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Alfred Alexander Stein

"Hey don't get too attached alright? I'm not here forever."

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a character in “Character Storage”, as played by Another Lie


Alfred Alexander Stein

"Hey as long as I'm payed... I can't complain right?."

|| Full Name ||
Alfred Alexander Stein

|| Nickname ||

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Morality ||
Unaffiliated ~ Mercenary


|| Employers ||:
Damian works for nobody in particular, though he has done work for many in return for payment.

|| Applicable Settings ||:
~Dark Fantasy
~Post Apocalyptic
~Modern (Without his Broadsword)

|| Hair Color ||
Dark Brown

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Level:||

|| Weapon of choice: ||


A single large broadsword known as "Giant Sabre Fang", the blade has an altered length to allow for two large axe blades to be forged onto an extended lower blade, despite the hilt being extended aswell Alfred insists on using the sword one handed... but either way it gets the job done and as such the man swears by it.


A single advanced high caliber gunblade forged by and named "Full Blitz" by Alfred himself. The weapon is always wielded in Alfreds off hand, primarily in its gun form, but when out of ammo or forced into extremely close range, Alfred will swap the weapon to its blade state for faster combat.

|| Equipment:||
Head Gear: Bionic Eye, a bionic / magically enhanced (depending on setting) eye that helps combat Alfred's dyslexia.
Armor: A brown leather jacket with a high collar and emblazoned on every section using a lighter leather material.
Leg Armor: A pair of basic dark grey slacks and a pair of black buckled boots ideal for harsh climates.

|| Face Claim ||
Alfred Vint Svent (Tales of Xillia 1)


|| Personality ||
"Alvin? What you haven't heard of that guy yerself? Eh, he's a smooth talker that one... but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw 'im!"

Alfred is a man of very simple interests. The most important thing in his mind is and always will be number one... and in his head number one is always that charming young man staring back from the mirror. Somewhat self-absorbed, charismatic, self-centered and sarcastic are a few words that could be very easily applied to Alfred Stein... he doesn't want to bother taking the time to support others... he's got enough to deal with on his own right? Why should he care about others aswell? All of the kids he sees playing the game of life and dying on a daily basis should learn to be more cautious... how is that his problem? Oh what's that? He's not that old? What gives him rights to call them kids? How about their immature attitudes and dreams of a better tomorrow that they're too weak to achieve? They're children in mind, body doesn't matter in any sort of World and don't you forget it.

Still we're painting this guy in a very bad light now aren't we? In truth he's a really helpful guy to those who truly need a hand... Royalty? Heroes? Dictators? Villains? It doesn't matter to Alvin, he'll help you out.

On one condition that is; payment.

A bit of gold here, some rare equipment there... the perks of high end items or maybe some protection should he need it in the Worlds most dangerous areas. Heck depending on the job an IOU might do the trick... just make sure you're ready for when he next shows up to cash in his favor, because trust me he will. Nothing is free in this mercenary's world, if he gives you something you give something back, he scratches your back and you scratch his... he's become famous for his business, people knows his name... and he doesn't plan on letting them forget it any time soon, fail to pay your debts? He'll kill you for them... no hard feelings of course, he just has an image to maintain. It's just business.

Though... maybe deep down a part of him is looking for some real companionship. Some friendship.... nah, it's probably nothing.

|| Likes:||
-Drinking... sometimes heavily.
-Doing nothing and relaxing.
-The occasional bit of work, as long as it pays well.
-Spicy food.
-Women... attractive women.
-Puzzles and problems... he loves to solve them.
-Living like a normal person can be fun sometimes.
-Just being alive in general is almost more appealing though.

|| Dislikes:||
-People who are "All bark, but no bite".
-People acting like they're better than him.
-Sweet food.
-Being mocked.
-Being woken up.
-The idea of "true good" and "pure evil".
-People who rush in without at least thinking first.

|| Hobbies:||
-Lazing around.
-Science and Mathematics.
-Bantering and arguing.
-Drinking when down on his luck.
-Talking to ladies with *ahem* wonderful personalities.
-Parkour (It helps in his line of work).
-Just chatting, occasionally.
-Making and spending money.

|| Fears:||
-Being cheated out of everything.
-Being left completely and totally alone.
-His lack of a mission in life.
-Cats...(yes cats).
-Caterpillars... (yes caterpillars).


"In or out of this crazy reality... makes no difference to me. But hey I'm not evil... so don't look so mad alright?"

So begins...

Alfred Alexander Stein's Story