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Himeko Itou

"Don't forget to grab a copy of my album before it's all sold out!~"

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a character in “Celestial”, as played by Keen


"Hi hi everyone!~ Thanks so much for coming to my show tonight! I hope everyone's having fun! Your Princess is gonna try real hard so cheer your loudest okay?!"


      Himeko Itou

      Hime (This translates to Princess), Hime-chan, Hime-sama

      Saturn | Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter.


      Seventeen, her birthday is January 7th, 2837



♪ I cried and I was happy; I felt pain and I laughed -
But that’s all proof that I’m alive ♪
Girls, Be Ambitious


      126 lbs.

      A bright, vibrant orange

      A clear shade of emerald

      Fair and light

      Standing at a slightly above average height, Himeko possesses a rather fit and athletic build with lightly muscled limbs built up from her years of practice in dance and by most standards looks a little young for her age, a fact which she detests. Hime's general appearance can be summed up quite nicely by the word 'bright', from her sparkling and perfected smile to her vibrant hair, eyes, and wardrobe. Her outward appearance is something Hime takes quite seriously, sparing no expense in maintaining the health of her skin, hair, and body. Having quite an eye for fashion and style and being one so closely connected to the world of entertainment even her most casual outfits that she wears about her own home are well coordinated and thought out and of particular note she prefers the colors orange and green when it comes to her clothing. When out in public and not wishing to be noticed Hime will typically wear her hair down along with a pair of fake, black-rimmed glasses.

♪ I like being with you best -
So come over, let’s get closer ♪
Super Affection

      Determined | Manipulative | Clever | Competitive | Organized

      Hime is a girl who wears many masks on a daily basis. Her most prominent persona is that of Hime-chan, the bright and bubbly up-and-coming pop idol. With a perfectly practiced smile and with carefully calculated movements and words she takes great effort to maximize her 'cuteness' for her fans and audience. Though it isn't quite as extreme she even keeps a portion of this act up when dealing in business of any sort or whenever she might be caught in the public eye like when she's in school. To say that her 'idol act' is a total facade isn't quite true, on some levels she truly enjoys donning this persona though she finds it quite tiring and couldn't imagine being that way naturally at all times.

      The only time when Himeko feels comfortable acting natural is when she's alone or at the most only in the presence of her mother. Having become so accustomed to putting up an act Hime now finds it difficult to be honest with her feelings and thinks it best not to open to others. She believes it's safer and easier to keep others at an arm's length and to keep people out of the web of lies and deception that make up her daily life. If there's one thing however that Himeko is always genuine about, it has to be food. Hime is always up to having honest and passionate conversations about food, places to eat, and of course cooking.

      Some might call Hime selfish, and perhaps she is, but for her achieving her goals and pursuing her desires comes first. Once she's set her sights on something Hime works tirelessly to succeed and is willing to sacrifice anything, and anyone, to reach success. Even when it comes to things she doesn't feel so strongly about, if Hime can be bothered to do something she gives it her all and refuses to do anything half-heartedly but dislikes doing things on a whim. Himeko is someone who likes to plan ahead and structure her time and schedule when she can but is still fairly adaptable when presented with sudden problems.

      Food || "I like to cook so naturally I like to eat! It can be kinda rough since I have to watch my figure but, there's nothing quite so satisfying as a delicious meal."
      Performing || "I don't know if I can explain it well but... It feels amazing to be up on stage with all eyes on you... To have all my efforts and hard work reciprocated by the crowd's cheers, makes it all worth it."
      Being the center of attention || "Every girl likes to feel special, like they're the brightest light in the room or the warm fire that everyone wants to be near."

      Being ignored || "Hey! Are you listening to me?!"
      Failing || "I always try hard at everything I do so... It makes failing hurt even more knowing that even though I did my best it wasn't good enough."
      Wasting food || "I'm a firm believer in that you should always eat everything on your plate, someone put in a lot of effort to make that food in front of you so throwing it away is like throwing away their feelings!"

