is also quite long, falling to half way down her back, and is naturally wavy, though you would often see it crimped, straightened or curled

Eyes: Melissa's eyes are a stunning blue, that seem to shine slightly when the light hits it, making it look like she's crying when she isn't. They are framed by her long, dark eyelashes and smooth eyebrows.

Height: Melissa is short. Very. By short, I mean, she is eighteen and could pass easily for a thirteen year old. She stands at a mere 5'0.

Weight: Melissa is extremely slim, and combining that with her height leaves her weighing a measly 101lbs.

Appearance: Overall, Melissa is a very beautiful girl. With blonde hair, blue eyes and a petite figure, she often comes across as innocent, which I suppose she is. Her style is anything she things is cute, comfy and casual. The Three C's.






Personality: Melissa is nice. That's pretty much how you could sum her up. Well, I guess that's just a matter of opinion, as others could beg to differ, saying she is demanding, stubborn, loud, and just overall annoying. And to be fair, she is all those things. She is very stubborn; Once she has made up her mind, there is no changing it. This also applies for hanging out with her, in the sense that it takes a lot of effort. She is sweet and caring, but if you spend too much time around her you will find yourself getting headaches, and quite a lot of them, since she has such a tendency to talk. She seems to be able to make any topic into a lengthy conversation, and must always get her point across. Though,this is only when she feels comfortable around you - at first, she will be quite shy, nervous and quiet. Be prepared.

When you want someone to listen to you, then go to Melissa. Yes, she may speak a little bit too much, but she does have the brain to sense when people are upset, and just need to be listened to. She can't honestly say she is amazing at advice, at all, really, but she will be the one that will sit down beside a crying, random stranger and just give them a hug, just because she can't bare to see them upset. That being said, she isn't afraid to use violence when necessary. She just doesn't like unnecessary violence, though many people can have different opinions on what falls into this category.

As for her vocabulary, it consists of forty percent sarcasm, twenty percent swear words, and the rest is stuff that is actually useful, which is only a tiny forty percent. This is probably because, when she isn't talking, she's daydreaming. To be fair, the girl is quite bright, but she can get distracted easily, and for this reason her ideas often ramble on for so long that people lose interest, and don't bother to listen to what was potentially a good plan. Also, just like her nickname, Giggles laughs at some inappropriate moments. Awkward situations? Laugh! She fell over? Laugh! It's a habit she is drying to break out of.




So begins...

Melissa Nertney's Story


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The setting changes from california to The Cashew Hotel

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It was a sunny Wednesday morning in the middle of the summer, nine o'clock to be precise, as someone went unnoticed in the staff room as they looked through all the guest's reservation forms, jotting each name that appeared on their hand. They slipped the folder back into the drawer before quietly leaving the office, making their way along the hallway where the majority of the guests stayed, going unnoticed by those around them, fading into the background. They opened a room door and walked in casually, as if absolutely nothing was wrong.

They then closed the door behind them, careful not to make a noise, before treading over to the laptop that was sitting on the bed. They typed in a web address, admiring there handy work, before quickly deleting all history off the computer.

Jason Dolan

Jason nodded to the receptionist, after having already reserved early, before heading up to his room on the fourth floor. He had collected his key the night before, or rather, gotten security to collect it for him. It was his first time at the Cashew Hotel, and to be honest, he was excited. He had only heard good things about this place, and couldn't wait for his vacation to start off properly.

He waited in the elevator, nodding his head slightly to the elevator music, before continuing down the hall and entering his room. He dumped his laptop on the bed, pushed his suitcase under the bed and looked around. Yes, this would do nicely.

Melissa Nertney

The maid had woken up late that morning, meaning that she was now wearing two odd socks and her hair was in a messy ponytail. The little make-up she had applied didn't hide the bags under her eyes. She had stayed up all that night on the internet. Her addiction was not healthy.

The short girl walked around the hotel, practically falling asleep as she carted around her supplies. She would usually keep on a look out to see if she could get the autograph of some famous celebrity, but she was hardly holding onto her job as it was. She sighed as she opened the hotel room door and walked int the room.

Hi, you may begin! xD I know that it's sort of short for a post with pretty much three people, but I wanted to give some mystery O.o ... the anonymous person could be Melissa, Jason, or someone else entirely! :O Anyway, post!