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Give a bored, sadistic man enough power and resources to create his own amusement and what do you get? Why, human puzzle of course! <5 Slots Available>

826 readers have visited Chains since Shané created it.



Human's love figuring out the abnormal. There's something about the strange that both attracts and repels us. We want to know about what makes others different, how it works and most of all the benefits it could provide to society. But no one wants difference infiltrating our normalised society….therefore different must be contained.

Anomalies must remain hidden…


The Genetic Modifications Facility is one of those places used for containing and hiding the Anomalies. These creature mostly look like ourselves with perhaps a few slight alterations; however they pose a threat to the thread that ties society together- normality. However we are not ignorant, we realise these beings could prove beneficial so the Anomalies are kept in order for experimentation contributing to the human races evolution.

And so it's been running for many decades discovering new benefits evolving medication, weaponry and humans in general to the detriment of the different within its walls. However something is about to change…

And no it's not what you think.
They are not going to miraculously escape nor will we have another story of a bunch being experimented on while forming friendships.

No instead there will simply be a change in scene. One of the facility members has become a little tired of toying with the various Anomalies under himself. It's always the same kind of games within the facility- breaking them through experimentation and both using/destroying relationships. However he has both the funds and resources to break out of his boredom. He will be forming his own little game with a mixture of some of his pet subjects.

Three pairs have been purchased from the government by Sam Pravus himself, one of the four directors of the facility. For what purpose? His own amusement. The six have been used enough by the facility and were reaching their expiry dates anyway, but rather than waste them he's decided to give them an opportunity at new life- whatever that may look like. He has created the ultimate puzzle to play and figure out: human interaction.


The six will now be living together in a strange house of Sam's own invention.
Each individual will be receiving a private mission of sorts five minutes before their arrival. These missions must be completed before a mystery amount of time to avoid some….unpleasant consequences
Randomised events will be orchestrated at Sam's will at any time.


The six will be placed in a viewing house. Four rooms with extensions ready to be opened at Sam's whim.

There are three bedrooms in place for the pairs. Two beds in each with doors programmed only to open if the correct person walks in. Anyone else who tries to enter will be electrocuted. Another person can be bought into another pair's room if they are physically touching one of the pair.

The bedrooms all link to a sort of common room through arched portals. In the centre of the room is the communication device used to send through various items and automated messages. There are few more doors than bedrooms but for now Sam has left them locked.

Then there is the grey door. It opens to a small white room. An elevator that descends to Sam himself and his various array of tools. Suffice to say that one isn't pleasant room.



All six were chosen for their desperate desire to survive at all costs and the attachment of a loved one.


Taken By: Open
Ability: Something deadly. i.e. Blood manipulation, Life draining etc.
He's hardened himself to deal with the promise he's made. In order to live with what he does he forgets. He never dwells on the past and lives each day as it comes. He has never faltered doing what he needs to always using his reasoning to justify every action. He's been working so hard to fulfill every task in order to get back to her. He is terrified they've killed her keeping the deed from him, but he won't risk disobeying as long as there is still hope she's still alive.

Taken By: Shané
Ability: Air Manipulation
She's become very broken and damaged through her actions. On the surface she's cold and ruthless, destroying without mercy, but inside she's begun to tear apart herself. Sam's punished her every time she's fallen apart over another murder and she still wears the scars. There have been no tears shed over her actions for a year; her emotions long since hollowed out. She misses him, but is starting to fear that the promise they've made has broken them both irreparably.

They are the killers. Notorious for being the executors and interrogators of the unfortunate Anomalies, the pair have made almost all of their kind their enemies. They have the most deadly abilities and the facilities made good use of them creating the perfect threats and punishments.
However they weren't always so merciless. Originally both were a couple simply with the wrong gifts. Their warden, Sam, quickly used their love for one another to use their abilities for his own purposes. Both were told if they didn't kill or torture as instructed their partner would be punished with whatever deed the other refused to do. Both gave up their character for the sake of the other.
The pair were told this together but after their co-operation neither has seen the other. It's been two years. Have their characters changed irreparably causing a dangerous rift between them? Or has their sacrifice finally been rewarded with the presence of the other?


