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Champions Rise

Champions Rise


For centuries the island realm of Shaeryn lived in peace, until 40 years ago when an ambitious new ruler began a power struggle that split the land into four factions

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For centuries the island realm of Shaeryn lived in peace, until 40 years ago when an ambitious new ruler began a power struggle that split the land into four factions. Jahol Veras took power in the city-state of Troas 40 years ago and immediately expanded the military and began to conquer surrounding lands. News of this rising power spread across the continent and a power struggle ensued that left the world completely changed. Four factions emerged, divided by a treacherous mountain chain that stretches between all four regions and is guarded by powerful creatures and the Dwarven strongholds.

In the center and stretching to the east coast lies the Troasian Empire. Ruled by Emperor Jahol Veras, this land is a beautiful grassland with scattered forests and lakes. Its rolling hills are home to many villages and towns, but the beauty masks the evil and corruption that lies in the heart of its selfmade ruler. On the west coast lies Shaeryn's other empire, the Amirese Empire. Ereil Amir began to conquer his region two years after Jahol, and made an empire that stands almost as strongly as its neighbor. Amir is a savannah region with many oases where its citizens have built cities. To the north lies an icy tundra region that is home to several nomadic tribes, it's name is Dramme. Dramme became a united semi-nation as the threat of domination became very real. The nomadic tribes made an alliance of sorts and build a strong fortress high in the central mountaintops that overlook the rest of the harsh region. This fortress became the namesake of the tundra. To the south lies the final region of Shaeryn's mainland. Kaer Umn is a desert region with some barbaric tribes and one city on its southern coast that is home to outlaws and thugs that divided the city into criminal organization run areas that constantly struggle to simply exist. There is little interest in the region to either empire, but Kaer Umn has an unspoken agreement to stand together against any possible invasion that could occur.

There are those who oppose the Emperors and wish to see them toppled. Our story revolves around the Troasian Empire and an assassin who has trained all his life in the streets of Kaer Umn just to be the downfall of its cruel ruler. Adriac, a mysterious figure, has arrived from the south and with the help of newfound Dwarven friends, managed to pass through the mountains separating Kaer Umn and Troas. He has made it to the outskirt city of Naab, where our story begins.

"Halt, what is your business in Naab, stranger?" the soldier on the gate shouted down to the man who has just approached his closed gate. This guard decided who entered his city and who was turned away, although few came this way at all..especially through Naab's southern gate. Anyone who saw Adriac approaching their city would stop him for questions. The man wore dark blue clothing that appeared to be of better quality than an average person's clothing at that time. A black breastplate worn over that clothing drew more attention. It seemed finely crafted, although simple enough to be practical for battle. It was purely black and had ridges for extra protection from enemy weapons. The assassin had a cold demeanor about him, but it was the expressionless look on his face that spread that aura to those who saw him. His eyes were dark brown and matched his short, messy hair. He had an average seeming build, although it was impossible to tell from his clothing, and he stood at a height of around 5'10''. On each hip lay a curved sword, a scimitar. Their hilts were ornate in appearance, silver with finely crafted design that made them look sleek. Their scabbards were cured, black hardleather and hid the steel, shining blades that had felled many foes in their time. All of these factors made Adriac an unlikely visitor, and one that would likely be turned away.

"I am here to send a message," the assassin replied simply and without any emotion. Any guard knew that messengers were to be allowed inside. A messenger turned aside often led to ill tidings for the city, and it was possible this man had come from Emperor Jahol himself. "You may enter." the soldier spoke and the gate opened. A second guard met Adriac inside the city and beckoned for him to follow. The assassin was taken down the somewhat empty streets of Naab to the town hall in the direct center of the city, and then was taken to the mayor.

"This man has a message for you," the guard spoke and then walked out to give the two a private word. "What is it then?" the mayor spoke impatiently, not even looking up from his desk full of papers to address the "messenger". "My name is Adriac and I am here to overthrow the ruler of these lands. You will tell him I am coming for him." The mayor dropped his pen and summoned two guards. Adriac didn't even struggle, and allowed the men to take him to the dungeons. He knew that by nightfall he would be free.

Your story starts here. You are an adventurer or a citizen of Naab with something to offer this lone assassin in his coming battle against the emperor. You will meet each other in a tavern the same day this all occured, and rumors will be going around that someone has arrived threatening the downfall of the Troasian Empire, will band forces to free him from the dungeons and join him on his quest.

Please note, I am writing a book about this, however I will not steal your characters and implement them into my book. The characters I am writing into my story are already made, but you will be following the same story as them..just with different names and faces. Please submit a character if you're interested and we'll get started soon ^.^

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Character Portrait: Rebolte Ortz


Character Portrait: Rebolte Ortz
Rebolte Ortz

"Know but one thing, before you fight me. You know nothing of my past; but I know everything of your future: Death."


Character Portrait: Rebolte Ortz
Rebolte Ortz

"Know but one thing, before you fight me. You know nothing of my past; but I know everything of your future: Death."

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Character Portrait: Rebolte Ortz
Rebolte Ortz

"Know but one thing, before you fight me. You know nothing of my past; but I know everything of your future: Death."

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