Vivian Baker

Time for a fresh start

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Vivian Baker


Age: "That is really none of your concern..." She is 36

Face Claim: Angelina Jolie

Sexuality: Straight

Role: : Mother


*Her children
*To get her way
*Being lied to
* Her daughters new faze
*Her daughter being treated the way she was growing up, or her daughter finding out her past.
*Her husband finding out about her affairs

Vivian is very ambitious, she always has something she is pursuing and she wants her life to be fulfilled and important. She is extremely patient and will wait a long time for something she wants, when the opportunity arises, she will plan her steps carefully to others, she might appear hesitant but this is not true, she knows that there is only one chance to succeed and she is always filing together her information to take the proper steps to accomplish her goal with flying colors, not just second rate. She has a very active mind and strong powers of concentration. She likes being in control of her surroundings and everyone in her life. She is very cautious but this only to survey the situation before leaping in, she will never make a hasty jump in. She accepts change but she likes it to be introduced slowly so she can get used to it and incorporate it into her life. She tends to see life in black or white, definitive's only. There are no gray areas, there are areas that are not understood by her and this makes her feel uncomfortable. She tends to be in control in a romantic relationship that way she is never vulnerable to another person.

Vivian was in love with another man before she became Mrs. Baker. He was the love of her life and she never really got over his death. He died in a car crash when they were sixteen. She settled with her husband soon after. She loves him but not in the way he has always loved her. She has always found it hard to be faithful to her husband missing the fire from her past.

She took the job in LA hoping to start over new, maybe this could be the place to find a spark for her husband. She is worried about her daughter's identity issues. Her son is her golden child never giving her reason to really fret over him.


Theme Song:
Unfaithful l Rihanna
Password: Life Changes

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