Taken By:Open
Ability: Something dangerous. i.e. Pain transference, emotion manipulation etc.
He's just as angry as his partner, however he's having doubts they'll get out. He won't dare tell her his fears, worried that she'd fall apart completely if she ever lost hope. He's still fighting for her, but he's no longer taking their pain in its stride as he used to. He's starting to feel for her much more than their past friends relationship and he's worried that one day Sam will go too far with her and end up killing her. But how can he protect her from him in the light of his promise?

Taken By: Open
Ability:Something dangerous i.e. hallucinogenesis, mind control etc.
She's furious at the people that took her and her partner and she's not finished paying them back. Her hatred for the facility has only grown through the years and it's getting her through every punishment Sam can dish out. She can't stand the other pairs for the way they have allowed themselves to be manipulated. As for her partners suffering it kills her every time, but they made a deal and as far as she is concerned obeying won't prevent their pain only lessen it.

The partners in crime. The pair are as thick as thieves spending all their time in the facility plotting, rebelling and attempting escape. They consider themselves the strongest pair and know their gifts are irreplaceable and Sam would not risk either of them dying.
They made an unbreakable promise to each other when the pair were bought in five years ago. They would do whatever it takes to riot against the people that kept them no matter the cost to themselves or the other. However this promise has taken a harsh toll on them both as Sam has never let them get away with each escape attempt and each defiance. Both are laced with the scars of their actions.
How much longer can they bear this promise and survive the torture Sam inflicts? So far they have managed to hold out but it's becoming difficult to watch the other suffer from their various rebellions. Will they once again band together to escape or will the new dynamics finally change their promise?


Taken By:Open
Ability: Something passive i.e. Teleportation, invisibility etc.
He's proud of what he and his sister have accomplished. He doesn't care what the other Anomalies think, he's managed to do what none of the others have- kept his loved one safe and close. He'll do anything for her and has been trying to comfort her through the experiments, keeping his own pain a secret from her. He can't believe Sam's throwing them in with the others despite all they've done for him, but what's important is that they survive and stay together.

Taken By: Open
Ability: Something passive i.e. Telepathy, healing etc.
It bothers her that many of the other Anomalies look down upon them for giving in to the scientists. She doesn't understand why they can't see the logic in the decision and her own sacrifice. She's been put through so many torturous experiments in order to figure out how her ability works, but she must comply or else she'll be taken from her brothers side. How can she possibly live with the pairs that stupidly fight against fate or turned against their own kind?

Known as the two with the special privileges invoking both jealousy and hatred for their compliance. They have protected each other from the most brutal in the facility through their behaviour, though each have been through some of the most difficult experimentation nonetheless.
The two are siblings and both decided the most logical course of action once bought to the facility was to obey those in command. After all after analysing the situation it didn't appear escape was a possibility and the consequences of an attempt was not worth it. Therefore they decided to comply to all demands in order to gain the benefits such as a cell together and less beatings and rough treatment.
Now that they must face the other pairs will they have to give up their passive ways? How will they cope when the normal rules of you get what you give become warped in a place where they are with people who will do anything to gain the upper hand and detest you for your logical choice?


Code: Select all
[center][img]PICTURE OF NAME BANNER Can go to[/img]
[size=200][left]╔[/left][right]╗[/right][/size][img]PICTURE OF CHARACTER[/img][/center][size=200][left]╚[/left][right]╝[/right][/size]
[center][b][size=120][font=FONT]{ [u][color=COLOR]AGE[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Age in years here[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]GENDER[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Gender here[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]PARTNER[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Name of Partner[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Name of Ability Here[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Description of ability[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Weaknesses[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Describe downsides of ability[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Containment[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]How has the facility contained your characters ability previously?[/font]

[font=FONT]Description of Personality[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Passions[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]At least five please[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Dislikes[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]At least five please[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Weaknesses[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]What are your characters main personal weaknesses?[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Fears[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Three main ones and why?[/font]

[font=FONT]Description of Appearance.[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Defining Features[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Scars? Tattoos?[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Weight[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Weight here[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Build[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Slight? Muscular?[/font]

