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Lucas Mitchel

Champion of Ares

0 · 308 views · located in The Olympian Universe

a character in “Champions of the Olympians”, as played by lovechanningforever


Name: Well, who are you? The FBI? Fine, I'm Lucas, my homies call me Luke
Age: Are you a cop? Are you profiling me? I've got records in there that says I'm 18. You m****f*****s happy now that you get to bring me to jail instead of juvy?
Location: The hood 'course He's from the Bronx
Olympian: He is the Champion of Ares, the God of War
Appearance: Image
Personality: Just like Ares, he has a bad temper. Luke has been in and out of juvenile delinquency centers since he was 8, he was used to traffic drugs just like most people he gets to interact with. He is often misunderstood which leads him to trouble. The only way you can see Luke at his weakest point is whenever he is with his mother.
Abilities: His emotions are the key to his ability, most often he can be as strong as a bull when angry (luckily he hasn't killed anyone just yet) but since his mother's words often guided him he often gets to control it before he takes anyone's life. He can punch into hard materials and not break a bone. His gray eyes are the window to his soul. And as he gets older he realizes that his stamina and agility increases.
Bio: The only reason why Luke was forced to do illegal things was because of his mother's condition. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Since it was just Luke and his mother, he had to find a way to feed the two of them and at the same time buy her medicines and once he was involved with a certain group he couldn't get loose. When his mother died a few months ago, Luke decided to break free of the gang, but they didn't let him go easily. He was to fight the Giant on a cage match, no weapons just their fists. At first, The Giant was beating him to death but when he spoke of his mother, Luke's mind went racing and his temper rose. He stood up and charged The Giant, pushing down the huge man with his head first. He was caught in a coma but no one dared to spill about what had
happened. No words were spoken but Luke was set free.

(OOC: If someone is offended by the character that I have made, I am sorry. It is never my intention to offend other race/s (I'm Asian), I just felt that Michael Ealy was perfect for the role. I love him dearly. Please take no offense. But if you think that I have typed something offensive please call me attention so I can edit it. Thanks!)

So begins...

Lucas Mitchel's Story

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Cor was almost squashed by the motel door as Luke slammed it, luckily enough she was quick to get herself in and went after her boyfriend. Well he was more of her ex boyfriend since last week. "What the f*ck is wrong with you?!" She shouted and pushed Luke who had grabbed his duffle bag and started stuffing it with some of his clothes. Cordelia had enough of the boy's drama, he had been avoiding her for at least a month and she's getting pissed at him.


Luke should be feeling happy but he could only feel remorse, now that the gang had finally let him free. He knew that the Giant would be suffering from the bad fall but no one dared squeal about it. He had also been avoiding Cordelia, he had been trying to for a year but he couldn't find the strength to leave her. Not sure if he loved her or whatever it was that made him attracted to her. She was the biggest bitch and slut in the hood and he knew better than to be sleeping with someone like her. "Enough!" He paused with what he was doing and grabbed Cor's left wrist, she had been hitting her since they saw each other. He knew she couldn't hurt her but it was getting annoying. "I told you to leave me alone, I don't want anything that has got to do with you." He said through clenched teeth as his gray eyes bore against hers.


His grip was starting to hurt but Cor knew better than to complain, she was a masochist after all. He was staring in her eyes as he spitted words of disgust. Her brows were frowned as well but she was determined to make him stay. "Please, Luke. I love you..." She pleaded him, caressing his left shoulder with her right hand. She was trying to pull him in her arms. Maybe he needed her body. So she started fumbling with his jeans with her free hand and tried to kiss him in the neck. She let off a sultry moan, enough to make any man's knees weak. She might not be the prettiest woman in the world but she's surely the sexiest.


