Jason Cross

"I'm just the guy that walks around.....and burns people into ashes"

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Appearance:(ANIME ONLY!!!)
Name: Jason Cross
Age: 19
gender: Male
Race: Half-Vampire
Skills: Pyromancy (Fire Magic), Electric Guitar skills, writes Poetry
Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, Poetry, Call of Duty
Likes: Girls, Skateboarding, Blood,
Dislikes: Liars, Posers, Snakes,
Favorite clothing style: Punk
Crush: None.....At the moment ;)
Favorite song(s): This Is War, 30 Seconds to Mars
Anything else?:

  • Amy Cross - Sister
  • John Cross - Father (Deceased)
  • Lily Cross - Mother (Deceased)

* Look under history for a picture of Jason and Amy *


As opposed to personality, Jason has had a lot of transitions. In his early ages, he was very shy and withdrawn due to the murder he witnessed. As the years passed, he grew more social, which is part of the reason he joined Shadowfire. Recently, Jason has been a bit arrogant with his powers, although he mostly uses them to help make the world a better place in the MDL (Mythic Defense League), a government agency built up of people with mythical powers who fight to solve world issues and warfare.


At the age of 7, Jason watched his own parents be murdered in front of him. Afterwards, while heading home, the government abducted him and injected him with mythic DNA, which gave him the ability to summon, alter, and control fire, as well as manipulate body heat. At age 10, his sister, Amy Cross, turned vampire and infected Jason with the same curse. This action caused him to shun his sister out of his life. It wasn't until he was 15 that he finally forgave his sister. Since then, him and his sister have been living in a small house down the street from Gambit's Bar.

Here's a picture of Jason and his sister.

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