[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][size=200][font=FONT][color=COLOR]THOUGHTS ON OTHERS:[/color][/font][/size][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Pair One[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Initial thoughts from rumours in facility[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Pair Two[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Initial thoughts from rumours in facility[/font]


[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Ability[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Born with it or created? If created how? If born- when did they find out?[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Free Life[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Briefly what was their life before the facility (if they had one)[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=COLOR]Facility Life[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]Description of a few major even in facility. Please consider your partners role-player when mapping this out.[/font]

[font=FONT][b][size=120]{ [u][color=FONT]FACE CLAIM[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT]If applicable[/font]

[b][size=120][font=FONT]{ [u][color=COLOR]COLOR[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT][color=COLOR] Color code here [/color][/font]

[b][size=120][font=FONT]{ [u][color=COLOR]THEME SONGS[/color][/u] }[/size][/b][/font]
[font=FONT][url]Link to song/s here[/url][/font][/center]

Toggle Rules

1. Commitment
If you submit a character you are promising to dedicate yourself to this role-play until it is finished or external consequences force you to leave. This means one post per week unless I have been notified by pm or in OOC AND participating in plot development and giving ideas. This rp is not a free ride- I want everyone to be part of creating this world.

2. Continuation
Despite what it sounds like above, I am not naïve. Most of you will ditch without warning at some point. But I am not allowing those people to ruin the rp. If someone drops out/doesn't post I will kill off their character and open up a new slot allowing new characters to come in and replace them. In this way the rp can continue indefinitely if I want it to.

3. Literacy
This is a literate rp. I cannot and will not stress it enough. Around 500 words per post. There are so many ways to do this it isn't funny- create a new drama with your character, have a flashback, explain intricacies of thought etc. etc. Literacy includes grammar (yes, I know everyone stuffs up sometimes) but also maturity in writing. I appreciate clever posts with lots to respond to and in depth understanding of both your own character and others.

4. Characters
I'm wanting interesting characters. Hence why I wrote up brief description of character interactions and thoughts. I am 100% happy for any of these to be changed/warped to how you want them as long as I deem them interesting. Work with the other roleplayers to create fascinating relationship dynamics. Personalities, pictures, ages and abilities are all subject to your change, even to a point the relationship style i.e. can have twins, romance etc. Just let me know in reservations. Also please note that when a character dies (as it will probably happen when someone drops out) please have your characters react to the death. Too often a character simply disappears in an rp and is never spoken about again. Never happens in real life- every death will impact individuals in different ways.

5. Reservations
To reserve a character let me know in OOC which one you want and any changes you wish to make to the ones I have outlined in the plot. I also want a pm from you giving my permission to have your character killed if you don't post once per week and don't reply to my reminder pm after three days. I am happy to have people compete for characters- it rarely happens as normally one person won't actually submit a character or their character isn't detailed enough to be accepted. If your character is detailed and interesting- you will be accepted. I will consider opening up two more slots if interest permits.

6. Plot
I will be driving the plot from the character Sam by creating events etc. However I also want you to be driving the plot by having a character that causes tension and interesting dynamics in the group. To help this along I will pm you your characters mission. You can choose to keep this a secret or reveal it in your posts through your characters thoughts. I don't mind- what I do want is for characters to be aggressive, irritating and risky. When all the writers are concerned about having a 'nice' character loved by all the rp becomes boring. All people cause problems at some point.

7. Content
This rp will be bloody and gory most likely. As such you must accept that most likely your character will be injured, perhaps severely at some point. You will only need to ask permission to hurt another character if it involves something severely debilitating or death. I will monitor everything else and ask for changes if I deem it necessary. Other than that I want writers to simply accept that their character is now injured and move on. I will do the same with my character.
Sexual content is forbidden by me for personal reasons. So don't go there. Swearing I also hate, but as long as it's not excessive and is used within reason I will accept.

8. Contribution
I adore role-players who message me with questions, plot ideas and extra bits and pieces. I want us to be a great team all working together. The more you are part of creating the plot the more likely we will have dedicated people involved :)

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