Luke groaned as Cor started kissing his neck, if he was the Luke before then he would have ripped her clothes off already, but since his mother's death only sorrow and anger filled him. He pulled her away and was about to slap her when his right hand paused in mid-air. He looked away and released a furious sigh, more of a grunt. He had let go of her wrist so violently that it had sent her flying to the bed. Once she was out of his way, he grabbed his bag and stormed out of the motel room.

Since his mother's death, he couldn't bear living in the apartment that they have been occupying for years. He missed her so much. Above him, the skies started getting darker. A storm might be expected, a weather to match his mood. He then heard Cor shouting for his name but he just kept walking.


"Lucas! Wait for me!" Cor was able to recover from being thrown to the bed and went after Luke. He needed her, he was the only one who made her feel human. If she's going to lose him, she might as well die. If she finds out that another bitch is stealing him from her then let's just say that that girl might be in the newspaper in a few days. She ran after him but he was too fast for her. She did her best to reach him and slid off the fire staircase, in within seconds she was blocking his way. She could hear the motel owner shouting at them but she couldn't care less. She walked towards Luke and noticed that the sky had been getting ridiculously darker, police and ambulance sirens from afar and sounded like there were gang fights everywhere. Cor was about to move towards Luke when a *snake like creature dangled from the second floor, it revealed its fangs and spitted venom that almost got Cor but before she knew it, the creature was grabbed by a hand. Before her, Luke was struggling with the snake's head but what shocked her the most was that it's tail also had another head on it. She quickly pierced the other end with her stiletto and making sure to crush it's head. Nothing lifts her mood than seeing death.


When will she stop?! He released a tired sigh and continued walking, he wasn't shocked to see that she managed to slide down the fire staircase, sending the motel manager frantically shouting at them. She jumped down from the end of the metal stairs and adjusted her jeans and strode towards him in a cat walk. Men had fought against him for her but he always managed to be the winner, sometimes he wonder what if he had let them win her. He shook his head and was ready to face her ranting, he lifted his gaze towards her and noticed that a snake had emerged from no where. He dropped his bag and sprinted towards Cor, not thinking twice he grabbed the snake and wrestled it to the ground. It was so huge that it instantly wriggled out of his arms.

He did his best to keep it's venomous fangs away when he heard Cor's heels crushing against something and sending splatters of blood everywhere, including his white shirt. She had stomped on what appears to be the end of the snake but instead of a tail was another head (now crushed). He then felt the tug from his arms, Cor had pulled the snake away from him. In her other hand is a metal trash bin cover, she instantly dumped the snake in it and slammed it closed. Next thing he knew she was pouring a bottle of tequila inside and threw a piece of matchstick inside. Luke stood there with question in his eyes as Cor watched the creature burn inside the metal bin.


Fire continued to devour the creature, it's other head hissed in pain as the fire took it. Cor couldn't express the joy she feels as she watched it eaten alive by the fire, she could also feel Luke standing behind her. What was happening? What are these things? As the fire died, the joy in Cordelia's heart faded. She threw the metal cover away and was about to face when a white cloud swished between them and next thing she knew, Luke was no where to be found. She rushed towards his truck to see if he was there. She was alone in the motel's parking lot. She then heard people screaming, she run towards the streets of the Bronx and saw creatures which are far more shocking than the snake they dealt with earlier.


He wanted to tell Cor to leave him alone, both of them would be better off without each other. And as he was about to put his hand on her shoulder, he felt someone approaching fast. He looked towards his right and saw a beautiful person, not knowing if it was a man or a woman, dressed in a white toga and golden cascading hair. It was smiling at him and took him into it's arms. He felt a confusing and sickening rush in his body, enough to make him weak and next thing he knew he was in a grassy part of a forest, his back on the earth. He closed his eyes, he must be dreaming.