      Dancing || "I've been practicing nearly every day for three years now and I'm proud of the results. I worked hard to get this good and I won't let anyone take that away from me."
      Singing || "Since all the way back in Elementary school I was in choir and I was lucky enough to be born with a good voice and good ears."
      Manipulating || "Being able to get people to see things your way, see things the way -you- want them to be seen is a critical talent to have, especially in my line of work."
      Cooking || "Anyone who truly claims to love food must know how to cook at least a little bit, eating meals I've worked hard to prepare myself just makes them taste that much better."

      Dishonest || "O-Oh! You showed up... Well good! I'm not glad that you did or anything, just, now you get the honor of watching me perform! "
      Bottled up || "I've got no one left to turn to, I'll just have to deal with this all myself like I always have."

      Losing popularity || "After working so hard and sacrificing so much to get where I am now... The thought of it falling off is terrifying."
      The dark || "Sh-Shut up! I am -not- afraid of the dark I just... Just prefer there to be lights on!"
      Opening up || "I've got a lot of eyes on me... If I show any weak points people will notice and jump on them and well, I got here all on my own, I don't see why I should change that now."

♪ High powered! Just one person isn't enough -
You and me, let's move ahead together ♪
High Powered

      Sound Manipulation

      Sound manipulation is, as the name implies, the ability to create, shape, and manipulate sound at-will. The power is rather versatile and has a wide range of uses and applications from the simple amplification or warping of sounds, to use as a deadly and invisible weapon, to producing sonar-like effects for the user. Hime's control over the power however is currently no where near such levels. For now she has a hard enough time keeping it under wraps, particularly when she's singing but hopes through future practice she might control the power to help improve her singing even further and propel herself to greater heights of fame and success as an idol.

      Minoru Itou | Father | 39
      Mai Ishihara | Mother | 39
      Tatsuya Itou | Half-brother | 12

      Hime's parents had been in a relationship since high school and as such married quickly after graduating. After the birth of their daughter Himeko and four years of a rocky and unhappy marriage the couple split up. Hime was a bit too young to understand at the time, but in the end she ended up staying with her mother while her father moved away to another town. Aside from this early bump her childhood life was quite normal, even from a young age Hime was adept and getting her way and had the same 'always tries hard' mentality she possesses today.

      It was around her late elementary and early Jr. High years that Hime's interest in idols bloomed. She ended up forming an amateur idol group of sorts with two of her friends, though at first Hime was the only one who took it seriously she stuck with it and even managed to eventually get her friends into it as well. They practiced singing and dancing every day, composed and wrote their own songs, and even designed their own outfits. They had managed to earn a small local following but for Hime that wasn't enough, so when she heard that a major music label was holding auditions she signed the group up without a second thought. Her mother was hardly pleased with the decision, but despite her words Hime wouldn't be stopped. The weeks following their audition went by at a painfully slow pace and when Hime finally received the results, they were rather mixed.

      They were impressed, but it only seemed that they were impressed by Hime. Their offer was to hire Himeko on alone to help train and promote her, and for her to release an album in the coming years, assuming that went well they were prepared to put their full efforts behind her and help propel her to national levels of fame. With her dream seeming so real and attainable before her, Hime left her friends behind and accepted the offer. With the support of the company behind her Hime's popularity has risen at an impressive pace especially after the recent release of her first album, 'Sunset Dreams'. Her life as an idol and a student has been very stressful but she's been able to keep herself and everything mostly together so far, but with the alignment of the planets a rather large wrench is thrown into the works. Will she be able to cope with this new responsibility that has been thrust upon her already heavy shoulders? Only time will tell.

      Translated lyrics for Irony

      The lines quoted and songs linked in each quote section are to serve as an example of Hime's singing style and the types of songs you might hear her perform.


So begins...

Himeko Itou's Story


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#, as written by Aurei

It is the afternoon of the seventeenth of March, 2854. It is almost nighttime.
It is fairly warm, and it is the night of the planet alignment. All of Japan is full of activity and commotion, with celebrations nearing their start. No human knows what to expect-- especially not the awakening of new celestials. With powers beginning to awaken, and the old celestials and guardians out on the hunt, the night will be anything but simple.

[ OOC; before you post, read up on my previous posts in the OOC thread Plot Development. All people who play an old celestials need to decide which new celestial your character will be looking for. Please do not post until my first post has gone up and we've decided on all that. ]