Sahara Jackson

"Don't let my calm exterior fool you. Mess with me or my loved ones and I won't hesitate to come after you."

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a character in “Celestial Soldiers: Return of the Senshi”, as played by Tilly


Sahara Jackson



Soldier Type
Soldier of Ocean and Intuition

Hara can manipulate water in different ways to her advantage; she can change its state from liquid, solid, to gas.

Offensive-she can create harsh waves that can crash with enough pressure to break bones; to a lesser extent, it could at least cause someone to lose their footing and get washed away. In spheres, both solid and liquid, she can use them as damaging projectiles capable of rendering someone unconscious. In smaller amounts, she can drown someone by encasing either their head—or entire body—in watery prison until they run out of oxygen. In a gaseous state, she can attack with highly pressurized blades that cut flesh.

Defensive-she can create two different kinds of shields. Liquid ones can deflect minor attacks, but she can also create multiple ones and use the reflections to confuse her opponent. Her solid shields are better for withstanding stronger attacks. When they are broken the shards burst in all directions as a sort of last resort attack; the only downside to that is that the shards can also hurt her int he process if she doesn't dodge them.

Remote Viewing
No matter where an object is, with enough concentration, she can gather information about an object from miles away. She can pinpoint its location and the state it's currently in. She can also use this technique to find people, but this takes more energy and effort than locating inanimate objects.


Sahara has a very grounded personality, she isn't one to crack under pressure. She has pretty good control over her emotions, never displaying anything—except for happiness—to an extreme. She won't normally lose her cool in a fight, this helps her focus on the task at hand. She thinks things through, she won't just blindly run into a fight or do anything without giving it some thought first. She doesn't act on impulse. She's good at being the voice of reason, trying to calm other people down when they're upset or angry. She's never liked violence, she looks for other ways to resolve conflict, only if there are no other options will she resort to using physical means. She loves being able to relax and, when things are calm, she has the tendency to take on a more motherly role. Whether she's younger or older, she'll always do things like cook, clean, and occasionally check in on people. She's incredibly protective of her loved ones, if you ever want to see her pissed off, put someone she cares about in harms way. When she's angry she becomes very determined, not one to yell or cause a scene, she'll become quiet and calculating and at the right moment she'll do whatever is in her power to protect the people she loves. Hara is normally a calm, carrying individual who won't hesitate to come after you if you threaten someone she cares about.



+Eye Color
Before-Chocolate Brown

+Hair Color
Before-Jet Black
After-Black and Royal Blue

African American


Place of Origin
Washington, D.C.

Brief Bio

Theme Song
Disparate Youth~Santigold

Rule 4

So begins...

Sahara Jackson's Story


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#, as written by Tilly
Sahara Jackson

It was early in the morning, personally, much too early for Sahara's taste. The sky was just beginning to lighten up, the sun illuminating her entire bedroom. She had been awake for a while now, running through the motions of her daily routine. She woke up early enough to beat the heat of the sun and went jogging—with the occasional yoga session—afterwards she went back to her apartment to prepare for the rest of the day. She just got out of the shower, a towel still neatly wrapped around her head, and slipped into the kitchen in search of breakfast. She was a freshmen in college, living on her own. She didn't like the prospect of dorm life so her parents had agreed to let her get an apartment right by the campus. It was a short walk to her classes, and after the academic day ended, she worked in the evenings to help pay for the rent. She was looking for roommates, since there were extra rooms that were yet to be used, but so far she hadn't come across anyone she trusted wouldn't burn the building down while she was away. So for now, she lived alone. It felt much different than being at home, she had three younger siblings and she took care of them all when her parents were busy with work. Now she only had herself to look out for, and while some may have looked at it as a good thing, she was so accustomed to doing so that it was a bit lonely now. Luckily for her, she was pursuing an elementary education degree, so she would get to be around plenty of kids soon enough.

Time was flying by quickly, by now the sun was out and heating up the city. Hara just finished a stake of skillfully-made blueberry pancakes and was now settled in front of the TV with a bowl of sliced fruit in hand. The news was on and they were still talking about the mysterious beam of light. On campus students and faculty alike were buzzing about it, she heard some interesting theories and some completely insane ones involving aliens and doomsday. She wasn't exactly sure what to think of it herself, but the world hadn't blown up and no one was hurt so she wasn't going to freak out about it. "On that note, I need to hurry up." She'd been so absorbed in watching TV that she hadn't realized how fast time was going by. She rushed into her room where she fished around her closet for a good outfit. She decided to pick an over-sized peach-colored shirt that hung off one shoulder, a pair of dark denim shorts, and matching gold jewelry including her favorite necklace. If she didn't hurry she was going to be late for her first class, so she strapped on a pair of gladiator sandals and was out the door in a hurry, completely oblivious of the changes to come.


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#, as written by Runika

"It's a cute name." She said with a smile. Eunjin sighed when the girl spoke of Youtube animations being more entertaining than lectures. How could she argue with that? Of course they were! Lectures consisted of an elder person standing in front of the room and regurgitating the textbook in the most complex way possible. It was impossible to compare the money-making franchise to something as boring as a university lecture. "Hey, that's not fair! That's like comparing a wonderland of sweets to a singular ice cream cone that you have to pay for." She said with a laugh.

Surprisingly, Leo's tone had changed rather quickly. She was surprised when he spoke rather coldly to her and walked off. She hadn't done anything wrong had she? Or was he actually really angry that all of a sudden she had a different name? Of all the things to be angry about? He was of Chinese descent, he should know that there were many of his people who had a second name, why would he be angry about it? That couldn't possibly be it right? He himself had introduced himself as Leo, but would have preferred for her to call him 'Lee'. Was that not similar to a second name? In all her 22 years of living, she had not met someone so sensitive about a name. It was actually kind of laughable. If only his little fan girls could see him now. Their dreamy professor getting all worked up over something so trivial. Was she thinking too much? It did seem to be a really ridiculous thing to accuse him of being angry about. Perhaps it was something else she did, but she couldn't think of another reason.

She turned around quickly and grabbed his wrist. "Wait. What's wrong? You can't possibly be angry because I said my name was Ellen, right?"


As she ran down the street she noticed a familiar figure. It wasn't until she got a little closer did she notice it was Sahara. With a grin on her face she sped up, attempting to catch up to the tall African. "Sahara!" She shouted from behind her. When she finally caught up to the girl she slowed down to a walking pace and inhaled a deep breath before exhaling. "Good morning, Sahara! Did you do the homework Mr. Newman gave us? I swear he's going to have my ass when he finds out I didn't do it again." She greeted cheerfully.

Okay, it was her fault for not doing the homework. But it wasn't her fault that she didn't know how to do it. She envied Sahara. She was calm, pretty, smart, and tall. Among the males in the school, they seemed to find Sahara as their ideal type. The girl didn't seem to dislike Mizuki either, or maybe she did and hid it well. Mizuki usually did most of the talking, to the point where sometimes she wonders if she's just being annoying. Still, she liked Sahara's company and she was a great person despite some jealous girls saying things like she was cold and conceited.