Fires broke out in buildings, women screaming as they clutched their children closely. Men were to scared to even think of stealing from establishments and Cor knew it was entirely different this time. She rushed towards the open streets, still looking for Luke. "Where could you be asshole?!" She spoke her mind out loudly. Her white shirt was with blood from the snake but she continued to run. She should be feeling afraid but the bloody and lifeless bodies in the streets empowered her. She didn't know what was happening to her. She couldn't help it but her smile grew into a grin until she found herself laughing when a dark figure caught her eye. "Luke?!" It went inside a convenience store which Cor followed, she opened the door and saw that the lights were out. "Lucas?! Quit this shit!" She shouted as her eyes adjusted in the dark. "Where the hell are you? Let's get out of here!" She continued to talk, hoping that he'd answer back. When all of a sudden the figure stood in front of her, dark and in a hooded cloak, it's eyes filled with fire as it swept her into its arms and took her mouth into its own, taking her consciousness.

* AMPHISBAENAE (Amphisbainai) Saharan snakes with two heads, one at each end of the body.

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With eyes still remained closed, Cordelia didn't budge or bother to stand from the ground. Surprisingly, even if it was hard it felt comfortable on her back. She could hear a faint sound of water dripping, like it was from a fountain from her left. Then a series of footsteps that seem to belong to children running past by her and filling the air with giggles and laughter. Am I dead? She questioned herself when her shoulder started to ache. Nope, definitely alive. With a dry sense of humor, she slowly sat up and opened her eyes. Her right hand caressing her left shoulder as she winced in pain. Everything was just white- as in white. No walls, no doors. She couldn't even point out the division of the floor to the walls, if ever there was any.

"Fuck! I'm in heaven?" She blurted, the force making her wince once more. Not exactly how she imagined heaven would look like. Where are the clouds and the angels? Or is she in mental institution? Cor then started wandering around and looking for the source of the sounds she heard earlier, there must be a way out. She needs to find Luke fast. She can't lose him.

"Hello?! Anybody?!" She called out. Cor also noticed that her voice didn't emit any echo which only proves her theory that there are no limits to where she was. She then started to feel her shoulder relaxing, the pain slowly decreasing. The thirst in her throat was slowly pacified as well. She was starting to fell better than ever when her ears start to catch the sound of footsteps again. She roamed her look around but she was still alone. She tried calling out again, "Hello?! Who are you?! HELLOOOOOOO!!!!" Louder this time she started walking towards the north (or supposedly where she was facing).

A swift black shape suddenly whizzed by her left side, making her turn and pause. "What the?!" It then started whizzing past her right from behind her. "Shit!!!" As much as she tried being brave, the hair on her body started rising. She started looking for anything she can use as a weapon but there was nothing except for her blood stained clothes and shoes. So Cor decided to remove her stilettos, arming each of her hand with it's pointy heels and did a fighting stance when she heard a soft and calming voice, "Calm my child..."

"Huh?!", Cor followed the voice but as much as she tried, she couldn't. She was growing weaker again. The thirst in her throat was killing her. She choked and coughed.

"It is you my child... Be calm and open your eyes... Open everything that feeds your curiousity... Open... Open everything..." The voice slowly and softly called out as if the owner of the voice was just by her side and whispering in her ears. Then the sound of water dripping started growing louder and as soon as Cor turned around a small fountain made of mother of pearl shells was dripping with golden hued water. It wasn't yellow nor was it water with food coloring, it was gold. Cor dropped her shoes immediately and rushed towards the source of liquid. She cupped her hands and started drinking, not caring in the world if it could kill her. She just wanted to drink and drink and drink...

Her clothes were almost wet, the blood stains washing away, leaving Cor cleaner without her realizing. Once her thirst was quenched, she let her body drop on the white bottom as she grew drowsey, she tried to fight the sleepiness off but she just grew weaker. Until she fell asleep.


