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Sanraku Izo

"Intelligence is limited whereas common stupidity never ceases to amaze."

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a character in “Celestial”, originally authored by Kapento, as played by RolePlayGateway


Sanraku Izo
"So many others seek out change and uproot in the world today, and yet I feel at my most happiest in the world of yesteryear.
Where does the merry times go? I refuse to accept that which I already acknowledge any differently. It is utter foolishness."


      Sanraku Izo

      Sanra | A simple shortening of his name commonly used by those deemed to know him rather well, however if used by someone he does not acknowledge as a "companion" he will get quite irritated.

      Neptune | The eighth planet, farthest from the sun and perhaps the most coldest along with Uranus. Quite a dense planet known for it's active weather.


      Unknown | His exact age has been lost for many years, however he has the appearance of an eighteen year old and goes by this.

      Asexual | Though unable to feel sexual urges he does get emotionally involved with both males and females, feeling vaguely the same for either gender and often feeling the side-effects of love however he does not express it well. Lacking a need for physical connection with others often makes him hesitant to pursue possible romances, thus his coldness partly takes over and pushes others away. He can't help his habit.

"Those little baby celestials. What do they know? Tsk tsk."

      5' 8"

      137 lbs

      Dull Blonde.

      Pastel Yellow.


      Standing at roughly 5'8" Sanraku is a little taller than some though by no means the biggest. He supports a slender build that would suggest he likes to take care of his appearance, preferring a well-kept look and overall body. He sports a rather dull shade of blonde hair that can be seen hanging down the sides of his face, generally kept in a stylishly messy fashion. Likewise, his eyes are of an odd yellow colouring.

      Sanraku can be seen wearing what would be considered casual clothing, particularly notable for bearing an unusual black patterned hoodie of some sort, of which he rarely goes outside without. He has a keen liking for simple colours and isn't one to overly dress up much, not even for certain occasions. He'll commonly throw on a pair of jeans and boots, maybe a plain t-shirt of some kind, though nothing considered "out-there". Whatever he wears he'll most likely end up sleeping in too.

"The memories of my friends can never be replaced."

      Independent | Cold | Inventive | Troublesome | Clever

      Sanraku is perhaps considered quirky and could be both your friend and enemy. He tends to treat those closest to him somewhat unfairly whereas strangers seem to get the five-star treatment from him, unless they wrong him in some manner perhaps through the use of his nickname for some odd reason. Sanraku can be frequently distant from others and what you see is what you get. He's smart in the right way and relies on himself more than anyone else. If he has a disliking of you, most likely an unfounded hatred, he'll often shun those unworthy of his attention.

      When it comes to the new celestials he outright dismisses the entire lot of them. He's unwilling to help them or even acknowledge them, and the only use they offer him is in the form of mischievous amusement. He enjoys nothing more than messing with them. However in-regards to the old celestials he is more welcoming of them, in his own way, and more comfortable with their company. Not that he'd admit such things. Over all, he isn't really a serious guy. He likes to have fun and tease others, although not always in a nice way, and prefers others to get along as appose to conflict and violence, thus why he opts to ignore those he detests. It's easier.

      Casual Chats | "It is very hard to find others who posses the right sort of smarts to engage with to make such wonderful conservations. Right?"
      Memory Games | "Once you loose the ability to remember simple things your standings amongst others really drops to the ground, hard."
      Mint Chocolate | "I remember the first time I tasted such a thing. It was wonderful and amazing and truly an experience I will not forget."
      Cold Weather | "Personally, I think it reminds me a little of myself. I just love fresh fallen snow and the icy landscapes. It's like home to me."

      Time Passing | "I hate it when time passes too quickly and I don't notice. Makes me wonder what I am doing with myself a lot of the time."
      Noises | "If it's loud and annoying then I'd rather I didn't have to listen to it. I try and I try, bit noise is a pollution that cannot be ignored."
      Deep Water | "I am capable of many things however tackling water is not one of them. Sink or swim? I tend to sink, fast. A lot. My own fault really."
      Surprises | "I am not one for surprises. Not even good ones. I don't like being jumped upon and scared -- as if you could frighten me anyway."

