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Jennifer Jareau

"I do what I love."

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a character in “Character Creation Station”, as played by CyberGlowfly





Image{ Name }
Jennifer Anne Jareau

{ Nickname }
JJ or AJ

{ Birthday }
November Fourteenth

{ Sexuality }
Heterosexual, Panromantic

{ Role }
Heroes Trainer

{ Face Claim }
AJ Cook

Image{ Abilities }
Sonic Scream
Also known as the Canary Cry, this power allows the user to emit highly enhanced destructive and deafening scream of a high amplitude.
Martial Arts Training
After many years of instruction and training, she is a very good martial artist and can teach the basics of self defense even to a non-super human being.
{ Likes }
โ—† Success โ—† Carnations โ—† Peaches โ—† Oranges โ—† Birds โ—† Romance โ—† Reading โ—† Dimmed Lights โ—† Children โ—†

Image{ Dislikes }
โ—† Complaining โ—† Mice โ—† Any type of Paraphernalia โ—† Fire โ—† Winter โ—† Cinnamon โ—† Sour Things โ—† Spicy Food โ—† Rainy Days โ—† Liquid Medicine โ—† Makeup โ—†

{ Strengths/Talents }
โ—† Persuading People โ—† Flexible โ—† Martial Arts Training โ—† Adaptable โ—† Highly Intelligent โ—† Agile โ—† Patient โ—† Loving โ—†

{ Weaknesses }
โ—† Acrophobia โ—† Claustrophobia โ—† Hoplophobia โ—† Melissaphobia โ—†

{ Personality }
โ—† Natural Cook โ—†
Natural Cooks are able to kick any dish up a notch, making their food the most delicious to eat.
โ—† Nurturing โ—†
Nurturing people are great with children. They understand the joys and difficulties of growing up and are instinctively well prepared to take care of them.

โ—† Brave โ—†
Brave people do their best to protect those around them and normally would even give their life to protect them.

โ—† Light Sleeper โ—†
Light sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the slightest bump in the night.

{ Height and Weight }
5'7 and 128 lbs.

{ Build }
Very athletic but slim

{ Skin Tone }
Rather pale

{ Hair Color }
A light creamy blonde that rivals crowned gold

{ Eye Color }
Greeny blue with specks of gold and light brown in them
{ Scars, Markings, Tattoos, Piercings? }
She does have a lot of scars and markings on her body but only about four are clearly noticeable. She has one going going down from the bottom of her breast to the end of her stomach, one on the left side of her nose, one on her jaw, and the most noticeable, the large scar behind her right ear from when she was attacked when she was sixteen. As for tattoos, she only has one which is behind her ear that isn't scarred. It says Believe.

{ Brief Clothing Description }
While out in public, not trying to look like a super hero, she wears things like this and this

{ History }
Jennifer is the only daughter of Adam Jareau and Alica Jareau. Born in 1964, she was a happy child and her powers were not evident to her until her parents were brutally murdered. They came after her a few months later, after she had turned 16 and tried to kill her but that was when she found her power of Phasing. She had phased through the wall before they could get to her. Later, she brought the criminals to justice and then began her martial arts training. She went through her life, seeing the world improve before her eyes. She soon fell in love but even that part of her life was taken away. Soon, she began training new heroes to stop all of that from happening ever again.
For many years she worked with the FBI in Quantico. She was the one who handled the press negotiations but often she went out on the field. She didn't use her powers unless it was absolutely necessary. She had many true friends but when evil forces became stronger, she had to leave from her position and train new heroes. Even though she did never age, she did get sick and the wounds she got on the job were evident on her skin. She wasn't immortal.

As she created the training system, she met many new heroes and trained most of them. She helped the recruits gain a little bit more confidence and is more of a motherly figure for all of the recruits when they aren't training. She is the motherly figure but she will kick your butt in training.

So begins...

Jennifer Jareau's Story