It felt like eternity until Cor woke up from her dream. If it was really a dream then she doesn't know what was happening to her now. She just found herself under a large tree, her back on it's roots. She looked up to see a magical fruit that reminded her of the golden liquid she consumed in her "dream". She was underneath a peculiar kind of apple tree, for it's fruit color was in the shade of gold. A couple dropped on her lap, creating a flopping sound. She picked one up as she the hunger in her stomach protested her slowness but something in her stopped her from consuming it. A few more dropped on her lap as if the tree was doing it on purpose for the fruits to land on her. Soon she had about a dozen of the golden fruit. She didn't know what to do with it but she gathered them up her arms as she stood up. Realizing she was in a forest, she looked around and suddenly heard a voice. Shouting about a farm, a farm and a girl named Liza. She hurriedly followed the voice to see a few people on their back and on the grass fields, including Luke while the owner of the voice started growing horns on his head, "What the?!"

So Cor wasn't really dreaming at all.

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Just as Demi opened her eyes to see a few more people lying on top of earth and grass, she felt a few nudges as she realized that the wild flowers had tried to bring her back to consciousness. So far too much had happened and she couldn't take any thing anymore and somehow she was glad that there are a few other people around her, strangers they maybe, they were still better than being alone. She saw her bag had also found its way a few feet away from her.

And just as Demi thought everything was turning out okay, a guy around the same age but dressed differently started shouting but was stopped by another guy just in time for the figure who had "kidnapped" her to appear out of thin hair. He spoke about the reason why they were taken and Demi thought she had gone crazy when the man who called his self Ganymede strode towards her after. He smiled and closed his eyes as he muttered a name, "Demeter..."

"Huh?" A frazzled look appeared in Demi's face, confused by what he had mentioned. It was Alice who was fond of these things, not her! So why is she here, she's no God.

"Demeter was a peace-loving deity and the source of all growth and life; she was the goddess who provided all nutrition on the earth and taught mortals how to cultivate the earth and ease life. Demeter was most appreciated for introducing wheat to mankind, making man different from animals..." This time Ganymede opened his eyes and explained. "You are her Champion..." he offered Demi and leaving her confused.

It explains everything, from the Wisteria to the Oak tree and the wild flowers earlier. But if she is a champion then why does she feel scared? Demi's lips quivered as she slowly sat back down the grass, hugging her knees while her left hand clutched the heirloom necklace she had on her neck as tears started brimming in her eyes, ready to fall any moment. She wants to go home.


"Luke!" Cor shouted, trying to balance the golden apples in her arms as she rushed towards her ex boyfriend. No longer disturbed by the boy who grew horns.

Luke turned his head just in time to see Cordelia with what looked like a bunch of golden fruit. She was cleaner than he had last seen her, the trace of snake blood was no where to be seen unlike the way he looked. She looked beautiful and inviting but he knew he had enough of her. He clenched his fist and shook his head, just when he thought he had lost her behind.

"What are you doing here?!" Instead of asking if she was okay, he sounded like a complaining customer. "What are those?!" He gestured towards her arm load.

"Luke! Thank goodness you're here! I- I was just-" She lifted her arms to show look the golden fruits when she was interrupted by a blinding light as a man (or was it a woman?) appeared out of nowhere and wearing what looked like an ancient Greek robe. He introduced his self to everyone, approaching each and everyone and telling them which Greek God they were connected to. As soon as he left a girl who had apparently look like she's having a breakdown, Ganymede walked (more of floated) towards Luke.

But unlike the rest, he wasn't smiling when he approached the boy. His face grew stern and hard as he looked at Luke from head to toe then raised a queer eyebrow when he noticed that Cordelia was behind him. "Ahhh... the ever obsession of Ares and Eris..." He spoke coldly, still without a welcoming look on his face.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" Cor reprimanded pretty boy. She was getting pissed at the way he scrutinized their looks. So okay, she dressed like she's going to a night club- but who knew the world will be ending today?!

"The Goddess of Discord never failed to follow the God of War. If I were you I'd be careful," Ganymede left them with a cold expression and eased off towards another person. Leaving Cordelia pissed, she was about to throw one of the apples towards the Greek when Luke held her hand and gave her a frown. "Look Cor, can you just go back home?" He released a frustrated sigh as his grip became tighter. He was obviously just as pissed at her.

