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Dr. Janet Taylor

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a character in “Change is near”, as played by MilkHoney


ImageDr. Janet Taylor
DPRD Geneticist

Hair: Red
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Skin Type: Fitzpatrick II, von Luschan 13: fair skin, tans with difficulty, freckled and easily sunburnt
Identifying Characteristics: 1cm scar above lip. 2cm scar on center brow. Extensive scar tissue on upper left arm and left thigh consistent with therian attack, see attached 07/23/2002 report for details.

Was a frequent donor on file. Worked under the DPRD as a summer intern. DPRD reimbursed her education loan after graduation with a dual doctorate and she was awarded a full time position. Background check indicated history of low financial security, a solitary lifestyle and estrangement from family. No evidence on subject’s computer or in residence to report.
Subject applied for reassignment to field work. Request approved, with probationary period of 6 months. Updated resume includes firearm training and C&C license; accredited courses in animal control, management, behavior and physiology; and ability and willingness to travel frequently on assignment.

*burgundy wine red

So begins...

Dr. Janet Taylor's Story


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Dr. Taylor flexed her fingers around the redacted personnel file for DPRD Agent Graves. She was sitting on the threshold of the door to her trailer, staring out at the RV park she’d found off the interstate, a thermos of hot tea by her hip and a ringing phone cradled to her ear. Regardless of whether or not Taylor’s Boss Man thought sending her into the field was an astronomically bad idea, she planned on following protocol and report in with the agent-on-site to be briefed and her talents utilized however Agent Graves saw fit. She didn’t want to be the stupid new kid who didn’t know how these things worked, even if she was. So, protocol.

While she stared out at trailers, campers and mobile homes that had never been moved in their 40-some years, the park stared back. She’d found the RV park at night, in the rain, and managed to park in her reserved spot without waking her neighbors with the beam of her headlights. Apparently, her neighborly courtesy had gone unnoticed by the local wildlife.

A woman in a flower print blouse sat in a plastic lawn chair under a vinyl awning, glaring. It could have been a trick of the heat as the rain evaporated from the pavement. She pulled down the sunglasses headbanding her frizzy red hair away from her face. Nope, that was definitely a pointed glare. She brandished the phone next to her ear to ward off that unblinking attention. The woman’s eyes didn’t shy away; instead she obviously looked her over, and resumed the steely unblinking vigil. Great, Janet was making her debut as the Stranger in stranger danger. It was unlikely her appearance was contributing in any way to the cautious hostility emanating from her Neighborhood Watch neighbor. Janet’s yoga pants and tank top didn’t have pink declarations of her sexual promiscuity, and she had enough meat on her bones to rule out meth addict. Her knee-high boots were cheap fashion, not function, and nothing worth stealing. At 38, she hoped she was free from the Young Dumb Trouble profiling she’d been eligible for two decades ago. She doubted her scars were visible at that distance to those old eyes, even with her mild sunburn and freckles bringing the puckered white marks into stark relief. It could be her hair. She hadn’t been naturally this red since she was a girl, but not dyeing it made her look painfully washed out. Some folks were superstitious about redheads, and there was nothing she could say or do to refute their engrained beliefs. Janet re-angled herself to lean against the door frame, where she, at least, was blind to the other woman. The phone kept ringing.

“Pick up, pick up…” she muttered into the phone. Her free hand spun the thermos cup on the vinyl tile floor, in time with her barely caffeinated patience. Nervous about meeting DPRD Agent Graves, go figure. The name was completely to blame. This person tracked and hunted dangerous predators, and add to that a comic book cool name like Agent Graves. Was it possibly an assumed name? Janet supposed Agent Ponikarovsky wouldn’t inspire nearly as much respect and fear. I mean, you can’t not turn that into Agent Pony, right? Janet Taylor had never used an alias. Donning the iconic white coat and blue gloves of her profession did more for her rep than any Doctor Dread moniker. The phone stopped ringing. Janet held her breath, waiting to either be kicked over to an answering service, or hear a voice on the other end.