Mizuki Tsukino

Senshi of Love and Justice, "Hehe."

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a character in “Celestial Soldiers: Return of the Senshi”, as played by Runika



Name:Mizuki Tsukino

Nickname:“Everyone always gives me all these pet names.”

Age: 18

Soldier Type: Soldier of Love and Justice

Abilities:Can change her appearance at will

Personality:A clumsy and cutesy person, Mizuki naturally attracts many friends and allies. She cares less for things like her education, but she has a strong sense of justice. Mizuki is extremely loyal and will never betray her friends. She’ll do her best to go to their side if they are in need, and will do just about anything to help. On the other hand she can be rather lazy when it comes to trivial things like homework and work around the house. A personality trait that would suit her well? Childish.

Appearance:Mizuki is approximately 5’2, a height she isn’t very proud of but one that suits her childish antics. Due to her small frame she weights a mere 105 pounds, that she’s constantly fretting over because she doesn’t want to become obese. She has thick, medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin is rather pale as well. A typical appearance for someone of Japanese descent.


After her transformation, her hair becomes a pretty cotton candy pink color, and the length increases dramatically. Two sharp buns appear on the top of her head along with feather clips. Her pink hair also contains hues of white. Her senshi outfit is mainly black, save for the gold jewelry and red ribbons. Her eye color becomes lighter and is now a darker pink shade compared to her original brown.

FC:Rainie Yang

Place of Origin:Japan

Brief Bio: (WIP) Sorry! I promise I’ll get these done for both Eunjin and Mizuki before the week’s up!

Theme Song:Ai Mei

Answer: Rule #4. In the name of love, I hate racism.

So begins...

Mizuki Tsukino's Story


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#, as written by Runika

"Oh no, oh no, I'm late, I'm late!" She yelped as she tried to throw on her clothing.

As rapidly as she could, she did her full morning routine in roughly five minutes. She ran towards the stairs and jumped on the railing, allowing herself to slide down instead of manually running down. As usual her mother was holding out her lunch and breakfast, a paper bag and a slice of bread to snack on while she made her way to school. The 18 year old student grabbed both items and thanked her mother quickly after stuffing the slice of bread into her mouth. The TV was on, but she didn't pay much heed to it in the panic of her tardiness. She heard something about a bright beam of light on the news, but disregarded it as just news.

"Fwank fwu Okaa-shan!" She said with the bread flawing her speech.

Her mother waved goodbye to her as her daughter bolted out the door. Mizuki panted as her legs ran as quickly as they could to take her to school. She couldn't believe she woke up late again! The new manga book of a series she was reading was just too interesting, it wasn't her fault that she just had to finish it by staying up late. Who could blame her? The series was just so amazing! She munched on her bread and coughed, beating her chest with her fist to force the bread down her throat. The moment it successfully passed through her esophagus she let a sigh of relief, glad that she hadn't choked.


The young Korean lady's heels clicked as she made her way down the stairs, attempting to beat out the other students within the few minutes head start she had.

Last night while she was sleeping peacefully, she was suddenly awakened, but she wasn't sure by what. Uncomfortable and worried about the ominous feeling, she had immediately stepped out of her old fashioned home. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she had begun to doubt herself. Just when she was about to shake it off and head back to bed, a bright beam of light shot into the sky. Eunjin gasped as she witnessed the strange sight. Just what did it mean? It disappeared after a few minutes, but she was confident that she hadn't imagined it. The rest of the night she couldn't sleep comfortably, and it made her annoyed and cranky the next morning. The news had covered the story, so it was proof that not only she had seen it. Even this morning she could barely stay awake for her first lecture and didn't grasp anything from the class. Not only that, but her thoughts were haunted by the ominous feeling she had. That light was not good news, she knew that for sure.

Busied by thoughts of the strange light, she didn't notice somebody rushing up the stairs, and she bumped right into the person. The interaction made her drop her bag as well as the other person's briefcase. Eunjin grumbled to herself, in less than a few minutes the stairways would be swarmed, it was a dangerous place to be stalled in. Still muttering to herself she bent down and started to pick up her books. Seeing that the other person's papers had fallen out of the briefcase she picked them up as well. As she gathered them she noticed that the first page she picked up was on the the 'red bird' of Chinese mythology.

"Chujak...?" She said quietly. She quickly gathered up the rest of the papers and stood up to hand it to the person, that she could now see was a young man. A good looking one at that. "Sorry, I wasn't looking." She apologized. "Interesting creature, isn't it? The phoenix I mean."

Okaa-san - Mother in Japanese
Chujak - The Korean version of the 'Red Bird'


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#, as written by Runika

"It's a cute name." She said with a smile. Eunjin sighed when the girl spoke of Youtube animations being more entertaining than lectures. How could she argue with that? Of course they were! Lectures consisted of an elder person standing in front of the room and regurgitating the textbook in the most complex way possible. It was impossible to compare the money-making franchise to something as boring as a university lecture. "Hey, that's not fair! That's like comparing a wonderland of sweets to a singular ice cream cone that you have to pay for." She said with a laugh.

Surprisingly, Leo's tone had changed rather quickly. She was surprised when he spoke rather coldly to her and walked off. She hadn't done anything wrong had she? Or was he actually really angry that all of a sudden she had a different name? Of all the things to be angry about? He was of Chinese descent, he should know that there were many of his people who had a second name, why would he be angry about it? That couldn't possibly be it right? He himself had introduced himself as Leo, but would have preferred for her to call him 'Lee'. Was that not similar to a second name? In all her 22 years of living, she had not met someone so sensitive about a name. It was actually kind of laughable. If only his little fan girls could see him now. Their dreamy professor getting all worked up over something so trivial. Was she thinking too much? It did seem to be a really ridiculous thing to accuse him of being angry about. Perhaps it was something else she did, but she couldn't think of another reason.

She turned around quickly and grabbed his wrist. "Wait. What's wrong? You can't possibly be angry because I said my name was Ellen, right?"


As she ran down the street she noticed a familiar figure. It wasn't until she got a little closer did she notice it was Sahara. With a grin on her face she sped up, attempting to catch up to the tall African. "Sahara!" She shouted from behind her. When she finally caught up to the girl she slowed down to a walking pace and inhaled a deep breath before exhaling. "Good morning, Sahara! Did you do the homework Mr. Newman gave us? I swear he's going to have my ass when he finds out I didn't do it again." She greeted cheerfully.

Okay, it was her fault for not doing the homework. But it wasn't her fault that she didn't know how to do it. She envied Sahara. She was calm, pretty, smart, and tall. Among the males in the school, they seemed to find Sahara as their ideal type. The girl didn't seem to dislike Mizuki either, or maybe she did and hid it well. Mizuki usually did most of the talking, to the point where sometimes she wonders if she's just being annoying. Still, she liked Sahara's company and she was a great person despite some jealous girls saying things like she was cold and conceited.