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Chance At Something Great

New York, New York


a part of Chance At Something Great, by shatari19.


shatari19 holds sovereignty over New York, New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York, New York is a part of Chance At Something Great.

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Emilina Rochett [26] "I'm no star,"
Ryley Spicer [26] "Can I make it?"

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"I'm glad that you shared this with me. I really don't have any secrets. for the bullying thing. However..if I did I imagine that I'd gladly share them with you as well." Ryley said after a while of silence and Emie nodded, smiling at him. She was glad they both admitted they would share with each other. Truthfulness was high on Emie's friendship checklist, and she's glad he would entrust her with any secrets he may have had. She really wanted to be his friend- maybe more than his friend. But, his friend for the time being at least.

They sat fairly close together, and Emie resisted the urge to lean against him, instead finishing her sandwich in a few bites and chewing on her lip. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable, and in her mind the strong feelings she already had for him were strange- she'd never liked anyone this fast before. She wasn't quick to make friendships, and normally she was reserved around people-- that prevented many from ever getting close to her. It was a strange feeling, not having to worry if she would ever be his friend, ever talk to him and not feel the need to shut off. It seemed like the only natural course of action, to be his friend-and-maybe-more. Still, she didn't want to push him, and she could easily not feel the same about her, and she didn't want to make him go away.

"So..are you dating anyone? I mean, I would hate to be spending time with you to only to end up getting my ass beat because you're taken." Ryley said, and Emilina frowned in confusion, not sure she'd heard him correctly. After double checking to be sure she had, she smiled brightly.

"Nah- I've not dated anyone in months. Joseph, I think his name was," Emie said lightly, not enjoying talking about it with Ryley. She would tell him if he wanted to know, because that only seemed like the good thing to do, but she didn't particularly enjoy the feeling welling in her chest.

Emie looked over to Ryley and noticed his eyes, really, for the first time in their short relationship. They were blue. Outrageously, undeniably blue. Emie took a slow breath and closed her eyes, looking back down, discovering she couldn't look at him for much longer. She'd do something rash if she did, like lean closer or make a fool of herself. Emilina checked her watch, the silver of the polished metal gleaming slightly. It would be just dark enough now. "Hey, there's something I want to show you," Emie said after a moment of thinking before putting her items away.

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~Ryley Spicer~


"Nah- I've not dated anyone in months. Joseph, I think his name was," Emie said. Ryley could tell that the young woman near him didn't want to really talk about her ex and so he merely smiled before saying, "Really?" He smiled brilliantly at Emie. "I find that hard to believe." Suddenly, Ryley noticed that Emie was looking at him. She seemed to be acting a bit strange and he did not know why. Ryley watched her as she looked down to her watch. "Hey, there's something I want to show you," She wanted to show him something? Ryley had no idea what she could possibly be wanting to show him. He put his things up and then followed his friend.

As he walked with Emie, Ryley walked rather close to her. He debated with himself as they walked. He felt a urge to take her hand though he was unsure of how she would feel about that. He didn't want to rush into anything but at the same time he'd never felt this way before. He hesitated for a few seconds before finally giving in to the urge.

Ryley gently took hold of Emie's hand. When their skin touched, Ryley could have sworn that he felt a spark between them. He could feel his heart racing. He hoped that she was okay with him holding her hand. He worried about it the entire time that Emie led the way. "So, what is it that you wanted to show me?" he asked, smiling at the young woman that was close to him.

He had his gaze on her again, smiling. He couldn't possibly imagine what it was that Emie wanted to show him. He was sure that it was something good otherwise he couldn't imagine her making a point to show him. He had to admit he was rather excited to see what it was. Ryley couldn't stop smiling and he was unsure why. Perhaps it had something to do with Emie. Regardless, he was in a good mood. Much better than he had been as of late.

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Emie blushed brightly when Ryley took her hand, and she grasped his back. She liked the fluttery feeling. Ryley asked her what he wanted to show her, and she simply smiled. She wanted it to be a surprise. She lead the way quickly, walking over to the holes in the ground she had jumped over earlier in the day. Once she found a spot where they could both stand together, though they had to be a bit to close for comfort.

"Sorry. I just didn't think you'd enjoy getting soaked," Emie said as she placed her hand lightly around him to make sure he didn't move backwards to much. She'd had that happen one too many times and it wasn't nice. She stayed that way for only a second before the holes in the ground began to spray water in a large arc around them, filtering into the grates near the edges of the area. After a second, Emie turned around and looked towards the water, suddenly self conscious.

"I used to always have to bring a change of clothing," she said, smiling as she turned back to Ryley. "I guess I won't be able to do that anymore, huh? We'll live on campus," she said sadly as she stuck her hand through one of the sprays and let the water run through her fingers before she shook it out onto the ground.

"The trouble's getting out though. The water doesn't turn off until dawn," she said with a small smirk as she looked at Ryley. She knew how to get out of course, after so much practice, but he might not fair as well.