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Emily Black

I'm completely normal. I'm a 19 year old with issues.

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a character in “Changed”, as played by Midnight's Work


Image Image
19 years old.
Emily has long, black hair that cascades down her back in beautiful waves, unless she straightens it. She stands about 5"6" and has a slim figure. , She has freckles spread across her face. She has the most amazing blue eyes. Her eyes are a mixture of green and blue and are framed by long, dark lashes. She has soft pink lips hiding her beautiful white smile. She also has a tattoo on her back, right above the shoulder-blades, right below her neck, one that wraps around her ankle, and one going down her side. Her wardrobe is mainly simple. She wears things that are comfortable, and that she can run in. Her nails are short and ragged, becuase she is constantly chewing on them. It's one of her bad habits


Wolf Appearance
As a wolf, she has soft, silver fur all over her body. Her eyes turn to a rich amber color. She has a more graceful appearance as a wolf, than she does as a human. Her fur is of average length, and she's slightly smaller than other wolves.

Extra Info
Around a full moon, her eyes slowly turn amber. From a rim around the edges, to the entire color of her eyes. They also flash this color anytime her wolf-ish side comes out.

Her Amber eyes on a full moon


Her bite is worse than her bark.

Emily is a fierce girl. She's headstrong, stubborn, and when angry, hard to reason with. She is a kind person, but she's got a quick wit and a sharp attitude and is never afraid to use them. When she's angry, or sad, she'll usually run off and go where people cant find her. She is never afraid to fight for what she wants, and if you piss her off, well, lets just say you'll regret it. She's a distant person, shy until you get to know her. It takes a lot to gain her trust, but not very much to lose it. She's a very forward girl. Whatever she is thinking usually comes out her mouth within seconds. When she's happy, she's a big party girl. She's the kind of person who's not afraid to have fun.

The Wolf Inside
The wolf inside her is almost the exact same as her, except, it's not shy and likes to play games. It loves a good challenge and is overly-curious. It's kinda competitive and like her. But, she tries to control it.

Theme Song
Wish You Were-Kate Voegele

She is a compulsive daydreamer
She can never sit still
She has a tendency to run away from things when it gets too hard to handle them.

Biting her nails
Biting her lip
Running her hand through her hair
Chewing on Pens/Pencils
Closing her eyes when she is thinking.
Drumming her fingers on something when she has a piano tune stuck in her head.


What's on her iPod
Just a Little Girl-Trading Yesterday
The Dancer-Allie Farris
Black Roses Red-Alana Grace
Here I Am-Bryan Adams
And anything by All Time Low

Precious Belongings
The locket given to her by her mother when she was 6 years old
The bracelet given to her by her twin brother Jeremy
Her Journal

Playing The Piano

Running, Soccer, Swimming, Karate, Singing


Emily and her twin brother Jeremy were born on April 3rd, 1991. Since then, they've been closer to each other than anyone else in their family, besides their mother. At age 6, their father left them. Emily hates him for it. Emily loves her brother, he is her best friend. Their mother was like a superhero to them, working two jobs, and still being able to care for them. Their mother had a smile that could light up the room. But on July 22nd, 2007, that light vanished from the world. Their mother died and Emily was depressed for months. She sat on her bed, not eating or drinking anything for a long time. Her brother was the only one who could get through to her and get her to eat something. He would stay with her at night when she cried. After about 2 months, she finally appeared in the human world again. She tried to act normal, but was only able to truly smile and laugh around her brother. After about another month, she was almost completely back to her old self.

She was all but forced to grow up and take care of her brother, since he was a kid at heart, and therefore was immature sometimes. She was also the only one who could cook without either burning the house down or making them sick.

The night she was bitten
The night she was bitten, Emily had just found her boyfriend cheating on her and his excuse, had been "I cant let some whiney-ass bitch hold me down." She'd broken his nose and then run off to the cemetery where her mother was buried. She'd always come here when she was sad or just needed a place to be alone. She'd talk for hours to her. After it started to get too cold, she'd kissed the headstone, left some flowers there and began walking home. It was on her way home that she was bitten. The doctors had called it an animal attack, a rabid dog. They'd been wrong. Her life had been turned upside-down in one moment.

Before she was bitten, she had planned to go to college at Brown University and major in Literature. Something to do with English. She was going to go there with her brother Jeremy, as he was going to major in the same thing.

Throughout her life, she's read a lot on werewolves and the legends of the moon. All through middle school and high school, she was all but obsessed with legends, and myths.

So begins...

Emily Black's Story