She stood shocked as the apple fell from her hand and so did the others from her left arm. "Do you fucking know where we are?!" She wanted to kick him, it isn't like she knew her way back home. "Do you think I wanted this?! Being attacked and seeing things that a mental patient would experience?!"

"I never asked you to come!!!" Luke's voice grew louder and harsher, letting go of her wrist and pushing Cordelia away. Too strong this time that she fell on the grass with an anger that matched his.

"I told you to get away from me!" He glowered at her, doing his best to control his anger. If what Ganymede said was true, could he really be the champion of the God of War. Is it the reason why he always gets into fight and leaving it unscathed?

Cordelia tried to stand up from her fall, but it looked like it was worse than before. Her hips ached as dirt covered her legs and arms. She was surrounded by the Golden Apples that still looked fresh and inviting for everyone to eat. Who is Eris, and what does the revelation have to do with the place she had been to before?

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Kyle Lumier

Okay... Had he somehow taken an acid trip? Seriously. Did someone spike the air or something?


Apollo... the Greek sun god, was a part of him? He was Apollo?

He racked his brain for everything he knew about Apollo. God of the sun, handsome, strong, loves music, lo-

Oh god... That sounded just like him! The sun god bit notwithstanding. He was handsome and strong. He loved music, all music; he can even sing. And the sun does make him feel better... Okay... So maybe he could believe this. But so what? He was expected to drop everything and what? Save the world? And he was supposed to be calm and collected about it? He agreed with the guy that threw the opposing thoughts out. Not a single one of them looked like they were taking the situation very all. He knew he didn't look all that great himself; heck, he had killed a bird-woman by just touching her face. How was he supposed to be calm and collected about that?

He decided that maybe it would be best to listen and see where things went from there.

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Abby sat down. Everyone was either breaking down, freaking out, pissed off, or just plain confused. Abby felt none of those things. She was not freaking out cause her mind seemed to be going a mile a second so there was no time for her too before her brain simply accepted the facts. She was not breaking down because despite the fact she nearly had been squished by a cyclops... She felt only courage... She could thank Athena for that... Pissed off??? What for rage in this situation would only cloud judgment and make them pit against each other. Confusion? Once again her brain was going to fast to face that... Crab cake on french toast! This was really happening??? She was really Athena's champion... It made sense they shared the same qualities but Abby was too much of an awkward nerd...

She stayed seated in silence letting her mind fill with information. She shifted through it thinking about all the greek gods and legends. "I know... This sound half-way crazy but I honestly believe Ganymede... Not sure why... But I do..." She was pretty sure NO ONE was paying attention but she decided to put her word out there. Not that it mattered to anyone. Abby stood up and walked past one boy who was back sassing Zeus champion over to the girl who was on the brink of tears and smiled. "Calm down will ya?" She grinned. "Demeter's champion...Explains why these plants are fawning over you..." She helped the girl to her feet and smiled. "Now would everyone just calm down...Rage and Back-Sassing like a bunch of CHILDREN." She gave a sharp stare. "Will not solve anything...It will simply cloud judgement...Now please everyone just calm down for a second... No one's happy or calm but just take a moment to breathe before going at each others throats... Besides... I have a feeling were going to have to work together."

Abby wasn't sure what made her stand up and speak. She was normally kinda shy. Maybe it was a motherly type instinct kicking in. Athena was quite kind and motherly so it did make sense. Abby wasn't sure... Maybe she simply found that standing up and saying her piece was needed. She smiled at Demeter's champion feeling sorrow that the poor girl was on the verge of tears. Abby really just wanted to be useful and help...