      Strategist | "I consider everything and anyone. All goes to plan when I'm in charge, though feel free to drop me an idea. I'm very open minded."
      Creativity | "I have a certain flare for being imaginative. I don't' do things halfhearted and take a real sense of pride in my work. Some say I'm artistic."
      Hypnosis | "I find my skill with my ability to be seconded to none. I am ever-so good at it. I can alter opinions and erase memories. Indeed."
      Good Listener | "Despite not saying much in the way of encouragement, I will happily sit and absorb everything that others say to and around me."

      Coldness | "If I find you exceptionally irritating I won't hesitate to shun you like the rest. I'm not a bad guy, but my emotions are a little chaotic."
      Black & White Mentality | "Yes or no? Up or down? Things are either something or their not. There is no "maybe or "half-way". Utter fools."
      Mischievous | "It's all fun and games I say. I may be mean to you, but I do it in a nice way. Is that really bad of me to do so?"
      Undependable | "It's not that I'm unreliable, but sometimes I have my own agenda that takes a high sense of priority than other things."

      Hypnotism | "Are you surprised? Sometimes I wonder if my own power may unfortunately be placed upon myself. I'd sooner die before that happens."
      Pain | "One of my biggest fears is being forever tortured. For what, you ask? I never know. Perhaps others just want me to suffer like they have."
      Intimacy | "Being that close to someone is not something I consider likely. Can you really trust someone that close? Emotionally and physically?"
      Forgotten | "What if no one remembers me? Will I be replaced? Would anyone care to mention my name now and again? I fear not."

"To earn my interest is quite a challenge."


      Sanraku is gifted with the power of hypnosis. Through this he is able to force individuals into a state resembling that of a deep slumber whilst ensuring their awareness is still intact, if not significantly heightened. Whilst under his influence Sanraku can manipulate their memories and actions, such as erasing and altering specific memories of meaningful value to the person. Additionally, he can also falsely convince people into believing they are something else entirely, such as an animal or inanimate object, or make them perform an action that they'd otherwise not do.

      However, a downside to this ability is that if performed when tired or weakened, there is a chance that Sanraku can also fall victim to his own hypnosis. As well as the fact that if he is distracted or lacking in concentration some of his own memories may be accidentally erased or altered without him meaning to do so.

      Sanraku views the old celestials as his family, most likely experiencing both loving and hating relationships with each and every one of them from time to time.

      Sanraku was never really one to openly go out into the world and go his own way. Despite his claims of being freely independent, for as long as he can remember he has stuck closely with the other old celestials in their Kamakura shrine. A bit like the planet he bears, Neptune, the furthest planet, he too has been distant from the other celestials both old and new. Not physically, but emotionally.

      Realizing the impact he and his family had on humans it only made sense for them to be isolated and out of the way of humans. Sanraku especially has kept his distance from the mortals. That's not to say he particularly liked them and did this out of the goodness of his heart, but he knew it wasn't right in some weird way.

      With most days spent lounging around the shrine and barley a thought for the outside world, Sanraku has lived a quiet though content life within the forest. Now and again he may desire to venture out and mingle with the humans, but this is only a feeling and he has never acted upon it. The shrine is his home and he will never leave it, going so far as to protect it and keep outsiders at bay, espeically the new celestials.

      With the arrival of new celestials Sanraku has made it his sole purpose to do all he cant to stop them. Unwilling to acknowledge them, he has no hope for them and has been quite vocal about his options with the old celestials. He misses those passed on, and yet will not accept the new arrivals. He refuses to welcome them into their family.


      Character Speech | #3399FF
      Character Thought | #0066CC
      Face Claim | Kano || Mekaku City Actors

So begins...

Sanraku Izo's Story


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#, as written by Aurei

It is the afternoon of the seventeenth of March, 2854. It is almost nighttime.
It is fairly warm, and it is the night of the planet alignment. All of Japan is full of activity and commotion, with celebrations nearing their start. No human knows what to expect-- especially not the awakening of new celestials. With powers beginning to awaken, and the old celestials and guardians out on the hunt, the night will be anything but simple.

[ OOC; before you post, read up on my previous posts in the OOC thread Plot Development. All people who play an old celestials need to decide which new celestial your character will be looking for. Please do not post until my first post has gone up and we've decided on all that. ]