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Abby smiled to everyone trying to be kind despite the wild hostility. "My name is Abby..." She smiled at Demeter's champion she could feel the lack of self confidence coming off of her and smiled whispering. "Hold your head up... Demeter was a loved goddess... without her the land would bare no plentiful harvest...She taught man to harvest and respect land... she was very very important..." She blushed suddenly realizing how open she was being and shrunk a little returning to her slightly awkward shyness.

To Ganymede's offer of new clothes Abby thought about it. "Il take a set of new clothes...I'm still in my pjs so Id rather be actually dressed. Ganymede nodded and before she could blink she felt new warmer clothes on her. The material was strange but comforting and she was completely covered but it felt easy to move in. "Thank yo-" The man named Luke rushed in and Abby frowned.

Luke seemed like the type of person she would not get along with. Mostly because he seemed to constantly be trying to injure someone. She stepped in front of him and frowned. "umm... Luke??? This might be a weird suggestion... But I don't think beating up the greek guy to a pulp is going to convince him any faster of returning you..." She peeped. "J-Just an opinion..." She found herself nudging Demeter's champion behind herself and Andras mostly just because she was worries Luke might be the type of man who attacked the most insecure or the most shy and after Abby that seemed to be Demeter's champion and well... It was a strange motherly type of instinct that kicked in what could she say???

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Just as Hermes' champion surged in the air, the goblet he was holding fell towards Earth and Cor's reflexes suddenly snapped as she caught it in mid-air. The crazy thing about the goblet was that the liquid was still contained in it, not a single drop was wasted even if it fell a few feet in the air. That made Cordelia curious enough to take a sip, but the weird thing was that she just felt better. The pain on her hips disappeared, as if it was never there. She shrugged, she guessed whoever the Goddess who chose her was a loser and she didn't have any amazing powers like the others but as she looked at Luke, he quickly magnetized her. She had to admit her attraction towards her ex was far more unbearable this time. As if the idea of women around him pissed her off. She quickly walked towards him and clung her arms on his torso and urged him to take a sip.

"Come on, you'll feel better," She smiled at him, still clinging.
"Look Cor, I will have none of this," Luke gave an exhausted sigh and shook his head. "I should bring you home."
"No! Who said I wanted to go home?" She quickly shook her head and gave him a hurt look. "The only place I consider home is beside you Luke."
"Cor- please," He let his hand brush his curly hair in frustration.
"Just drink this. I promise I'd be good. Just drink it," She let the goblet come closer to his lips and Luke could only resist the girl so much.

As soon as the golden liquid caressed his throat, Luke felt great. He quickly roamed his gaze, wanting to find a monster and engage in battle. The urge to punch someone and wring their neck was so intense that his veins are almost popping off of his body. He was sweating like a mad man and his eyes were almost blood shot as the energy pulsated through him. "Yo! Ganymede! We should be kicking some ass now! Why should we wait for them to attack when we can surprise them?!"

"Come on! Everyone! Let's do this! Let's give those bastards a fight!" He shouted, he did taunts like a wrestler as he noticed that his muscles almost ripped his shirt. They were bulging and bigger than ever. But there was something missing. His hands felt light, as if he was used to carrying something heavy and powerful.

"Yo! Golden boy! Are you not telling us something?" He raised his left eyebrow in suspicion at Ganymede.
"Hey babe, calm down." Cor rushed next to him as she caressed his back.
"Golden boy isn't telling us something! I know he is leaving some info behind," He then rushed towards Ganymede as the Greek walked backwards.
"Enough!" Ganymede called.
"I call the shots when it's enough!" Luke barked at him angrily, clenching his jaw.
"If it's your weapons you seek, then I shall give it to you." He spoke with hatred towards Luke and Cor. "But-"
"But what asshole?!" It was Cordelia who spoke this time.
"You will only earn them when you are done training," He spoke.
"Training? What the fuck is this? The army? I thought we are incarnations of Gods?!" Cor held Luke back as his anger rose.
"It is a war and you are Olympus' army."